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The highest mountains in the Philippines

After an extensive researching and analysis of all available data from local and foreign sources, Pinoy Mountaineer releases its list of the country’s tallest mountains. It is hoped that this list will clarify all misunderstandings regarding this matter.

Comparative analysis and a relative elevation index was constructed based on PHILVOLCS,, Sibarong Backpackers, MMS, and other sources. The Rodol Map of 1956 was also consulted, as well as site-specific DENR publications. Mountains suspected to be one and the same were plotted on the Wikimapia map of the Philippines to weed out redundancies, as in the case of Mt. Ragang and Mt. Piapayungan.

The choice of which elevation to prefer reflects the approach of Pinoy Mountaineer in all its entries: landmark mountains, whose elevations are extensively studied (i.e. Mt. Apo, Mt. Kanlaon) served as benchmarks against which other mountains are compared. The relative graph formed from each source served as collaborative evidence.

The decision to include all high points of the Kitanglad Range follow the attitude of mountaineers towards the Cordillera range where all the high points (i.e. Pulag, Tabayoc, Napulauan) were considered. Still, however, this list may not free from inaccuracies and peer-evaluation is highly encouraged.

Coordinates will be added and this table will be modified as new information is available. Supplemental tables (i.e. Top 10 highest in Luzon) will also be included later.

There are truly still a lot of mountains out there, and Pinoy Mountaineer is still far from its goal of identifying, classifying, and describing all the mountains in the Philippines. It is a refreshing thought, however, that one will never run out of mountains to explore in the Philippines!


Rank Mountain Elevation (meters) Location
1 Mt. Apo 2956 m Davao and North Cotabato
2 Mt. Dulang-Dulang 2938 m Kitanglad Range, Bukidnon
3 Mt. Pulag 2922 m Cordillera Range, Benguet
4 Mt. Kitanglad 2899 m Kitanglad Range, Bukidnon
5 Mt. Kalatungan 2860 m Kalatungan Range, Bukidnon
6 Mt. Tabayoc 2842 m Cordillera Range, Benguet
7 Mt. Ragang 2815 m Piapayungan Range, Lanao del Sur
8 Mt. Maagnaw 2742 m Kitanglad Range, Bukidnon
9 Mt. Singakalsa (Timbak) 2717 m Cordillera Range, Benguet
10 Mt. Amuyao 2702 m Cordillera Range, Mt. Province
11 Mt. Panotoan 2689 m Cordillera Range, Benguet-Ifugao
12 Mt. Kapiligan (Cawit) 2670 m Cordillera Range, Ifugao
13 Mt. Pandadagsaan/Mt. Tagub (White Peak) 2670 m New Bataan, Compostela Valley
14 Mt. Abao 2661 m Cordillera Range, Mt. Province
15 Mt. Napulauan 2642 m Cordillera Range, Ifugao
16 Mt. Osdung 2617 m Cordillera Range, Mt. Province
17 Mt. Lumuluyaw, 2612 m Kitanglad Range, Bukidnon
18 Mt. Halcon 2582 m Oriental Mindoro
19 Mt. Cauitan 2569 m Cordillera Range, Mt. Province
20 Mt. Alchanon (Alchanar) 2567 m Cordillera Range, Mt. Province
21 Mt. Baco 2488 m Occidental Mindoro
22 Mt. Bangbanglang 2464 m Cordillera Range, Mt. Province
23 Mt. Mayon 2462 m Albay, Bicol Region
24 Mt. Sapocoy (Saporay) 2456 m Cordillera Range, Kalinga-Apayao
25 Mt. Pawoi 2456 m Cordillera Range, Mt. Province
26 Mt. Balatucan 2450 m Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental
27 Mt. Kanlaon 2435 m Negros Island
28 Mt. Malindang 2404 m Misamis Occidental
29 Mt. Candalaga 2402 m Davao Oriental
30 Mt. Tuminungan 2400 m Kitanglad Range, Bukidnon


Anonymous said...

We heard White Peak in New Bataan, ComVal. try googling it! we will try to search it also.

gideon said...

thanks for this input. i have heard of a Mt. Puting-Bato of ComVal in the Tagub Range. If Mt. Tagubud in this list (#13) refers to the highest point in the Tagub Range, then White Peak may very well be the #13 in this list. we will look into this. salamat!

NATS said...

Sir i've been to Mt Sapocoy of kalinga and their are 3 ways to climb it..ayaw ko lang ilagay yung Mt. Sapocoy due to some bad experiences in 2003 i think or 2004, where foreign climbers got robed and so with UP climbers.,we have discovered a route going to Mt. sapocoy starting at 545ft ASL according to our GPS..definitely a climb should start on the river.. But as of now 2008 nevermind those past experience, bodong has its own teeth nabalik naman mga na holdap sa kanila pero i still consider it a shame kaya indi ko promote mt. sapocoy instead try mt. Bangbanglang the second i think in kalinga..for me kasi i always base the climb on the river because it is the lowest point..again this past february we have discovered a lot in balballan that is not present on satelite map..elevation gain is always the best basis of a height...gone are my frustrated days when i have to trained for almost a moNth for mt. pulag only to find out it is just like climbing mt. makiling...

