Announcing the Pinoy Mountaineer Mt. Fuji Expedition 2018!

Mt Fuji 2018

Join the Pinoy Mountaineer Mt. Fuji Expedition 2018 on July 19-25, 2018!

Mt. Fuji is one of the most famous mountains in the world, and a volcano that is the national symbol of Japan. Hikers in East Asia try to complete the East Asia Trilogy of Kinabalu, Jade Mountain, and Mt. Fuji.

Aside from Mt. Fuji – Japan’s highest peak – the expedition aims to give participants enough time to explore Tokyo on their own and go on optional hikes in the region.

The hike is open to hikers of all skill and experience levels, preferably those with prior experience in hiking abroad (i.e. Kinabalu). The budget for the hike, including hostel accommodation in Tokyo, private transportation to Mt. Fuji, logistics, lodging in the mountain, and guideship in Mt. Fuji is $800.

To reserve a slot, please send an email to together with these details:

Hiking experience:
Special interests in Japan:

A reservation

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