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List of ziplines in the Philippines

Ziplines are partly a fulfillment of a mountaineer’s dream. Whenever scaling a mountain gets too difficult, we harbor a dream to just fly or zoom our way down. “Pwede bang mag-elevator nlng pababa?” the cliché goes. In contrast with the slow, careful ascent of hiking, in the zipline one zooms past the beautiful view, requiring just a few moments. It can thus be a nice complement to a hike. For example, the Camp SABROS zipline is a favorite sidetrip after a Mt. Apo climb. Ziplining can also be an independent outdoor activity whenever you happen to travel by the area. Mindanao, which has a lot of beautiful mountains, also has the longest ziplines, including Zipzone, the longest zipline in Asia (the longest, in Africa, is over 1000 meters)
There are a growing number of ziplines in the Philippines. A majority of Philippine ziplines in the list below have been set up in the past 2 years, and many others are being contemplated. Here is a partial listing of Philippine ziplines including their estimated or actual length, location, and featured views, and contact information. I am putting up this post knowing that it would be of interest to many mountaineers. Feel free to add an item or correct information by commenting. How many of these ziplines have you tried? Can you give feedback on the ziplines that you’ve tried?

Prominent views
Zipzone, Dahilayan Adventure Pk.
Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
Bukidnon mountains
Longest zipline in Asia; P300
Kapatagan, Davao del Sur
Mt. Apo’s Forests
Outland Adventure
Talomo, Davao City
Davao City
Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Albay
Cagraray Island
Group rates
Danao Adventure Pk.
Carmen, Bohol
Chocolate Hills
Zip City
Brgy. Langub, Davao City
360-degree view of Davao City
Tagaytay City
Taal Volcano
Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo City
Antipolo woodlands
Group rates
Skyrider, Eden Mountain Resort
Eden Mountain Resort, Davao City
Eden Resort and Davao City
Rocket Zipline
Corregidor Island, Manila Bay
Corregidor and Manila Bay
Doce Pares Mountain Training Park
Cebu City
Cebu City
P50/2 rides
Zamboanga del Sur  Canopy Walk and  Zip-line
Dao, Zamboanga del  Sur
Views of the town and environs
Treetop Adventure
Subic, Zambales
Subic forests
Macahambus Adventure Park
Brgy. Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro
Forested areas, Cagayan de Oro
La Mesa Eco Park
Quezon City
La Mesa Eco Park
Lignon Hill
Legaspi, Albay
Mayon Volcano


Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for posting the list :)
I will definitely visit some of those.
I'm confuse though because they said Outland's Xcelarator's zipline with 1km is the longest.

FERNAN said...

we visited lake sebu in Saranggani 2 weeks back and there I saw a zipline 700m++ high if i remember well. rate is 250 per head. too bad we didn't have enough time to try it.

Anonymous said...

sir gid, meron din po sa Baguio, sa loob ng Camp John Hay. it's a quick ride though ganda ng view, over the pine forests. :) tas they let you rappel on the way down. about P150 ata ung fee, kasama na wall climbing.

i tried the one in Tagaytay too. exhilarating! sakit nga lang sa balikat ng brake device nila - malalaking goma. hehe. :)

di na kami nakadaan ng Camp Sabros after our Apo climb last year, kinapos ng time. would like to come back and try. :)

- milay

FreeZeBox said...

i've tried camp sabros last year (October)
380 mtrs. for 280.00/head dn cable car pabalik.. it's really a nice experience. gusto ko sana yong 820 mtrs. kaso lng.. baka hindi na kayanin ng partner ko... nxt target would Danao, Bohol.

just want to share some of our pics here: http://www/

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Correction lang on Danao Zipline Location is is not located in Carmen....but located in Danao, Bohol and the price is 350/pax but equivalent to 2 ziplines (490++ going and 490++ coming back.....aggregated lenght is 900 meters please check

Anonymous said...

