Friday, October 31, 2008

Osmeña Peak/Traverse to Kawasan Falls (1,013 +)

Dalaguete and Badian, Cebu
Entry point: Mantalongon Market, Dalaguete, Cebu
Exit point: Brgy. Matutinao, Badian, Cebu
LLA: 09° 49.209N; 123° 26.541E; 1013 MASL
Days required / Trek time: 1-2 days / 1-2 hours (summit) 4-5 hours (falls)
Specs: Minor Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail Class 1-2

This article is authored by Melanie Pador, with inputs from Aldinson Esto: they are members of ONE Cebu Adventure Team and PinoyMountaineer thanks Ma'am Melanie and her group for their contribution and support to the site.

Osmeña Peak is situated in Mantalongon, Dalaguete also known as the "Vegetable Basket" of Cebu or "Little Baguio" because of the vast vegetable farms in the area. The mountain is actually a series of rugged peaks that have been compared with the Chocolate Hills of Bohol because of its interesting formations.

At 1013 MASL, Osmeña Peak is considered the highest peak in the province of Cebu. The peak was named after the Osmeña family, an influential political clan in the province. Osmeña Peak is accessible all year round, but to avoid the hassle of rain and slippery pathways, it is best to climb the peak within the first half of the year.

The town of Dalaguete is about 85 kilometers from Cebu City. To get there, one should board a mini bus that travels directly to Mantalongon Market. This bus parks at a Caltex gasoline station near Carbon Market. Climbers may also board a bus from the South Bus Terminal, stop at the Dalaguete corner to Mantalongon and take a "habal-habal" [motorcycle for hire] ride to Mantalongon Market, or directly to the foot of Osmeña Peak. Dalaguete is on the eastern side of the province of Cebu. The Cebu south road diverges at the town of Carcar. To get to Dalaguete, one should take the left road, pass by the town of Sibunga and then arrive in Dalaguete. The right road leads to the southwestern towns of Cebu namely Barili, Dumanjug, Moalboal, Badian, etc.


The trek up Osmeña Peak
Starting from Mantalongon Market, a rough barangay road – about 1 hour to 2 hours hike – leads to the foot of Osmeña Peak. Climbers have the option to either walk or ride a "habal-habal". From the foot, the summit is around half an hour away. A water source is located along the trail to the summit. It is advisable to fetch as much water and carry it along towards the campsite or peak.

The neighboring mountain ranges of Osmeña Peak are mostly pointed and rocky, the very trade mark of the area. Some of the mountains don't have very sharp peaks and, hence, resemble Bohol's Chocolate Hills. These peaks can be likened to Bohol's native delicacy, Peanut Kisses, though. The area is somewhat bare to thinly forested because the locals are farming most of the lands.

The peak area is privately owned and has been fenced. A lot keeper collects Php20 from each climber that enters the area. At the peak, one can have a 360-degree view of Cebu South [more on the southwest side] plus a sneak peek of Negros. It is not advisable to set camp at the peak and campsites are normally established a few meters down the peak.

A man-made toilet and a poorly-built bunk house that can be used for a fee are available at the campsite. However, it is still preferred to spend the night inside pitched tents. The camping ground has loose rocks and pebbles making it quite tedious to lay down the pegs. Large rocks can be used to hold the tent in place by tying ropes tent-to-rock. Thick fog starts to envelope the campsite by early evening, and to some extent, there will be zero visibility. Temperature at the peak and the campsite is bearable, however, it is still advised that climbers wear winter clothes in order to keep themselves warm when the temperature drops and the wind picks up.

It is said time and time again that the campsite is the gateway from the spiritual realm to the physical realm and vice versa. Several climbers have their own versions of ghost encounters. Years back, there were also incidents of campsite theft and robbery. However, through the efforts of the local government, the suspected thief/thieves were seized and Osmeña Peak is a relatively safer campsite once again. Barangay Tanods also patrol the area for added safety. Still, climbers are advised to be always vigilant and on-the-watch. Socials and camp gatherings at the campsite are perked up by these ghost and robbery story-telling sessions. And when feasible, climbers may do night trek up the peak to socialize there.

Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Traverse
During the second day, it is preferred to have an early wake up call, say around 5 a.m. so that climbers can start trekking down to Kawasan Falls and reach there by noon in time for lunch. The next water source from the campsite is at least two hours away hence, it is advisable to sufficiently load hydration packs and water containers from the first water source.

The route to Kawasan Falls in Barangay Matutinao, Badian is a cut through headed to the southwest direction and follows a rugged terrain downhill. The path, usually treaded by locals carrying heavy loads of farm produce, is rocky and at times slippery. The landscape is mostly farmed with few tall trees. The trail passes by hidden valleys, lime canyons, green plateaus, slight elevations, and lowlands.

Climbers pass through local communities and clusters of houses, the residents of which can be asked for directions and other required assistance. A few "sari-sari" stores are also located along the trail. There are no specific hazards to expect during the downhill route to Kawasan Falls. The main adversaries are the roasting heat of the sun, few water sources, slippery pathway especially during rain, snakes, and the locals' dogs that may bite anytime.

Climbers may greet encountered locals by saying "Maayong buntag" [Good morning], "Maayong Udto" [Good noon], "Maayong Hapon" [Good afternoon], or "Maayong adlaw" [Good day], which can be coupled with "Agi lang mi" [We're just passing by].

Kawasan Falls
Upon arrival at Kawasan Falls, climbers may spend some time to rest their muscles and cook meals while resting before taking a dip in the cool waters.

Kawasan Falls is a magnificent three-level cascade of clear spring water in Matutinao, Badian around 100 kilometers from Cebu City. The main source of the Kawasan Falls or level 3 is the first stop for climbers following the itinerary below. Level 3 is also the third water source for climbers. Cottages, rest houses, souvenir stalls, and restaurants are available mainly at levels 1 and 2. Bamboo rafts are also available for a fee. Kawasan Falls is a good venue for family and group picnics, besides a dive-and-swim in the water. The area is thickly covered with trees and plants. The path up and down the three levels of the falls has been established and maintained with a few hanging electrical lights to guide night trekkers.

From Cebu City

Day 1
1000 At Caltex, take Dalaguete-bound minibus
1200 Arrival; Register at Mantalongon Barangay Hall
1230 Lunch at Mantalongon Market
1330 Start trek from Market to foot of Osmeña Peak
1430 Arrival at first water source
1530 Arrive at foot of Osmeña Peak; set camp / visit summit
1800 Dinner and socials

Day 2
0500 Wake up call
0515 Prepare breakfast
0600 Breakfast / Break camp
0700 Start trek to Kawasan Falls
0900 Arrive at second water source
1100 Arrive at source of Kawasan Falls / Lunch
1300 Swimming!
1630 Start trek down to Matutinao Bus Stop/Church
1700 Ride bus to Cebu City
2000 Back in Cebu City

Transportation to Cebu from Manila is a usually via a quick 1 hour plane ride to Mactan Airport - which is around 30 minutes away from Cebu City. Fares range from 2000-5000 pesos, with the lower end representing early bookings with budget airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air. Meanwhile, local transportation is by jeepneys, tricycles, and taxi. Bear in mind that 2000H is the last trip from Matutinao Bus Stop to Cebu City on Day 2 of the above itinerary.

Osmena Peak and Kawasan Falls can independently reached by a dayhike, and the traverse trail can actually be shortened into a daytrip as well, but the overnight camping is recommended. Bring large empty bottles to fetch water from the first water source. Bear in mind that the campsite caretaker collects P20 per climber and he also gets the garbage of the campers, so there's no need to bring the garbage during the traverse. Insect repellants are recommened especially in Kawasan Falls which is said to be infested by mosquitos.


The campsite is a quick trek from the summit, and is maintained by a caretaker.

