Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mt. Tapulao (2,037+)

Palauig, Zambales
Major jump-off: Sitio Dampay, Brgy. Dampay-Salaza, Palauig
LLA: 15.4833 N, 120.1166 E, 2037 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 6-12 hours
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Pine forests, views of West Philippine Sea
Last updated: January 16, 2015

The Practicalities matrix was added and updated information on guides, transportation were provided in January 2015. The difficulty level has also been changed to 5/9.

Hiking amidst pine trees in a semi-temperate climate is an experience usually attributed to the Cordilleras, Mt. Pulag in particular. However, Mt. Tapulao in Zambales possesses the same charms. In fact, its name, tapulao, means pine tree in the local dialect, and it is truly an apt description. However, it has a character of its own. Many hikers never forget the rocky road that constitutes 85% of the trail! On the other hand, what is seemingly an endless sojourn along the path becomes a beautiful trek across pine forests, and into a mossy forest, at the end of the trek.

Mt. Tapulao was traditionally done as a two- or three-day trek. Since 2009, however, the bus schedules have made it very feasible to do it as an overnight trek, or even an extended dayhike.

Mt. Tapulao can get very cold, especially at night: this is one of the charms of the mountain. However, it can also be very hot during the day. After all, the trek starts from a very low altitude: 100+ MASL, giving it one of the highest altitude gains in the whole country, at par with the Akiki trail of Mt. Pulag!

Because it can be quite hot, starting very early is recommended, and is feasible according to the bus schedules to Iba, Zambales.

If you start early, you can starting trekking through the open fields even before dawn, such that when the sun is already high, you would’ve already passed the two water sources and reached the ‘cool part’ – with temperatures ranging from 19 C to a nighttime, yearend temperature of 6 C. After the open fields a rain forest, with trees hundreds of feet high, ensue, before the pine forest. From the start of the pines, it will take three more hours to finally reach the bunkhouse. Here, there is a steep path that leads to the ‘secret campsite’ which guards the entrance to the forest line. If your group has 4 tents or less, it is best to camp here. There are also campsites you will encounter before you reach the ‘Bunkhouse’ (which has a water source), which is the main base of hikers who amp. Alternatively, you can continue to the main road to reach the ‘Generator campsite’ although as of May 2012, this seems to be a defunct campground, with most people camping within the Bunkhouse area.

Right in front of the Bunkhouse, a steep ascent via the pine forests takes you to a mini-campsite and right beside it, a forest line which leads to the summit, at 1875 MASL. Usually assaulted with light packs or just water and cameras, it takes 30-45 minutes to negotiate this final leg before reaching the summit.

Here, the flora and fauna are marvelous! You will see numerous insect species, birds, as well as varicolored flowers and exotic plants. Foreign scientists, the miners used to say, go all the way to Tapulao to survey the rich biodiversity.

The peak does not afford splendid views, contrary to what one might expect from a mountain with that stature and with its position relative to the West Philippine Sea. This lack of views is because it is not a bald peak; trees continue to thrive in it - which is a good thing. A beautiful 'world tree' serves as summit marker. At any rate, a limited view of the West Philippine Sea can still be seen.

This summit can also be accessed from Mayantoc, Tarlac, in what is perhaps the most challenging hike in Central Luzon: The Mt. Tapulao Traverse. This Tarlac trail to Mt. Tapulao has a separate itinerary and discussion in PinoyMountaineer (see link).

Mt. Tapulao, being closer to Manila, is being touted as an alternative to Mt. Pulag. Old timers used to dub this mountain as the ‘poor man’s Pulag’. The Tapulao experience, however, makes it much more than an alternative, but a destination in its own right, unique from the Cordilleras and special in its place as the High Peak of Zambales mountains.



Day 0
2300 ETD Iba-bound Victory Liner bus from Caloocan terminal.

Day 1
0400 ETA Dampay-Salaza, Palauig, Zambales. Arrange for tricycles to jump-off.
0500 ETA jump-off point; register at welcome center, start trek.
0900 ETA first water source
1200 ETA second water source, lunch
1730 ETA ‘Bunker’, set up camp at campsite of choice
1800 Dinner, socials
1900 Lights out
(you may extend climbing time indefinitely; night trek is possible)

Day 2
0510 Start trek to summit
0600 ETA summit
0630 Back to campsite
0730 Breakfast, break camp
0830 Start descent
1200 ETA second water source, lunch
1400 ETA first water source
1700 Back at jump-off point; take tricycle back to highway
1800 Take bus to Manila
2300 ETA Manila

Note: The dayhike option requires a moderate to fast pace. Either the 2130H or the 2300H bus is recommended, but the former a better option if you are not sure about your pace.

2130/2300 Take Iba-bound bus from Victory Caloocan 
0245/0330 ETA Iba bus terminal . Take tricycle to trailhead
0345/0430 ETA Visitors' Center at Sitio Dampay
0430/0500 Breakfast / Start trekking
0700 Arrival at first water source
0800 Arrival at second water source
1100 ETA Bunker
1200 ETA summit of Mt. Tapulao (2037m)
1300 Start descent
1730 Back at trailhead. Tidy up
1800 Head back to Iba, Zambales 
1900 Dinner
2000 Back to Manila
2500 ETA Manila

Public (1) Bus, Victory Caloocan to Dampay Salaza [379 pesos, 4-4.5 hours]
(2) Tricycle, Dampay Salaza to jumpoff [200/trip, 30-45 minutes]
*For those doing it as a dayhike and arriving early in the morning, you may choose get off the bus terminal of Iba itself and take a trike there for P400 pesos.
*For those doing it as a dayhike, consider taking the 2130H or 2300H trips.
*Check Victory Liner website for schedules. Departures from Pasay may also be available

Approximately 5 hours travel time because of various stops and delays. 

Private. Head out to Iba, Zambales via NLEX and SCTEX. Proceed further and make a right turn at the junction in Dampay-Salaza. Follow through until you reach the trailhead.  Approximately 3.5-4 hours travel time.
(1) Logbook at the barangay station. P30 registration fee.
Required since 2013, P500/day or P700 for two days. Confirm rates at the barangay hall. 
Tourism Officer (Eliza Badak) - 09097247413
Brgy. Kagawad (Alfonso Dalit) - 09075694584
Campsites and waypoints
(1) Generator campsite by the community at the end of the rough road
(2) Mini-campsite before the forest line - ideal and more quiet
(3) Summit  
Water sources
(+) two stops along the trail
(+) at the Bunker area 
Cellphone signal
Cellphone signal is present in most parts of the trail, but weak in the Bunker and very minimal at the summit. 
River crossings
None in the hike proper, but Tinipak River itself can be crossed as part of side trips (i.e. swimming in lagoons, visiting caves etc.)
Roped segments
Hiking and camping notes 
Prepare for a very long trek if doing it as a dayhike (>24 kms roundtrip).  Evenings at Tapulao can get very cold -- approaching the temperature at some of Cordillera's high peaks.
It is possible to combine the trip with a visit to the Zambales Coastal Mountains and Coves area (i.e. Nagsasa, Cinco Picos, Balingkilat, Anawangin) since it is along the way. 
Alternate trails
A traverse to/from Mayantoc, Tarlac is possible as a three-day hike. See Tarlac trail to Mt. Tapulao
Yes (5-7 hours to summit; 3-5 hours down)
Facilities at jumpoff
(+) Sari-sari stores
(+) power outlets
(+) possible to leave things behind
(+) Wash-up / shower places 
1000-1200 (dayhike)
1200-1500 (overnight)


The summit of Mt. Tapulao as viewed from the initial part of the 'Rocky Road'

Much of the trail is constituted by the 'Rocky Road' once used by 4x4 mining trucks to transport ore from the mountain. This trail is particularly notorious for putting one's toes, feet, and knees to the test.

Masinloc town is visible from Mt. Tapulao, as well as San Salvador Island. Beyond lies the West Philippine Sea, and the disputed waters around Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal.

After several hours of trekking, the pine forests are finally reached, and here, the weather becomes cooler.

The Bunkhouses at the background of the picture, can serve as shelter, and has a nearby water source.

The final leg of the hike features a mossy forest - a refreshing change from the endless 'Rocky Road'.

The summit is marked by this 'world tree'. (Note: As of 2014 climbing this tree is no longer recommended)

Americans used to call Mt. Tapulao ‘High Peak;’ only during the 1960s did the native name Tapulao come to general use.

Mt. Tapulao is at almost the same latitude as the disputed Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal). When the blogger last climbed Tapulao in May 2012, some ships were seen on standby in the West Philippine Sea.

The blogger's account of a Mt. Tapulao dayhike is narrated at Hiking matters #268.


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frances said...

Climbed Tapulao in December 2006, very memorable five day exploratory hike. The scents and sights are beautiful. Very cold up in the Bunker camp site area. Good thing i brought a winter jacket! There are wild strawberries and pitcher plants along the wide trail. Wild orchids are being picked by visiting tourists/trekkers, though. Not good.

We did the usual hike going up but decided to do a river trek going back down to Dampay resettlement (jump off). With the help of local guides, we spent 2 days following the river back to the sitio. Very cold sleeping on the riverbank as well. We were able to photograph seven unnamed waterfalls and we saw a couple more in the distance which we did not go to anymore (due to exhaustion and dwindling food supplies). We actually saw 3 deer and plenty of musang spoor. Did not see wild boar but locals say they abound. Unfortunately, at present (March 2008), there are now three minor mining companies in the area.

gideon said...

hello frances, thanks for the update! the locals told us of this river trek but wow--- SEVERAL waterfalls! what an adventure, not to mention the deer sightings!

let us hope that tapulao will be spared from denudation/deforestation. unfortunately, i don't think it is a protected area. but it should be!

Anonymous said...

Sir Gideon and fellow mountaineers, san po ba yung Other Jump off to Tapulao, sa Sta Cruz ba yun?