I tried the 400 m, 380 m, and the 820 m ziplines at Camp Sabros in Kapatagan over pasko. The journey over at first a poor road from Digos is far and it is co-o-old at the camp. We paid 550.00 for the 3 zip-lines. All were good but the scariest is the 380 m as you come in like a rocket and are scared you will crash. There is no danger - it's just fun. I also went to Zip City in Maa, DC. It was disappointing as it was short and slow. It costs 300.00 per (with long lines as it is in the city) but that incls 100.00 for a snack at Dencios also on the ridge.

Anonymous said...

please add Phillip's Sanctuary in Antipolo.

Phillip's Sanctuary

they have 2 ziplines and a 3rd one water-dismount zipline in the works.

Anonymous said...

what about the Lake Sebu zipline?

Anonymous said...

experience the zipline at ZipZone, Dahilayan
adventure park located at manolo fortich, bukidnon. . .Longest in Asia. .Try their Peak season Zip package for only 600 you can enjoy three rides(320m ; 150m ; 840m). . . .it's super Fun. . .

Anonymous said...

lake sebu zipline is only 250p
beautiful view of nature and falls.

yenohmxl said...

highest zipline in the phils is in lake sebu! and im proud to say, "I survive the zipline in 7falls of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato!" :D

Anonymous said...

zipline in 7falls of lake sebu is the best!at ang sarap ulit ulitin. my 5year old daughter enjoyed the ride so much! :-)

Anonymous said...

bluejaz beach resort in SAMAL island davao has 200meters zipline for P90.00 only

bluejaz said...

BLUEJAZ BEACH RESORT AND WATERPARK in Samal Island davao has now open the first ZIPLINE in the Island

Anonymous said...

Meron ndn po sa BAGUIO!!
Neverland resort at Nangalisan, Benguet! 150m. 150pesos one way. 250pesos 2way.

Anonymous said...

meron din zipline sa lake sebo ng South cotabato here is the link:

baktin said...

Hi Gideon, there are currently two zip-line rides at the 7 Falls in Lake Sebu. Price and group packages can be found here.

Anonymous said...

Wala po bang Lake Sebu Zipline? its about 1.1 km ata un. yung 1st zipline then may 2nd trip pa pero mababa na lang.. the best zipline in mindanao.. makikita mo beauty ng 7 falls.. if you want to try, bring with you your vidcam's, unforgettable moment talaga. 300 pesos lang yung fee may libre pa isa pag 5 kayo..


Anonymous said...

i heard there's a zipline ride in bagumbayan quezon city.. where exactly there????

i just found this thread randomly.. if anyone knows where in qc,, just text me.. thanks guys.. 0921 744 64 44..



Anonymous said...

@ derek
Sir sa Circulo Verde, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City po yung zipline.. nasa yahoo po yung news bout zipline located sa quzon city. you can check it out. enjoy..:)


Anonymous said...

What's with Macahambus Adventure park? 120m only
but the rate is too high. samantala sa dahilayan 840 m, P300 din....

Anonymous said...

7 Falls in Lake Sebu is the highest and probably the longest (combining the 2 ziplines). The view is fantastic, vast forest, falls, rainbow, etc. You guys should try it. Great ride!

Anonymous said...

be there to experience the longest zipline in the Philippines 640+360 = 1,000.... then try the 774 steps.. trekking beside Falls No. 2.. I'll be back try another ride....


Yaya's Kitchennette said...

Hi Sir Gideon!
Thanks for posting the list. I've tried 2 in your list the first in Tagaytay and the 2nd in Zip City in Davao. Just yesterday (7 Aug 2010)I've tried another one at 7 Falls in Lake Sebu. In here you have to ride 2x. The 1st one you'll be zipping for the 700+m plus another 400+ m going back. The view is spectacular.Price is P200 during week days and P250 during weekends.


