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White Peak/ Mt. Pandadagsaan (2,670 +)

New Bataan, Compostela Valley
Major Jumpoff: Brgy. Andap, New Bataan
LLA: 2670 MASL (#13)
Days required / Hours to summit: 2-3 days / 8-10 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 2-5

Following the feature on Mt. Candalaga, PinoyMountaineer presents the highest mountain in Compostela Valley, and the 13th highest point in the Philippines, White Peak on Mt. Pandadagsaan.

The merits of the mountain are well known among mountaineers in Southern Mindanao, but it has yet to be discovered by Luzon-based hikers. What sets it apart is the white, almost sparkling, appearance of the mountain face as contrasted to the forests surrounding it.

The trails are a mix of mossy forest and steep grassy slopes - parts of which required the assistance of built-in ropes. Peak 1 is forested, while Peak 2 offers a panorama of Compostela Valley and the Davao provinces, as well as a full profile of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. Visible also is Mt. Candalaga, another high mountain in Compostela Valley.

The trekking time to reach the summit can be as short as 9-10 hours, but the itinerary below follows a more relaxed pace, based on the latest annual climb held on March 2008. Small groups may opt to follow a 2-day itinerary plus a Day 0 for travel.


Day 0
1100 From Davao Overland Terminal, take Metro Shuttle bus to New Bataan
1500 ETA New Bataan terminal; proceed to tourism office
1700 Make final preparations
1800 Dinner / stay at Poblacion for the night

Day 1
0600 Take jeep to jump-off (Brgy. Andap)
0800 ETA jump-off; start trek
1200 Lunch on trail
1500 ETA Pag-abangan (Camp 1). Set up camp.
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0600 Wake-up call
0800 Resume trek
1200 Lunch on trail
1400 Arrival at summit (Camp 2). Set up camp.
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 3
0400 Wake-up call / Preparation
0600 Start descent
1200 Lunch
1400 Back at jumpoff
1500 Back at New Bataan; head back to Davao City

Logistics. The person to contact in arranging a climb in White Peak is Ma'am Lutie of New Bataan Tourism Office. Her cellphone number is +639203604789. Through her you can make arrangements for the climb, as well securing guides and porters. There are also open/annual climbs that you can join. Right now we have no info but we will update you on these activities.

Transportation. The staging-off point is Davao City, from where you can take buses directly to New Bataan. Manila to Davao is an air route serviced by major domestic airlines such as Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

White Peak is the answer to the mysterious Mt. Tagubud listed in the Rodol Map and future lists of Philippine tallest mountains (including the Phil Top 30 in PinoyMountaineer). The measurement given was 2670 MASL but the address was Davao del Norte. What made it doubly confusing for us to associate White Peak with Mt. Tagubud was the fact that the names changed, and so did the provinces. Davao del Norte was truncated to give way to Compostela Valley, and under the new province the mountain fell under.

The first clue was the presence of only one high mountain in the area in topographic maps. And then a certain "Puting Bato" peak was described in Tagub range, and I surmised that Puting Bato can actually be White Peak, and Tagub range can actually be Tagub - making Mt. Tagub, Mt. Tagubud, White Peak, and the current name Mt. Pandadagsaan one and the same mountain.

Hence, PinoyMountaineer identifies the mountain as "White Peak (Mt. Pandadagsaan)" and is currently listed as the 13th highest mountain in the Philippines.


saku said...

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sunbeam said...

quite confusing but real fantastic... i'll be there soon...

Anonymous said...

hi can i join to your adventure someday???
even if, nde akoh member...
hmmmm...i want to join..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info, actually i live in Pagsilaan, just 10kms away from White Peak but i really don't know what was that mountains or range you're talking.

Anonymous said...

where can i call for mountaineering questions? is there an office, or group manager we can call or is this a free site for all? 09228211598

Mark - MSH SAVE- Iligan City said...

Ito na yata ang pinaka mahirap akyatin na bundok...It's the real killer trail 10times more difficult than Mt. Pulag - Akiki Trail... We climb last weekend and in all the mountains that i have climbed, Mt. Apo -kapatagan trail,Mt. Dulang-Dulang, Mt. Pulag, Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Balatucan, Mt. Hibok2x, Mt. Talinis, Mt. Hamiguitan,Mt.Lumot & etc.- WHITE Peak has the hardest trail. Thanx Sir Bob for inviting me, it was great...

