Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mt. Kanlaon/ Wasay-Guintubdan (2,435+)

Negros Occidental

Entry point: Brgy. Mambucal, Murcia, Negros Occ.
Exit point: Guintubdan, Ara-al, La Carlota City
LLA: 10°24'44"N, 123°7'55"E, 2435 MASL (#27)
Days required / Hours to summit: 3-4 days / 15-16 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 8/9, Trail class 4

The country's largest active volcano and Visayas' highest mountain is Mt. Kanlaon in Negros Island. As the highest mountain in the Visayas, it is majestic. As the country's largest active volcano, it is fearsome. Its majesty lies in its forests, waterfalls, lagoons, and culminates in its crater, vast and desolate. However, this seat of majesty is also the source of Mt. Kanlaon's volcanic wrath. It is, after all, one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines. Its 1996 eruption killed 7 mountaineers - in an account vividly recalled to the blogger by Rey Castellos, the guide who rescued some of the foreign climbers and witnessed the eruption, barely making it alive. The blogger himself personally experienced this volcanic wrath when, on his climb to Mt. Kanlaon in February 9, 2008, Mt. Kanlaon spewed ash and stream - a phreatic eruption which obscured everything in the mountain. The ensuing rains and violent weather ultimately prevented him from reaching the summit.

The place that Mt. Kanlaon holds for the people of Negros is irreplaceable and important in many aspects of their life. Culturally, Kanlaon is central to the loyal mythology, named after no less than Kan Laon, the supreme deity. Some tribes also hold Kanlaon to be center of the universe - its crater a portal into the unknown source of fire and energy. Attesting to the plurality of legends the mountain has inspired, children also grew up to the tales of "La-on and the
Seven-Headed Dragon" . In this tale, a dragon appeared from the mountain, wreaking havoc in the whole island. In order to appease the dragon, the people had to sacrifice one beautiful maiden each year, until they have run out of women, save for the king's daughter. The King, agonized, offered a reward to anyone who could kill the dragon. Then comes a prince named La-on, whose affinity with nature and animals helped him slay the dragon - winning the princess' hand and
earning the mountain as a tribute for his feat, hence Kan Laon, meaning "The Exalted" Laon, later becoming Kanlaon.

Economically, the highland domain of Kanlaon is the source of vegetables and fruits in the same way that Benguet is the 'Salad Bowl' of Luzon. It provides a home for a lot of communities, who earn their livelihood from the forest products. Ecologically, Kanlaon is another biodiversity haven, home to about 197 species of flora and an impressive roster of fauna, such as the endangered Philippine spotted deer and the Visayan Warty Pig.

Of course, the geologic importance of Kanlaon attracts foreign tourists who want to see the country's third most active volcano (next to Mayon and Taal) in its volcanic glory. But also because of this danger, close coordination with DENR is a must when climbing the mountain.

The most comprehensive trip to Kanlaon involves taking the Wasay and Guintubdan trails. The Wasay trail starts from the mountain resort of Mambucal, requiring two arduous days of trek just to reach the crater. Invariably, it has been compared to trekking in Mt. Halcon and is said
to be one of the most difficult and longest trails in the Visayas. The first day passes by dipterocarp forests, set in rolling slopes. The culmination of the seven-hour hike is Harding Sang Balo (Garden of the Widow), a campsite with a nearby water source. Here marks the transformation of the forest from the tall diperocarps to the montane variety.

The next day is a feast for the eyes. Although a total of 164 different obstacles lie in wait on this most difficult leg of the journey, dubbed by local guides as the "Killing Me Softly" trail, there are beautiful sights such as the lagoons (Samoc lagoon, PMS lagoon). These lagoons are actually old craters of Kanlaon. The breathtaking Margaha Valley is next, and finally, after crossing the valley ridge, the cone-shaped summit-crater. Said to be the center of the universe in some myths, the crater of Kanlaon is vast and deep, devoid of vegetation and is comprised of pyroclastic material. There is a sense of fear and wonder in camping in the summit area - the volcano can erupt anytime.

The third day is the descent to Guintubdan. This could only take five hours, and is easier than the Wasay trail. The highlight is seeing the Twin Falls of Guintubdan. There are other waterfalls in the area, although they have to be visited separately.

