Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mountaineering clubs in the Philippines

In celebration of the continued diversity and growth of mountaineering in the Philippines, we have finally launched a prototype of what can be called a list of mountaineering clubs in the Philippines. This directory is initially divided in three categories:

1) School-based mountaineering clubs are those that are student groups based on their respect institutions: schools, colleges, universities, etc. Those like the UP Mountaineers have a dual nature since they're open to non-students and alumni, thus they can be also placed in other categories.

2) Mountaineering clubs in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are sorted according to their respective regions

3) Mountaineering clubs in Metro Manila or NCR are arranged alphabetically.

4) Mountaineering clubs that offer Basic Mountaineering Courses have a special page. These are clubs that offer BMCs regularly, and joining their respective groups are only an option for the course participants.

Other contemplated future lists would include "(5) Special-interest groups" which would include those with a specific focus (bird watching, exploration, astronomy, rock hiking) or specific demographic (i.e. a particular religious denomination) and "(6) Overseas Filipino mountaineering clubs/individuals" which are those based in other countries and who can we can contact if we are interested in visiting that country and hiking in that part of the world.

Everyone is invited to include their clubs/groups to this directory of mountaineering clubs
by commenting on the category page where their club falls under. There are no requirements; just send in your group name, acronym, contact details, and URL.

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