Thanks and Regards,

gideon said...

hi moymoy, the only other jumpoff i know is the jumpoff for the traverse climb which starts off at brgy. labney, at the town of mayantoc in tarlac. i've just emailed the tarlac mountaineering club for more information on this.

hope this helps, we'll update the mt. tapulao entry as soon as we have more info.



Anonymous said...

Sir Gideon

Thanks for the info, im also looking forward for the details of Tapulao traverse in Tarlac, more power to pinoymountaineer, truly helps fellow mountaineers.


TONG said...

Sir Gideon, we trekked Mt. Tapulao last May 18 2008. Yes, at the eye of typhoon cosme. It was a very long trail indeed. from Iba victory bus station, we extended our tickets up to sta.cruz and reached the jump off where the "Welcome to Mt. Tapulao" billboard was nearly struck down by strong winds. we extended tickets for 29php from vicotry station to tapulao signboard. and paid trikes for 40php per head from signboard to haribon jump off/ aeta resettlement area. we encoutered landslides, flooding, roaring winds and pouring rains. the trail is de-natured already should I say. because of the bulldozers and backhoes from the mining area. was a hell of an experience.

god bless, more power,


gideon said...

@tong: wow. tapulao during a typhoon must be really quite an adventure! thanks for sharing this. hopefully we'll have the tapulao traverse IT soon -- as an alternative to this trail.

marco said...

hi sir gideon, i am a member of tarlac mountaineering club who recently established a trail to mt. tapulao via tarlac trail. we have a preview about our expedition. to all the climbers outder just check the video on youtube, just search tarlac mountaineering club. if you want to experience the tarlac side of mt. tapulao just email DAX SIMBOL at for other info about the climb. thanks sir gideon and more power to all mountaineers.

gideon said...

hi marco, yes, in fact i am in correspondence with dax and we are working to feature the tarlac trail in the website. congratulations to the tarlac mountaineering club for this pioneering work and more power!

marco said...

ok sir gideon. hope to meet you in person and learn more things about you and your mountaineering experience. god bless pinoy mountaineers.

Ismael said...

Hi, we're planning to climb Mt. Tapulao this September. Do we need to hire a guide on this climb?


gideon said...

ismael, there is no need for a guide because the trail is pretty straightforward. God bless your climb!

Anonymous said...

sir gideon. ask ko lng po kng magkano po ang budget papunta at pauwi? from pasay to tapulao? and tapulao to pasay?.. salamat po

-AMATS group

Anonymous said...

mga sir... ask ko lng kung magkano n ngaun ung tryk from victory liner station papunta jumpoff tenks...

jm said...

sir gideon...we passed by that river sayang sbe ny o po my deer..waaaaahh mabalikan nga


hi sir gid, finaly naka tapulao din kmi.. medyo malungkot na masaya hehehe.. kasi naligaw kami sa byahe ng bus.. umabot kami sa sta.cruz station ng victory.. kaya byahe ulit pabalik mga 12:30 na kami dumating sa jump off.. kaya solid init inabot sa trail tapos super cold nman nun night trek.. tatlo kami with one newbie.. an saya ng fun climb kahit nakakasawa yun trail na super mabato and wala kami makita kasi madilim dalawa lang head lamp namin.. ang malungkot is nun a summit na kami... super maulap.. pagdating sa summit madyo ng doubt ako sa alti reader ko kulang sya ng mga 200-300 feet.. kaya lang wala kami visual so inisip ko na medyo mal function lang sya.. so bumaba na ulit kami sa bunker.. (we saw some limatik din, di ku lang na picture tacgot kasi si joff eh) pag baba sa bunker chika sa guard at dun ku lang nalaman na di pa nga yun ang summit isang angat pa pala.. so di nga sira alti-reader ko maulap lang talaga.. but its ok.. nandun lang nman sya.. i think mas maganda traverse nya kesa dun sa nakaka awang road na yun... kung hindi siguro nag mining dun may isa pa tayo sa mapagmamalaki na bndok.. at binabalak na raw sya ma real estate ngayon... huhuhu anyway it was a great climb... nice pics din makikita sa friendster namin thanks sir and happy new year god bless.

karl of Piknikers Mountaineers said...

hi sir gid i forgot to gave my pasalubong to you nga pala.. eto sya.. just in case gusto na po bumaba ng mga climber sa kanto ng Damapay-Salaza, may nakuha po ako contact ng trycycle na pwede sumundo sa kanila sa oras na gusto nila kahit madaling araw... para maka climb pa sila ng madilim to avoid the hard hitting sun... eto po si Mr.Bert Entrialgo 0921-254-74-84 he knows a lot about mt.tapulao... he works in the mining for 3 years until it is shut down... now hes business is the trycycle... hope this will help to our friends will go there. tnx

Anonymous said...

sir karl, pwede mo ba kaming i-update sa expenses/budget especially sa will be highly appreciated. pls send to

chard - ATMG

karl of Piknikers Mountaineers said...

hi chard of ATMG,
from cubao sakay kayo papunta iba, pero may byahe yata ng direcho sta.cruz mga 300 or 350 yun tapos pag nakontak nyo si mang bert, sundu nya kayo sa kanto ng bababaan nyo which is Damapay-Salasay mga 150-200 yun tapos may reg sa brgy na 20..try nyo 4am nandun na kayo para happy climb.. pag nakita nyo 1st water source na nasira paki ayus sir.. kc minsan pag wala yun tulo sa drum nag stagnant yun tubig binabahayan ng lamok.. pede din daw iwan bakpak sa bunker kung sa summit kayo.. ingat lang sa dahong palay na ahas at phil.cobra kasi yun mga tao dun pinapatay nila.. sinubukan ko paliwanag na dapat wag kaya lang may sarili paniniwala eh.. god bless to your group and rock on. - KARL of PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS

karl of Piknikers Mountaineers said...

CORRECTION: yun mga ahas pala pinapatay nila not yun ahas pinapatay yun tao hehehe sowi po..:-)

Anonymous said...

ay naku..kaya naka ilang ulit ako ng basa don..ngayon lang ako nag react..hehehe..peace pik


xave said...

Sir Gideon, my co-mountaineers & I climb Mt.Tapulao last Feb 7-8, 09 Mt.Tapulao is a very beautiful mountain, strenuous climb it was.
So whoever plans in climbing this mountain must prepare for the feet torturing walk, but not to worry because as you go further the scenes are rewarding, the only bad side that I've notice is the mountain is being murdered by it's own locals, garbage will be seen along the way, trees are cut, mining remains of chromites and other minerals, the mountain is being wasted, good thing that the mining is already close, but the result of the mining and cutting of trees are not that easy to reverse, landslide is certain, if you catch rain land slide could follow easily. My QUESTION? Why does DENR approved the MINING?, not looking at the mountains welfare, you will see a billboard along the way which says.
Hahaha is that really so? DESTROYING our mountains?, to my fellow mountaineers this is the bad side of it, is it POLITICS? well the only part that we can do is take down the garbage that the other people left behind, I hope that the mining will cease to continue, because one Miners said that they only have no funds yet, that is why they had to stop, but if the funds are released the mining starts again. Hay Sir Gideon not all stories has a happy ending.Thank you again for the IT it was a very big help :)

Anonymous said...

@ Xave..

Sir continuous p rin ang mining dun. sat-sun lng ung akyat nyo kaya walang tao.

xave said...

RE:Anonymous Feb 14, 09

it's really very sad to know, because the miner said that it was already close, due to lack of funds, any way karma has it's own way on getting back to them, thanks for the info :)

Jay Z said...

Guys nag try kami mag day hike yesterday sa mt. tapulao its really challenging we started 3am sa drop off point sa brgy dampay salaza we reached summit around 12:15 pm and nakababa na kami sa guard house near the brgy around 7 pm na grabe ito kung day hike its really a test of endurance and patience as well ang haba ng trail "long and winding road talaga" 2 lang kami ang ganda ng views it reminds me of mt. pulag also according to the guard "kuya Edwin" in the 2nd bunkhouse closed na talaga ang mining operations.. they are kind and accomodating they even offered us food and allowed us to use the comfort room we also left our daypacks sa bunker 2 for the summit assault sa lahat nga pala ng mga naghahanap ng guides u can contact ATE BETH 09107757212 sila ang caretaker sa brgy But really kahit wala ka ng guides there ok lang since straight lang naman ang trail medyo mahina nga lang ang tubig now sa 1st water source i suggest for day hikes mga 3-5 liters of water cguro 2 make sure maybe its summer kaya ganun. sir gid according to them may 2nd summit ang tapulao d na lang namin napuntahan inabot namin ung summit sa may open pit after the forest line meron pa daw isa however we already lack time kaya di na namin na explore i hope other hikers can share info about this. thanks to all power to yah!

Anonymous said...

gud orning poh sir gid...

ahm taga zambales poh ako..

pero d2 kmi stay manila..

ahm sir gid plano poh nmn umakyat ng tapulao this thursday...

ahm ask koh lng poh sir gid kung kakayanin ng bata ung pagakyat...

isasama koh sna ung anak nmn higit 4 yrs old nah poh xa mag 5 nah sa june...

ahm kakayanin poh b nya ung pagakyat sir gid?!

tnkz poh...


gideon said...

some of my friends have climbed mt. apo when they were 7 and 8 years old; a 10-yr. old joined the mt. pulag charity climb we had two months ago. kids can climb, and in general i think that's healthy, but i cannot give specific advice for particular kids/cases/ages.

Anonymous said...

hi, sir gid. pwede bang mag camp sa summit ng mt. tapulao? maluwag ba dun at may barrier against strong winds? Thanks. Apir!


dongski said...

Sir Gid,

we are planning to hike tapulao and anawangin this may, gus2 ko lng malaman kung may mabibilahn sa baba ng supplies and if madaling araw ba kami aakyat kaya kaya namin ung peak within the same day? and if ever my alam kayong fastest or efective way papuntang anawangin from mt tapulao.. thanks

Anonymous said...

for Mantra: yes u can pitch tent at the summit but u must be completed with supply esp. water

for dongski: u buy ahead in olongapo city or in sta cruz zambales if galing kau north better. pero sa palauig pwede din. kaya mg peak lalot mas maaga kau trek. Google a map for distance between anawangin and tapulao.

