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Mt. Palali (1,715+)

Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya
Jump-off point: Purok 5, Brgy. Maddiangat, Quezon
LLA: 16.4283°N; 121.2236°E; 1,715 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 2 days / 6-8 hours
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail class 2-3

Features: Tropical rainforest, Scenic views of Nueva Vizcaya
Last updated: July 12, 2012

A little-known but very beautiful destination in Northern Luzon is Mt. Palali in Nueva Vizcaya. Once the hunting ground of the Bugkalots, Gaddangs, and Ifugaos, this majestic mountain offers a commanding view of the low-lying municipalities of the province.

The jump-off point is accessible through tricycles or jeeps less than 30 minutes from Solano. Getting guides, however, seem to be quite a challenge but the risk of going there without prior arrangement is a fair-enough risk, as Mt. Palali gets more and more popular as a climbing destination. The trail begins as a rough road, as in many mountains, and it gives way to a beautiful forest. This forest has recently been declared as a 'protected area' and should be respected as such. There are many avian species; indeed the forest is the closest most of us can get to the deep jungles of Palanan, farther east.

Several hours into the climb, huge boulders will appear, heralding the end of the first half of the trek. Afterwards, the landmark known as
Haring Bato will be reached - the halfway point. Another account says this area is in the native tongue known as Dinar-awan. Here, and when the forest occasionally gives way to the cogon grassland which is the usual environment of Philippine peaks, the view is like that of Mt. Arayat: instead of Pampanga River, there is Magat River, sweeping across the plains as it commences from Vizcaya; and looming in the west are mountains such as Mt. Ugo, the saddle of Ambaguio, and on a clear day, Mt. Pulag itself, and northward, Mt. Napulauan, and a distant Mt. Amuyao. Meanwhile, equally alluring are the mountains of the east side: the Sierra Madre range, with its rarely-explored environs.

The summit, again like its Arayat and Makiling counterparts, is forested. Take time to observe the fauna and flora there - pitcher plants, creepers, and wild flowers create a Jurassic aura that caps off the climb to one of the more pristine places in the country.


Day 0
2200 Assembly at Victory Liner Kamias Terminal along EDSA
2300 ETD to Solano, Nueva Viscaya

Day 1
0500 ETA Solano, Nueva Viscaya. Breakfast.
0630 Take trike/jeep to Purok 3, Brgy. Maddiangat, Quezon
0700 ETA Purok 3 / Final preparation / Arrange local guides.
0730 Continue with trike/jeep to Purok 5 (jumpoff)
0800 Start Trek (6-8hrs)
1200 Lunch along the trail (Packed Lunch)
1300 Resume trek
1400 Grand view deck (Haring Bato 1435 MASL)
1500 ETA Camp 2

Day 2
0500 Wake-up call / Breakfast
0700 Commence summit assault.
0800 ETA Summit of Mt.Palali (1715MASL).
0830 Back to Campsite.
0930 Break camp
1000 Start descent.
1200 Lunch along the trail.
1300 Resume trek.
1600 Brgy. Maddiangat / Tidy up
1630 ETD to Solano.
1700 Solano
1800 ETD to Manila.
0000 ETA Manila.


Transportation. This mountain is surprisingly accessible, with its starting off point just around 30 minutes away from the National Highway in Solano - a tricycle ride away (P150/trip all the way to the jumpoff). To get to Solano, take any Cagayan Valley-bound bus from Manila. Victory Liner Kamias Station (MRT3: GMA-Kamuning) has trips that leave at 2300H and 2330H. The fare to Solano costs P338 as of July 2012.

Guides and registration. The Mina brothers are the leading guides to Mt. Palali; they are based in Purok 3 of Brgy. Maddiangat. Roldan, one of them, can be reached at +639352921029. Guideship and porterage fees are P500/day. There is allegedly a registration fee of P100/person this needs to be validated.

Hiking notes. The climb is a straightforward ascent, lasting 6-9 hours. Given its geography, chance of rain is very high in Mt. Palali. There are slippery trails especially during the rainy season; usual precautions apply.

Camping notes. There are a couple of water sources before Haring Bato, and there is also a water source at Camp 2, which is the major campsite. Although large groups have camped up Palali, the campsites are quite small, comfortable for only a few tents. Cellphone signal is present at the summit and at the initial leg of the trail, but very weak at Camp 2.

Purok 3 of Brgy. Maddiangat is where the guides are based. You can leave some of your things care of the guides before trekking.

The hike can be characterized mainly by trekking through forests not different from those of Isarog and Makiling - and just as steep, perhaps even more.

Haring Bato is the 'grand viewpoint' of Mt. Palali, offering commanding views of virtually the whole of Nueva Vizcaya and nearby provinces, and glimpses of the high mountains of the Cordilleras including the 'four great traverses': Pulag, Ugo, Napulauan, Amuyao.

The summit of Mt. Palali is forested, but there is a viewpoint that faces west.