Edwin V. Gatia said...

Mt. Canlaon has been listed as being in Negros Oriental... actually, only one-third of the entire Mt.Canlaon Natl Park area is on the Oriental side/Province of the island.
The remaining three-quarters of this approx. 25,000-hectare Park- including the active Canlaon volcano, is within the Provincial territory of Occidental Negros.

gideon said...

sir edwin, many thanks for visiting the site! i've already modified the listing of kanlaon to simply 'negros island' since it include both provinces. salamat po sir and more power!

EDWIN V. GATIA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
patrice said...

Hello po!. White Peak in New Bataan, Comval is 8876 ft or 2705.404. DSC00148.JPG

Anonymous said...

Good day! Just want to know if you are familiar with Mount Kampalili in Davao Oriental? I don't know the local name but that is the one appearing in most nautical charts.Why is it not included in the list of Philippine highest mountains? Can you check?

gideon said...

@anonymous: the highest mountain on record for davao oriental is mt. candalaga. if this mountain proves to be higher then we should modify the list.

thanks for this tip.

@patrice: i've been emailed about white peak before. but i need to clarify if white peak is distinct from mt. tagubud (#13 on the list) on the border between davao del norte and comval. if it proves to be distinct, then the exact elevation of white peak deserves investigation.

has anyone climbed white peak before? i'd appreciate it if you can send us an itinerary also.


Anonymous said...

hi gideon,

may nabasa akong posting last night...kaya lang hindi ko masyado nabasa kas inaantok na ako.. ur planning to climb mt apo on december.. may fix date na ba kayo?? kasi im interested to join.. it would be my 1st time. wala pa akong na akyat na bundok. hopefully mabigyan mo ako ng guide or anything to learn more about hiking..thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank ya so much!!! Anyways, may i know the list of Panay mountains. I had been promoting tourism in my hometown and i emphasize that Mt. Madja-as is the highest. (I based on references like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Though there are mountaineers sending me my e-mail and they reiterated that Mt. Nangtud reputedly to be taller. Which is which ?

gideon said...

i would like to promote madjaas as well. i have an old itinerary by the antique mountaineering society with me but its not updated and i don't know if a madjaas climb is feasible at this time.

as for nangtud and madjaas, i'll double check. the rodol map and other sources give nangtud as the highest in panay, but if you have other references that say otherwise, then let me know them so i can check them out.

cheers, gid

Anonymous said...

good day sir gideon, paki check na rin po sa MT. TALOMO katabi lang ng mt. apo kung sa davao site mo titingnan..sayang, it is one of my favorite mountain kasi..astig talaga!

"amping kanunay" keep safe..

roderic of Sandawa-apo

Anonymous said...

Try Mt. Malindang of Mis. Occ. You'll never regret visiting the place. Andaming highlights.

Guaranted astig!

Team poac

nat13ph said...

Sir Gideon, ive been to madia-as last year lang...CPU Mountaineering Society.


Esther Tanate said...

Sa Mountaineering Clubs...

suggestion lang....

Central philippine University Mountaineering Society...

kaso wala pang site...

visit nalang po d2...


gideon said...

hi nat, your group is most welcome to share your itineraries for mt. napulak and madjaas for the benefit of the mountaineering community. you and your group will be acknowledged and your contribution greatly appreciated!

let me know how i can email you about this.


Anonymous said...


you can also try mt. sisipitan in besao, mountain province. the municipality of besao will be hosting its 3rd besao adventure trek. everybody is wecome to join.

Anonymous said...

Try nyo climb ung mt. Pinakawalana. one of the hardcore mountains hir in phil.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

hehehe oo nga pansin ko din

bat wala sa list ang Talomo?

para kacng baby ang Mt. Apo ang Mt. Talomo... I think 2000+ MASL din un... super hard core din...



Anonymous said...

heheh and one thing din, Mt. Candalaga is not geographically cited in Davao Oriental... its in Compostela Valley... Municapility of Maragusan.. check lang po thanks


gideon said...

@roderic/ssai: thanks for bringing up the topic of mt. talomo. the question is whether talomo is part of apo or is it a distinct mountain? kasi technically if its part of apo it can't be considered as another high point...

id appreciate more inputs/infos about talomo. thanks!

Anonymous said...


Is there any mountaineering club that i can join for a climb?