Anonymous said...

hi to all im bunso
we have a zipline here in boracay island its a newly open zipline ZIPLINE BORACAY found inside of fairways & bluewater, brgy balabag, boracay island, malay aklan, phillippines. its a 325 meters from mountain side down to the beach great view of mountain side, white beach, the sibuyan sea and the carabao island i hope you experience the ZIPLINE BORACAY

Anonymous said...

Yeah 7 Falls Zipline in Lake Sebu I think is the highest and the longest Zipline in the Philippines.With 640m from Falls 2-5 then 360m from Falls 5-2.Or enjoy trekking from Falls 5-2.

raymond said...

we have one in ilocos norte... the first zipline in ilocos norte... can you add in the list... we are planning to add one more that is longer... come and try ours too. 180m long... the nest one probably more than 300m long...

:) said...

Hi Gid,
Danao Adventure Park is not in Carmen but rather in Danao, Bohol. 1 way is 480 m and the return trip is 450 m. Price is now at 350 pesos. and you get 50% discount on your next ride.


Anonymous said...

Last month i tried Zipzone in Dahilayan,Bukidnon with my tito and tita. We tried all their ziplines. I am thinking that we do this every year because i believe they are one of the oldest zipliners that tried it if not the oldest. They are 78 and 70 years old, respectively. I hope Zipzone will take note of this.



Dex said...

Check this out! New Zipline in Legazpi City --

Anonymous said...

hi, i would just like to inform you about the zipline in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato...i think it should be in the's the longest...900+ in length...

Anonymous said...

Paki add po yung zipline sa Pugo, La Union. It may not be the longest, but I think it is one of the highest ziplines in the Philippines. Thanks

Heavenly Flowers said...

There's one also in Banna, Ilocos Norte (about 180 m). I've tried and it's wonderful. P50/head only.

gepab-iligan said...

Yes at lake Sebu you can enjoy a Zipline ride at a minimal cost of only P250.00 and enjoy the ride, seeing the seven (7) waterfalls along the zip line course. I've been there last Nov. 6, 2010.The LGU said it is one of the highest Zipline in the Region and if not in the entire Philippines....

Anonymous said...

I also tried zipline in Pugo, La Union and it was nice and I enjoy so much.. This is I think one of the highest in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

we just been experience the 7 falls adventure zipline in lake sebu last dec 17 with my wife and kids. guys try it bcoz my 6 yrs old son wants to ride again and again

Anonymous said...

i tried dahilayan zipline dec 4 2010...bitin! with ziplines now proliferating all over the country, it's about time somebody or some company construct a longer one, say 1.5 kilometers or be the world's longest and highest starting at 2-km. line at a height of not less than 300 meters!!! that should put the philippines in the world's map of extreme adventure and bring in more tourists.

Anonymous said...

we are planning to put a ZIPLINE in our town, can u provide us contacts for the builders... tnx!

jhugrae said...

try pugad adventure in pugo la union... 400m long 250ft high..... 400php

USA Tourist Visa said...

Yes, Raymond is correct. We now have a zipline ride in Ilocos. I am sure my first ride will be worth remembering :]

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'd like you to include in your list the LAKE SEBU SEVEN FALLS ZIPLINE located in the Municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines. There are two lines, First is the 740-meter zip ride and the 400-meter line. Both rides for only 250 pesos!.

Dave Horan said...

I'm a professional zipline builder from the US. I helped build the tour pictured, in Hawaii, not the Philippines. Tourists be aware that even if your tour claims that it is safe, and built to standards set forth by a Philippino organization that governs ziplines, that it most likely would not meet US standards.

Dennison Uy said...

Apparently there's a 2-kilometer zipline in Africa. With that said, I'm still excited to go to Davao this coming August. Hope I can try out the 820m zipline at camp Sabros!

Anonymous said...

just tried yesterday PUGAD zipline.. amazing! its located in pugo, la union..i-google nyo na lang..

Gerry/Firefox said...

Yes, I was there in Lake Sebu and the Zipline is per information from the local town Officials, the Highest in Mindanao or if not in the Philippines. There you can see along the line the wonderful Falls...