Late afternoon view of the summit of Osmena Pk.

Climbers enjoy the view at the summit; the rugged peaks at the background are the multiple jagged hills that comprise the Mantalungon range.



Anonymous said...

im glad that cebu's outdoor destinations are finally getting in pinoymountaineer. more power to the contributors and for sir gid's efforts to promote phil mountains. kudos!

Anonymous said...

Minor correction lang po coz someone might get this wrong and think that the next town from Sibunga is already Dalaguete. The next town from Sibunga is actually Argao and then Dalaguete.

Argao also has two mountains which are also good destinations for a trek and camp. It's Mount Lantoy and Mount Takli-ad.. and we can also have sidetrips to a nearby Bugasok Falls and Balay sa Agta Cave.. also Argao has many historical sites to add on your list of destinations when visiting this town.

Thanks for the contributors of this article, you really have made cebu as one of the mountaineering destinations in the Philippines.

kuddos! :)

Edmund said...

Good afternoon po. May I know from you guys if you can name me some persons I can contact for the osmena peak/traverse Kawasan falls. I would like to do the same in March 2009. Many thanks po.

aldinson said...

hello edmund, good day.. you can contact our group thru e-mail, I can ask one of our members to guide you and maybe perhaps yung ibang group members namin ay sasama, if it's ok with you.

just e-mail us at or you may contact Melanie Pador ( or myself (

gideon said...

thank you very much to the members of Cebu One Adventure Team (ma'am melanie and sir aldinson) for these infos. looking forward to more cebu trek destinations!

Edmund said...

Many thanks, Sir Aldinson for a quick response. I'll be in Cebu in March 2009. I'll be e-mailing
you guys before this time for more details/info and help.
See you./ed

Hi Gideon, thanks to you also. Remember me from Mt Iraya-Batanes./ed

immortelle of cebu said...

yep, sir gid, i already sent you a correction on adding argao before arrival to dalaguete... hope that will be reflected soon...thanks... indeed, takli-ad and lantoy are two neighboring peaks in argao, which has been summited by ONE Cebu... and the team plans to document takli-ad in the coming weeks... and other peaks in Cebu -- north to south -- as well... we will try to help you enhance your site coverage on Cebu peaks by documenting them... more power!!!

ISrael said...

Sir Edmund or anyone,
Anong date ka Magtrek ng Osmena peak/traverse Kawasan Falls? I'll be in Cebu on Feb 26 up to 1st week of march.. maybe I can tag along with your group.. Thank you. you can contact me 09204553524 or

gideon said...

yes edmund i still vividly recall that rainy, windy assault up mt. iraya. hope you enjoyed the climb in cebu.

ill be doing o-peak early april as well...

Anonymous said...


A new climbing/treking destination has been opened in Dalaguete, Cebu. It is called Bandera Peak. Contact Councilor Felix Villacorta for more info. Mobile # 0920-9470182.

jen said...

I've been there to Osmeña peak kahapon lng with some friends and the Dalaguete Municipal employees! that was a very Adventurous day for us!!! maybe you're noy aware that we also have Bandera peak here in dalaguete? the trek was more difficult so mas challenging,mas enjoy!!!! makikita mo ung view ng coast tapos if u have telescope,u can even see the crown regency hotel at ayala mall located in cebu!

Anonymous said...

nice blog article mam mel...


Anonymous said...

kailan ba yung nxt climb dito?

Anonymous said...

wala na ba guide kaylangan d2? sir gid. c luigey to or super mario,wag mo na ipublish to. txt mo n lng ako 09273302724

Anonymous said...

meron po bang trail from badian to osmena peak?

Anonymous said...

good afternoon jan,its been 10 years since i hav my last hike, iwant to do it again,re-live my passion,..i would really aprecciate the help from you guys..i want to try osmena peak and kawasan falls..please advice po..can i have some contact person or numbers..ill be in cebu on last week of sept.for my my email ..

FreeZeBox said...