There are a myriad of sidetrip possibilities. To begin with, one can stay at Mambucal Resort prior to the climbing, dipping in its hot sulfur springs or swimming in the pools. There is also a lagoon and an available trek to several waterfalls. There are also the nearby mountains such as Mts. Silay and Mandalagan (N), and Mt. Talinis, also known as Mt. Cuernos de Negros (S). The nearby islands of Guimaras and Siquijor are also good options -- although Guimaras is more of a
possibility when climbing using these trails (Siquijor is more proximate if using the Canlaon City trails).

Climbing Mt. Kanlaon - the active volcano and the majestic mountain - is truly a profound experience that must not be missed in one's lifetime!


Day 0
Travel from Manila to Bacolod City. After buying supplies at the malls/groceries;
proceed to Mambucal Resort via jeep or minibus (P35) where one can take dip at the hot, sulfuric springs or explore the waterfalls.

Day 1
0500 Breakfast
0600 Start trek
1000 ETA river area. Water source.
1100 Lunch at Giant tree
1500 Arrival at Hardin Sang Balo (Old NPA camp). Set up camp.
1730 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0600 Breakfast
0700 Break camp and resume trek
0900 Pass by lagoons (Samoc, et al)
1200 Arrival at Margaha Valley outer rim. Snacks / Light lunch.
1300 Negotiate trek at outer rim, continue to campsite.
1500 Arrival at campsite. Explore summit area.
1730 Back at camp; Dinner preparations
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 3
0600 Breakfast
0700 Descend via Guintubdan trail
1000 ETA Rancho Dos; water source
1200 Arrival at Guintudban. Tidy up and have lunch
1400 Take last trip to La Carlota City en route to Bacolod
1700 ETA Bacolod City.

The person to contact is Sir Angelo Bibar, the Park Superintendent of Mt. Kanlaon National Park (MKNP). Very kind and accommodating, he may be reached at +639173011410. Although checking the PHIVOLCS bulletin is prudent, the DENR is updated anyway and won't allow any climbs if there is an alert level hoisted. Thus DENR is the only institution to contact. They'll also be the ones to arrange the guides. Rate is P500/day for the guide exclusive of food and tent that you have to provide. Park fees cost P320 per person (P220 if student).

An easier option, fast getting popular, is the reverse of the above itinerary: you go up via Guintubdan and descent via Wasay. Considering that there is a risk of having to abort your climb on bad weather if climbing via Wasay, this is the itinerary of choice for those who want
to make sure they can reach the summit.

Transportation from Guintubdan to La Carlota City is limited since the last trip is 2pm. However, one can rent a tricycle to La Carlota City beyond this time.

The 1996 eruption of Mt. Kanlaon claimed the lives of 3 climbers: the rest had to be rescued by helicopters. It was a dramatic volcanic event, with ash being spewed 1.5 kilometers up in the air. Rey Estelloso, our guide who was also the guide during that fateful incident, says he was just 16 when the eruption happened and they could even see flaming cinders being hurled from the crater, exploding in the ground like grenades. He also says that Kanlaon is one of the the country's deadliest climbing destinations. One climber who fell on the Margaha Valley ridge had to eat tissue paper for seven days before being rescued! Truly one must exercise caution in climbing Kanlaon.

Mambucal (Wasay) - Guintubdan (Ara-al)
Canlaon City (Mapot) -Canlaon City (Masulog)


The blogger thanks Sir Angelo Bibar for facilitating his trip to Mt. Kanlaon; as well as the Sanicas and Agarao families of Bacolod City and Victorias City. Crater photo courtesy of Sir Ogos Asuncion.


Anonymous said...

hello sir gideon. reading your post about mt kanlaon gave me the opportunity to do a day trek of the waterfalls in guintubdan on friday, april 18. got the chance to text sir angelo bibar, who is accomodating and kind beyond words. sir rey estelloso spoke fondly of you, and is a very capable guide. he said you left a tent at his home for your future plans of climbing the 3 peaks of negros. actually, sir rey and i spoke of you most of the time. i think he may have had the impression that i knew you in person. anyway, thanks very much for all your heplful info. hope to climb with you one day.

mario bihag
rtc muntinlupa city

gideon said...

sir mario, thanks for sharing this. indeed, kuya rey is a great guide and i look forward to getting back to negros and climb the rest of the mountains there. and kanlaon too!