See more pictures of Mt. Palali in the PM Facebook Page.

It is interesting to note the following entry in this page before we launched the 9-point Difficulty Scale in 2009, an initial attempt to make a more precise scaling:

Mt. Palali is being classified in this blog as Level 2B: not quite Level 3 (lacking the extreme weather, precarious and long trails) but requiring the same logistical preprations. Examples that would fall under Level 2B include Mt. Tapulao; those of the difficulty of Arayat or Makiling would be designated as 'Level 2A'.

This climb can be done as an extended dayhike - a dayhike requiring a fast pace and around 5 hours of trekking to reach the summit. The blogger did such a dayhike on July 10, 2012 with travel blogger Journeying James. An account of this hike is narrated in Hiking matters #281. thanks Vanessa Lacson of the OLAY Mountaineers for supplying the information and photos for the original version of this article.


domengzhu said...

masukal at maalimatik na bundok
after mfpi climb d2
view is f**kin awsome!!!
summer season ha,ewan q lang pag tag ulan..

Anonymous said...

Hi sir Gid, how much ung guide fee sa Mt. Palili? Thanks sir.

gideon said...

i think it was 400-500 day as of 2007 but im not sure this year if this has changed..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sir Gid:)

Anonymous said...

mayron po kayong kilalang guide dito?

Anonymous said...

HI Sir Gid! How much po arrange ng jeep from Solano to Brgy. Maddiangat? THANKS po!

bernard said...

wow ganda tlga ng ligar namin

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is my second major climb after mt. tapulao god bless us this fri jan 21

Anonymous said...

magkano po nagastos nyo per person?

Anonymous said...

Good day sir/ma'am....

sa umakyat nun Jan. 21, 2011.. meron po bang updates.... thank you

..plano po ksi namen akyatin yan by March....

Anonymous said...

im out of the country for almost 5 years, im from isabela and were planning to climb mt. palali as a preparation to climb mt. pulag, hope pulag is open by end of this year...where planning to climb palali by the month of sept of this years is it safe out there? may source of water ba? pwede po bang matulog doon? hope someone will reply my queries...

Anonymous said...

Just climbed this mountain, guide fee was 500/day and the tryk was 100/trip. the mountain was very beautiful. masukal na forest which adds to the challenge. Water source is available at the camp site. there is also a waterfalls which is available for a side trip after the climb. just ask your guide. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello po sa mga recently umakyat ng bundok na ito :) ok lang po ba akyatin ito ng sept? Malimatik pa din po ba sya? Thanks!

Mike said...

Hi, Anyone know of a guide for this Mountain. Baka may kakilala kayo dyan. Pashare naman ng contacts. Thank you.


Onin said...

Sino po bang pwedeng maging guide for Dulang-Kitanglad Traverse. We're planning this coming Holy Week April 2 to 5 2012. You can reach me at 09197223166. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Akyat kme dito ngayong January 21-22 2012. ano ba magandang side trip dto? wala pa din kasing pasok ng 23 e...

Anonymous said...

walang side trip dyan mag Pulag ka nalang. maraming chicks sa Pulag ngayong long weekend.

jakero said...

akyat din kami dyan jan 21-22.. BM ka ba parekoy? hehe

Anonymous said...

Mga sir..baka may kakilala kayong pwdeng mag guide dito...please any contact numbers..thanks mga sir

Anonymous said...

kung sino po may balak umakyat ng Mt Palali, Mt Napaluan at Mt Ugo pajoin naman sa grupo mga Sir... Amateur lang po ako.. Dito lang po ako sa Solano Nueva Vizcaya.. 09175931491

Anonymous said...

Kung sinoman pong grupo ang aakyat sa Mt Palali, Mt Napulauan at Mt Ugo, pajoin naman mga Sir, amateur po ako pero kaya ko hindi po active mga grupo ng Mountaineers dito. Dito lang po ako sa Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.. 09175931491

gidyonder said...

i have just updated this article with pictures, new information, and contact details.

Lazaro Villanueva Paynor said...

if given a chance, either july 28 or august 4, akyat kame jan...hahaha...mahabang lakaran pala yan....kayanin kaya namin to, since puro mga baguhan yung mga makakasama ko...hehehe...

genezide_jr said...

Lagi ko tong nakikita dati nung bata pa ako pag nagbabakasyon kami sa Bayombong. Tapos biglang napanaginipan ko kagabi na may bundok akong inakyat na 1700+ MASL, no doubt eto nga yon. :) Hope to climb Palali soon.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion ko e magsidetrip kayo sa señora falls. Hehe ang ganda dun. Parang galing sa ref ang tubig. 50php ang entrance. :)

Anonymous said...

Señora Falls ng Mt. Palali. Pwede din kayong magpunta sa Casat bayombong nueva vizcaya. Sa rizal shrine. :)

Anonymous said...

May Limatik out break po b dto ?

Anonymous said...

eto po yung ginawang documentary ng climb namin june 2011... :)

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