Meron pong trail from Badian - Osmeña Peak, ang jump off site po ay sa Barangay Basak, sa may water source ng Badian it takes 5-6 hrs. on normal pace

May climb po kami ngayong Sept. 19-20, 2009... para sa group na gustong magclimb dun.. you can contact me: and I am happy to help you... I've been there for many times but seems always my first time...

Anonymous said...

greetings and kudos!
can anyone send me the specifics of what i need to have; minimum number of people fees what gear to bring. or better yet a contact number. I really am interested. - wanna be mountaineer

Anonymous said...

hello po sa lahat..kung sino po yung mag pa guid sa osmeña peak jus txt this no. 09322313306..tga Badian po kami na mountaineers "YAMOg Outdoor Club"..tnx po

Anonymous said...

been to cebu 4 years ago , stayed there for six months, how stupid of me , hindi ako umakyat ng osmena peak.. ill be going back there and first thing that i will do is climb and eat delicious cebu foods.. orrayyttt....

-dave mustaine-

Anonymous said...

helow,poh taga cebu ako pwd mo pah sumali gropo nyo?kung ok lang sana?

zharnec said...

sir/mam, me and my family were going to plan na mag bakasyon in cebu this coming april i think 2nd or 3rd week depend on schedule, sir mam kung may climb po kayo dito or any mountain na malapit sa Cebu city , please inform me @ 09275361700, ako lng kc na akyat sa pamilya namin kaya pa sabit lng po ako sana sa inyo , thx or email me @ thx a lot

zharnec- DLSU-DMS

Anonymous said...

pwede po ba dayhike sa osmena peak?
im planning to visit cebu next month and if time permits June 16 side trip ko sa osmena, anyone na pwede ko po sabayan paakyat?



Anonymous said...

sir pwde poh paguide osmena peak to kawasan?kasi wla kami guide eh!

Anonymous said...

guys, if may plan kau bumalik sa osmena peak? sasama aku. .just contact me 09277637210. . . i have a climb this july 17-18 to pulag again. . kung sino interested just tell me.

Anonymous said...

hello to melanie and aldison name is troy pointer ..i am a landscape photographer i would like to have your assistance for a guide up the mountain camping on the peak of osmea peak with my girlfriend comming from leyte about 2nd july 2010 if you can contact me on as soon as possible i would be greatful and also let me know weather we can just come as part of a group or you can just come guide us alone and do you charge for that if so how much peso ??
and would also be looking to go on the treak down to kawasan falls and also camp there it is important that we camp in both places as i need to get the early morning shots
many thanks troy from uk united kingdom

Anonymous said...

hello to aldison and melanie ..troy pointer i am a photographer from the uk and will be travelling back to cebu about the 1st july 2010 then my girlfriend from leyte will be joining we would like your assistance to guide us into the mounatin of osmea peak it is important to be camping there near to the peak for the early morning shots ..and do you charge for the guide or can we just join your group ?? if you charge on a one to one basis please contact me on to let me know how much peso ..we also want to walk along the treak to kawasan falls and also camp there for early morning shots ...and any other advice travelling from cebu city would be apriciated or do you collect from the hotel or is it best we just get a bus if so which bus do we get from cebu city and which terminal ...thanks troy from uk united kingdom

jennifer nunez said...



Anonymous said...

any climb in Osmeña peak this august? can i hop in...09155022355...vvv

Anonymous said...

good pm sa lahat try nyo nmn ang Trail sa Badian jump off brgy.Basak 3 hrs lng po papunta sa O.Peak.. :)

***YOC of Badian***

Anonymous said...

wala ba climb dis sept.?can i join.. 09205658944

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy in the peak..the beautiful spots is worth enjoying.hope i can go back there..the travel is worth it and also the time is fully coompensated when i am in the peak..

Anonymous said...

mga sir? magkano po kaya budget dito sa osmeña peak pag galing ka pa dito sa manila?

tnx po sa pag sagot.

enjoy sa adventure natin lahat mga sir/mam.