Nhan said...

is the trail bikable upto the summit or upto the bunker only? we're planning to bike there and doing some preparations for it, your inputs are most welcome especially on what to expect. TIA

Anonymous said...

Sir/maam, sino po sainyo ang nakapag travel na from manila to jump off ng mt. tapulao with your own car, mga magkano inabot ng gas nyo one way or back and fort? TIA.

destiny said...

wer planning to climb on tapulao by next week,saan ba ang mgandang babaan ng bus?ist iba zambales o sta.cruz zambales...medyo nalilito ako eh.thnx

Anonymous said...


ask lng po nmen kung safe umakyat sa Mt. tapulao pag mga ganotong months?


edge said...


Tapulao has been a climbing spot already,so theres no specific climbing month i guess..You just have to consider our seasons here at least..May-Oct is a wet season,while Nov-April is dry season, so be prepare too.

But all in all experience here was satisfactory.

hapi trek!

Anonymous said...

gud pm po..

we're planning to climb mt. tapulao by the end of month. ask ko lang po kung pede ba bumaba sa palauig at kung may trike na po dun na masasakyan papunta sa dampay salaza?

tnx po

Anonymous said...

good day!

sir tanong lang po, kapag sumakay ba kami ng victory liner galing pasay papunta sa Iba Zambales
Daan na po ba yung bus ng Dampay Salaza? I mean pwede dun na kami bumaba ng bus, dun sa may Kanto sa highway bago mag tricycle? Ilan oras po biyahe dun? Thanks

Sana May magbigay ng info.

Anonymous said...

sir gid doom type pede ba sa summit sa tapulao?tsaka ung trail wala talaga ligaw?sundan mo lng sya?

Jed said...

Hi sirs/ma'am, di kasi ako makakasama sa grupo ko umakyat sa 11, so plano ko umakyat sa tapulao sa 19 sunday yun alis manila ng mga 10 pm ng saturday. Dayhike, baka me gusto sumama, la pa kasi ako kasama eh. thanks! email nyo na lang ako sa

VJ said...

Sir, mga 12-14 hours ang trek pa-akyat ng Mt.Tapulao, unless makiki-sakay ka or may dala kang sasakyan, di kaya un ng dayhike.

Anonymous said...

sir, mga 12 -14 hours ang trek pa-akyat ng Mt. Tapulao, unless makikisakay ka o may dala kang sariling truck, di kaya un ng dayhike.

Jed said...

sir vj, sabi sa post ni jay z sa taas kaya eh, try lang po baka kaya rin. need ko lang ng kasama hehehe di kasi ako umaakyat mag-isa.

Anonymous said...

kaya mo yan sir hehehe sir bka gu2 mo sumabay sa amin sir akyat kmi dyan ng 30-31 29 alis ng kmi sa pasay around 10 kso overnyt kmi eh email mo na lang ako kung gus2 nyo..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jed and jhay, pwede rin bang pasabay? Mag-isa lang ako. Sa July 30-31 na ba ito?

Jed said...

sa july 19 nga po sana ako aakyat, me 1 na po ako kasama pwede po kau sumabay if u want, bale sa 18 ng gabi ang alis. Shoot mo lang ako ng email nasa taas po yung email address. Thanks!

Jed said...

@ Jhay: sir sorry alanganin ako sa katapusan, may tree planting kasi sa Ipo sa August 1. Thanks sa offer though.

Jay Z said...

ei guys jayz here possible ang tapulao day hike we did it before. its true na mahaba ang tapulao sometimes up to 12 hours ang trek time however yun ay pag naka full pack kayo pag day pack lang mabilis ang trek time since wala kayong masyado dala and mas mabilis din ang baba kaya lang test of patience and endurance talaga cya mas maganda kung may kasama sa tapulao dayhike strenous kc talaga at nakakapagod malaking tulong ang may kasama sa trail peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Mt. Tapulao is over rated-Sagada like environment no way.. you climb it just for experience

Anonymous said...


sa lht ng nkaakyat na sa mt. tapulao...especially sir gideon and karl of piknikers mountaineers...

ako po pla si ann, tourism student from PUP Sta. Mesa. we are lanning to climb mt. tapulao this coming Aug for our ecotourism subject. idodocument po namin ung place y it is ideal for ecotourism site. kelangan po nmn ng maraming infos bago pmnta don. we're all unexperienced at wala pa kming ksma kya mejo natatakot kami... may mga questions po ako. pls be kind to answer. please! thanks...

1. kung manggagaling po kmi ng cubao, ano-ano po yung mga expenses n kelangan nmn bayaran? magkakano po.. gagawa dn po kc kmi ng costing e.
2. pag ng camping po ba, bring your own tent or my available tents na sa campsite na pedeng gmtn or irent? mgkano po kung rented?
3. pde po ba mg-luto sa campsite?
4. safe po b tlga for us n umakyat ng walang kasamang guide or matanda? wala po bang mga Npa dun or something? e animals na umaatake sa tao? hehe..
5. may mga miners po b dun pag weekdays? baka po kc d kmi mkpgshoot ng maayos eh.
6. kung mag-oovernyt po kmi, my mga sleeping bags po b sa campsite or bring your own din?

sorry po kung madami akong tanong. kung meron pa po kayong mga infos n mabibigay maliban sa mga tanong, mas oh po. we really need peple like you... sana po matulungan nyo ako. pls be kind to send your answers and infos to my email. many thanks po tlga.. i will wait for all your replies... thank you po ulit. : )

ANN of PUP... : )

maddog said...

mam ann 1st po ang sakyan niyong bus is victory biyaheng sta cruz then ask mo po conductor ibaba kayo sa dampay salaza around 340-360 ata ang fare from then may mga tricycle na don 30-40 ang fare then reg. kayo don 20 pesos alam na ng mga tricycle driver yong brgy. hall don. bring all u need po don tent,sleping bag,cookset,burner[lutoan], food,water atleast 3 liters po ang water per head. pede din po magluto sa camp site last na alam ko is sarado na ang mining don so di ko lang sure kung open na ang mining site don kasi may nagbabantay na mga guard bago umaakyat ng summit,safe po umakyat dahil wlang ligaw don ang trail, sa mga kapatid natng npa im sure wla kung meron naman is di naman siguro kayo gagalawin and last im sure overnight kayo don kasi it will take 12-14 hrs na lakaran papunta pa lang pababa mga 6-9 hrs yon, if my time ka mam ann add mo po ako sa ym if may question ka pang iba regarding sa tapulao heres my e-mail add ty

Anonymous said...

sir rey chua aka maddog...

hehe.. thanks po..

haha! gudlak samen kung makahanap kami ng tent!

thanks po uli sir..

pede po ba makahingi ng number nyo?


dads said...

miss ann,
nakaakyat npo b kyo ng mt tapulao? may sked kc kmi dun s aug 15 - 16 bk gusto nyo sumabay, pmsg nlng po s number ko 09152883639, firstime din po nmen dun.

Anonymous said...

Mam Anne' kung first time nio tlg as in sama nln kayo kay sir dads. Meron po ba kyong gnwang preparation para sa akyat nio?' continous ascent kasi ang Tapulao. Pero sabagay malamig naman panahon naun' nun kasi umakyat kmi nung april sobrang init mam sobrang nkakadehydrate. Yngat po. Taga PUP ren ako.

Anonymous said...

to dads...

sa aug20 po ng mdnyt als nmn hir sa mnla. so bali aug 21-22 ang trek nmn. pwde ba na sa date nlng nmn? d kc pde bghn ung date ng akyat nmn kc prof nmn ngspecify ng date na yun. ayun kung ok lng na sabay tayo... tnx.

to anonymous...

d po kc pde ibhn ung date nmn dhl prof nmn ung ngbgay ng date ng alis e. anyway, tnx...

--- ann, PUP

maddog said...

goodluck po sa climb niyo mam ann have a safe climb.regarding sa guide fee la po ako idea kasi di naman kami gumamit ng guide don. trust me mam ann sobrang establish ng trail don di kayo maliligaw don, start lang kayo ng trek ng mga 6 am kung pede para maabot niyo ang camp site, makikita niyo ang trail ng papuntang campsite or summit once na nakita niyo ang guard house kaliwa lang kayo and follow the trail paakyat. goodluck mam ann dala kayo jacket kasi as in malamig don ty ingat

Anonymous said...

Tapualo? dami namin kasabay last time na super nahirapan, mga newbie man o hindi..personally kung unang sabak, don't try Tapulao, mahihirapan kayo, but since it says 3 days kaya siguro khit slow ang phasing ng akyat atleast di pwersado, kami kasi 2 days lng.

be sure to do some stretching,before your hike and prepare for the rain.

ung 1st water soure mahirap makita but it's on your left going up..papasok ka pa kasi bago mo makita.

be sure to bring enough trail water,isa png pahirap pg kulang sa tubig, trust me, expose to sun kasi ang trail.. sa campsite d na problema tubig.

start early the last trip in Caloocan Zambales is 11:55 if you can take an earlier trip and reserve ur tickets Victory for skeds.

Goodluck, kung determinado nmn kyo kakayanin yan!

ps. sa dampalay-salaza kyo bumaba at dun kyo sakay trike P50, pg sa Iba, Zambales malayo pa, kya mahal ang trike P150 per head.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to read the comments on how hikers are helping each other with directions and tips. However, the ones that caught my attention are the trash, picking flowers and snake killings. I think that we should be more conscious about these things. We should try and preserve the beauty of what God had given us by not picking the wild flowers and avoiding to litter. We should not kill any living things, i.e. the snakes, because remember that that place is their territory. Plese just look out for those little creatures and avoid them. We need to educate ourselves with all the living things that exist there. Please think about our future generation, so that they can also enjoy all these beautiful things. Thanks. from Nature Lover

Kai said...