Anonymous said...

Just arrived from White Peak Climb, the mountain is lush. The trail is quite difficult and it deserves 7/9. They say, White Peak is the "Masteral" of the Mindanao mountain climbs.

Having climb Mt Pulag through Akiki trail, I can say that Akiki only deserve 5/9, just wondering how it earned 7/9

Anonymous said...

the easiest mountain i climb.. hahay

Anonymous said...

try nyo sa white peak,,,cguradong babalik kayo....

Anonymous said...

any mountaineer here in comval... himo ta grupo ninyo text lang mo 09187238607 (look 4 carga) kanang taga comval lang ha para help nato promote ecotourism diri nag send nako letter sa office ni gov uy... tnx

Anonymous said...

wr planning to climb wyt pik on dec26-30...
anyone interested to join us?...


Anonymous said...

oK..i will join,but may i have your contact #,that`s why i have to prepare and also i have to text you..tnx.:)

Anonymous said...

my friend and i are planning too..can we join your group?..from where r u? any contact number..tnx


Anonymous said...

sa pag uwe ko....pwede bang maksama sa enyu..,,,kahit san kau mag climb ok lng..etry ko lng....f kaya ko rin....tnxs.

Anonymous said...

hi kay jasmen thanks talaga

Anonymous said...

ito yung bundok na malufet at humahagufet ! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Marami ba climbers sa white peak pag-october?
balak namin mag-climb kaso no idea about sa trail and area kayo if sino my plano mag-akyat para marami tayo..jinn

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I've seen this page recently climb White peak last Halloween, It will help us to have an idea of what mountain mystery has it.

-John Mare

Anonymous said...

White Peak -New Bataan kami dec.19-21, sino gusto sumama? freelancer kmi. chip-in lng sa pagkain.hehe

Anonymous said...

pano po ba mging climber?
may rewuired age ba?
i'm still 17..

Anonymous said...

Sir Mark...Try Mt. Halcon or Guiting2 then you can say what Mts will be your hardest....

Anonymous said...

We're planning of climbing White Peak this March.
Anyone interested to join us? We're freelancers.
Just text me... 09497288880-joms

lovely mae famoso said...

.wee.i'm proud that i'm one of he products of new bataan..and m proud that we have these wonders of nature- the white peak, falls, brooks and even inland, garbo New Bataan!...

..actually, i really want to climb up white peak..but i still dont have time yet..may be next time..hehe..gud lUck! freelancers..hehe..enjoy!

Anonymous said...

sa wakas meron na traverse ang white peak!!!! wohoooo! this april ang climb sali tayo!!!

Anonymous said...

any climb on white peak for 2012?

Anonymous said...

climb kami this summer 1st week of april..xure na xure na ito..who want's to join..

Anonymous said...

may organizer ba ngayung summer climb sa white peak??
lokal or national..

ka borik said...

kailangan namin nang feedback if may mag organize sa white peak climb...
dahil nag aalanganin kami if walang mag organize...

Anonymous said...

may invitational climb para sa white peak ngayong semana santa ata..d'ko lng xure kung klan tlaga ang exact date,.. basta may invitational climb ngayong april..

ching said...

meron pong climb this incoming april 28, 27 po ata ang registration..

Anonymous said...

cno gusto sumama samin sa whitepeak??davao kmi. amateur mountaineers here. .this coming july 19,2011 na kmi pupunta don. wala lng gusto ko lng inbyt kayo :) . .salamat.

baktas mindanao
contact:09073214162 look for reggie.
sabihin nyo kng ano pakay nyo directly kci bka mag selos asawa ko. .haha

Anonymous said...

baka may mga masisipag maglakad na gusto mag climb sa whitepeak this dec..

text nyo lang ako.. 09332701865.


Arnaldo Palma said...

ang ganda pala nang white peak!! parang
sa Mt. Talomo napaka mossy forest! :) cool!
i hope someday i climbed white peak:)-___-

palma nga pala (samec) Um chapter

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