Monday, July 14, 2008

Mt. Balingkilat (1,100+)

Subic, Zambales

Jumpoff: Sitio Cawag Settlement, Subic Town
LLA: 14.89 N, 120.11 E (est.), 1100 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 4-6 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail class 1-4

Mt. Balingkilat, literally the "Mountain of Thunder" in the native Aeta language, is at 1100 MASL one of the highest peaks in the Zambales Coastal Mountains and Coves area, an emerging hiking hotspot within San Antonio and Subic towns that has scenic views and nice trails that interconnect high peaks and beautiful coves.

It was once known as 'Pointed Peak', a name that was used by US Navy servicemen who used to be stationed in nearby Subic Naval Base, but this title's descriptive accuracy is valid only on certain vantage point. Moreover, out of respect for and appreciation of the indigenous people's heritage, we are preferring the native name Balingkilat, and has re-emerged as the common name given to this mountain.

Like many mountains in the western side of Luzon, Balingkilat is rocky, grassy, and windy. There is little tree cover. There are steep parts in the final legs of the trail, but the views are refreshing: the Subic Bay coastline and the neighboring mountains such as Mt. Cinco Picos.

In the past, the Balingkilat climb was usually a two-day affair. Hikers would take an early morning bus to Subic, then take a jeepney to Sitio Cawag. The climb starts midmorning, with a 60-90 minute initial push to Kawayanan - an "oasis in the desert". The trek then resumes, all the way to the summit campsite, where there is another water source available. Between lunch and campsite, the trail becomes quite steep, with open ridges, rocky slopes, and sharp boulders.

A dayhike, however, is very possible, and this option becomes even more appealing because it opens up the opportunity to climb Balingkilat and its "sister mountain" Cinco Picos in one weekend, with both climbs as dayhikes staged from Sitio Cawag. With a dayhike, the trek takes only 3-5 hours, and can be planned to avoid the sun. For instance, hikers can start the climb in the afternoon, reach the summit by 1630H, and start descending by 1700H - leaving enough sunlight for the steeper, higher parts. The next day, a Cinco Picos climb can begin very early in the morning. For more information about this exciting itinerary, see Two Dayhikes: Mts. Balingkilat and Cinco Picos. A standalone dayhike itinerary is detailed below.

At the summit, one can behold South China Sea and the coastline, which includes, from north to south, the following coves: Anawangin, Talesayen, Nagsasa, and Silanguin. Mt. Cinco Picos meanwhile is SSE, and between Cinco Picos and Balingkilat lies the "third mountain" that can very well complete a 'Cawag Trio': Mt. Dayungan. Further afield are the Bataan mountains, Mt. Natib (SE), Mt. Samat (SSE), and Mt. Mariveles (SSW). The other mountains of Zambales are also visible, including what is called 'Mt. Malasimbo' (E). These, and the scenic ridges, make Balingkilat a truly breathtaking place.

Balingkilat is intrinsically an easy to moderate mountain. It is only the extrinsic factor of intense sun exposure that make it a moderately difficult, at times very taxing climb. The sun can be such a punisher that this dictum would always come to mind: "The best time of the year to climb the Zambales mountains is at night." Dimtrekking, or hiking in the early morning or late aftenoon to avoid the sun, is also a good strategy. Don't forget to bring sunblock and lots of water!



Day 1
0300 Take Victory Liner bus from Pasay to Olongapo (P200+)
0600 ETA Olongapo City; breakfast.
0700 Take rented jeep to Sitio Cawag, Subic
0800 ETA jumpoff; secure guides
0830 Start trek
1230 Arrival at Kawayanan. Lunch.
1330 Resume trek
1700 Arrival at campsite; set-up camp
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0600 Breakfast
0700 Commence summit assault
0800 ETA summit
0900 Start descent.
1300 Back at jumpoff; late lunch. Tidy up.
1500 Head back to Olongapo City
1600 ETA Olongapo. Take return bus to Manila
2000 Back in Manila

(this can be adjusted to include as much nighttreks or dimtreks as possible)

0200 Take bus to Olongapo
0500 ETA Olongapo; take trike/jeep to Subic Town police
0520 ETA Subic Police Stn; register
0530 Head off to
0615 ETA Sitio Cawag (Chieftain Jimmy's place)
0630 Start trekking
1100 ETA summit / Lunch
1200 Start descent
1500 ETA Kawayanan
1530 Back at Sitio Cawag jumpoff

Logistics. No prior arrangement is needed with the Subic Police Station, but as per agreement between the Subic police and the Sitio Cawag officials, a letter of intent must be submitted by every hiking party who climbs any of the mountains whose trail originates from Sitio Cawag (Balingkilat, Cinco Picos, Nagsasa, Dayungan). Before you climb, prepare a "Letter of Intent" in triplicate. One copy goes to the Police Station right beside the Subic Municipal Hall, another to Chieftain Jimmy; keep the remaining copy with you. A P20 registration fee is also paid. Tell your tricycle or jeepney to drop you off in the Police Station first before proceeding to Sitio Cawag Settlement.