Hi! I'm fairly a newb but I'll be going with a group to climb Mt. Tapulao next month. I just want to know how steep the climb will be. In degrees pls ;)
Thanks a bunch...

Anonymous said...

@ kai - it's not a very steep trail, but the inclination is continuous from the beginning, once you hit the main road / degrees, it'll be around 35 - 60 at some points, though relatively easy, what'll make this trek challenging would be the length as well as the trail (full of loose rocks)...a very long and winding road to the top but all worth it...good luck!


Anonymous said...

Safety Note... @ 3:30am its dangerous to cross the road after the Botolan Bridge when there's a hard rain fall at Zambales area. I've been there and you could only cross it when the weather is fine...keep safe

Anonymous said...

sir / maam

tanong lang po, saan po exact na babaan pag galing po kmi dito sa cubao anong barangay po ang bababaan nmin sa Iba Zambales? at pag sakay po b nmin sa tryc sabihin lng ba nmin na papunta kmi ng jump-off ng mt. tapulao? may ligaw po ba sa trail ng tapulao?? patulong nman po mga fellow mountaineers.


Anonymous said...


dun kau mismo baba s terminal ng IBA, ZAMBALES..tas hire kau ng trike sbhin nyo s dampay salaza lam n rin un ng driver..iba3 kau dun mismo s jump off registration..wlang ligaw s trail pra sure ask nyo mga tao dun kng saan ung trailhead paakyat ng tapulao..


Anonymous said...

isang mapagpalayang araw sir & ma'am! tanong ko lang po, galing kami tapulao last april 2009 (old trail- palauig.zambalez jumpoff)at medyo naguluhan po kami pagdating sa peak.. we reached summit by sunset and medyo malas dahil makapal n ang ulap by that time so hindi namin nkita si haring araw.. but it was great though, but what's confusing is ung highest point nya.. ang pinaka-peak po b nya ay ung point na may prang maliit n pit or whole n katabi???kasi pagdating namin dun may ntanaw pa kami n mas mataas n point. we tried to look if there is a trail and there is though parang burado n dahil cguro mtagal ng di nagagamit.. gusto p sna namin mg-push kasi nga unsatisfied kami sa view but because it was getting dark narin we decided to go down na... just want to clarify kung saan po tlg highest point nya... tnx sir & ma'am...

rob, -juxtapoz-

Anonymous said...

gud day po sir!!slyking po ng sierra tapulao adventure group ng masinloc zambales. ung my pit or hole po n sinasabi nyo eh di pa po un ang peak nya!!f nakita nyo po ung sinasabi namin lord of the rings n puno/bonsai papasok po kyo duon and trek papunta ng kanan 10 min. lang dun n kyo s peak,batohan po un and super bonsai ang guideship climb po kmi dis dec. 18-20 bka po open kyo.pakicheck po website nmin stag zambales for more info regarding tourist spots d2 s zambales.thanks po sir/mam.
slyking po ng STAG.

Anonymous said...

isang mapagpalayang araw po sir! salamat po sa impormasyon.,.. sayang at di namin nrating pinakapeak nya. pero may next time p nman.. bka bumalik kami tapulao using the new trail this year.. sa ngaun pulag muna target namin.. salamat sir!

rob, ~juxtapoz~

Grace said...

gud pm sa lahat!
may plano po kmi umakyat sa dec 28-30 ng mga frens ko, wlang clang grupo pero mhilig tlaga umakyat. salamat na lang sa mga comments d2 kasi nkakuha me infos. 5 years ago p kc ako nkaakyat tapulao at trainee plang ako noon s isang mountaineering club. sama lng ng sama, naalala ko p nga sa tapulao p ako nilamig kesa sa pulag. ngayon isa nko smga utak ng pagplano ng akyat kya MARAminG saLAMAt tlga smga infos d2.
excited nrin ako kc mkikita ko n ulit ang maraming pine trees dun! hahaha mgadadala n tlaga ako ng panlamig! hehehe
Godblessyou all! happy to SERVE! ^_^

Anonymous said...

ok po sir wala pong anuman!!!salamat din po at napunta na kyo d2 sa bundok namin(tapulao).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi sir gid.
good day sir/mam

update lng po ng pamasahe
last climb dec. 19-20 2009
victory liner kalookan-dampaysalaza php369 regular php295 student
tric (200/tric/4pax)
brgy. php30 registration.
un lng po.

Anonymous said...

we plan to hike/climb tapulao this Jan 22-24. email me if anyone is interested to join.

Anonymous said...

to eagle eye,join ako sa trekk nyo sa Mt. Tapulao ,jan.22-24,may email na ko at contact number.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I am a wildlife biologist doing research on parrots, pigeons and hornbills of Luzon. I am planning a survey of these birds in the forests around Mt. Tapulao. I do not need to climb the summit but I need an area with good forest and with a lot of trails. Can anyone refer me to a good place for a base camp i.e. near water and with access to the forest/trail system? Does anyone have contact in the Zambales Ayta community? I plan to hire at least 3 Ayta guides/porters who are familiar with the birds in the area as well as the trail system. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks to Pinoy Mountaineer for establishing this site/network!

Ms. Cacatua

Anonymous said...

Mga Sirs,
Akyat po kami Tapulao this coming 20 to 22 of February kung sino po gusto sumama call or txt me at 09064357314.
Black Bihon MS

Anonymous said...

Aakyat din kami sa Tapulao this Feb 19-21. Baka makapang abot tayo. txt me at 09154449712

Saka i-confirm ko lang, yung tricycle na 45mins sa IT sa taas, ito yung from highway (sa may waiting shed) to the jumpoff right?

- Ian G.

al del barrio said...

Our group is planning for a hike this coming march sa tapulao... either 20-21 alis friday night ng 19th. please do text me for those who want to join... 09162974659
Al del barrio of Voyager Adventure Club

*thanks for all the info...

Ian said...

Ma'am and Sir,

Question po sa pag commute to Tapulao:

Coming from Pasay, ang option ay Victory bound to Iba. From Iba, sabi sumakay ng tricycle w/c is 150PHP per head sabi sa taas. May alternative po ba na mas mura? yung 200PHP per tricycle na 4 person each na price ata is way back in 2007 pa.

Nicolo said...

been here. kasama ang conquer team! ang ganda . parang baguio dami pine trees.

eagle_eye0072003 said...

@ Ian...i replied to your email.

enjoy your trek

Anonymous said...

Mga sir/Ma'am, ulitin ko lang po yung tanong ng isa na hindi nasagot kasi concern din po namin. May nakasubok na po ba pumuntang Tapulao using their own private vehicle? We intend to go as a big group, possibly isang van and isang 4x4. Obviously yung van partway lang aabot. The rest hike na with the 4x4 carrying the heavier baggage. Any idea how much we need to budget for gas/diesel? Maraming salamat!

Anonymous said...

Fresh from Tapulao last 20-21 Feb. Grabe parusa ang trail dahil sa mga 4x4 na nauna samin at nag camp sa bunker siguro mga 15 Suzuki 4x4 yun nakasalubong pa ng namin after the second water source. Panalo sa camp site sobrang lamig di kinaya ng 4 bottles of the Bar and 2 bottles of matador. Salamat nga pala sa sumabay sa pag akyat sa amin, AMA trekkers of Las pinas and GABAY of taguig maraming salamat. Update nga pala sa Victory liner terminal Pasay 11:30pm last trip nila to IBA, kailangan 10pm nakabili na kayo ng ticket kasi baka kayo maubusan mahirap mag biyahe ng nakatayo. And additional tip nga pala pag kakain kayo try nyo dun sa carinderia sa tapat ng Victory liner sa IBA panalo ang sisig na may gata......
Black Bihon MS

Allan Vincent Balanga said...

kelan kaya? haha

Anonymous said...

gud day!

pra po sa mga kggaling lng ng mt.tapulao:

pa-update nmn po ng total expenses sa transportation from manila and going back kc climb po kme dis march 20 sana po my mksbay dn kme...

need po response asap...


-team ganis (pasig city)

Anonymous said...

To team ganis:
Update sa pamasahe from pasay victory liner to Iba Zambales regular fare:355 pesos, student:285 pesos. Tricycle from Iba victory liner to Dampay Salaza(jump off point) : 120 pesos per person. Registration : 30 pesos.
Black Bihon

Anonymous said...

to black bihon:

maraming salamat po sa info..


-team ganis

Nicolo said...

babalikan kita tapulao kahit na binigyan mo ako ng lagnat after climb.. buti nlng nawala ung lagnat ko nun nakarating na kami sa sidetrip sa Potipot island.

share ko lng sidetrip - potipot island

Potipot island - white sand and clear blue water

► a 20-30 mins boat ride will bring you there.
600php boat ride balikan / 6 pax

Anonymous said...

mga sir pa update naman po regarding sa water source buhay pa ba ang mga ito, sa camp site ba may water source din..salamat po


Anonymous said...

sir nicolo pano po magpunta sa potipot, try sana namin magpunta after ng climb sa tapulao..?

Nicolo said...

@anonymous -March 16, 2010 6:33 PM

Potipot Island is right across Isla Vista Beach Resort.
Boats are easily available at the shore or you can ask for a reference from us. The boat
ride cost P400,P500,P600 per ride (back & forth) for 8 persons maximum. The boat will fetch you back
at the time agreed upon. The island entrance fee is P25-50 per person depending upon the
season. There are no indoor accommodation on the Island.

nakalimutan ko na ahh basta yan un!


Anonymous said...

@ Ms. Cacatua

You can contact the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP). There are mountaineers from their group who are familiar with Mt. Tapulao.

WBCP website:

Anonymous said...

sir, may contact poh ba kayo na jeep mula iba to jump off ng brgy damapay-salaza?

Anonymous said...

