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Mountaineering and outdoor shops in the Philippines

As a quick and useful guide to trekkers all over the country, we are compiling this directory of outdoor shops in the Philippines. This directory is initially divided into three pages: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

1) Mountaineering and outdoor shops in Luzon and NCR

2) Mountaineering and outdoor shops in the Visayas

3) Mountaineering and outdoor shops in Mindanao

NEW: we've just created a potentially very useful page:
4) Tent and backpack repair centers in the Philippines

Everyone is invited to include their store to this directory of mountaineering and outdoor shops by commenting on the category page where their store falls under. There are no requirements; just send in your store name, contact details, and URL.



Anonymous said...

Hi,I'd like to ask the contributors of this post to advise us on where to procure white gas (naphtha), the most common liquid fuel for camping stoves, at the following locales: Davao, Cagayan de Oro-Malaybalay, General Santos, and Bacolod. The most common brand is Sure Flash lighter fluid, a red 120cc plastic container shaped like the ones used for sewing machine oil and cost about 20 pesos each.

I had a hard time looking for fuel at the hardware shops during a recent trip to South Cotabato and ended up buying Zippo lighter fluid at a Gaisano mall. Those were some of the most expensive meals I had for the two days that followed. I believe my club would need a lot of this type fuel when our inductees fly down to Davao during Halloween, since flammable liquids and canisters are banned on both planes and ferries. Butane canisters are easier to procure in cities with big malls it turns out. Thanks much.

gideon said...

sir cecil this is a good idea. i think i should also set up a subpage that will provide info on where fuel can be bought. a lot of climbers (myself included) are still dependent in butane so i should really put this up ^^

rotsapreb said...

cecil, this is reynold of AMOS. i've been using white gas for almost ten yeras now and we discover that UNLEADED gasoline is equivalent to white gas. but you should ensure that your burner is capable to burn this. but MSR and Coleman exponent are some of the widely use white gas burner and both i used those and compatible to burn UNLEADED gasoline.
God bless bro!

Anonymous said...

@ rotsapreb
Sir,can you please confirm kung yung MSR na you reffering to that runs with Unleaded gas is the MSR Whisperlite Classic?
Anyone else has experience with their MSR classic running with unleaded gas?please share your experience.


Anonymous said...

just want to ask if there still a store selling campingas butane? coz i ask one enployee from ace hardware its already face out

Anonymous said...

sir GID, ano number nang nag co-customize ng tent fly? papagawa sana ako.. meron akong exact measurement ng tent na nabili ko.. thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, have any of you tried using methanol based fuel gels? One that's used by caterers in heating chaffing dishes.

Anonymous said...

@ bonne. sa quirino ata meron sa TREK. ph #4001512

Anonymous said...

sir / mam,

if you are looking for camping gas butane and camping stove kindly email me @

i am also selling primus and kovea iso-butane medium and big size.

roi / sauditrek

David said...

Hello Anyone ; I am a canadian hiker , film maker . I will make a film in the Baguio area from Jan 02 2012. I am looking for white wall tents and 2 native indian teepees, if there be such a thing in Manila or areas , to rent for a week at this time for the film shoot. Anyone out there that has any ideas, feel free to contact me at
Thanks and take care

camping stoves said...

Hi David..

you can contact the local camping suppliers for your requirement.

Anonymous said...

hi, I am looking for "brand new" MSR Groundhog tent stakes... willing to buy coz' of urgent need... please help!

please contact 09324121554

tanx alot...

Anonymous said...

hi, could anyone bring me to authorized supplier of black diamond equipment? please please please.i need em very badly. you can reach me thru my email add or my cp no 09196284799 thanks in advance guys!!

Anonymous said...

no bd authorized supplier sa pinas. tahian meron at nasa bataan pero for export lang talaga. if may kilala ka sa factory baka maka iskor ka if hanap mo ay harness....

The Philippine Mountaineering said...

nowadays using gasoline as alternative for white gas is acceptable and enjoyed by many co-mountaineers.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

Good day. I am searching for stores where I can buy a pair of rock climbing shoes. Anyone knows where I can find one around here in Metro Manila? Thanks in Advance! ^_^

JigoV said...,Position,1-2,2

Selling my barely used timberland hiking boots. 3k only.

Mojow Navarra said...

Hi Everyone!

I'm Jolas Navarra of KANAWAY OUTDOOR APPAREL... we're manufacturing a pants intended for Mountaineering. Should you be interested with our product, you could reach us to this mobile no. 0925-8110378 or visit my fb account - Prince Jow Noora Navarra

Mark Martinez said...

Hi! Im new to this hobby and I would like to support our local manufacturers as much as possible. What are the local brands that are available in the market nowadays? I only know of Sandugo, Sideout, Apexxus, and Brown Trekker. I saw some Lagalag and Pittman brands too at ROX. Are they good? I have invested on a Sandugo shoe and a Technopack 55L bag which I bought from SM. The latter I got it on sale. >_< I'm still gearing up and my first major climb next year will be Mt. Pulag via Akiki trail. Thanks guys.

Brylle said...

Visit our Outdoor Page

Anonymous said...

Can you add our store to list of Outdoor Shop, thanks & more power!

Raj Outdoor Shop
BOUNCE Camping Stove & Butane Gas
Munding Ave. corner Santisimo St., San Roque, Marikina City

Anonymous said...

I normally buy some of my gears from tripologie. I just love their store I can find anything I need there

Daniel said...

wow! I have read your post. I found this post to be very informative and helpful. I will have to recommend you to my friends.

Ao Ans said...

Can you also add our shop in your list. thank you and God Bless!

Bonager Outdoorshop
JP Laurel St., Surallah, South Cotabato

Ao Ans said...

Can you also add our store in your list, thank you and God bless!

Bonager Outdoorshop
JP Laurel St., Libertad
Surallah, South Cotabato

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