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PinoyMountaineer is a non-commerical, non-profit, personal website/blog owned and authored by Gideon Lasco. All written content in this blog is copyrighted the author as well as the respective authors of individual posts whenever applicable. Photos, unless otherwise mentioned, are likewise property of the bloggers/content sources/authors. Pinoy Mountaineer allows the reposting, sharing, and distribution of itineraries and articles in this website to for non-commercial use, provided that due acknowledgment to the authors (i.e. Gideon Lasco) and the blog (Pinoy Mountaineer) is given.

While Pinoy Mountaineer makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, various data such as trail patency, transportation costs, etc. may change prior to updating. Pinoy Mountaineer welcomes suggestions on how to improve our website and correct errors. However, PinoyMountaineer remains a personal blog and not an official website of any entity. As such, the blogger is neither required nor expected to respond to any query regarding any matter of content or otherwise.

Pinoy Mountaineer provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. Pinoy Mountaineer cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by any person who uses this information, which include those coming from comments, forums, and other forms of communication on or through this site. The website does not attest to the veracity of third-party  information which may include itineraries, events, gear reviews, or any other content. Mountaineers and travelers must be aware of the risks of travel, as well as the hazards of mountain climbing that pursuing the mountains and destinations listed in this website entails.

The listing of proper names and entities i.e. guides, companies,transportation contacts, among others, does not constitute any endorsement of any of these aforementioned entities. They are given

In furnishing various information, opinions, insights, and other content, PinoyMountaineer.com acts in good faith on both the  sources and the recipients of these information.

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2 Comments on "Terms of Use: PinoyMountaineer.com"

14 years 11 months ago

hi poh sir gidZ!
ask lng po aq kung anung requirements
para maregester ang new mountaineering club..?
thnX poh!!

from: bobLey(davao city)

15 years 7 days ago

good pm sir can you please put the name of our shop in your store locator? rj treehouse outdoor shop , dumingag zamboanga del sur
contact no. 09202903103