We been here last Mar 27-28. Di nyo na po kelangan ng jeep/trike papunta ng Dampay-Salaza
from Iba. You can take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz
then baba na po kayo sa kanto ng Dampay-Salaza.
Dami na po trike don nag-aabang.

Karlo said...

our group are planning of climbing tapulao on may.
been doing reseach on this site about the mountain.
and so far. marami na kong nakuhang mahahalagang impormasyon.
Sa ibang fellow mountaineers na kaaakyat lang sa tapulao pa update lang po sa budget. thanks!
This site rocks!
"One does not climb to attain enlightenment, rather one climbs because he is enlightened." — Zen Master Futomaki.

Anonymous said...

@ karlo
1,500 sir ung budget per person.may sobra ka na po dun.meron ka pang budget pam Potipot Island...hehehe..or mga 2k para indi kayo kapusin sa budget


Karlo said...

salamat sa update jess!
kamusta akyat nyo?

Anonymous said...

mount tapulao is the best mountain in Zambales so far....

marco dalida said...

The Tarlac Mountaineering Club(TMC) invites everyone to

'a gathering to visit the provinces trails and peaks
May 29-30
Tarlac Province

in celebration of the tarlac provincial day the club, mountaineers, hikers, trekkers and enthusiast coming from the different places of the philippines will simultaneously climb the provinces different mountaineering-camping destinations like:

Limited to 20 Slots
Reg. Fee: P800

Limited to 20 Slots
Reg. Fee: P800

LImited to 20 Slots
Ref. Fee: P2500

Tarlac to Zambales
4 Days; May 26-30
LImited to 15 Slots
Reg. Fee: P1500

*Registration is inclusive of a round trip shuttle service from the tarlac bus terminals to the resort, round trip transportation from the resort to the jumpoff points, roundtrip 4x4 jeep rental for clients going to pinatubo, permits, guide fees, event i.d., commemorative t-shirt, certificate and dinner at the post party event

*this project will also support the organization's adopted communities primarily the school children of brgy. labney mayantoc, tarlac.

*for inquiries, questions and comments pls. contact:
TMC Public Relations Officer

email us at or visit

Anonymous said...

we'll be climbing this for the FREEDOM CLIMB.


Karlo said...

last question mga fellow mountaineers bago kami umakyat ng tapulao..
kahit anong oras ba kami dumating ng teminal ng Iba mayrong tricycle na puedeng sakyan?
this coming may 15 ang akyat namin sana may makasagot. thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, to all hikers, mountaineers and campers. i just recently hooked with this outdoor activity, i really want to joint a mountaineering club however im afraid im not a good fit. or im shy to coz maybe you wont accept me. im looking forward to someone who can help me fullfil my mountain desires. thanks
tx me po... 09082079309

Anonymous said...

sir eugene ask ko lang po if taga san po kyo?from here rin ba u s zambales!!?f taga k rito sa zambales our group SIERRA TAPULAO ADVENTURE CLUB (STAG)eh maaring makatulong syo,open ang group namin for recruitment ng trainees at open rin kmi s guest climbers!!!check mu nalang kmi sa positive lang sir!!thankz!!sir sly po sir!!

Anonymous said...

@ karlo,
Sir, better na mag-schedule na po kayo ng contact na tricycle na magaabang sa inyo sa highway pagbaba ninyo ng bus. Medyo malayo po yung jump-off from the highway at malayong lakaran (super warm-up) lalo na kung darating kayo ng madaling araw. The contact numbers provided on this site are updated so you can use them. Happy trekking, we are planning to climb there again next week.


Anonymous said...

ask ko lang sir qng avilable ba yung mga tryke sa kanto ng dampay salaza any time?

Karlo of Bagtas-VXI Mountaineers said...

just got back from tapulao.
Ganda ng scenery on your way up dun sa pines! its all worth it. parusa ang trail mabato at sobrang haba. kaya nang 10 hours kung di na maglalunch at magluluto sa trail.
sa may bahay kami ng miners nagcamp, wala nang tao so pwede kayong magbihis dun and matulog na rin. wala nang mga miners ang nadatnan namin dun is hunters.
to r1 ang tinake naming route e from iba terminal to jumpoff na e. yun available sila 24 hours mahal nga lang 120 pag umaga 150 pag gabi per person.

Anonymous said...

hello sir gid,ask ko lang if madali lang ba ang trekk sa mt.tapulao..were planning to climb it though most of my friends are beginners..ano ba mas mahirap? tapulao or isarog sa bikol?tnx po and more power - albertuz

Anonymous said...

Makati Med Mountaineers is planning the climb this August 21. Ang alis is night of August 20. Let me know is somebody is interested 09276465222

Anonymous said...

gud day sir/mam,

f u want some info regarding climbing mt. tapulao via zambales trail our group can help you,
sierra tapulao adventure group (STAG) from masinloc zambales,
f u cant find our site we have an facebook account sierra tapulao adventure group(STAG)
thanks and more power to all mountaineers!!!

kingpin said...

mga sir at ma'am...gud day. ask ko lang, 2x na ako naka akyat ng mt. high peak, noong 2006 at 2007, may nakarating na ba dun sa sinasabi ng mms na waterfalls...curious lang kung meron man nakapunta na doon, may pics ba kayo? pa share group and i wanted to scale tapulao again...thanks in advance...

kingpin of project 6 expedition team

Anonymous said...

mga sir/mam.,
last june freedom climb umakyat po kmi, sa mga first timer medyo mahirap straight forward ang trail nya nakakasawa mag lakad mag enjoy kayo kung malaki group kayo,.kung mag rent kayo tricycle pls. contact:Roel Dampay 09212038809

SMB Newbie said...

mga mam at sir, aakyat po kami ng Tapulao sa Sept 10-12... Kita-kita po tayo doon.

Anonymous said...

@kingpin, may pic ng waterfalls sa brgy admin kung san ka nagppregister. papuntang sitio tribal ung falls at hindi sa high peak. alam ko lang falls sa high peak yung malapit sa banghouse malakas yan pag maulan.

update: per head
357 = victory caloocan-salaza vv
50 = trike salaza-jump-off (admin)
30 = regis fee
100 = trike jump-off-Iba terminal vv
210 = victory olongapo-pasay vv

10hours ascend
4hours descend

/doc neo

Anonymous said...

Sir/ma'am ask ko lang po kung sakaling may sasakyan na dala san to pwedeng iwan na mapagkakatiwalaan, and up to what point lang sya possible?? Thank you

D'Finisher Mountaineering Team

Anonymous said...

@ panday Hanggang guard house pde ung mga 4x4 n mga sasakyan.

Anonymous said...

pwde bang wag na lang magdala ng tent at sa bunker house na lang matulog?..

Anonymous said...

Sir sori po sa kulang na details...paano po pag hindi 4X4? Salamat po ng marami


Anonymous said...

mga sir/mam balak namin umakyat ng mt. tapulao sa sep 18-19 tanong ko lang po kung magkano ang guide dun? or kaya ba kahit walang guide pero 1st time lang pumunta sa bundok na to? or kung sino naman aakyat sa date na to baka pede pasabay nalang kung sakali.

salamat po sa inyong lahat.

enjoy climbing. enjoy nature!

edge said...

Hi Doc Neo/Neil,

Thank you for posting and sharing as well =)

@panday, Sir i think kakayanin po ng 4x4 or any rough road vehicle ang trail up to miners house. Hindi po possible ang cars or topdown vehicle. Hanap kn lang patag sa baba,then pasuyo sa local kung maaari.

anonymous, pede makitulog dun basta po walang ibang tao paalam lang sa guards.
- Guide is optional on tapulao. Very accomodating naman ang locals dun just ask politely and they will point you on your path.

Hapi trek! /edge

Anonymous said...

sir / mam,

sa may aakyat po this coming 18-19.. kita kits :) sana hinde umulan ...

gudluck po sa atin...

*tanong lang po: nabyahe pa ba ung truck pa puntang bunker? salamat

Anonymous said...

sir edge- magkano po kaya ang guide dito? and marami po bang ligaw sa bundok na to? balak kasi namin akyatin tong bundok na to na walang guide. or kung madami man ligaw baka magpaguide nalang kami. tnx po sa pag sagot

enjoy climbing enjoy nature

edge said...

Good Day to All,

When we do medical mission there last August together with some friend from Heart center and Makati Med. This is my 2nd-time tapulao ascent since what 6 years ago. I noticed some changes also. For those mountaineers inquiring some updates here,I will based my comment to the recently climbed we did.

Tama po lahat ng transpo and fees update ni doc neo sa taas. Thanks again doc.

Sa guide naman po,kung medyo alangan sa daan you can get one sa brgy.admin c/o Tita Beth or anyone there. Pero sabi nga nila since the trail is very wide and straightforward hindi ka na maliligaw or "ligaw". I think part of this hobby/sport is being prepared for the adventures you will expect for such unknown places that we entrail. Hence,I have no idea for the guide fees also,sorry for that.

As we did our mission earlier, we noticed some AFP marine battalion in active of roving within the range of trail up to miners house. Feeling safe as we talked to them and allowing to introduce ourselves also, exchanging numbers to alert them also just in case you know. They are all young and friendly as well.

Up to bunk house was the two friendly guards of the mining company. As per told,mining there were already stop a year ago by some authority government of zambales. So as to NO truck nor any heavy cargo trucks were ascending since then.

I'm sure maganda ang panahon this week so plus probability kayo may view sa summit.

Try sidetrip to Potipot island its a great white beach there. Or else if budget tight try the bagsit river just below the jump-off 30-45mins walk. It's a majestic river that changes color basin every end of season.

That's all folks! Goodluck! /edge

Anonymous said...

d n kailngn ng guide bsta hnpin nyo n lng ung mlaking daan rough road tas un n cmula n mhbng lakran..o kya ask n lng kau s mga bhay kng san ung daan..walng ligaw jn..


Anonymous said...