Anonymous said...

Climb po tayo dito sa Novemer 7-11 (Any date po within that).

Sana po mapansin ako ng kahit sinong taga-Cebu Mountaineering Society.

Daghang Salamat!


Anonymous said...

Di ko man naakyat ang O-peak, nasilayan ko naman siya! Yes!


Anonymous said...


taga cebu po ako mayroon po akong grupo ng mountaineering, kong sino ang gusto mag climb sa osmeña peak handa po kami mag guide sa inyo....

god bless.....

simians mountaineering.......... enjoy nature...

Anonymous said...

hi planning to go to osmena peak traverse to kawasn by dec 27 to 28 , sino pd maksabay? thanks - richard 09172775585

Anonymous said...

baka po may alam kayong contact number ng pwedeng mag-guide sa Osmena Peak - Kawasan Falls Traverse.. kindly post your number here.. a friend and i plan to climb this january kaya lang we're both beginners. Thanks.

pandesal said...

hi all, balak ko umakyat this january since nasa cebu ako by jan 15, meron ba ko group na puwede ako maki tag along? kung may kilala kayo guide baka puwede makahingi po tulong :) thanks!

LAGATAW said...

Check out EWIT mountaineers' website ( any of them...they're really helpful. you can also search mikel magdadaro or mikelmags on the net. He's a cool guy. He knows the best hiking spots in cebu.

Anonymous said...

hi pandesal and lagataw.. gusto ko rin sana magclimb this january dito sa cebu.. baka pwedeng makitag-along..

pandesal said...

@anonymous tara lets. Dito ko ngyon cebu. anu po contact # mo sir? Matapos lang yung Sinulog. hehe hirap mag travel ngayon eh.

Anonymous said...

eto po contact no. ko
pinatapos ko lang din po yung sinulog.. then i'm good to go this jan.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

sir gid, ako po ung last na nagleave ng comment d2.. pwede po bang paki-erase nlng ung may number ko.. thanks po..

Anonymous said...


we plan to climb Osmena peak/traverse Kawasan falls this coming Wednesday (Feb. 9).. anyone interested to go there so we can tag along? mas kampante kasi kami kung may guide. u can contact me at this # 09494582699



Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for posting this i have'nt heard about that breathtaking place in my beloved Cebu, Kawasan Falls rings a bell but Osmena peak? I wonder why (they) name it on a political clan, lots of our streets where name after them anyway.
I'm glad that Cebu have lots to offer for our growing tourism industry like nature parks, rivers, mountains.
I hope to visit it when i get home...

Anonymous said...

dghang kawatan sa osmeña peak. mga locals mu katkat dayun mg pitch ug tent na trapal. pasangil dayun ug duol2x sa inyung tent. dayun if mangatulog namu halungkaton ang ubos sa inyung tent where gpang tagu-an inyu mga butang. amu cookset, mantika, ug g daginot amung saging, g-apil dyud ug pangawat ky naa ra sa ubos sa amu tent (trapal). walay batasan mga ubang tawo didto. :(

Anonymous said...

Hello po,,

We are from cebu, me and my friends gusto po namin pumunta dito sa osmena peak then sa kawasan falls, anyone can help us with the preparation..


Despicable Runner said...

im planning to climb Osmena peak on June 18, 2011 kaya wala akong kasama. baka may kakilala kayong mountaineer sa cebu na plano ring umakyat sa araw na yun. baka naman pwede makisabit na lang ako. maraming salamat. 09179018860

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Louie 21 years old. I love Hiking, Climbing, and Camping. Pero wala pa ko naka try cuz wala koi maka sabay. Thats why im searching for group here in Cebu nga pwd mo adopt nako sa ilang group. :)
add me in my fb

Anonymous said...

sino ba mga taga cebu d2? nandito kasi ko ngayon at gusto ko umakyat sa osmena peak ngayong weak. problema la ko kasabay. 09153638227. contakin nyo ko pls before ako makauwi ng manila.

jonnel said...

