Hiking matters #374: Hiking in Capri Day 2 – Via Krupp to Marina Piccola

On the morning after my island walk that took me to Monte Solaro (see Hiking matters #373), I woke up early to explore the southern coast, which also had nice trails. I particularly wanted to see the sun rise behind the Faraglioni – an islet on the southeast that is one of the most scenic vistas in the island.  The famous trail – winding down the cliff- is called Via Krupp, which is over a hundred years old, and has a curious history of being a secret passageway to a grotto where sex orgies with local youths.

I was rewarded with views of the sunrise just as I had finished trekking down the winding path. And I then I continued walking towards the direction of Marina Piccola – the ‘small port’. Along the way the path remained mesmerizing as the sun illuminated the coastline. I also came across a park where an image of Lenin was on display – apparently the Soviet Union founder also stayed there.

I walked further until the scenic trial gave way to the village in Marina Piccola. I made a right turn to connect back to Capri where I was staying. Along the way I saw cloud-capped Monte Solaro, and the same streets lined with villas and boutiques that make for a distinctive feel of Capri. My entire morning peregrination took just over two hours, and I was back in my hotel in time for a late breakfast.

It would have been very nice to stay for one or two more days in Capri and explore the other sights: Villa Jovis, the lighthouse on the southwest, and more, all by foot. But that unfulfilled desire to stay longer is exactly the stuff that makes places special. When I took the ferry back to Naples on that day I knew that I will always cherish my two days in the island of Capri.

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