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Mt. Makiling/UPLB Trail (1,090+)

MT. MAKILING (via Los Baños)
Los Baños, Laguna
Major Jump-off: Station 1, UP College of Forestry
LLA: 14.13°N 121.20°E, 1090 MASL (Peak 2)
Hours to summit / days required: 1-2 days / 4-5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 3
Features: Tropical forests, variety of flora and fauna

Note: This article covers the UPLB Trail; for the Makiling Traverse from Sto. Tomas, visit this page

Since its adoption as a protected area by the University of the Philippines, Mt. Makiling has become one of the "mainstay" destinations for mountaineers, as well as scientists and tourists. The forest, which was restored during the 1910s, remains in pristine condition; a plethora of birds, reptiles, and other fauna continue to thrive in Makiling. Due to its popularity, the trails leading to Peak 2 are well-established, and no guide is necessary to climb the mountain. Although extensive damage was wrought by typhoon 'Milenyo' in 2006, as of the 2009 climbing season the UPLB trail has recovered and is now open for climbing. Since the popularisation of the MakTrav dayhike from 2008 onwards, most hikers opt for that option that comes from Sto. Tomas. However, the traditional trail from UPLB remains a good choice for a dayhike.

If climbing via UPLB, one should also visit the Mudsprings, the so-called 'crater' of Mt. Makiling where one could see pools of boiling mud. Don't be surprised by the sulfuric smell when you are there. Another sidetrip is Flatrocks, very near the jump-off. It is a river with slabs of flat rocks. Just be vigilant during the rainy season; flash floods do occur. Several years ago picnic-goers in Flatrocks were swept by a flash flood. They were found dead days later, downriver. This is a rare case, however. Mt. Makiling is a protected area, very safe for mountaineers so long as proper coordination (i.e. registration) is done at the Ranger Station.


0430 Assembly at LRT-Buendia, board Sta. Cruz bus (P99 as of Sept. 2010)
0630 ETA Los Baños Crossing, walk to corner beside Robinson's Place for jeep to Forestry (P7), or rent any passing jeep (P150~200 as of Sept. 2010)
0700 ETA jump-off point, College of Forestry, register (P10)
0730 Start trek
0845 ETA Nursery, you can buy drinks here.
0900 Head off to Peak 2. Take note of the stations to mark your progress.
1015 ETA last campsite.
1130 reach the so-called '90 degrees' at Stn. 27. Use the ropes.
1200 ETA Peak 2 (station 30), lunch
1300 Start descent
1600 ETA road to Nursery, proceed to Mudspring as a sidetrip.
1620 Arrive at Mudspring, take pictures.
1645 Back at Nursery, start walk back to jump-off
1800 Back at jump-off; walk down the road and wait for jeepney
1830 Dinner at Grove, Los Baños (many food options here)
1930 Head back to Los Baños Crossing, take Buendia or Cubao. (note: last trip for Buendia is 2030H)


Map courtesy of the Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems.

Public (1) Bus from Buendia or Cubao to Los Baños crossing [P99; 2 hours] Note: the first trip is usually from 0400-0500H. (2) walk to 'El Danda' which is beside Robinson's Mall then take the jeepney to Forestry (P7.50) or rent a jeep to take you to the trailhead or even up to the Nursery (one trip should not exceed 1000 up to the Nursery).
Private (1) SLEX to Calamba exit; (2) Follow National Highway, turn right at Los Baños Crosssing; (3) Follow through, enter UPLB and College of Forestry. Ask for the trailhead, where you can park. Some vehicles can go all the way to the Nursery if it's not muddy.

On the way back: (1) Optional habal-habal from Nursery to College of Forestry gate [P50/person; 20 minutes]
Logbook at the Mt. Makiling gate. Entrance fee is P10/person. 
Guides are not readily available but the trail is well-marked with yellow signs indicating station numbers (1-30). 
Makiling Center (Los Banos) 049-5362637. 
Camping not allowed in Peak 2 or other parts of the Wilderness Zone beyond Los Baños Stn. 11
Water sources
Cellphone signal
Present throughout the trail
River crossings
Roped segments
Yes, especially during rainy season
Hiking notes 
Backtrack if you do not see the 
Hot springs in Pansol; Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna
Alternate trails
The Sto. Tomas via Sipit and Los Baños (UPLB) routes are the only ones sanctioned by the park officials.
Yes (3-4 hours to summit; 2-3 hours down)

Maria Makiling, the guardian fairy of the mountain, is a central figure in Philippine mythology. The contour of the mountain is said to be that of her in a reclining position. This is best appreciated in the highway from Los Baños Crossing to Bay and Calauan.

