Hiking Incident Report Form

Hiking Incident Report Form

The purpose for this form is to gather evidence to support a particular policy or action by the authorities. For example, allegations of theft in Mt. Romelo can be substantiated by the presentation of several incident report forms as evidence, rather than just merely saying “Maraming nagnanakaw sa Mt. Romelo”. These incident report forms can be made available to those who will advocate for actions that are in the best interest of mountaineers and the general public.

DISCLAIMER: PinoyMountaineer is a neutral party in any dispute or incident involving different parties, and cannot arbitrate or moderate any dispute. The website also is not an agency that can act on these incidents. This reporting system is only offered for purposes of documentation and compilation.
Name of Informant:
Affiliation/Group (if any):
Date of incident:
Time of incident:
Location (Indicate mountain and specific location i.e. campsite, trail, summit etc.):
Please describe in detail what happened (use separate sheets if necessary):
Have you reported the incident to any authority? If yes, to whom?
What actions were done regarding the incident?
Please email this form to info@pinoymountaineer.com with the subject heading ‘Incident Report’. We would like to track incidents in mountains so we can relay them to authorities and advocate for policies and actions whenever and wherever appropriate.

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12 years 11 months ago

Dapat lang mag ingat ang mga kabataang mountaineers. Ang mahalaga dapat humingi muna sila ang permit sa mga nasasakupang barangay ng lugar na gusto nilang akyatin. at mag sama din sila ng guide kung maari.