Things to consider;

1.Guideship- wala!
2.Budget- roughly 1.5k mayaman ka na nyan!
3.Ligaw- walang ligaw! sundan lang ang wide trail.
4.Inip- oo mamatay ka sa inip! depende sa pacing!
5. pano pag bumabagyo gaya nung nakaraang climb mo may bagyong glenda- edi punit! sakit katawan! basa mag trek! useless ang goretext kuno na sapatos at mananahimik ang mga maiingay.
6.masusunod ba ang IT- di rin!
7.waterproofing kailangan ba- naman! mountaineer nga e! tatak na dapat yan sa utak mo!
8. magkano pamasahe papunta- depende kung galing ka Iba Terminal 3tao sa isang tricycle for 400php.
9.sino naman kontak person mo dun- si Ka German eto number nya 09391387903
10. e pano pabalik ng terminal sa Iba- kumuha ka na ng kontak person sa DENR pa lang ng Tapulao. Tandaan na maautak ang mga tao dun kaya dapat magaling ka makipag bargain.
11. Importanteng Info- wag magpapagabi sa trail. lalo na pag pababa na!
12. May Comfort room na Itaas! pwede ka rin maligo dun kung makulit ka! kasi may Bathtub dun! oo hndi ako nag bibiro! May Bathtub nga!
13. Kailangan pa bang mag dala ng tent- magdala kayo! hndi sa lahat ng oras e pwdeng matulog sa loob ng bunker house. paalam muna sa guard!
14. MAbait ba yung guard- mabait naman! minsan makulit! hayok sa kausap! dahil siguro sa wala syang kausap dun sa taas.
15. nasabi ko na ba lahat- oo yata! MAsukal na ang pa summit.
16. TAKE NOTE! pag BUmabagyo! matutong mag backtrail at mag sidetrip na lang! MAlapit lang din ang MAGALAWA ISLAND dun kesa sa POTIPOT ISLAND. pedende sa kaperahan ng aakyat. hehehe
17. Oo nga pala! mag dala ng sapat na trailfood! yan ok na! mwah tsup!

I wanted to post this as soon as I arrived back from Mt. Tapulao. Pero napapagod pa ako mag type nun! hehe

Goodluck sa mga aakyat!
Gian of SAGA-MC

Anonymous said...

@sir Gian-ganun pa rin po pala kamahal ang tric. la po ba kau alternative para mas maka mura papuntang jump off? tnx!

Nobody Knows said...

sir namaligno kme sa mt.tapulao some of us including me saw a white lady while assaulting the summit @ 10pm

Anonymous said...

Oooh may maligno dun sir???

Dun po sa mga pupunta ng Tapulao, wag po Iba ang sakyan nyo.. Pwede kayong sumakay sa bus na byaheng Sta.Cruz Zambales. Dun kayo mismo bababa sa Salaza imbes na sa Iba lang. Dun kayo sumakay ng tricycle sa kanto ng Salaza papuntang jump-off(30/head).

Mas tipid po yan kung hapit ang budget. Sana makatulong :)

khakhing said...

hi guys..watakers mountaineers will be climbing tapulao on oct. 25-26 for the celebration of our 3rd annual climb..see u guys there..

Anonymous said...

gud day mga ka-outdoors...
the unified group of mountaineers have their invitational climb this coming friday Oct. 22-24, 2010. jois us...see you up there K.O(s)...

Anonymous said...


sure po kayo that there is no need for a guide? kahit sa mga first time mag-ta-Tapulao?? we might climb on dec 11-12. thanks po


Anonymous said...

gudluck samin akyat kami ng mt.tapulao dis coming nov 5-7 ingat kami eheh

nature explorer society of tarlac(NEST)

Anonymous said...

@tin: Yes there's no need for guide here, iisa lang ang trail(mahabang na mabatong kalsada)

Anonymous said...

mrami n ngsbi n d n kelangn mg guide d2 bsta sundan lng ung wide trail pg my fork kanan lng..gang mrting ang bunker..ingtz s climb..


Anonymous said...

akyat po kami nov 3-5. txt me if you want to join.

Anonymous said...

wow, ingats po sa inyo.. enjoy nyo lng. pg tlgng full pack kau ng endurance, ok to mt. bato haha! puro bato e. but really nice to stir up ur mind while climbing.. God Bless u guys!!!

Anonymous said...

sir..,its a long way..
hehehehehehehehe wlang ligaw dun
pra lng syang endless road..
ingat n lng po kyo sir.

Anonymous said...

Sierra Tapulao Adventure Group of Masinloc Zambales will be climbing Mt. Tapulao dis coming Nov. 5-7, kita kitz nalang po mga sir mam!!!


Anonymous said...

sirs baka akyat po kami ng dec 18-19. how cold can it get during this month? para mapag-handaan.. meron bang alternate trail to avoid the long endless trail??



maddog said...

wala pong ibang alternative na trail, handa niyo lang sarili sir/mam sa mahabang lakaran, have a safe climb, enjoy the trail

Anonymous said...

mga sir pano po makapunta ng potipot island galing jump off???hehe tska pasuggest po ng iba pang mgndang sidetrip..salamat po!

Anonymous said...

Gud day sir,ang pagpunta po sa potipot from jump off,kaylangang sumakay ng trckel palabas ng dampay(Jump off)to salaza sa may labasan napo un(National Highway)way lang po kayo ng mini bus or Victory liner bounding Sta Cruz tas baba kayo ng DAWAL BEACH RESORT(Uacon)ask na kayo ng bangka na pwedeng irent papunta ng Potipot island.marami pa pong magagandang side trip d2 samin sa zambales lalo napo d2 sa masinloc like COTO KIDZ POOL located at Sitio Coto,Taltal,masinloc,zambales,Mountain resort po sya at completo ang facilitys nila, kong gusto naman ninyo ng island trips d2 rin po sa masinloc meron ung San Salvador island meron pong dive sites at snorkling area,meron rin po kming Taclobo farm(Giant Clam)na pwedeng pag snorklingan.San salvador island is well known as Home of the Sweetist mango of d world.

for more info visit nyo nalang po FB Account namin. SIERRA TAPULAO ADVENTURE GROUP(STAG)
Thankz po.

STAG Ex-Pres.

Anonymous said...

mga ate at kuya.

ask ko lang po,ano po ba ang advisable sa footwear sa Tapulao?okey n ba ang sandugo sandals or kelangan talaga ng sapatos.thanks po

Anonymous said...

sir ok lang kahit anu suot mo na footwear..basta comportable ka...maganda nama kasi ang trail ng tapulao, malinis ang trail...ewan ko lang sa trail ng tarlac sir

Anonymous said...

been there last sept. 11-13 ,2010 12hrs. & 30 minutes to the barracks ff. day 1 hour from the barracks to the summit and from barracks to the jump off (barangay hall) 6 hrs.....

Anonymous said...

goodpm...ask ko lang po mga sir/mam kung need ng tent sa tapulao pa?...and ok lang ba kung wala talgang guide?...need updated info po kasi plano namin akyat...thanks po!

JC of CORE Society said...

we are going to Tapulao this coming 25-27, sa mga gusto pong sumama pakiadd nalang po kami at pakimessage po sa facebook

thanks po marami

Anonymous said...


Ask ko lng po kung may marerent po ba jeep from bus station to registration area? thanks po.

Anonymous said...


magkano n po kaya ang pamasahe from cubao to iba,zambales? at yung rent ng tricycle mgkno n po kaya?


michael said...

gud day mga bosing bka akyat kami tropa tapulao this holyweek...baka naman pde nu kami bigyan ng latest itenirary kasama na ung mga expenses,like registration, guide, saka mga local fees...ska pde kaya wala ng guide n kasama...tnx and more power to all.. nerdboys cavite...

Anonymous said...

survived Tapulao april 21-22, 2011... tricycle fare from Victory Iba is now P400 or P130/head.

Anonymous said...

Mt. Tapulao Experience-Info (April 23-24 extended to 25)
>from manila took bus Victory Liner-Cubao to Olongapo via SCTEX worth P240 leave @ 5:45PM (take note until 3:00PM lang daw ung IBA)
>from Olongapo took bus to Iba,Zamabales worth P107 (kung meron diretso Sta.Cruz dun na kayo sakay,baba Dampay-Salaza Palauig, Zambales)
>from Iba (victory liner terminal parin po i2) took bus Sta.Cruz to Dampay-Salaza Palauig worth P30..arrived at Damapay-Salaza waiting shed along the highway @ 11:45PM
[walang tricycle ng oras na yun..kaya nilakad ko almost 2hours mahigit 10KM daw po iyon,gang sa dulo,diretsohin nio lang yung malapad na daan gang sa maliko kayo pakaliwa,dapat may makita kayong sign sa taas na dampay-salaza resettlement..concrete road goes up,turn right going down bandang gitna nandun yung base camp,registration..] kung merong tricycle expect mas malaki pamasahe P150 sa gabi or madaling araw..

>totoo pong walang ligaw sa Tapulao pagka galing Damapay-Salaza basta sundan nio lang yung malawak na daanan ng mga Heavy Equipments ng Coto Mining dati..pagdating sa taas, may isang kubo na tabi ng pine tree na may karatula ng Mining activities,hinde pa iyon ang BUNKER house, 15mins pa cguro, pagdating sa BUNKER house 3 kubo/bahay, sa baba noon nandun yung water source,sa may drum doon tumutulo yung tubig basta sundan nio lng yung daan, hinde din naman nawawalan ng tao/guard doon.
>sa tapat ng unang kubo/bahay may daan paakyat yun ung trail papuntang summit (45mins) sundan nio lang daan..