Hi po sa mga taga cebu meron kaming trip to cebu-bohol sa darating march 2012 since nasa cebu narin kami gusto sna nmin i dayhike ang osmena peak traverse sa kawasan falls anyone who can guide us along the trail? sana abot kaya po ung guide fee. mga 7 po kaming aakyAt...


Arvin said...

09052873385 - will climb by February 2012 (c",) Pwede po bang makisabit sa climb?

shery said...

Thank for sharing this very informative information.

chasie said...

pwde din po bang maki join? day hike lang sa march 24, 2012 if merun po...tnx :)

Anonymous said...

Hello po, may climb kami ngayong April 7, 2012 sa osmeña,kahit sino po pwede mag join samin.. kung ganahan mo, text me nalang po.. 09473419971 thanks! dayhike lang tayo.

Anonymous said...

hello po mag climb po kami sa april 7,2012 baka may gusto sumama text me lang po.. 09473419971

at ask lang po sana kamin kung sino pwede mag guide at kung sino po may itinerary for a day hike lang.. salamat po..

Deng Varona said...

planning to climb O-peak this coming July sino pwede mag guide pa send naman po ng cell number thanks

Deng Varona said...

planning to climb o-peak this july pa send namn po ng number kung sino pwede guide?

Allan said...


May plano po ako umakyat ng O-peak this coming July 26-30 (sa kahit anong araw). Pwede po kayo sumabit, or sasabit ako sa inyo :) Thanks!

here's my contact number:09155664562


Anonymous said...

Sa mga gusto o me plano mag O-peak paki scroll down po ng comments sa taas, madaming numbers ng grupo sa cebu at guides na pwd makatulong senyo. Salamat po!

Red Bautista
Speleo Samar

Chris Cortes said...

in ur traverse to Kawasan Falls, don't bring too much water. 1-2 liters will do. Remember that a Liter of water weighs 1kg. it would be a disadvantage on ur part if u'll bring more than 2liters. During my traversa to Kawasan, i only brought .75liters of water. But it is not advisable.

Richard T said...

I walked up Osmena Peak from Mantalungon recently. One correction is that you no longer need to pay to reach the top - it is now government-owned.

I didn't go to the Falls, but walked back down to Dalaguete. The only route I could find was the road - I think there might be a path along the river, in the wooded ravine below the road, but I asked some locals and they did not know of one.

An interesting hike would be to walk right across the island, from Dalaguete via Osmena Peak - I guess it would be a long day's hike.

I hope to be back in the Philippines for more hiking soon!

Soybeen said...

Hi All!

Sino may planong umakyat ng Osmena Peak this Saturday, September 22, 2012? Dayhike lang yung plan at traverse to Kawasan Falls. Iwan nalang po kayo ng feedback dito sa thread if interested.


Aldinson Esto said...

I have the GPS waypoints for the Kawasan traverse (gpx file format). It starts at the O-peak campsite. However, I'm only using my android phone for acquiring the coordinates.

If you want to have it as reference to your traverse, you may e-mail me so I can send it to you thru e-mail.

Here's my e-mail add:

Aldinson Esto said...

I have the gps waypoints for the Kawasan traverse (gpx file format). It starts at the O-peak campsite. However, I'm only using my android phone for acquiring the coordinates.

If you want to have it as reference to your traverse, you may e-mail me so I can send it to you thru e-mail.

Here's my e-mail add:

tobolita said...

My Experience --->

Anonymous said...

hi! i might do a osmena peak day hike traversing to kawasan falls on july if my sched permits me. What would be the earliest bus rides going to Dalguete? I might go by myself. how much would be the guide fee for the traverse? thanks


Anonymous said...

anyone wants to hike up to osmeña and/or bandera peak? will be there oct 3 & 4, 2013. pls. text me 09169540314.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask if how much will we pay for the guide? is onyt camping in the peak safe?

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