Rafflesia (Rafflesia manillana) - the flowers in the world - have been sighted in Mt. Makiling's Sto. Tomas side.

Mt. Makiling must not be underestimated. Several cases of deaths have been reported throughout the years, especially in the Sto. Tomas trail. In the Los Baños trail, a danger comes in the form of flashfloods. During the 1990s, students picnicking in the Flatrocks area got swept by a flashflood. Some were never found; bodies of others were seen floating in the creeks in UP Los Baños.

In the 2004 climbing season, reports of ruffians who hold-up and extort money from climbers caused some alarm. Since then climbers were discouraged to bring valuables up the mountain. In 2005, via the Los Baños trail, a foreigner who climbed alone was found three days later in Calamba. In 2007, after the UPLB entrance was closed, forest rangers had to rescue hikers who violated the rule. Some got lost, mistaking the Sto. Tomas trail as their descent route.

The blogger grew up in Mt. Makiling, and climbs it yearly since he was 9 years old. Among his memorable experiences was encountering a giant cobra on the way to Mudspring. Many climbers report encounters with snakes. One College of Forestry personnel was said to have killed a cobra. Rumor has it that cobras can see each other's memory through the eyes. A day later, he saw another cobra trailing him. Every time, he would see or feel a cobra trailing him. When he couldn't bear it already he resigned from his job. That is why locals say when you kill a snake, you must smite its eyes.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Gideon,

were planning to climb Makiling next week. Is it still closed as of the moment? Or is it just the route to summit that is closed?
thanks for your site btw, very informative.


gideon said...

sir naldy, i just talked to a forest ranger in mt. makiling last week. he says that as of the moment, makiling is still "officially closed". however, climbers can go there "at their own risk"; that is, it's not their responsibility. possibilities include (1) going to college of forestry before the ranger comes to his post before 7am; or (2) using the sto. tomas trail then going down via UPLB.

at least three segments of the trail have been obliterated by landslides. but there are trail signs showing the way.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply. =) Were just planning to do a day hike, would it make a difference on our permit to enter? We live in the metro area and I am not sure if we can make it to the College of Forestry by 7 am.


gideon said...

i don't think the ranger on duty will allow you in if you're going to the peak. what others do is they claim they're just going to mudspring, but they go ahead to peak 2. since making is officially closed to hikers, i cannot really encourage you to proceed. if you are familiar with the trails, maybe you can request the ranger to let you in; one of the reasons they've closed it is because a lot of climbers get lost, due to the confusing trails.

Anonymous said...

hi im marco, forestry student uplb. good site, very informative..nice..keep it up

gideon said...

thanks marco, i used to live in the forestry housing (below coop) as my dad was a professor at the college of forestry. we'll do our best to keep up the site!

Anonymous said...

great article..the iteneraries would be very helpful..i was just wondering where in makiling u took those nice pics of yours..i've climbed peak2 twice, both using the lb trail, as i'm a uplb student. so makiling is still closed..though my brods claimed they climbed makiling a few weeks ago..i suggest to those who want 2 climb peak 2, do so in the dry season so as not to encounter limatiks, and avoid the slippery conditions. more power to this site!


gideon said...

bard, thanks for the comment. indeed it is "officially closed" although many get to climb still...esp. those who have climbed it before.

cover pic was taken on the trail (stn. 28; 980 MASL) between peak 2 and the '90-degree'...the peak photographed is either peak 1 or 3.

the pic with me on a giant leaf is at stn. 15.

rainy season is really (1) slippery and (2) limatik-infested! sobra!!

Anonymous said...

really? maybe ur dad knows my uncle though he was in horti. Ramon barba? u know what ive been studyin here in up for like 4 years and the farthest i've got to is mudspring..hahaha

vision said...

Hello there Gideon,

My friends and I are planning to trek Mt. Makiling by the second week of February this year. We are planning to tackle the Sto. Tomas trail.

I'm wondering how if you could give us some pointers regarding the trail
a, are trail-markers available or easily be seen.
b, how easy/hard the trail to the summit.

Thanks and more power !


gideon said...

hello sherwin, i just did mt. makiling via sto. tomas last week and we'll be posting another mt. makiling article about it in a few days' time. . i hope that upcoming post will help your group.

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot !


Anonymous said...


i saw this page while doin reaserch on mt makiling

im actually a native (of the place-lb) and am currently a student here :)

re: rafflesia

rafflesia is also abundant in the makiling botanic gardens,
located at the los banos side of the mountain.

the rafflesia found here though, are not the largest flowers in the world, although they are of the same species (i think the record holder is a malaysian species, and if i remember correctly,it beat manillana by only a few centimeters)

there are regular sightings of this plant when they are in season,

and although inside a lanscaped area, they are not found in the usual trails and stone paths in the garden because they were not planted or transplanted to this area. these flowers are actually a form of parasite which grow only from spores and attach themselves to decayed or decaying matter, that is why its quite difficult to look for them, because they do not have other plant parts (mainly leaves) to indicate their presence when the flower is not yet in bloom (i dont remember the particulars because im not a plant bio or plant systematics major but and this was taken up in one of our basic courses :) )

hope this helps


Anonymous said...

re: rafflesia again

sorry for the wrong spelling of research, hehe



gideon said...

re: rafflesia

hello there, i'm actually a native of LB too. i grew up in the UP college of forestry housing and had high school at up rural.

this is a very interesting item you posted. i used to swim at the MBG pool -- i never knew there were rafflesia there pala. when is the flower in season? i should check it out! :D

BOF said...

Hi Gideon,

It is one in my wish list to have an adventure in mountain climbing. And, I would like going to Mt.

Makiling to be my first mountain hiking experience.

My questions are as follows:
1) is the trail still closed?
2) what are the preparations needed for mountain climbing regarding the gadgets, etc?

Please give me some tips in taking mountain climbing for adventure.

Thanks much :))

More power to you!

Your site is very helpful and informative. This will be a great help for someone out there seeking info about Mt. Makiling mountaineering..

gideon said...

to bof: the trail is still closed as far as i know though i think it will be opened soon. for a first time, mt. maculot in batangas would be a nice alternative.

i usually divide 'things to bring' between the basics stuff and the elemental protection.

basic stuff are
(1) water - around 2 liters
(2) food - trail food and lunch
(3) clothing - light clothing that protects skin from abrasions, insect bites, limatik
(4) shelter - N/A

protection from the ff elements:
(1) rain - waterproof everything; bring ponchos; extra clothes
(2) heat - not much in makiling
(3) cold - not much in makiling
(4) dark - flashlight just in case
(5) bio - off lotion

i should make an article about these things soon!

jonathan bourne said...

From Jonathan Bourne M.D. in Mammoth Lakes, California
Hi Gideon--Do I ever wish I had looked at your internet site before I climbed Mt Makiling on February 9, 2008. I was on a two week visit to the Philippines when I decided to climb Mt Makiling again. This was the first mountain I ever climbed when I was 13 years old in 1969. I spent 2 years in Los Banos then while my father worked as a visiting professor at UP Los Banos. I was dropped off at the Forestry Dept. trailhead at 9am but was told the trail to the peak was closed. I asked all over for a guide, without sucess--so I signed "mud spring" in the register and hiked up the road. I talked with at least a dozen people on the trail, but was told the trail was closed to the peak. After passing by the final house/shack the road became overgrown with jungle and there were multiple "closed" signs on a tree that had fallen across the road. A clear path was evident under the tree, so I proceded onward and easily reached the peak in one and a half hours of fast hiking. To my amazement, the only obstruction I encountered were a few fallen logs across the road, although the trail was quite overgrown. The jungle was beautiful, but there were a lot of leeches near the top, as well as some skin-irritant vegitation similar to stinging nettle. I hiked/ran from Peak 2 back to the trail entrance in one and a half hours, since I had to meet my ride. Overall it was a nice hike, although would have been much less stressful had better information been available. I wish I had seen your site before the hike--Jonathan

gideon said...

hi jonathan, that was quite an adventure! indeed makiling is officially closed, but the trails are intact (climbers go up from sto. tomas, batangas and go down via UPLB, preserving the trails). they ought to open it up soon. anyhow, im glad you still managed to reach the peak!

mt. makiling must have been much more splendid back then in 1969. my dad was also a UPLB professor and i'm a currently a medical student at the UP COllege of Medicine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathan,
I am climbing on Sunday Mount Makiling. Because of your description I know now how to get there. I will just write Mud Springs ;)

Thanks a lot!!!

paul said...

We hiked Mt Makiling March 11 2008 (Peak 2)
The trail is officially closed but we got a guide and they let us through. We stayed at the UPLB hostel (near the Forestry Dept. trail head) the lady at the front desk knew the guide.

Near the peak the trail becomes very difficult, it is almost completely over grown, huge number of leeches, steep and very slippery.