Anonymous said...

no problem sir gideon. by the way, sir angelo bibar texted me last friday, april 25. he said alert level zero na ang kanlaon, which means kanlaon can be climbed again via all its trails. thanks very much.


Anonymous said...

im so thankful to my professor,ma'am de leon because she brought me in my lupang sinilangan,in negros occidental.
After reading this page,i realize that how lucky i am because i became part of the place where the most active and famous volcano in the country is located. i am now studying here in manila,,,
Oh... i miz seeing the peak of mt. kan-laon!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to climb Mt Kanlaon in a very hard long day?? I am very fit and can handle hiking for 10+ hours with very little rest. I am traveling alone and don't have a tent also I'm on a budget hence the one day climb. Please help.


Anonymous said...

hello sir matthew
I think it is possible to climb kanlaon in a single day, mb the best trail for this IT was the Guintubdan trail, but the best time to summit was during murning. baka pagdating mo sa may saddle wala na ang nice view sa crater at d kana maka summit sa crater bcoz of the fog. pero it is possible talaga,if you will start your, trek at 3-4am in dawn at malakas kang talaga kakayanin mung makarating sa saddle ng early murning at maka summit kapa sa crater. Gudluck sir, hope this will help you.

Anonymous said...

Our team had a climb using this trail last year (Nov. 29 - Dec. 01), it was indeed breathtaking! We also had sidetrips to the lagoons and Hardin Sang Balo where the fabled Kamandag Tree resides.. had an hour's worth of fun there.. hehe!!

I agree with anonymous. By taking the Guintubdan Trail and if you are fit enough to undertake this trail, I think it will only take you about 3-4 hours to reach saddle camp and another 30-45minutes to the peak. The best hour to have a great view at the summit is at 6am-7am.. so a headstart of 3am and 4am the latest is ideal.

Anonymous said...

hi, hindi ata to nasama dun sa mountains by region link mo.


Anonymous said...

we're planning to climb mt kanlaon this coming july...pwede po bang malaman an ibang contact number ng pwede maguide samin?...thanks

Anonymous said...

hi sir gid...pwede po bng malaman an contact number ni sir rey,,balita ko po kc sya an isa sa mga okay na guide sa kanlaon.....salamat po...

Anonymous said...

Its great to find this site and somehow share many wonderful experiences climbing mt. Canlaon as well.
I had climbed this mountain about 6 times already and still wants to do it again.The memories are surely unforgetable.Every cold nights are heartwarming moments.being in the nature can bring tranquility and peace to the heart. Right now im trying to make a plan and a promotion for the other youngsters to discover the beauty of this mt. Canlaon, and maybe somehow discover the beauty of our country.Im from University of St. La Salle Bacolod, taking up BS Nursing, and would ask any of you to contact me, help me promote our environment.My service to be the climbing guide is for free,my motivation is only to made know to the other youths that there's beauty behind all the economic chaos we are undergoing through right now.The only thing i would ask is to help me clean up a little bit,picking up garbage and maintain the trail for other climbers' comfortability.Im planning to do the climb this coming summer,hopefully with other friends and la sallian students.you can reach me at 09087670607,Elle Alvarez(elle_alvarez@yahoo.com).Thanks...and keep on soaring to the peak of the world....

Anonymous said...

Any body climbing Mt Kanlaon on October - November, preferably last weekend of October to November?

Anonymous said...

hi guys, we will be climbing mt. kanlaon on nov27-30... any contact # for mambucal resort?

Anonymous said...

magndang araw po...baka pwede po sumama sa climb ng mt kanlaon dis coming Nov.27-30.i was heard about the amazing mt kanlaon how beatiful it is...sana makajoin ako mga sir/mam.

here"s my number for ur reference - 09165927629-ur acceptance is highly appreciated.

thanks a lot...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

share lang po...ayus na guide si kuya eric gany.sya irequest niyo

Anonymous said...

is it ok to climb mt. kanlaon on month of december? dec 26 onwards?