Adolf said...

best zipline pa rin ang camp 820 meters length i think this is the fastest zipline in the philippines..walang chute para pigilan ang speed mo..hehehe

jaja said...

7 falls sa lake sebu is the best!!!

pinky said...

i tried the zipline in camp sabros! its was so fun..

GrowRichPinay said...

hi there,

there's a newly opened zipline in so. leyte.

please check out this video:

about 1km only P250/ride


Anonymous said...

Please add to your list the only zipline in Agusan del Sur - Fastbreak Zipline Adventure, a three-point zipline total 400 meters long. Three jumps. Zip through lush foliage, view of mountains and ostriches. Only P200.

Located in Green Haven Adventure Farm, Mabuhay, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur.

Try it and enjoy....

Lito Misa said...

Are there engineers who make ziplines? We are thinkng of putting up a short zip line in our subdivision.

Lito Misa said...

Please refer us to engineers who make zip lines. We would like to make one in our subdivision. Thank you.

Gonzalo B. Misa

Pinoy Adventurista said...

The zipline at Agas-agas bridge in Sogod Southern Leyte is at 880m as mentioned by the zipline attendant. could this be the longest zipline now in the Philippines and in Asia?

anne346 said...

check it out! Delta Discovery Park in Butuan city with 1.3 km zip line, so affordable.

Entrance Fee = 20.00/head SWIMMING- 100.00/Head, Zip Line 400mtrs.- 350.00/head, Zip Line 1.3 km. = 650/head, Swimming+ Zip Line Package= 400.00/head, ATV=500, Buggy= 700, Swimming+Zipline+ATV Ride going to Mt. Mayapay= 900.00/head, horse back riding= 250.00/hour

Anonymous said...

My family and I have tried the Danao Eco Park Zipline.

It's a 2-way (round-trip) ride and at 480m/way so it's long enough for us. Add to the fact that it connects 2 mountains...and you see below the river and rocks...whew it's a scary drop but a fun experience to the max.

Maybe next time the Danao Plunge.

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to ask if anyone knows who builds/contructs ziplines? Also, I was thinking of profit sharing. I provide the venue and the other party will share in the construction costs. if anyone knows, pls get in touch with me. Thank you so much. email address:

Anonymous said...

found a new zipline. check ds out.

esel santos said...

the longest zipline is now in sagod, leyte at 880m above agas agas brige which is considered the tallest bridge in the philippines at about 300 ft.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The longest zipline is in Butuan City, 1.3kms.

taga ilocos said...

Meron ri dito sa Santa Bantay Ilocos Sur across the abra river over 400 meters wide

taga ilocos said...

Meron ri dito sa Santa Bantay Ilocos Sur across the abra river over 400 meters wide

Yhael Ortizano Ü said...

it's a quite interesting blog.. but if you want another experience, try this one.. There's a new zipline in Mindanao that steals the name of "the longest single zipline in asia"... it opened last may 2011 and has 1.3 Kilometer single zipline which did entitled as the longest among asia up to date.. it also has 400 meter dual zipline.. Here are the details:

Address: Purok 7, Brgy. Bonbon, Butuan City
Contact Numbers
Landline: (085) 345-8891 / 341-1557 / 816-1875
Mobile: 0918-2845556 / 0906-4728300

wayne said...

sa lahat po mahilig mag zipline..try po nyo d2 sa puerto princesa city a city in a forest ang irawan canopy zipline 1.3 km..may 3 stations 300ft ang taas dn 68 steps paakyat sa launching tower...u will past 2 river..ito po ay matatagpuan sa irawan watershed protected area flora and fauna puerto princesa..the longest in asia..mayron dn kaming half km at kiddie zipline

Anonymous said...

one of the longest zipline in mindanao is in Brgy. New Israel at 1.2 km long & 1 km...

Anonymous said...

there's a zipline in sibuyan island, romblon at cantingas river in san fernando. after climbing g2, try this one which traverses the cantingas river.

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