Transportation. Speaking of tricycles and jeepneys, they are the only reasonably fast and convenient way of getting to the jumpoff. The going rate for a one-way jeepney ride is P800; a contact is Mr. Rosendo (+63.9282929994). If you are a small group, try bargaining for a lower price, or just get a tricycle in the bus station. Negotiate the price, and you might be able to get a trip for P300.

As for getting to Olongapo from Manila, Victory Liner, Genesis Lines, and other bus companies service the route. Depending on the number of stops and routes, the trip can make 3-4.5 hours. The fastest buses go nonstop via NLEX-ScTEX. Check the Victory Liner website for schedules/fares. There is no need to reserve tickets unless you are climbing on Holy Week or Christmas, or if you are a very large group. The fare is P230 as of April 2011.

Guides. As of 2011, the guide fee is P600/guide/trip, regardless of the duration, be it a dayhike or an overnight. Chieftain Jimmy Albong is the apparent officer-in-charge of the guide assignment, and he can be reached at +63.9219543215 or +63921.954.32.15. If you are doing an overnight, please make provisions for the guides' food and tent. Some of the guides complain that they've experienced tent-less nights at the summit, during which they had to endure the chilling coastal winds.

Hiking notes. Cellphone signal is present throughout the trail and campsites. Again, it is very very hot so bring a lot of sunblock and water, and of course sun protection (bush hat, long-sleeved light shirts, etc.)

Techinical hiking notes. It is very hard to estimate the height and length of trails of grassy slopes and mountains, because you cannot see the scale of the trees. Balingkilat is not really very long, but it is not very short either. Refrain from making daring "explorations" if you are not sure you have enough time; the nearby mountains i.e. Dayungan seem closer than they actually are.

A very helpful website about Balingkilat and other mountains in the area is that of MikeB. He writes in delightful Filipino, and he has an interesting article about the pioneering climb in Mt. Balingkilat. You can also contact him for more information about the mountain.

One of the first visual treats of a Balingkilat hike is a view of three of the five peaks of Mt. Cinco Picos.

Steep, open, grassland slopes characterize much of the Mt. Balingkilat trail. Here the summit is seen.

A short portion of the trail, just past the first campsite, features some boulders.

At the summit of Mt. Balingkilat, one can see all four coves of the Zambales Coastal Mountains and Coves area. Here, the blogger is seen facing Nagsasa Cove.

YABAG Mountaineering Club is a pioneering group in the exploration of Mt. Balingkilat, and so was SBMS who did the BACTrav in December 2008. The blogger performed a dayhike of Mt. Balingkilat in March 18, 2011, taking 3 hours 10 minutes to summit. A Korean trail runner was said to have completed the entire trail, back and forth, in less than 2 hours.


Cover photo taken from Mt. Cinco Picos' Peak 1 by the blogger on March 19, 2011.


Anonymous said...

sir we joined open climb of HAKAMS hakbang kalikasan mountaineering society dis weekend july 12-13,2008 sir migs & sir mel are TL of our climb @ mt. balingkilat (pointed peak) we are gladly safe going up to campsite until we go descent although the view are not cleared & bad weather in the afternoon til the nxt day afternoon, very cold..i say this is one of the challenging climbing destination in safe to climb pointed peak with aeta's guide & the organiser that familiarize the area..

gideon said...

balingkilat just yesterday? it must be very different with the rainy season. congratulations.

i met the HAKAMS guys like jean and buddha on a preclimb once in 2005. i wanted to climb pico de loro badly and tried to join their open climb there but when they changed to mt. daguldol, i decided not to join since i've been there already.

feel free to update the balingkilat page if we've missed out on something.

Anonymous said...

sir, thanks for posting this info.magandang panahon sya akyatin pag rainy season tlga.


gideon said...

@migs: thanks also to YABAG for being one of the pioneers in balingkilat. more power to your group!