Anonymous said...

umakyat kami ng Mt.Kanlaon last Nov1-3.. good weather naman.. ok na ok ang Mt.Kanlaon

Anonymous said...

Please post the legendary story of the famous sacred Mt. Kanlaon. I used to read that story when I was little and also we had a discussion about the Mt. Kanlaon we back in college, and I miss reading that story. Thank you very much!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! eto ba ung c Khan Laon (isang makisig na binata) na pumatay sa malaking halimaw,something like that..heheh


Anonymous said...

When climbing Mt. Kanlaon, it may as well be best if you could get in touch with any members of the local NEGROS MOUNTAINEERING CLUB,INC.
They could facilitate your climb and assist you with equipments.

Anonymous said...

Re: Legend of Mt. Kanlaon
There are several versions of the legend. For one that incorporates the "origin of the sugarcane" (as Negros is the sugarland of the Philippines), contact retired mountaineer, EDWIN GATIA, at: travelwriter_researcher8971@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hello sir :)
im planning to climb kanlaon this june, is it safe to climb on that month, somebody says that its kinda dangerous due to the election coming...need some advice when is safe to climb kanlaon :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, wer planning to climb Kanlaon again this 2nd wk of March, most probably on 11-14. Anybody interested can join.
Cntact us at 09218079528.

Waray trekkers

World famous volcanoes said...

Volcano can see also lot Falls Mountain sources and course is here awesome Perspective to surroundings. This volcano is leaning many superstitions and by local Population here lives a lot ghosts. About volcano is to 40 kilometers treks towards which But You need buy input.

Anonymous said...

wat is the best trail going up to the summit of mt kanlaon?im planning to climb kc dis coming holiwik..anyone na pde kasabay dyan..kc 1stym ko plang aakyatin yun...just tx me nlng po..09081677731 mon..tnx!!!!

Anonymous said...

My group is looking for a guide for our Kanlaon climb on the 2nd week of April. Anybody who can recommend one please do feel free to text me at 0920-405-7463. Tnx

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous (march 8) sayang last ko na nabasa message mo. sana d ka pa naka-pag-trail (sama noh?) kasi ako wish ko rin na maka-punta ng kanlaon and wala rin kasabay. meron ka na bang na-contact?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous (feb 3), just read your msg. tuloy pa rin ba climb mo sa kanlaon sa june? email mko dito.. plan ko rin magclimb dun sa june eh. email mko dito dyudel13@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

kung may aakayat sa kanlaon this may or june, pasama naman. email nyo ako,



Sokisok said...

I'm planning to climb Kanlaon this July 23 via Guintubdan to Wasay. Please help me on this matter, I will be hiking alone (i'll be happy if somebody wants to join) and i will be coming from Boracay after my company's business conference w/c will end on the 21st (sayang nasa Visayas na rin eh), May22 - Travel time to Bacolod, May23 - Start trek to Kanlaon, May25 - (late afternoon) back to Manila....Any info abt. transportation to Bacolod? And feasible po ba yung sked ko? - MC of Sokisok / Ilocos

MC of Sokisok said...

Sir please change my dates to July and not May. Thanks so much! - MC of Sokisok

Anonymous said...

we are planing to climb mt. canlaon this 12 of june. could anybody give me exact details of what to prepare kse i heard may "fee" and "permit" pa daw sa DENR. we're still looking for a guide too... could anybody who's been there suggest any guide for us? hir's my contact number 09263296570. thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone!!!a pleasant greetings from the lsland of Negros.For interested parties,i will be climbing Kanlaon again this coming Nov.8,2010 along with some friends.You are free to contact me via email...elle_alovarez@yahoo.com

soar high!