Anonymous said...

helow again sir gideon,

-ssai here again...

yes, Mt. Talomo is a distinct mountain. when you try to look Mt. Apo from Davao City, you can see 2 peaks in front of Apo,and it is really beautiful. My friends have climbed Talomo many times and they all tell the same story that Talomo is indeed one of the climable mountains here Mindanao,and indeed in the Philippines. Hope that PHIVOLCS had also included Mt. Talomo as one of tallest peaks. Thank you Sir Gid for this very exemplary site for the mountaineers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Gideon!

Im Jay Lorenzo Of PALMC. Remember the Presidents' Summit? Sir Bambi And I are going to climb Mt. calauit in Sabang,Mt.Province and the reading on the topo map is 2714 mtrs. If that is so then it will be the 10th highest next only to Mt. Sinagkalsa in Kabayan,Benguet.
FYI. Hope you can join us this October or November. God Bless !

sheene said...

nice place somewhere in the philippines

Anonymous said...

Hello Gid, Mount Talomo is around 2,674 masl...that should put in 12th spot of the PI's highest. It's a distinct volcano apart from Apo with a huge caldera similar to the profiles of Banahaw and Isarog. Much of it is still unexplored I believe...


this article must be a wonderful one!

carlito said...

sir kala ko pulag is the 2nd highest peak d2 sa pinas?

Anonymous said...

thanx thanx sa pagsaka sa tres marias peaks in biliran. it so nice. nomads falls is named by our group NOMADS-Cebu.a member of Inter-Mountaineering Society

Anonymous said...

so what is the second talles volcano?

tulayhawan said...

tallest peak in Panay is that of Nangtud. Green Forum - Western Visayas, an NGO based in Iloilo, with the Iloilo Mountaineering Club has taken differential GPS positions of the peaks of Baloy, Madiaas and Nangtud.

Anonymous said...

Sir Gideon,

This might be a good reference to cross check the elevation of the mountains dito sa atin.

Admittedly, the authors are acknowledging that data from our 1:50K topo maps are moe authoritative.

Anonymous said...

Respect and preserve the grandeur of our Philippine Mountains! They are mystical beauties!

Anonymous said...

the following are positioning of mountains in panay based on its height:
1. Mt. Baloy
2. Mt. Nangtud
3. Mt. Madia-as

Anonymous said...

There is another mountain called Mt. "Sleeping Beauty " (Mt. Bullagao / Mt. Bullagaw) bordering Abra and Ilocos sur. If you are at Bangued, Abra side, the mountain looks like a maiden lying on her back, the locals from Bangued call it Mt."Sleeping Beauty". Don't be confused with the other Mt. "Sleeping Beauty" (Mt. Mating-oy Dinayao) which is also in Abra, but borders with Kalinga. Mount Bullagao has two peaks the North and South. The North, represents the breast and the South represents her face. I assume that the peaks will have a breath taking view of the Pacific Ocean at the west, the Caraballo and Cordillera ranges to the east.

Just want to know if has anyone climbed this mountain already. Kindly share the itinerary if there are previous explorers who already reached the peak. Thanks.

Gecarl said...

Hi Sir Gid... Mt. Kimangkil is not included in the list... It is higher than Mt. Balatukan... Estimated elevation is 2500++masl. It is located in Malitbog Bukidnon.

Anonymous said...

@last anonymous,i am also interested in climbing Mt. Bulagao, in Bangued Abra,but as i've read informations about this mountain,, that is just about 800+ MASL,correct me if im wrong, anyways,
email me at

im really interested climbing Mt. Bulagao,
Sorry for the "Off-topic".

Anonymous said...

I wonder why No.24 lang ang Mt. Sapocoy..Walang wala ang Pulag sa Sapocoy kasi dito talaga, you start climbing from the river base. Sobrang hirap akyatin. Sa Pulag, trail lang wala pang kahoy. Also try Mt. Itol in Pasil, Kalinga. Marami kayong makikatang magagandang site when you are at its highest peak. Tanaw ang Abra, Tabuk and marami pa. Maganda ang view lalo na sa gabi kasi makita mo maraming lights.. Mabuhay ang Kalinga!

Halimigmig of FOG said...


I think the list above is based on the 'height/altitude in MASL' not in 'level of difficulty in climbing', so it should be NO wonder at all why Mt. Sapocoy is pegged at the 24th slot, unless the data above is inaccurate OR, Mt. Sapocoy suddenly 'grew' in height overnight inexplicably.

FreeZeBox said...

i've been to Mt. Kalatungan, last week and I guess 2824 masl, is way too low.. our gps registered at 2895 and another mountaineer (emman palacio) his gadget registered at 2905 masl. while mine registered at 2875 masl.

Anonymous said...