Anonymous said...

sir kababa lang namin galing ng balingkilat kahapon, comment lang ho kasi naaawa lang ako sa guide sabi kc nila ang kalahati daw ng bayad is napupunta sa uncle lando na tinatawag nila thats why nagbayad kami ng 1200 php sa 2 guide, sir gid pls kindly inform mike b kung alam niya to?? thanks more power -rey

Anonymous said...

sir kababa lang namin galing ng balingkilat kahapon, comment lang ho kasi naaawa lang ako sa guide sabi kc nila ang kalahati daw ng bayad is napupunta sa uncle lando na tinatawag nila thats why nagbayad kami ng 1200 php sa 2 guide, sir gid pls kindly inform mike b kung alam niya to?? thanks more power -rey

Anonymous said...

trivia: "balingkilat" as per aeta guide "bahay ng kilat" or house of lightning

gideon said...

thank you for this trivia, and many thanks to rey for the updates on balingkilat! pasensya na ang ngayon ko lang ulit natingnan itong page na'to.

Dandy said...

Sir Gid,my alam k bng contact person sa balingkilat?

Anonymous said...

Sir my kilala po b kayong contact person sa balingkilat

Anonymous said...

sirs and ma'am,
we plan to climb this feb 21. may update na po ba kung magkano rent sa jeep and guides?

Anonymous said...

We are also planning to go climb this Feb 21-22, 09.Kita kitz nalang tayo sa Balingkilat.
Onin of SMC.

Anonymous said...

We are planning to climb on March 28-29. Any updates po?

Anonymous said...

kbaba lng po nmin april 9 , masayang nhirap po .
advise lng po s next m aakyat .
dala po kau ng maraming water , although my water source , naubos p rin nmin, gnawang trail water, kc sobrang init at nkkdehydrate tlaga .
pinalad prin kmi kc wala kming nasalubong n wild carabaos , although kitang kita nmin ung mga foot prints nila don at ung mga fresh jebs nila, meaning nsa pligid lng tlga sila .
ayun, advise ko lng rin , mgdala ng khit anong pan tabing , payong will do, sobrang init po kc tlga .
update ko nlng po ung iba pa.thanx and more power to


Anonymous said...

oo grabe nga daw init sa balingkilat grabeng assault at kasing init daw ng summer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mt. Balingkilat. Sa paanan plng ng aeta community mkkta mo na kng anung bundok ang aakyatin mo.. bgo mrting ang 1st water source na tntwg na kawayanan pra kng nag lakad sa solar dryer kng ntpat ang akyat sa tag init. pro relaxing nmn pgdting sa kawayanan dhl mlmig ang simoy ng hangin at inviting tlg ang lugar to take mamam(tgay) which is gnwa ng grupo bgo mgptloy sa panhik. un nga lng kmi din ang nahirapan dhl krmihan samen 2mirik tlg kht sa unang bahagi plng ng assualt area. nrting nmn ang campsite 2100h na kmplto na ang grupo. knbksan, summit moment. panalo. ang ganda!tower type tlg!kta ang kagandahan na gawa ng diyos. traverse kmi ng talisayin. pro dsaster ang paba2. na short pa kmi sa 2big na d pa kmi nkkrting sa flatland. wla png stablished trail kya ingat2 tlg sa pg tahak dhl any moment may wild na kalabaw na ba2ti sau at ka2ntiin ka ng sungay nla hehe... pg tag init sadyang wlng 2big sa ilog na nadatnan nmn. un ang open area na napakainit. valley type ung lugar pro madamot sa hangin.mkkpg isip kng wag nlng mtlog sa loob ng tent sa sobrang init. pgdtng nmn sa talisayin.. wow!dagat! panalo! exit kmi ng Pundaquit!

Anonymous said...

grabe naman bayad sa guide talaga bang ganun na kataas yon'.sa dami ng magagandang akyatin d2 sa pinas sa sobrang taas ng presyo ng guide palaging last n yan sa list ng mga mountaineers. sa mga nagbabalak na umakyat try talisayin trail, but make sure lahat ng kuko mo dati ng patay, para wala ng papatayin na kuko. imagine ilang taon n kaming umaakyat yong bundok lang na yon ang ilang miyembro ng grupo hindi pinaligtas ang mga kuko sa paa.


