Weather advisory: Defer, exercise caution in planning climbs this weekend

images and data courtesy of Weather Underground

Based on latest projections on tropical weather by Weather Underground, I would like to alert the mountaineering community with the possibility of TWO storms coming our way this coming weekend. Though we cannot be sure at this point whether these disturbances will actually materialize (sana naman hindi), I hope everyone will be vigilant and if you have definite climbing plans, do monitor the weather using advisories from PAGASA, the AccuWeather boxes beneath each itinerary in PinoyMountaineer, as well as Weather Underground.

Climbs involving river crossings and bodies of water should be avoided, particularly those which are classified “High risk”. While climbing, Those with barometer watches can also put them to good use. Though not exactly very accurate, a sudden decrease in air pressure should raise some alarm. Also, though climbing in high-risk areas. Ropes are highly recommended.



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2 Comments on "Weather advisory: Defer, exercise caution in planning climbs this weekend"

14 years 6 months ago

nice one..big help talaga planning to join MMS open climb this weekend but i guess wag na muna.mahirap na..ingat na lang po sa mga aakyat this weekend..

peace to all..

14 years 6 months ago

Good post sir..big help sa magplan yan this wkend..
Iba tlg PinoyM; hindi lng pang-isports,pang weather pa..:D

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