>PAKATANDAAN pagdating sa taas (sa summit yung may malaking butas)(meron pa kcng isang summit mas mataas ng konti na mas maraming ligaw) marami ng daan, may daan pa-Tarlac, Pa-Masinloc at yung Dampay-Salaza...Marami na pong naligaw dyan,pati yung mga Guard,meron ding 5 araw na naligaw bago ma-rescue, napadaan papapuntang Tarlac, buti isang araw lang ako, at nakabalik sa mas mataas na summit at bumalik sa summit na may malaking butas..
>kung pababa na kayo mula sa summit tandaan na kakaliwa kayo dapat mapadaan ulit kayo sa mga bato (6-10inhes ang laki na magkakapatong) HINDI sa KANAN, papuntang Tarlac yon! tatlong trail din yun pag binaba nio na, I suggest bumalik kayo sa pinakataas at hanapin ulit yung daan pakaliwa, wag bumalik at dumaan sa iba ring trail..kahit yung mga guide ng tarlac nalilito daw doon..hope medjo makatulong sa climb nio 'tong info, have a great at safe trip, God bless!

Anonymous said...

e2 po pala yung number ni Kagawad Dalit
tumatao din po siya sa base camp, meron din siyang tricycle, so kung walang tricycle sa highway pwede nio siya kontakin para magpadala din ng tricycle na susundo..P150 (ang gastos ko) mula sa *basecamp gang *highway, expect nio daw na medjo mataas kung hatin-gabi na or madaling araw..

Anonymous said...

tanong po sa mga last na umakyat ng mt. tapulao totoo po ba na nag rerequired na sila ng guide dun? may nakapagsabi sa akin na meron na daw guide dun at ang nagturo daw ng magkaroon ng guide is MMS O METROPOLITAN MOUNTAINEERING SOCIATY totoo po ba to?

Anonymous said...

question po sa lahat ng nagtapulao ngayon taon? totoo ba na may required nang guide sa mt. tapulao kahit sa traditional trail ka dumaan?

Anonymous said...

sir/ma'am ask lng latest IT ng mt. tapulao??? if ok lng po ba ngaun n di kumuha ng guide??? akyat po ang grupo ko ng june 4 kaya ngaun p lng po naghahanap n po ako ng pede ko makuhang tulong to climb mt. tapulao..... tenks po......

Anonymous said...

We have just came down yesterday from Mt Tapulao. The people from the Base Camp requires to take a guide. Cost 700 pesos, including portering. Bahala ka na sa tip. Registration is 30 pesos. Left base camp at 5:30 am. Took us 9 hours to reach Bunker station. Another one hour to summit. Pabalik 6 hours pero masakit sa paa dahil puro pababa. Nagpalit kami sa sinelas na lang to relieve our aching toes. On arriving base camp, there is a chance to go to Bagsit river, if you still have the energy. About 4 km from the base camp. Sa base camp, puede maligo muna, makiluto, at kumain bago umuwi. Well, sulit naman akyat namin. Basta kailangan determination. May dalawang watering place along the way, at pangatlo sa Bunker Station. Base camp (jump off point) is located at Dampay, Salaza, you can park your car there. Or bumababa ka sa bus sa Salaza, sa may arko ng "Mt. Tapulao" at mag tricycle papuntang base camp. Please carry down with you your garbage to keep the camps clean. Contact Elisa from Base Camp at celphone no. 09097247413 for info at Mt Tapulao. Pag kailangan ng tricycle sa alanganing oras, call Bert Entrialgo taga Dampay, Salaza at 09212547484, may tricycle sya.

aloysius ramirez said...

sa lahat ng mga nagtatanong kung required b ang guide: hindi required ang guide sa mt. tapulao, nsa inyo kung s tingin nyo kailangan.

aloysius ramirez said...

grabe!, never ending uphill walk! pero sulit nmn, ang ganda nmn s summit.

Anonymous said...

SIERRA TAPULAO ADVENTURE GROUP(STAG) of Masinloc,Zambales will be climbing this for FREEDOM CLIMB 2011 dated June 11-12, 2011... kita kitz po tayo mga Sir/Mam....

Anonymous said...

^ Hi sir STAG, saan po exactly yung jump-off ng masinloc. pede po pa-send ng itinerary nio dito salamat po

Karlo of Bagtas-VXI said...

galing lang ang grupo namin sa tapulao last may 16-18 exactly a year nung huli naming naakyat ang tapulao. kung magco commute lang kayo i dont recommend you take the tricycle ride from victory terminal ng Iba. pagbabang pagbaba pa lang namin ng terminal sinalubong na kami ng mga tricycle driver na halatang mga nakainom. at nagpresyo ng triple, kumpara sa presyong ibinayad namin nuong nakaraang taon lang. palibhasa'y alam nilang wala na kaming ibang masasakyan dahil madaling araw na kami nakarating.
and sa first time aakyat di na kinakailangan ng guide, pero kung malalaman nilang first timers kayo. ipipilit nilang mag rent kayo ng guide for 700pesos.
maganda ang bundok, pero sa mga ganitong pagpapakita ng kagarapalan ng ilang tao para kumita ng panandaliang pera, imbes na marami pang maenganyong pumunta.. baka balang araw wala nang magkainteres na dayuhin ang inyong lugar. pakiayos lang po para sa mga taong involve.

Anonymous said...

mga sir/maam pede po makahingi ng IT ng Mt. Tapulao?? pasend po sa FB ko:
thnx po..........

Anonymous said...




Day 0 JUNE 10, 2011


DAY 1 JUNE 11, 2011





1200 LUNCH





Anonymous said...

Due to tropical storm "Chedeng", our plan in conquering Mt. Tapulao on May 28-29 was moved to June 11-12. Safety of our colleagues always comes first.


Anonymous said...

sir armand join climb teo tapulao.

alak mountaineer-09175079026

Anonymous said...

freedom climb mt tapulao...kita kits tyo dun.....ron TAPIK(Tao pangalagaan Inang Kalikasan Moutaineers)

BORDS Mountaineering Team said...

Join the 2011 Freedom Climb in Mt. Tapulao - Last day of registration will be on May 31, 2011.

Anonymous said...

We survived (Maxim Team); Newbies lang din ako, in my opinion - Tapulao is not for first timers.. Ang hirap pero ang sarap.. -Bhong T (Maxim)

Anonymous said...

Climb Date: June 7-8, 500 lang yung guide na binigay samin though me kasama na kaming member ng IBMC (Josh), required daw kasi.. I suggest na magcontact kayo ng masasakyan the way thru Iba pero ang sabi sa Base Camp obligado daw na magtricycle palabas (TODA rules yata). Bring panlaban sa sobrang lamig..

Anonymous said...

I joined the FC2011 at Mt. Tapulao, Barangay officials of Palauig are telling us that the event was not properly coordinated. Late na daw dumating yung material like the Tarp etc, Saturday ang event pero friday lang dw dumating ang request letter from the organizers. Mali pa raw yung nakalagay sa tarp dapat daw Palauig at hindi Iba. Kung maaga lang daw na coordinate nakatulong pa daw sila na mapaganda ang event by providing sound system sa jumpoff at transport sa mga aakyat ng tapulao. I think sa mga susunod na event gaya ng FC proper coordination with the organizer and LGU is very important.

Anonymous said...

we join freedom climb 2k11 maraming d magandang usapin hinaing n maririnig unang una paakyt nlng kmi nabalam p dhil un letter mula s fimo wala p s palauig,pangalawa un tarp ng fc imbes palauig iba zambales ang ito p ang nakakatuwa wala man lng representative ang organizer s summit to assist the activity regarding freedom climb kya ang gnwa nlng nag usap usap nlng kming mga grupo n involve s event to set an activity kc wla nga eh kmi kmi lng nandun.....nkakainis lng isipin that we join this event to help pinas to break a record tpos pra kming mga batang paslit n hinayaan nlng s taas..nxt time pkiayos n lng po
transpo expenses
381-caloocan to dampay-salaza
250-3px tryk-jump off pag gabi na
30-reg fee
500-guide khit d klngan but they require it tulong nlng natin sa kanila
12hrs up-7hrs goin down pamatay n trail pero sulit pagod mo pagdating s taas

Anonymous said...

totoo po bang required na ang guide ngayon dito?

Anonymous said...

oo required n po ang guide sa mt.tapulao 500-700 po ang rate.. utos daw po ng mayor..

PALAGUIG, zambales po pati ang bayan n nkakasakop sa tapulao, hndi po daw IBA,zambales,,

went last freedom climb..


Anonymous said...

Hi, we're planning to climb tapulao. confirmed na po ba na need na ng guide? thanks

IAN said...

just came yesterday from Mt.Tapulao engaging the typhoon MINA but it doesnt bother us to conquer the summit. it was very relaxing climb bcoz of the rain amd some part of the trail was limatik infest, also the trail to summit in forestline was infected by limatiks. very cold temp in the bunkhouse area so better to have thermal jacket. climbing here was worth it=>

Lampara Mountaineers

`Drew~ said...

Greetings Sir/Ma'am,

aakyat kme ng Tapulao this coming Sept. 10 - 11 aalis kme dito sa manila ng friday early night after work.

ask ko lng possible ba i trek ang tapulao early morning around 2am to 4am?
nid pba ng permits?

pa post naman po ng mga info.


W.A.S.A.K Outdoors

IAN said...


Sir possible itrek ang tapulao nang early morning kahit anung oras pa yan, walang ligaw yung trail dahil napaka habang fire rocky road yung terrain, you can register sa base camp...and no permit required ang required lang is guide for only 500 and pag nagpaporter sa guide 700, thats it.

nga pala may portion yung trail na ma limatiks kaya check check nio nalang.hehehe

safe climb mga sir/mam

Lampara Mountaineers

`Drew~ said...

maraming salamat sa info na binigay mo man, however we are looking forward na di na kme i req. mag guide ksi some of our members is wlang trabaho at studyante lng kya mejo mahirap mag dukot ng kahit anong amount ng pera sa knila,
at kung i req. kme mag guide sana kahit paakyat lng para kahit papano my tulong na kme na 500 pesos pra sa knila ksi mabigat na pra samin ung 1k na bayad sa guide paakyat at pababa and technically my ka groupo kme na nka akyat na ng Tapulao so needless talaga mag guide.
i trek namin sya madaling araw sana wla silang makuhang mag guide pra less gastos na dn.

about sa limatik thing kahit di umuulan meron sa lugar na un?
kung meron nga sya di bali handa naman kme ksi nag handa kme sa pag akyat ng Natib kso di nga lng natuloy dahil ky Mina kya handang handa kme sa limatik.

salamat ng marami

W.A.S.A.K Outdoors

`Drew~ said...