Anonymous said...

any contacts po sa Balingkilat? plan to climb also..tia

Joel Flores said...

definitely, one of my favorite mountains.. imagine me sibol sa campsite na parang ilog ang lakas.. pag umaakyat nga kami dito, either tinolang manok or nilagang baka ang ulam namin palagi.. syempre pag summer natutuyo din yung sibol, so magandang akyatin ang balingkilat right after the rainy seasons.. or you could try to experience balingkilat during the rainy seasons, sobrang mas maginhawa kesa pag tag-init..

sobrang ganda ng campsite na merong water source, sobrang ganda ng summit, sobrang ganda ng mga ilog pagbaba mo, complete package, ika nga.. sana sa lahat ng mga aakyat, pagsumikapan natin na wag kalatan ang lugar na ito lalo na yung kawayanan..

wag kayong kukuha ng guide kina lando, doon kayo pumunta kina manong andoy..

Joel, MMS

Anonymous said...

Will be gOing thEre nExt wEek! So eXcited! Ahahaha... can't wAit.. tHanks to tHis sitE I nOw hAve an oVerview... gReat joB gUys... :)-Bora

dads said...

sir joel flores, plano nmin umakyat s balingkilat nextwk, may contact number po b kayo kina mang andoy? how much po ang guide fee, rent ng jeep? first time po nmin umakyat

Anonymous said...

to all expert how to claim in mt. balingkilat anu ang first na ggawin namen pwde ba un walang guide map lang para adventures.simulat kame ng anawagin cove from to anawagin strut. sa my island capones island sana ma2lungan nyo ako sa mga nakapunta na dun me lang ang magllakbay mag isa sa ba makkakuha ng map jaomamaw pls help naman

pratatat said...

sir wag nyo po itry yan ng walang local guide sa area. especially sa balingkilat at lalo na sa cinco picos.. isa pong napakadelikado sa area pag wala kang local guide yung mga trap sa mga hayop dun.d po natin alam kung saan nila nilagay yung mga nakakasiguro ako na marami dun, dahil bago pa man akyatin ng mga mountaineers yan ang kabuhayan na ng mga kulot ay hunting, jan sila magaling.if you realy want to try it your way.kayo na po bahala


Anonymous said...

ganda talaga ng balingkilat, kakababalang namin... ok ang view ok ang watersource sa campsite/summit..panalo
reminder sa mga aakyat ng balingkilat, cinco picos at dayungan even trail goin to the nagsasa cove from san martin required talaga ung mga permits na sinasabi; like pnp permit, mayors etc..kailangan lang naman may kopya kayong hawak na may stamp at pirma with your itinerary, chinecheck ng tribe chief po yan, lalo na po ngayun na may military camp na sa area ng cawag.aetas dont kmow why may kampo na dun, pero ang masasabi lang nila siguradong walang mga NPA sa lugar nila, dahil ancestral place nila yun, ang iniisip lang nila is inasign ito para sa mga minning companys na hawak ng mga matataas na tao dun sa lugar..

but still safe pa rin naman akyatin itong lugar, kailangan lang talaga mag secure ng mga permits.

pag rainy naman at malala talaga ang ulan, kailangan nyo talaga magdala ng rope para sa ilog, specially ung 1st river, panalo ung river, d ka makakauwe pag wala kang rope..hehehe..
you can contact migs of yabagmc @ 09052688275, siya nag ayos sa amin ng climb dun sa kabisadong kabisado nya ung lakaran at lugar, at equipt pa.


Anonymous said...

sir we are planing to climb mt. balinkilat dis last week of november? help po pls.. like contact person for the permits... and jip for transpo. sa sitio cawag? tnx po

kamandag barikus mountaineering group

Anonymous said...

@ rhene...

pagbaba nyo po sa victory terminal sa olongapo eh just talk to the blue-top jeeps plying the olongapo-subic route.. sabihin nyo lang sa cawag resettlement kayo... pagdating dun hanapin nyo lang ung chieftain, tagalog din naman salita nila dun... lahat ng permits, guides, porters eh sa chieftain makikipagusap...


yabagmc said...

climbers ng cinco picos at balingkilat, ung mayors permit at pnp sa munisipyo ng subic nyo papapirma, gawa lang kayo ng tig 2 letters na naka address sa pnp ng subic and sa mayor ng subic honoroble mayor Jeffrey Khonghun attach also your climb itinerary sa letter, leave 1 copy to the pnp and office of the mayor, sa inyo na ung isa for proof.ipapakita nyo lang ito kay chieftain sa cawag jimmy ablong.

ung guides at porters si chieftain jimmy ablong na magaasign sa inyo.


Anonymous said...

under new managment na ba sa mt balingkilat ang guide 1 is to 5 na last july nag climb 19 kami nun 2 lang ang guide lastweek 30 kmi 6 ang pnakuha smin n guide........