Anonymous said...

mt kanlaon mischiefs: any of you who has climbed kanlaon has perhaps been awed by its biodiversity despite the presence of threats to its ecosystem. for this reason, it has been our (at least for us here in negros) endeavor to minimize as much as possible our impact on the mountain so as not to contribute to the threat and to help preserve its pristine state for the benefit and enjoyment of other mountaineers.
all of us know of its 9-person/climbing team/trail rule. for those who claim not to know, perhaps you should take or review your BMC where it is taught that you should know the rules and regulations at the mountain you will climb and to comply with it.
we are vigilant in complying to this rule, not just because it is a rule but because we have a corollary obligation to cause as little damage to the mountain... take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.. promoting responsible mountaineering.. low impact mountaineering.. those are not just slogans or mantra but guiding principles which every responsible mountaineer should observe.
unfortunately, last june 12 - independence day, a group of mischiefs numbering more than 30 persons trekked to mt. kanlaon in blatant violation of the rules and regulations of the natural park. they climbed via the Mananawin trail to evade the enforcement and regulatory officers of the park. worse is that they were on an organized climb in celebration of the independence day. with several mountains here in negros which could accommodate a bigger group of climbers, those mishiefs chose kanla-on which is being being revered by us here.
i dont understand why some mountaineers could be so callous and insensitive that they flaunt the law for their own personal benefit. how could they be so arrogant that they disregard the care and respect for the mountain by the local community for their convenience. how could they be so arrogant that they disrespect the practice of the local mountaineers for their own satisfaction.
more here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mfpi/

vvv said...

any climb this november...let us know...baka puedeng makisama...vvv 09155022355

Anonymous said...

yes its posible, we've tried the trek,,,but without the heavies...just the needs lang talaga...it has taken us 8 hours from gintubdan up to the crater even it was november and still on the rainy season...just check lng if your on the way up there to see kung malakas ang ulan sa itaas, just beware of the flashfloods

Anonymous said...

we have a climb next year january 11 - 14 2011,anyone can join..you can reach me at 09995680420..im mon from cebu.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Mon, pwede ho bang sumama sa inyo? I'm alone and dream kong makapagclimb sa kanlaon. Ano pong pangalan ng group nyo? Text kita later tnx...

Bong from Antipolo.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am planning to hike to mt kanlaon thru Murcia this Jan 2011 first week. My group I need expert guide. Anybody you can recomend? We would appreciate it very much. Salamat nga madamo!

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. Sino sa inyo nka climb ng Kanlaon via Guintubdan trail on the month of November? Wer planning to climb this mountain by end of Nov. Gusto sana nming malaman kung safe din bang umakyat rito considering the torrential heavy rains right now? Thanx a lot sa makapag share ng info.

Anonymous said...

binhi mountaineers......
we have a climb in mt.kanlaon dis coming january..anyone can join,just text me at 09995680420..or send an email at mon_rose01...


Anonymous said...

hi bong..my group name is binhi from laguna..just text me nlang for more info in the climb..

Anonymous said...

Female Aussie hurt in Kanlaon trek airlifted to Cebu
By Carla Gomez
Inquirer Visayas

First Posted 18:28:00 12/02/2010

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines—A 25-year-old Australian woman, who injured her leg while climbing active Kanlaon volcano, was successfully carried down its rugged slopes and airlifted Thursday afternoon to Cebu City for treatment, according to Angelo Bibar, Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park eco-tourism officer.

Leah McCaroll, 25, a volunteer of the Negros Island Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development Foundation (Nisard), had joined a team, including other Australians, that began their climb of the volcano at Mambucal, Murcia on Saturday.

On Monday, as she was approaching the Pagatpat Ridge, about a half day’s walk from the Kanlaon’s crater, McCaroll slipped and sprained her left knee, which swelled up to her thigh. Bibar said the injury rendered her unable to walk.

Bibar said the Australians then called for a helicopter but the aircraft was unable to rescue McCaroll due to poor visibility.

Waiting for the helicopter delayed bringing McCaroll down on a stretcher by a day, Bibar said.

When the team that brought her down arrived at Guintubdan in La Carlota Thursday afternoon, she was shuttled by vehicle to a waiting helicopter for transport to Cebu City as the Australian’s insurance covers treatment at a hospital there, he said.

The rescue team was composed of Guintubdan guides and porters, he said.

Anonymous said...

tayabas mountaineers climb last dec.4to6 ok magada ang kanlaon together doo larry as a guide

Vic said...

Climbing Mt Kanlaon on Feb 25 - 27. Guintubdan-wasay trail. please email me eagle_eye0072003@yahoo.com for details. thanks.

Anonymous said...

magkanu poh budget from manila to mt. kanlaon at kung san po pwede sidetrip and budget din?

