PinoyMountaineer Difficulty Scale (2009)

PinoyMountaineer recommends the classification of Philippine mountains according to difficulty with a numeric scale of 1-9 with the purpose of guiding enabling hikers to prepare accordingly. There are limitations to the criteria, and the PULAG factors listed below will try to account for some of these. The Difficulty scale is subject to continuous re-evaluation.DISCLAIMER: Even though I am making this attempt to objectify the scale, I am aware that rating a mountain’s difficulty is inherently subjective; the actual experience of difficulty depends on the situation (i.e. season, weather) and individual factors. This scale is meant only as a guide and cannot be the sole basis of an evaluating a mountain.

D Representative Destinations Criteria
Seven Lakes of San Pablo
Daranak and Batlag Falls

Mt. Samat

Very easy: treks less than 30 minutes in paved/cemented roads or clear paths
Mt. Maculot
Mt. Romelo

Gulugod Baboy

Easy: Single trail lasting less than 2 hours in length, not exceeding class 2.
Mt. Batulao
Anawangin Cove

Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg

Mild: Trail requiring less than 2 hours but with parts exceeding class 3; or 2-5 hours in length but not exceeding class 2.
Mt. Makiling
Mt. Cristobal
Tarak Ridge

Mt. Hibok-Hibok

Average: Trail requiring 2-5 hours, with parts of trail class 3 or higher; or trek lasting 5-9 hours, with parts of trail not exceeding class 2
Mt. Ugo Traverse
ArayatTrav or MakTrav

Mt. Banahaw (Dolores)

Moderate: Trail lasting 5-9 hours with parts of trail class 3 or higher; or all long treks not exceeding class 2.
Mt. Bulusan
Mt. Isarog (Patag-Patag)

Mt. Pulag (Akiki-Ambangeg)

Challenging: Mountains under class 5 with place-specific circumstances not accounted for by trail class.
Mt. Pulag (Akiki-Ambaguio)
Mt. Napulauan Traverse

Mt. Amuyao Traverse

Difficult: Trek lasting 5-9 hours, with parts of trail class 4 or higher with cold weather OR trek requiring 3 or more days
Mts. Talomo-Apo Traverse

Mt. Kanlaon Traverse

Strenuous: treks requiring more than 3 days average with varied, potentially hazardous environments or Trail class 5-6 for 2 hours
Mt. Halcon
Mt. Guiting-Guiting
Mt. Mantalingajan

Mt. Sicapoo

Technical: Either Trail class 5-6 more than 8 hours or very long treks requiring 4 days average or less than 3 days but exploratory in nature and summitability non-assured.

*The PULAG factors add +1 to the difficulty of the trek:
P- Precipitation > 50% of trek time
U- Unestablished trail or flooded trails requiring water-crossing
L- Low temperature; <> 35 C)
A- Animals or wildlife that interfere with trek (i.e. hyperlimatik)
G- Gusts of wind reaching >50kph

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20 Comments on "PinoyMountaineer Difficulty Scale (2009)"

11 years 5 months ago

hi sir gid,

what mountain can you recommend as a training climb in preparation for Mt. Mantalingajan? aside from mt halcon and guiting, since based on your reviews, it has difficulty level of 9/9.

11 years 9 months ago

Those are the 3 mighty mountains of antique.
1. Mt Baloy (mahirap pa sa amuyao trav)
2. Mt Madia-as trav (mas mahirap sa baloy kahit di traverse)
3. Mt Nangtud trav (mas mahirap sa Madia-as traverse)

Randy Salazar
13 years 3 months ago

Are the three peaks of Panay Island in Western Visayas already rated? Namely Mt. Madjaas, Mt. Nangtud and Mt. Baloy. Would appreciate the info.

13 years 9 months ago

sir' tumatanggap pba kau ng new member?
anu po ung qualification nyo… tnx!!

13 years 10 months ago

sir how about mt. natib anu scale xa kasama?