Anonymous said...

kabababa lang namin galing dito nung sunday, maganda panalo ang bundok, pero sobrang inet lang talaga pag natapat ang akyat sa tag init o kahit sipleng inet lang, sa mga susunod na mga aakyat d2 mag dala kayo nang PAYONG or kahit anong pang protekta sa inyong balat, for me mas maganda ang payong , ksi sobrang open talaga yung trail d2, medyo madamot pa sa hangin hangang kawayanan, sobrahan nio yung dala nang tubig nio, at sa susunod na mga aakyat d2 yung mga guides kc walang mga head lights or kahit mga flash lights lang sana ma bigyan ntin sila thx

yabagmc said...

same pa rin ang nagmamanage ng mga guides dun sa balingkilat and other peaks..ung tribe chief pa rin sa jump off.

paalala ko lang.
binalita sa akin ni chief na meron daw mga mountaineers na hinaharang ng mga taga brgy cawag proper."ung barangay bago mag jump off"dun sa mga bago pa lang na aakyat sa lugar, wag po kayo dun titigil ng jeep, baka akala nyo po un ung jump off, d pa po yun, mga 1 mile pa yung layo nun sa jump off.basta po ang land mark ng jump off is yung mga naka pile na bato sa left side at dulo n ng kalsada..mas mapapalayo kayo pagtumigil kayo dun.

wag nyo na lang po pansinin yung mga nanghaharang na kulot mas maganda wag na lang kayo tumigil dun

dont worry safe naman po ung lugar, basta ok ang mga climb permits nyo,secured kayo.

please, pakisecure na lang po ng permits pagaakyat kayo sa lugar..mahirap na mapagkamalan or madelay, may kampo na ng militar malapit sa area..


unknown101 said...

hello po... ask ko lang po kung gaano po kahirap umakyat dun sa pointed peak? yun sinasabi nila na parang pader tapos sa gilid nun aakyat?

Anonymous said...

mga sir/maam, pasabit naman po kapag may akyat ng mt.balingkilat.., pakitxt na lang po sa 09063991979.. tnx po..

Anonymous said...

unknown101, Di naman masyado mahirap ang masmahirap ung init. Sobrang init talaga kaya dapat magdala ng payong or protection sa araw saka tubig.

Umakyat kami dyan last nov. 7-8, 2009. Sobrang init. At Astig kasi nagtraverse kami pagbaba. Medyo mahirap kasi walang trail pero sulit naman.

Anonymous said...

gud pm poh sir...

ahm ask koh lng poh kung magkano poh bayad sa guide sa mt balingkilat...

ahm my water source dn poh b don sa campsite?!

ahm salamat poh..


Anonymous said...

600 guide 2 days na yun, 5 is to 1 guide 20 entrance, may water source sa taas at sa gitna pagsummer at tagtuy nawawala ung tubig dun.

Anonymous said...

We'll materialize this climb by january 2010 together with yabagmc for guides.
Thanks for your informations as well.


Anonymous said...

how can i change I want to I can and I will in mountaineering? :D

Anonymous said...

Bundok ito na madamot sa puno, SObrang init dito nakakadehydrate, malakas ang hangin pag gabi (better bring extra pegs), may water source sa campsite, breathtaking view, bring lots of water, medyo steep yung daan, 10mins. goin to summit from campsite

Siege said...


Gud day po!!! ask lng po pwede po malaman kung how much po budget d2 sa Mt.balingkilat? at contacts po para sa permit? balak po kasi namin sya i climb this last week ng june 2010.. tnx po!!!

Siege said...


Gud day po!!! ask lng po budget and contact number po para sa mt.Balingkilat plan po kasi namin sya akyatin this june 2010.. tnx po ng madami!! looking forward po sa reply...
pa mail po or txt / 09212440797 tnx!!!

Anonymous said...

May akyat YABAG Mountaineering Club sa july 17-18 2010

-- taho

Anonymous said...

we will have an open climb on August 21-22, 2010. For more details you can e-mail or text Jason at 0927-514-9511.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

We just came from the climb to Mt. Balingkilat last weekend, you guys weren't kidding about the heat..

We had perfect weather, di umulan and a lot of times it was cloudy. The most challenging part for us was on the way down, the soil was very slippery. Sana lagyan pa nila ng mas maraming bato para hindi masyado madulas ang trail. The swim at the falls near the base was a great reward.

We definitely recommend Mt. Balingkilat in your list of mountains to climb in Pinas.

