Mt. Tuminungan via Kitanglad cliffs-Inablayan Peak-Mt. Salimpukaw route (2,670+)

Impasug-ong, Bukidnon
Major jumpoff: Sitio Kibanton, Impagsug-ong
LLA: 2670m (est)
Days required / Hours to summit: 3-4 days / 16 hours
Specs: Major, Exploratory Climb, Difficulty 9/9, Trail class 2-5
Features: Exploration, river crossing, ridge crossing, high biodiversity

The fourth highest mountain in the Kitanglad Range, following the three giants of Dulang-Dulang, Kitanglad, and Maagnaw, is the lofty and hitherto unexplored Mt. Tuminungan in Impagsug-ong, Bukidnon. Rising to an estimated 2760 MASL, it is likewise of the highest mountains in the Philippines. In August 16-20, 2006, the team of Mijan Pizarro and Johann Jangulan achieved the first ascent of Tuminungan, and it is through them that we are able to feature this mountain.

Mijan says of the mountain: “The Trail is very difficult since it is an exploration climb. No definite trail. Wild animals and flora are also in the area. [Within] Tuminungan Peak is A 50 METER SECRET GARDEN OF PITCHER PLANTS ABOVE SUMALSAG CLIFF WALL LEFT UNDISTURBED.” Truly a very exciting prospect for exploration! As an exploratory climb, Mt. Tuminungan is assigned a level of Difficulty 9/9.

Indeed, the rich culture, biodiversity, and the appeal of exploration makes Tuminungan the next peak to conquer in Kitanglad range, which is getting more and more prestigious as more and more high mountains are added to its roster of illustrious climbing destinations.


Day 0 
Arrival, Secure Permits, Provisions, Rituals, Etc. and proceed to Sitio kibanton, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. Arrange Guides or Porters.

Day 1
0500 Wake up call, prepare breakfast and packed lunch
0600 Start trek to Kidugkaw
0800 ETA Datu Nabanlasan’s House (Kidugkaw)
0900 Atugan River Trail (Long River Trek)
1000 pass by series of Hidden Waterfalls along Mt. Kitanglad Cliffs
1200 Lunch on Trail
1300 Resume Trekking
1700 ETA Camp 1, Overnight

Day 2
0500 Wake up call, Break Camp, Prepare Breakfast and Packed Lunch
0600 Start Trekking to Inablayan Ridge
0800 ETA Inablayan Rigde
1200 Lunch on Trail
1300 Resume Trekking via Ninja Trail
1400 Sumalsag Cliff Wall
1500 Mt. Tuminungan North Shoulder (Summit Ridge)
1700 ETA Mt. Tuminungan Summit, Camp Overnight

Day 3
0500 Wake up call, Break Camp, Prepare Breakfast and Packed Lunch, Sight seeing.
0700 ETD Mt. Tuminungan Summit to Mt. Tuminungan South Soulder (Knife Ridge)
0800 ETA Mt. Salimpukaw Summit (2,648 masl), Rest, Sight Seeing.
0900 Resume Trekking Downhill via Kubayan Trail
1200 Lunch on Trail
1300 Resume Trekking
1400 Traverse Heroga-an Rigde of Mt. Sakat
1600 Traverse Back to Sitio Kibenton
1700 ETA Sitio Kibenton

Day 4
Head back to Cagayan de Oro or other points of origin.

Transportation and preparations. From Cagayan de Oro take a Bus bound for Malaybalay City. Arrange Permits in the DENR Malaybalay City and right after buying provisions and Ritual Paraphernalias (3 native chickens, ¼ meter red and white cloth, mallorca wine) take a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro and stop over at Capitan Bayong. Take a Habal2x ride to Sitio Kibenton. The payment of the permit fee per head is 15 pesos.

Logistics. Guides are very necessary. Guide Fee 500/day, Porter Fee 350/day. They can be contacted at Sitio kibenton, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. The personnel in charge of the National Park has the following contact details: Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Office of the Protected Area Superintendent Capitol drive Compound, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon,Phils.8700 Telefax:(088)813-3453
Email: One, however, can contact the Mindanao explorer himself, Mijan Pizarro, at 0918-6352-729

Camping notes. Campsites in the area are big. Good for 4 tents. Water source is not problem at all since the first day is purely river trekking along Atugan River. The second day is summit camp and there is a small natural well in the shoulder of the summit. Cellphone signal is not a problem since the mountain is facing Mt. Kitanglad.


Views of the trail. Atugan River (upper right, counterclockwise), the explorers at the house of a local chieftain, the hidden falls at Kitanglad Cliffs, and the summit of Mt. Tuminungan with Mt. Dulang-Dulang at the background. 

Mt. Tuminungan as viewed from Mt. Kitanglad. 

Mijan Pizarro at the summit of Mt. Tuminungan, with Mt. Kitanglad at the background. The towers at the summit are very prominent features.

In contrast to the other Kitanglad mountains where the Talaandig tribe predominate, Tuminungan is within the ancestral home to the Higaonon-Banwaon Tribe, the second largest cultural community in Bukidnon. Higaonon is derived from the native word “gaon” which means mountain. Literally, they are mountain people. Higaonon are somewhat nomadic, that is, they travel from one mountain village to another, looking for more fertile soil and better harvest. The enclosure of civilization made them settle their position to the confines of the area which they now claim as their ancestral domain; at the boundaries of Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental and Agusan del Sur.

The Higaonon people are of medium built with average height of about 5 feet and 2 inches, they are of lighter skin complexion compared to the other tribes in the province. Quiet a number of them have a very recognizable European features, aquiline nose, deep-set eyes and prominent cheeks, a legacy of the intermarriage between the natives and the Spanish conquiestadores. Generally, they are warm and friendly. They are one of THE FIERCEST WARRIORS when intimidated and one of the best organized and closely knitted as well.

PinoyMountaineer congratulates and thanks: Michael Jan P. Pizarro of the Bukidnon Mountaineering Club (BUMOC), Environmental Conservation Organization – Venture Club Inc.(ECO-VENTURE) and Johannes Jangulan of CARE –ILIGAN Mountaineers for the exploration and documentation of Mt. Tuminungan. 

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