Hiking matters # 46: Visayan voyage / I want to climb the mountains of Panay!

I have already booked my flight to the Visayas to do a run-through of Visayan mountains this April! The mission? To add more mountains to our very small list of Visayan peaks, and to unwind before I enter my final year of medical school.

My party will start off with Cebu to climb Osmena Peak, then continue to Negros for Mt. Kanlaon and maybe Mt. Mandalagan. Finally, we’d like to devote some time to climb/explore the mountains of Panay Island, with Mt. Madjaas in mind – or maybe this elusive Mt. Manaphag. Do you have any itinerary suggestions? If there’s anyone who can help me with contacts especially with Madjaas, I’d appreciate it 😀

How do you say “I want to climb mountains in Panay” in Ilongo? I hope to find out.

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10 years 11 months ago

Baw-a, damo man gali nga ilongo gasaka sa bukid ba. Gideon, damo gid man nami bukid nga sarakaon sa panay.(hahahaha. find someone to translate this for you). you’ll love our mountains for sure.
anyway, thanks for your blog. Mountain climbing is my diversion now, everythings new for me. i just climb Mt. pulag this march with a friend. with the help of your blog. We survived!:-)

11 years 11 days ago

will email it you in the email add posted in your blog.

last week the Annual Sunburn ( 5-day trek//camping at Mt. Talinis) was held. Twas basically organized, i think, by the SES group of Dumaguete w/ their partner-sponsors.

I was informed by the Cuernos group that they are having a spelunking cum camping, river treking, kayaking, rock climbing activity this week at Mabinay, Negros Oriental.I can only wish to attend due to time limitations.

Do visit Negros Oriental if you can. Apart from mt. Talinis, the Casaroro falls and their various lakes are just too magnificent. PLUS a sidetrip to Apo Island would be great too. And if you still have time, drop by at the Siquijor Island (about 45 mins by boat from Dumaguete) and enjoy the pristine white beaches of the entire island. SIquijor is too accessible from Dumaguete. And before I forget, a cultural “flashback” of Bais City (w/ all its haciendas and hacienderos) together w/ the whales that can be sighted in the nearby sea.

11 years 12 days ago

Hi SIr, pls try Mt. Talinis in Negros Oriental.. Departing in Dauin Town and exiting at Casaroro (Valencia town). The campsites at Lake Yagumyum as well as Lake Nailig are just too enchanting and awesome.

I joined the open climb organized by the Cuernos de Negros Mountaineers. SHld you need their contact details, i can send you mobile number of the acting president too.

After Mt. Talinis, i wish to also visit Mt. Kanlaon. When will you climb there Sir?

As they say in the Visayas, Ayo Ayo! Daghang salamat 🙂

11 years 13 days ago

Sir Gid, maybe u can also try climbing Mt.Napulak in igbaras ilo. we call it the “nipple mountain” coz there is a big rock in the middle of the campsite that forms the so-called nipple.:) its quite popular among ilonggo climbers though i dont know its present condition coz 5yrs ago pa ang climb last climb ko dun. i’m now based in mnla and ur site is my source for info on climbing distinations here in luzon.
thank u for ur site and more power!

11 years 27 days ago

maybe its 6 years back, marami na rin daw nwala sa Madiaas including a foreigner,its’ impossible na walang article related dito.It’s a rebel infested area up to the eightees as recounted to us by one of the residents. That’s why up to now hindi pa rin commercialized ang climbing sa Antique.

The safest way to climb this mountain is thru the help of Iloilo Mountaineering Club (IMC) Mr. Fred Jamili is I think a member of IMC