- Triptonomy group

maddog said...

sa kasama sa pagakyat,kababa lang namin sa balingkilat kahapon kung sino man gusto umakyat at kailangin ng service na jeep ito lang ang kontakin niyo edison 09394577186 2k ho rent vice versa na ito na din pala number ni chieftain jimmy 09219543215 thanks happy climbing ....

maddog said...

sa mga aakyat ng balingkilat ito na contact sa jeep 2k balikan na, edison 09394577186 saka num ni chieftain jimmy 09219543215 happy climbing ....

coldapoy said...

will be @ balingkilat and baka mag traverse kami sa mga gusto po sumama please do text me asap para madami tau and masaya.. 09175425266

sa dec 11- 12 na po to.. thanks and more power PM!

Anonymous said...

Mt. Balingkilat (1100+ Traverse) to Anawangin Cove to Mt. Pundaquit (464+ Traverse) Successful! ang matindi dun, 17 hours kaming naglalakad simula Campsite ng Balingkilat papuntang Summit at pa-Traverse ng Anawangin Cove (8am to 1am)... Sarap sa Feeling kasi kami pa lang daw ang nakakagawa nun, Maraming Salamat Sir Joseph, Sir Marlon at Sir Ferdinand sa pag-guide at sa pag-buhat ng gamit ng mga babae naming kasama ^^

Anonymous said...

Share ko lang. Kagagaling lang namin dito last Dec18-20 2010. We did Mt. Balingkilat - Anawangin - Mt. Pundaquit Traverse.

Guideship fees:
-Balingkilat(only) is 300php per guide
-Balingkilat - Anawangin Traverse is 1,500php per guide

5:1 po ang guideship

Padagdag lang. If you are planning to explore Balingkilat or Cinco Picos, it would be nicer if you bring clothes or any token na maibibigay o maidodonate nyo para sa mga guides or other Aetas sa resettlement. They would appreciate it very much. Swerte namin kasi napakababait ng 3 guides namin.

Happy trekking (^_^)

Bozzy Kalbo
AMP (Audyo Mountaineers and Party people)

Anonymous said...

Share ko lang po. Accidentally kami nakaakyat dito last January 16, 2011 kase di namin na-forecast na me bagyo pala sa dagat, when yung primary goal namin is magovernight camping sa Nagsasa Cove.

Left kami with the choice na magrisk bumyahe sa dagat (tumatanggi na po mga bangkero at me tumaob na daw pong bangka, at me umuwing damaged) or maghike sa ridge in between Mt. Balingkilat and Mt. Cinco Picos. We ended up having 3 of our colleagues and all of our heavy gear by boat to Pundaquit, and 14 of us up the slopes on emergency evacuation (5-6 hours).

Advice po sa first time hikers dito, most especially if wala pang experience sa mountaineering (gaya ng case ng most samin):

- Give respect to the place's sanctity, meaning hangga't maari refrain from being too noisy, unruly and makalat. Long time rangers will attest to how the 'spirits' might play tricks upon you.

- Bring water, not too much to weigh you down, but more than you'll anticipate you'll use. Naubos namin yung allocation namin ng 1 liter each even before we reached the summit. Also bring rock candy for the extra sugar boost.

- Advisable po na magdala ng trekking pole, or at least manghingi na kayo ng kawayan sa baba pa lang ng pwedeng gawing hiking staff. Meron din pong traverse area in between the two slopes na 14 inches wide lang and about 200 meters long, bangin na po mga 300 ft rolling drop sa isang tabi. You will need all the traction you can get.

- Bring a comprehensive first aid kit. Unfortunate na naging medic ako nung time na yun. Any sign ng cramps or uncontrolled shivering (symptom of electrolyte drop) can be remedied via oral rehydration salts. Pad up sa kahit anong foot injury via gauze pads and bandage.

- Avoid wearing shorts when climbing. Sugat-sugat pa din kame hanggang ngayon sa milyun-milyong talahib na dumantay samin.

Yun lang po. Lots of respect to all, and happy trekking! :)

Gene, ITSD

Krystin said...

anyone planning the traverse? pasabit naman po. kumpleto gamit ko, wala lang po akong kasama. thanks. :)

JR said...

Good day mga sir/maam ask ko lng po kung pano mag secure ng permit from the mayor's office... tnx

Anonymous said...

may climb po ba kau dis april or join nman po..tnx

Anonymous said...

sino may akyat ng dyan dis coming april or may pajoin din kami. 3 lang kami if wala naman po. baka pwede po malaman how to secure the permits? or basta gumawa lang po ng permits. salamat. ask ko na rin po if nd po ba error na minor climb to? na may difficulty na 5/9 and cinco picos ang major climb and may difficulty na 3/9 hehe. just wondering lang po. salamat po sa makakatulong sakin.

