Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cagayan Valley

Aguinaldo Trail (San Mariano-Palanan) / Isabela

Mt. Anacuao: Aurora / 1620m
Mt. Danayag: Aurora / 1595m
Mt. Dos Cuernos: Isabela / 1800m
Mt. Iraya: Batanes / 1009m
Mt. Maaling-Alng: Aurora / 1885m
Mt. Matarem: Batanes / 473m
Mt. Palali: Nueva Vizcaya / 1715m
Mt. Palanan: Isabela / 1200+m
Mt. Pamaza-pasam / Aurora
Mt. Pinondohan: Aurora / 1200+m
Mt. Pullol: Nueva Vizcaya / 1400+m
Mt. Udok / Aurora
Valungid Peak: Batanes / 160m

We are still awaiting information on the mountains of Aurora, several of which were showcased in the 29th Federation Climb of the MFPI, sponsored by the UP Mountaineers, in April 2008. Although Cagayan Valley has been blessed with much of the Sierra Madre range, it is still a relatively undiscovered region insofar as mountain climbing is concerned. Hopefully, this is change in the future as more mountains in the Valley are unraveled.

Maria Aurora Outdoor Club (MAOC)
Sierra Madre Outdoor Club (SMOC)


duntug said...

SIR GIDEON kailan po kay available ang IT na mount udok. sana po ASAP, plano po kasi nagayong taon mapuntahan. tnx

gideon said...

unfortnately i dont have an itinerary of mt. udok....but the UP Mountaineers would have one because they organized the fed climb in aurora last year..

Anonymous said...

hi, been looking for a hiking group in cagayan valley.. but it seem few really appreciate this kind of thing... and i found that u do hiking in cagayan... just wanted to know how to join your group.

melay said...

madami po mgagandang bundok sa Isabela, especially near Magat Dam in Ramon. I think part pa rin ito ng Sierra Madre at yung ibang mountain ranges, boundary ng Ifugao at Mt. province. Sana ma-explore din ang mountains dito. mdaming scenic spots pa naman.

Anonymous said...

Sir Gid, may IT ba kau ng Mt. Maaling-Aling..

Anonymous said...

about mt. udok kung galing ka ng manila sakay ka ng bus sa pasay or cubao go to aurora province then baba ka ng bayan ng maria aurora then makipag coordinate ka sa mayors office dun may makakapagbigay sayo ng direction and guide para sa bundok ng udok is a 2 day hike pwede ding 1 day hike. i climb it once kasama ko maria aurora outdoor club...

mye.rn said...

san ba yung Mt. Falcon? Ito din ba yung Mt. Danayag

Myke said...

madaming magagandang bundok sa Cagayan at Isabela. unfornately hindi pa na-explore. karamihan kasi ng tao dun takot mamundok. Para sa kanila napaka-risky ng ganun. Im from Cagayan Valley, mountaineer din ako. Im now based in manila dito na kasi ako nagtatrabaho. But I wanna go back to Cagayan and explore the mountains there. ang problema lang dun mahaba masyado ang byahe, you will spend at least 10hrs (manila to tuguegarao city). you may choose to travel by plane kaso mejo mabigat sa bulsa ang fare. hehe

Anonymous said...

Sir may maisusugest ka bang magandang akyatin sa gawi ng Dingalan Aurora napasyalan namin yun mga Beaches and andaming bundok may mga nagtry na bang magexplore doon tnx

Anonymous said...

Once a month nasa part ng madella, quirino po ako and i am planning to climb mt victoria there at the boundaries of nagtipunan, quirino and aurora. Anybody who wants to go along please reply on this tread. We can schedule our climb. Lots of high mountains there! The road trip itself is quite a scene. Thanks...

gideon said...

The Quirino and Cagayan mountains should be very interesting! if you have any leads please correspond with me at!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous (re: Mt. Victoria).

Sir, can I tag along with your Mt. Victoria climb? Possible po na dayhike po? I'm interested.. Please reply on this tread.. thanks.. I'll be in Aurora this January 2011.


Anonymous said...

When will you be in aurora?

Anonymous said...

Sir Gideon, bat andaming naka grayed out? anu ibig sabihin nun?

Anonymous said...

hi there sir a avid fan of your site, i just wanna share about my friends info about mt. cetaceo in cagayan i think it is located in you have any information about this mt. sir? i think this is a great one to climb up...prior to scale the mt. mountaineers can visit first calao cave...its one of cagayans tourist spots. good day sir! and to all pinoy mountaneers! - mon

Anonymous said...

Hi Gideon,

I was based in Cagayan for several years working as forester and have climb a few during my field days. There are many interesting mountains and trips in this province that is worth exploring. Mahirap lang ang coordination, since 'mountain' tourism hasn't been very developed in the province. To name a few interesting places:

1. Mt Cagua - a dormant volcano in the municipality of Gonzaga, about 4 hours from Tuguegarao City

2. Mt Mananingo - at the seaward side of Sierra accesible only in summer via boatride from Sta Ana, Cagayan. No need to pack food as fresh seafood can be brought along the way. Capticating view of rock formations and small islands along the coast. Also a cultural tour where you can meet the Agtas of the province

3. Callao Caves - inlcudes a boat ride, short hike and some spellunking. You can also see bats coming out of caves in the afternoon.

You can try contacting the following:
Conservation International Phils - they have a website and projects in the area
Sierra Madre Outdoor Club

Anonymous said...

hello Friends

has anion seen or heard of Paragliding from the Visaya - Mindanao Mountains.... i would love to do that and i be greatfuhl for ani hint
of Information i could get regarding this...

May Saint Bernard of Menthon bless you all Alaya

Pusang Gala said...

Hi sir/mam,

Good day...

any info about Mt. Maaling-aling?? Where planning to hike on august this year tentative dates is (28-30)... we want to know also to the total damage /cost from the guide and others..etc..etc..

Thanks in advance..

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Gid-Pls include Mt. Island Di'nem on your list of mountains in Batanes. Its 531M.
I hope our adventures in that island mountain is one of a kind you will never forget.


Anonymous said...

The coastal side of Sierra Madre is still a bit "unexplored" or "unknown" to mountaineering circles.

I've seen many routes in the country but nothing compares to the remoteness, near-pristine and diverse nature when exploring this part of the country.

If you're in Cagayan province, there are 3 access going to the coastal side.
1. There's a traverse from the town of Baggao to the coast-taking three days. These are Agta trails that takes three full days.

2. My favorite is a boat trip from The northermost-tip, the town of Sta Ana to the Sitio's in the coast. Any mountain peak is accessible via logging trails. However, boat trips are closed during the months from September to January.

3. From PeƱablanca - also a traverse

borjsm said...

Good Afternoon, fortunate i climbed last April, 2012 the Cagua Volcano in Gonzaga, Cagayan, it a great potential to the mountaineering world to open and explore the mountains within the town of Gonzaga or Cagayan Province.

Anonymous said...

sayang naman at hindi pa naeexplore mga mountains dito sa cagayan. I did some mountaineering when I was studying in Baguio pero nung lumipat ako ng cagayan natigil na,kating kati na akong umakyat ng bundok ulit kaso wala namang pwedeng makasama na umakyat dito sa cagayan.

Anonymous said...

Isa rin po ako na baguhan na nag aamok umakyat s kabundukan ng isabela't cagayan. Kaso wlang samahan d2 n naorganisa, kya po natin mag organisa kung nanaisin, pra mkilala ang kagandayan ng cagayan valley. "Sadyang napakasaya sa pinas"

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