This is from davao city. Ask lang ako kung bakit di nakasama ang Mt. Talomo sa listing dahil nasa 2693 ang elevation nya based on the topo map. however, I want to validate in the area kung tama ba talaga ang elevation if maka produce ako ng altemeter. akyatin kasi namin yan on monday april 19. at tuloy na rin kami ng Mt apo via Baracatan Talomo trail.



Anonymous said...


Kararating lang namin kahapon from Mt. Apo using Mt. Talomo Trail. super ganda ang area. pero naligaw kami dahil sa di magandang panahon. umabot kami ng 9 days sa bundok instead na 5 days target. Alam na namin ang trail. kaya sya 2.5 days (one way only) kasi alam na namin ang exact trail going directly to lake venado.

Boyet of Sandawa Apo

Anonymous said...

The mountains at Kalinga are the most rugged ones. There are no fixed trails...that's the thrill and challenge we have endured.

Anonymous said...

panu po ako makakajoin ng mountaineering club??
graduate na po ako sa skul..
i already climbed mt. maculot. mt. maculot is amazing but not neat..
most of the people who climbed mt. maculot is not well disciplined. it is sad to know that they are not concerned about it..
i love nature and i love to explore it..
i love to climb..
i love mountains..

Anonymous said...

This is kung sino intresado akyat ng Apo traverse ng Mt. Talomo (baracatan). 2.5 days lang summit kana ng Apo. just text me this # 09392093142. or call me 082-2912609.

its me boyet

Anonymous said...

sir boyet kailan apo trav talomo nyo??? ano group sir>?

-melo sanchez

Anonymous said...

To Melo.

Baka this October. just text me nalang. nasa planning stage pa kami.



melo sanchez said...

Sir Boyet,

nasa davao ako sa sept 27 - oct 3.


Anonymous said...

I just want to ask,
Is Mount Dulang-dulang the second highest mountain in the Philippines? or Is it originally the Mount Pulag of Davao???....

There are different info about this issue...


melo sanchez said...

sir boyet,

pwd mag pa guide talomo trav apo, side trip hamiguitan??

-melo sanchez 9183436034

Anonymous said...

yes D2 is the second highest in the phil.
remember mountains are growing..

and pulag is not in davao it's in benguet.

Anonymous said...

Mt Lumot & Mt Sumagaya, two thumbs up!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

im very interested in any activity involving mountain climbing.nakasama na ako before but they are not legitimate there any chance that i can join any of your groupies?

Anonymous said...

bangbanglang is in Kalinga not in Mt. Province but a part of the cordillera ranges

Andrei Catapang said...

Mount Kalawitan in Sabangan, Mountain Province with 2714 MASL is must-hike mountain. Trek through rivers, rice terraces and foot bridges. and you can get to sleep inside a world war II house along the trail. 3 days trekking.

Just 4 hours ride from Baguio, or 3 hours from Banaue, and 1.5 hour drive from Sabangan to Sagada caves/burial caves.

Reyxe said...

Mount Tabayoc is in Benguet, Luzon not in Kalatungan Mountain Range,Bukidnon. Also check out this gps pic from this blog. It has Mt. Kalatungan at 2896 masl while the other gps 2885 masl.

gidyonder said...

it is a mistake to immediately believe GPS photos, as GPS readings are not absolutely accurate, and thus i do not dogmatically accept measurements taken from handheld GPS receivers. this must be compared with available data, topographic maps, etc.

nonetheless, we acknowledge mt. kalatungan to be at least 2860 MASL (probably higher than that) and thus is the 5th highest mountain in the philippines. there are many still many changes to be made, such as mt. kalawitan etc.

Hershey said...

Thank you for the least now i know.

- The running duck

Anonymous said...

Just want to know the actaul height ng Mt. kalatungan is it 2860m? Kasi sa website po ng ay 2824m. which is which?

Anonymous said...

dpat geographically accurate ang location nga mga bundok sa listahan, for ex. Mt Sapocoy is listed as located in kalinga while actually Sapocoy's peak is the tri-boundary of the provinces of Kalinga, Abra at MP.

Unknown said...

hi,can we use the list as reference for our online FB contest?


Anonymous said...

hi,can we use the list as reference for our online FB contest?


gidyonder said...

Yes you have my permission.

Manuel Cabido said...

The IIT Mountaineers #TeamPayong Exploration Climb to the summit of Mt. Piapayungan (locally called Mt. Piagayungan) last April 16-23, 2014 successfully recorded the height of the mountain at ground level to be 2894 masl. It is much higher than Mt. Kalatungan at 2860. We would like to propose correction to the top 10 Philippine mountains and install Mt. Piagayungan at 2894 masl as the 5th highest mountain in the country measured at Hadji Ibrahim's Peak. We named the peak after our ever protective MILF Commander who shed sweat and tears in joining us to our journey to the summit and back to Butig, Lanao del Sur in the 7 days exploration climb. Thanks.

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