Anonymous said...

Regarding sa permit, need nyo po pumunta sa munisipyo ng Subic.Take note lang po na walang office ng weekends.

Anonymous said...

Dalhin nyo po yung letter of intent nyo sa munisipyo ng subic para mapirmahan. Take note lang na sarado and munisipyo kapag weekends. If may questions pa po kayo, baka po masagot namin. Kindly search A.M.P (Adobo Mountaineers & Party people) in Facebook. Hehehe happy trekking

Anonymous said...

Balingkilat full traverse plus island hopping
Nagsasa Cove/Talisayen Cove/Anawangin Cove/Capones/Camara/Pundaquit

Inclusive of
Transportation Manila-Zambales-Manila
Boat Fee
Guide Fee/Permit/Logistics
3 Meals

All in for 2,800.00 10-15 pax

Contact us 09175079026 ALAK Mountaineer

Anonymous said...

hi mr gid,
Im mr rod from CMC citibank mountenering club
we couquer MT FALCON at san luis brgy ditumabo aurora province,recorded 300 participant the first in the philippines in single attemp the most dangerous and difficult to climb we sucessfuly reach the summit of mt falcon april 30 may 1 2011

thanks a lot and more power
rod CMC citibank mountenering club

YABAGMC said...

Mountains and traverses related to Cinco Picos, Dayungan and Balingkila BY: Mike b of YABAGMC
As of this moment hindi ko muna pansamantala hinihikayat na umakyat ang mga mountaineers dito sa Subic, Zambales. Eto ay ang mga sumusunod na mga trails at possible traverses:

* Mt Cinco Picos
* Mt Cinco Picos traverse to Dayungan(Rounded Peak)
* Bundok Dayungan(Mt Rounded Peak)
* Bundok Dayungan(Mt Rouded Peak) to Balingkilat(Mt Pointed Peak)
* Bundok Balingkilat (Mt Pointed Peak)
* Mt Cinco Picos traverse to Silanguin Cove
* Bundok Balingkilat (Mt Pointed Peak) traverse to Anawangin Cove

Eto ay sa kadahilangang walang kaukulang pagtataas ng guide fee ng mga katoto nating mga Aetas natin dun na walang pahintulot sa mga mountaineers (YABAG) na siyang nagbukas ng mga bundok na ito sa mountaineering community. Mag-uusap pa kami ng Chieftain doon kung bakit sila nagsitaasan ng presyo na hindi kami pinasasabihan. Ang nangyayari na ito ay nagbibigay kami ng information sa inyo kung magkano ang gagastusin dun pero pagdating nyo doon ay mas mataas na presyo ang ibibigay sa inyo. Para sa akin eto ay hindi maganda para sa mga mountaineers na gustong akyatin ang mga bundok na ito.

Magtulungan po sana tayo, tulungan din po natin ang mga katutubo natin na maibalik sa kanila ang kultura at ang dati nilang pamumuhay, hindi sa pamamagitan ng PAG ASA na lamang sa mga bigay at donation ng mga bumibisita.

Humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa nangyayaring ito sa lugar namin. Any updates will be posted in mfpi and mms yahoogroups and also to our website |

Anonymous said...

akyat p dn kmi nxt wik..:)

MikeB said...

Notice to All Mountaineers going to Mt Cinco Picos, Bundok Dayungan and Bundok Balingkilat and its Traverses --

Anonymous said...

Tama, sobrang taas na ng guide fee nila. Hindi na makatarungan yung pagsingil nila ng ganon kataas.

Anonymous said...

akyat sana kami sa cinco picos sa end of this may.. sana maging ok na guide fees..:)

Anonymous said...

We are inviting you to the Philippine Int'l Climb 2012 to Save Sierra madre, Feb.17-19, 2012 sa Mt Tata, Diteki, San Luis, Aurora.Let us join our foreign brothers as we climb and plant narra seedlings at the slopes of sierra madre under our akyat-kalikasan program.

ty po.
The Noble Blue Falcons Environmental Mountaineers

Anonymous said...

mga sir / maam, kmi po ang grupong Insensitive mountaineer, balak po nmin umakyat this July 23-24, 2011, it falls on Sat-Sun , gagaling po kmi mnila, pwede po bng umakyat dun ng walng mayors permit tnx...

email us:\\Ty for the update

jojo said...

