Sunday, September 7, 2008

R.O.X Philippines

The Fort, Taguig
Address: Bonifacio High Street, The Fort
Clothing variety: 5/5
Equipment coverage: 5/5
Price range: 2-5/5

PinoyMountaineer will begin featuring various outdoor shops in the country, for the benefit of mountaineers and other travelers. Ultimately, the outdoor shops will be indexed together with the mountain destinations and you can access them by clicking the Philippine map on the upper right corner of the blog.

The most comprehensive and complete outdoor store in the Philippines is the Recreational Outdoor Exchange, popularly known as ROX, in the upscale Bonifacio High Street. The three-story complex, the first of its kind in the country, houses a variety of foreign and local brands -- and also a wide range of prices.

What I like about ROX is that it offers brands such as Millet and Lafuma - renowned abroad but still being introduced in the Philippines. Millet bags are particularly highly acclaimed, and when I was in Japan it was one which some climbers recommended.

Practically all you need is in ROX. The first floor is devoted to equipment - MSR, Snow Peak, and a host of other brands. They have the top of the line stuff including titanium trekking poles, cooksets and microstoves; sleeping bags and tents come with all kinds of specifications. There is also a whole line of waterproofing gear and practical items such as protectors for your cellphone and camera during a climb. More technical items such as radios, altimeter watches, GPS are also available. Finally, there are also outdoor and travel-related books for sale.

The second floor has the clothing lines and the bags. There are trekking pants from BombProofGear, Lagalag, North Face, Columbia, Lafuma, Millet, and some others, bushhats, gloves, and so on. If you are planning a foreign climb, there are North Face and Lafuma gear specifically for alpine climbs.

Aside from its vast merchandise, R.O.X also hosts events that are outdoor-related. One of its thrust is to support and promote backpacking and outdoor tourism in the Philippines. The third floor has a conference room for outdoor enthusiasts that are supported by R.O.X; and I must not fail to mention that aside from mountain climbing, R.O.X. also covers the general outdoors and even skin diving and kayaking. is supported by R.O.X.

R.O.X. Philippines is located at Bonifacio High Street and is within walking distance of nearby commercial centers such as Serendra and Market Market.


Anonymous said...

problema sa atin sir gid lahat mahal!.. isang sanhi ng mga aksidente at pagkayurak ng kalikasan ay ang kakulangan ng tamang kasangkapan. boy akyat

gideon said...

one of the benefits of joining a club is that members can pool together their resources to buy group equipment - and thus lessen the cost.

mountain climbing equipment is not expensive if you look at them as investments. personally as a student i had to save up to buy stuff, but most of the stuff i bought since 2005 (stove, cookset, tent, etc.) are still okay now so if you look at the time element, expensive but quality products are actually better value than cheap ones that wear out easily.

Anonymous said...

Kelan kaya mag sa-sale sa ROX?????

Anonymous said...

may mga brand talaga na overpriced..

liamlabrooy said...

is muji the store going to be there???? i herd

Anonymous said...

hello! where can one avail/buy paddles such as grey owl, sava and typhoon 8?

Anonymous said...

hindi naman impotante kung mahal ang gamit or mura sa pag akyat. Importante sa isang mamumundok ay ang taimtim na respeto sa kalikasan at ang dakilang, tanong " Bakit ba gusto mong mamundok"?

ROX said...

Hi Gideon!

Christine here of R.O.X. Thank for this!

Just want to let you know that we now have a fanpage on Facebook and that's where we post updates about new products, contests, talks, etc.
Link is :

Anonymous said...

mam christine / r.o.x.,

please email me if you have iso butane available in your shop. i am looking for thread iso butane for my primus mf.

kindly email me



dwin said...

Amen to that Sir gideon, It is an investment. we can't deny talga na mostly pag expensive, ur paying the quality. Pro try to support mga local brands. :)

Emmanuel said...

sana pwedeng gamitin ang lugar ninyo para sa EXCHANGE ng gamit or eTRADE place ng mga mountaineers. - eman c

Anonymous said...

To the reader who inquired about the Rowing paddles (Grey owl, typhoon, etc.)

Paddles are only available by order sa mga taga PDBF (Phil Dragon Boat Federation), you may also ask any member ng Manila Wave Dragon Boat Team kung sinu sa kanila ang nag bebenta, cause I met someone there and told me that they do bulk orders. Sila din nagprovide ng paddles ng DLSU team.

I hope mabasa paren nya to kahit na matagal na hahaha thanks!

Angelo said...

SIR,,,,minsan napadaan ako diyan sa ROX... nakakita ako ng mga skate boards....tanong ko lang po kung ano ang mga brands ng boards niyo....may girl ba kayo na tatak,plan b,zero,o element????pati trucks,wheels at bearings kung meroon kayo...

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