Sir at Ma'am,

Ask ko lng po kung my cellphone signal sa camp site and along the trail???

tsaka kung alin lng ang available na signal kung SMART?, GLOBE, SUN?
or lahat available? and ganu kalakas?

ganu ka present yung cellphone signal??

malakas po ba or tyempuhan lng ang cellphone signal?

your answer is much appreciated.



W.A.S.A.K Outdoors

Anonymous said...

Sir Drew,

mahina or halos walang signal sa papaya river. ang last na signal spot dun pag paakyat kayo is dun sa makaling bato tpos dun na sa sturbucks paakyat na nang summit ung susnod. pero sa ridge, meron na. ingat sa pag akyat sir.

Project 6 Expedition Team

`Drew~ said...


Sir anong bundok po yang sinasabi nyo about sa Cellphone signal??


Mark said...

I Survive!! Grabe sa haba ng trail.. sobrang mabato.. wala ka maapakang iba kng ndi bato.. pero sulit naman sa ganda ng bundok ng tapualo.. camp site plng sulit na.. at pag sapit ng gabi sobrang lamig.. nfi kinaya ng jacket ko.. THE BEST!

Drew said...

kakababa lng namin kahapon dito sa Tapulao, walanya magsasawa ka sa view dahil iisa lng ang view banda pa sa water source mag kaka view dito tapos ihanda mo na ang sarili mo sa matinding pag babalanse sa mabatong trail at puro paakyat as in puro paakyat from the start pero sulit pag dating sa taas at super lamig pati ung tubig talo pa ung nilagay sa ref o freezer dahil sa natural na pag kalamig nito.

10 hours namin kinuha paakyat nag start kme mag trek ng 7:10am at nag early lunch around past 11am sa secret water source (ma limatik)

then dumating kme sa camp site (16km) ng 5:06pm.

NOTE: wag nyo madaliin ang pag trek paakyat ksi lalu kayong mapapagod at mababagot at mauumay sa trail, ang ginawa ksi namin habang paakyat is petix as in sobrang petix my mga oras pang humihiga kme sa trail at nkaka idlip ksi nakakatamad mag trek dahil sa tindi ng sikat ng araw. focus lng ang pasensya mkaka akyat din kayo!

nung pababa naman kinuha namin ng 3-4 hours!
6 ksi kme lahat so 2 set ang pag baba namin naunang bumaba ung 3 naming kasamahan ng mga around 8:50am then sumunod kmeng tatlo around 9:30 am then nkarating sa baranggay ung isa naming ka grupo around past 12noon and some of us around 1:00pm - 1:30pm.


mag sugar rush overload lalu na kung paakyat kumaen ng madaming chocolate hanggat kya mo!
IMBA ang lakas ng SUGAR sa katawan hindi ka mapapagod, hihingalin ka konti lng at siguro kung my mag rereklamo sa katawan mo un ay ang hita, binti at paa mo dahil sa sobrang mabatong trail.

Itinerary - Based on actual duration.
xD ^_^

Day 1:

02:00 - Byahe papuntang Palauig Zambales
06:20 - Arrival @ Palauig Sitio Dampay Baranggay Salaza (Jump off)
06:30 - Kaen ng Gardenia palaman chiz whiz tig iisang pares lng!
07:10 - Start Trek
10:50 - Arrival at Secret water source, Early Lunch ksi gutom na!
12:00 - Resume Trek
14:30 - 1st water source (pahinga, kaen ng chokolate)
17:00 - Arrival @ camp 2 (16km) yes mkakapag pahinga na din, prepare for dinner
19:30 - Dinner
21:00 - inuman/socials

Day 2:
05:30 - wake up call pero ilan lng ang bumangon (eat breakfast)
07:00 - Commence assault to summit (explore, picture taking)
08:20 - Pack things up, linis linis din.
08:50 first batch, 09:30 second batch - Commence Non stop assault descending.
12:30 to 13:30 - Arrival at Baranggay hall jump off.
14:00 - Meryenda Lunch, Kaen ng Casava cake at inom ng buko tapos take ng lunch!
14:30 - Ligo Ligo din Yes!
16:10 - Pauwe na byahe to Q.C
21:00 - Arrival at Novaliches Q.C

W.A.S.A.K Outdoors

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sir Drew and team.

Sir, baka naman may contact person kayo para sa trike at sa barangay hall. We are planning to climb Tapulao this November. Kelangan ba mag-pass ng letter advising of our climb?

Rojem, EMS

Anonymous said...

ano ng balita about sa fee na 700 sa tapulao na per group of 5 person? totoo ba yun?

jay said...

@rojem.. sir,available ang tric sa iba terminal.di nyo kelengan nang contact. at kung sa kanto man kayo ng papaac bababa.hintay lng kayo.maraming bumababang tric from jump off na pwd nyo n rn sa pag uwi,wala nang prob.may terminal na sa jump off

Lampara Mountaineers

leo said...

sir, kung may dala kami sasakyan, may pagiiwanan ba kami sa jumpoff ng tapulao? thanks

Anonymous said...

Sino po ang aakyat ng Tapulao this coming October 29 - 30, 2011?

Anonymous said...

meron po ba aakyat ng tapulao this Jan. 2012, pwede po bang sumama?

Anonymous said...

it is alright lang ba na sleeping bag lang ang dala ko...wala pa po kasi akong tent...advisable ba ang sleeping bag lang?

Anonymous said...

akyat kami sa jan.2012..:)

Anonymous said...

You will survive as per se', but having a tent in an outdoor is a must, especial this upcoming season is getting colder everyday and rain falls so unpredicted that makes your enjoyable journey downgraded into a miserable one, of which having a fine shelter means survival. Mt tapulao is not a typical/common mountain, it'll fries you alive while in trekking but it is freezingly cold at the campsite and summit.

Drew said...

Sorry for the late reply!

About sa pag iiwanan ng sasakyan meron sir sa baranggay hall mismo!

sleeping bag pwede siguro at kung my pwesto ka sa bunker! sobrang lamig sa tapulao, poor mans pulag nga sya kung tawagin!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for helpful comments guys, I'll definitely buy a tent. Pasama naman po sa Jan. 2012 climb ninyo sa Tapulao, could we possibly tag along, dalawa lang po kami.

Anonymous said...

kindly provide your contact details po sir kung sama po kayo sa Jan. 2012 climb.. thanks po..:)..

Anonymous said...

09233343053, case magkaroon po ng mga meetings then just notify me. Thanks guys

Anonymous said...

we climbed Tapulao last November 26, 2011... wag na kayong magtanong kung maarte kayo sa akyatan heheh kalahating araw na lakaran mabato pa sakit sa paa. kinuha lang namin ng 10 hours pataas at 5 hours pababa.. remember ang lamig sobra sa taas...pagdating sa taas you will see an incredible view :-) mawawala ang stress mo at pagod mo pag nasa summit ka na :-)

Randel of AYBM

Anonymous said...

kakaakyat lang namin sa tapulao last weekend (Jan. 7-8, 2012). Tama po na magbaon ng maraming pasensya..:).. mahirap pero worth it..:).. ganda ng views at sobrang lamig..:).. we were blessed with good weather.. bait din po ng locals.Hindi kami kumuha ng guide..:).. Nung pa-summit na kami, naalala ko ang akiki trail.. Yun lang, hindi ko alam kung babalikan ko ito..hehehe..


sonny alcantara said...

wow. I miss Tapulao., to cory, bakit po hndi mo lam kung babalik kapa dun? sobrang nakakapagod ba?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Sonny.. Yup nakakapagod.. Naumay din ako sa mabatong trail..hehehe.. puro bato..:).. but it was a fun climb.. Hindi ko alam kung babalikan ko kasi ang layo tapos yun, kapagod din ang mabatong trail..:).. Depende rin kung mababalikan o hindi na.. :).. But I'm looking forward to visit the Bagsit River..:)..


Anonymous said...

akyat kami dito ng 27 - 28 ok lang ba walang guide dito mga sir salamat,.. text me or call 09234422913 - noriel

Anonymous said...

@norie.. yup ok lang na walang guide. established po ang trail. please do take note na ang trail pa summit ay yung nasa tapat ng guard house. yung sa may puno na may nakasulat na "MARIO" at "Pangalagaan ang Kalikasan". kami kasi nung unang ascend namin pa summit ay dumiretso kami sa bunkhouse tapos sinundan namin yung daan. although may daan din dun, long trail naman yun. pag sa long trail kayo, mga 2 hours yun papuntang summit at hindi established ang trail. pag dun sa guard house, established ang trail at kaya ng 35 minutes papuntang summit. Kami both trail ang dinaanan namin kaya we ended up consuming 4 hours ascending to/ descending from summit. Better to take short trail. Both trails have their own unique views; short trail is like akiki trail of Mt. Pulag while long trail has bolders and rich fauna. Good luck, God bless and have the most patient climb ever.:)..

Update sa Transpo at Reg fee:
Pasay to Olongapo- P223
Olongapo to Iba- P107
Iba to Salaza- P30
Salaza to Registration Area- P240 (4 na tao sa tricycle)
Registration fee- P30


Anonymous said...

Ma'am Cory,

yung Iba-Salaza php30 is bus or trike?

Sa Hi-way yun and then sakay na ng trike to reg.area Php240/4pax.

I remembered nung 2010 eh nung nag-sundo na yung rented jeep namin eh sa hi-way kami sinundo kasi gusto ng locals na sumakay ng trike from the reg.area out to the hi-way. Thanks!


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