Mga sir's,

Any updates with the guide fees? naayos na po ba? and about sa mayors permit need ba talaga? were planning to climb this coming august 6 and 7. hoping for any response on this. thanks


jay said...

mga sir,bka po my marecomend kaung guide for balingkilat trav - anawangin. txt me.09052409276.


lampara mountaineer

kevin.manuel said...

hello people! we're heading out to traverse balingkilat to anawangin tomorrow.
does anyone know to whom the letter of intent is to be addressed to? the name of the chieftain and the chief of police? it would really help us to know that!

Anonymous said...

pwede ba umakyat mag isa sa balingkilat and kahit walng mmayor permit

edu said...

good day to all;

I was here on jan. 21-23 balingkilat traverse nagsaza cove our guide was "robert".

if you are planning to climb here better secure permits earlier to the barangay or the mayors office to avoid delays. the mountain is really great especially the steep parts and the trail to nagsaza is really challenging the view is breathtaking on many different angles while the beach itself is really rewarding.

kel said...

hi sir edu magkano po ung guide fee binayad nyo traverse to nagsasa??

MikeB said...

Subic Mountains: Meeting with Chieftain Balosbalos at Cawag Resettlement - July 8, 2012 ---

Anonymous said...

sir MikeB, same parin po ba yung procedure regarding "intent letter/mayor's permit" kay chieftain balosbalos? thanks.


Anonymous said...

for EL,

Kailan po yung climb niyo? baka pwede pong sumabit? :) thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sir Gidz and everybody

Share ko lang po latest info sa mt balingkilat..


Anonymous said...

Gid pa-post na lamang ito.

Sa mga mountaineer mangyari po lamang na eto ang kontakin ninyo

- 0999 549 7210 - Chieftain Juanito Balosbalos
- 0921 346 5312 - Jean Dela Cruz
- 0949 701 5730 - Diony

kapag pupunta kayo sa mga bundok ng Balingkilat, Dayungan, Cinco Picos at mga traverses papunta sa mga beaches ng Nagsaza, Anawangin at Silanguin. Kung meron kayong sariling mga kontak sa mga Kulot dun na wala sa numerong ito ay mangyari po lamang na wag nyo ng tangkain na kontakin pa kase hindi kayo nakakatulong sa mga Kulot dun. Binuksan ang mga bundok na ito sa mga mountaineer upang ang lahat ng mga Kulot dun ang siyang makinabang sa pag ga guide at hindi yaong mga iilang Kulot lamang. Si Chieftain Balosbalos ang nakatalagang Chieftain doon sa Cawag. Nasasakupan niya dito ang San Martin na kung saan dito nanggagaling ang kontak ng ibang mga mountaineer.

Nakikiusap ako sa inyo na kung gusto ninyo makatulong sa mga Kulot dun at hindi yaong iilan lang na mga kulot ang mga numero sa taas ang kontakin ninyo.

You can also visit the site

Salamat po.
MikeB (

Anonymous said...

Mga sir at mam, aside po sa mga info at details sa taas about sa pag akyat sa mt. balingkilata, meron po ba ibang updates? dun po sa mga kakaakyat lang dun recently.. pa post naman po or pa txt na lang sa 09268035923..

Thank you po..

pinaytunay said...

this is a helpful update to those who are planning to climb mt. balingkilat with traverse to nagsasa cove:

jose barcena said...

august 23 ETD fri nyt un . up to aug 24-25 ..

option a: MINOR CLIMBS ONLY :) 3peaks ang drama
mt.cinco picos

option b:
2peaks only plus beach (silangin cove)
(dq pa alam kung balingkilat at cinco picos ung 2peaks ee :) )

ung IT at other details to be followed nlng :)
bout sa PRECLiMB cgro DAPAT MERON ...
kc namomoblema aq lge sa ulam ee ..

just asking lng kung gsto nyo :)

assuming na budget for 10pax muna ay
900php lht na , EXCEPT FUDS :)
kung mag exceed sa 10 ok lng dn :)
assuming lng muna ung 10pax ^_^

bka may suggestion or tnung
JOSE BARCENA-09465331573
JAY MARQUEZ-09077679054

Anonymous said...

Sir Gid,
Sana magkaroon ng panibagong IT for Mt. Balingkilat traverse to Nagsasa Cove. Galing kase kami dyan Sir Gid last Oct. 19-20 and for my own point of view medyo hindi madali para sa mga beginners na dumaan sa Hunters Trail(Knife edge) lalo na kung malalaki ang mga bags,assuming na nag-overnight sa taas or dayhike then overnight sa Nagsasa Beach na ginawa namin.
Thank you for hearing this post Sir Gid and more power to your blog!

Vinz from 710 Mountaineering Club and Brotherhood(MCBRO)

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