Anonymous said...


from bohol which is the shortest way to get mt. kanla-on?

lakastama said...

good day everyone,

anyone/any group climbing mt kanlaon on d 1st week of April.. pa-join po. lone climber here.


zedix_killer said...

meron kami plan sa May mga 3rd week poh mt.kanlaon kaso short trail lng kami gintubdan

Anonymous said...

Hello, my wife and I are looking for a guide to take us up Mt Kanlaon on the Wasay Guintubdan track in the second week of May 2011. We are happy to join a group, too. If you are a guide and can take us or know of an email address we can contact a guide through, please email me on brentonhall@y7mail.com


roselojr said...

has anyone heard about the freedom climb this coming June 12, 2011? i will try to clarify this news with the tourism department here in Negros... they said that this is an attempt to break the record of Brazil for having the highest number of participants in climbing simultaneous major mountains.

King said...

The Social Climbers from Davao climbed Mt. Canlaon last April 11 - 12 via Guintubdan. Kudos must be given to the DENR and Mr. Angelo Bibar for helping preserve the pristine condition of Mt. Canlaon. Mr. Billy Torres from Bacolod City helped facilitate our climb since we had no contacts in the area. Thanks to him, we had a trouble free expedition.
Although the fees for the porters were a little bit expensive, they were well worth it. They were the most disciplined bunch of porters we ever had, led by our guide Rey Estilloso.
Before and after the climb, we stayed at Rafael Salas Nature Park. The room accomodations are clean and the food was plentiful, thanks to its manager Simon who took good care of us.
The assault (it was very windy) and the peak of Mt. Canlaon, however, is the clincher. It was a truly rewarding experience.
King Aviola

citizen_elaine said...

climbing via guintubdan from may 20-22, descend via wasay. you can jam with us. please get in touch with sir angie bibar. dadalawa lang kami from cebu, one from PALMC would be joining too. we are on slow pace kc minsan mo lang mapuntahan tapos magmamadali ka pa...let's chillax up there! this is eleanor of cebu...jam ta bai mangatkatai!

Mike Alano said...

Good day... Cuernos de Negros mountaineers formed by a group with 10 climbers will be summiting Kanlaon Nov. 27-30, 2011. via guintubdan...egress at canlaon city. just notifying for safety purposes... have a good weekend.

Mike Alano said...

Good day... Cuernos de Negros mountaineers formed by a group with 10 climbers will be summiting Kanlaon Nov. 27-30, 2011. via guintubdan...egress at canlaon city. just notifying for safety purposes... have a good weekend.

Noelizm said...

Anyone climbing Mt. Kanlaon on Oct. 12-14 this year? Baka pwede akong sumabit, I already booked my plane tickets, hehe. Send me an email to noelizm@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello we will be climbing Mt. Kanlaon this coming Dec 27-28, 2012. You can join us! Text or call lang kayo 09291289912.

Anonymous said...

gud day to all!!meron bang mag climb nang mt. kanlaon using the Mambucal (Wasay) - Guintubdan (Ara-al)trail this last week of May we want to join. Pls contact 09265411407.Big thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the elevation gain on this route? Do you start at sea level? And how many miles from trailhead to summit?


Anonymous said...

if your jumpoff is from guintubdan, elevation is roughly around 1700masl, you'll have a trail around 8kms up to summit. the length of trail from wasay to summit is around 15kms. sorry i dont have a data of elevation from it's jumpoff.


Anonymous said...

Any tips and additional info on climbing this mountain? Info on limatiks? Water sources? Ilang liters ba kailangan dalhin? etc. Salamat po.

Anonymous said...

mag kano po budget for mt. kanloan?

Anonymous said...

hello po share ko lang xperience ko mag 1 ko inakyat ang mt. d ako nagbayad ng denr kasi la ako pera. 19 hours ko nadale akyat baba d ko na uulitin un ang hirap pag ala flashlight andami limatik-philip

James said...

2 slots available para sa Mt. Kanlaon via Guintubdan-Wasay Trails (April 16 - 18). Kung interested po kayo, just contact me @ 09197223166. Thanks and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hello, puwede bang maka hingi ng favor, if you can please relay to Mr. Angelo Bibar to contact me via my email - jonaerma1@yahoo.ca

Thank you kindly,

Jonathan M.

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