5th National Mountain Cleanup Day held in over 50 mountains!

National Mountain Cleanup Day in Mt. Yangnbew (Ayan Apilar)

(FIRST UPDATE) – Images and reports indicate a successful 5th National Mountain Cleanup Day, with over 50 hiking destinations serving as sites for the annual cleanup. In addition, hikers are reporting that the mountains are mostly “cleaner than expected”, suggesting that efforts within the mountaineering community to install the Leave No Trace principles are beginning to have impact.

Smart Mountaineering Club at Mt. Balungao, Balungao, Pangasinan (Jessy Ignacio)

Even so, significant amounts of trash were still collected in many mountains, indicating that much work needs to be done in spreading the message. Hopefully all the participants were inspired to keep making a difference, and that in the process of cleaning up the mountains they were also able to inspire others to do so. “If all climbs were clean climbs, there would be no need for cleanup climbs.”

Bayanihan Youth for Peace (BYP) at Mt. Sembrano, Pililia, Rizal (Edmon Pacson)

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