The jungle was beautiful and it was an incredible hike. However there is not much of a view from the top. It took us about 7 hours to do the hike, with a stop for lunch at the top and a stop at the mud springs.

The trail is marked and quite passable; however I would strongly recommend getting a guide. Well worth the 1,000P.

Anonymous said...

im not from LB but makiling have always been close to heart,since my boy scouting days i've often come to the place hiking, biking, driving,. i've brought my friends and nephews there and they all like the place. i think makiling offers a complete variety of experience plants, animals(snakes), giant trees( my nephews said "so that is the REAL tree")
it is a great place to teach people to appreciate nature, mountaineering,. also because it's very accessible.
im sad that they often close mountains like these.
hey instead of closing mountains to let it repair itself why dont they invite us to help stabilize trails to minimize erosion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Timon here

Anyone here can guide a group of 3 for teh climb and possibly an overnite stay.

gideon said...

@paul: thanks for the update. indeed, makiling's forest, i daresay, is the grandest dipterocarp forest in the south tagalog region.

@timon: please send the details of your planned climb at and ill try to patch you up with a guide.

domengzhu said...

I almost live here
both side
I camp through mang romy's house(b4 garahe if ur from UP side)
he even feed us food that you'll think imposible..(dinuguang Paniki)

other side (Sto.Toma) mang gimo(dont know if he's still alive)bago sa melkas,local sya na environmentalist..1st tym q kumain ng ginataang ubod ng nyog..san kpa..vegetarian delight..hehe..

way back 1999 yung stay q jan (both sides)na almost a month..if you know papa rey(Famy Climber)dito po sya na alimatik sa mata(traverse side)bago yung legendary na interviw nya sa G2(na wag q raw pagsabi)

balik aq d2 2012..

Anonymous said...

sir gid
you said makiling is the grandest dipterocarp forest in southern tagalog, i agree but how many people know makiling have been extensively logged long ago. the trees we see now is second growth forest, thanks to reforestation and stewardship of uplb.
makiling is an exemplary model of management,it shows we can save not just the very few virgin forest not victimized by enrile cojuanco & madrigal logging companies, but we can save mountains logged off by greed

gideon said...

@anonymous: i think that the very presence of mountaineers can help deter illegal loggers from doing their dirty work, although inevitably we we still have a lot of them as long as enforcement is impossible and legislation half-hearted.

makiling, being a secondary growth forest, is indeed proof that there is hope even for our denuded mountains.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all,

I just want to know if what is the proper route to go the peak of Mt. Makiling. Is it UPLB or in Sto. Tomas Batangas.

We'll planning to climb this coming Saturday(July 7, 2008). And we planning to go to UPLB route. But someone said that it is already closed.

gideon said...

the latest information that we have is that mt. makiling is now open via the UPLB trail and this trail is what i would advise if this is your first time to climb makiling.

expect a 4-5 hour climb up and 3-4 hour descent; conditions are benign but it should get muddy (and ma-limatik) if it rains. enjoy your climb!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gideon.

Bachwitz said...

Sir Gideon,

Were planning to climb Makiling this coming Saturday. I happen to ask my friend who works in UPLB to inquire if there are requirements needed to climb. She replied that the forest ranger told her that it was still closed. Was Makiling reclosed?
Can you please verify this so that we may know if we should cancel our climb.


Bachwitz said...

follow up lang po. Sir Gideon.


gideon said...

@naldy, as far as i know mt. makiling is now open for climbing. i got this info last june from my friend who is a forest ranger in the park. he hasn't updated me since then so im assuming that it remains open. enjoy your climb!

Luc said...

Hi all,

Summitted Peak 2 yesterday. Thought some of you may be interested in the following points:

- The person who got me to sign in at the starting point at UPLB College of Forestry said Peak was closed, so I signed in as going to mudsprings;

- Path was very clear until just after a large clearing, after which there is a sign saying 'beginning of wilderness area, no camping allowed beyond this point', with an orange arrow pointing left and up. This is indeed the right way. About 200-300 m on, though, you will see a 'station' metal sign (station 15 ? can't remember...). Look for a path going right (and over the stream bed) BEFORE the station sign, do not pass just beside the sign even though that appears to be the better-beaten trail. As obvious as it sounds now, do not do as I did and climb the 8 foot mud wall floolowed by the treacherous muddy cliff that follows...

The correct path has an orange arrow about 30 yards after the fork, and there are regular ribbons and/or plastic bags wrapped around trees for guidance.

Also do not be discouraged (as some climbers were, telling me its impossible to get to the summit) by the sometimes overgrown path - the peak is worth a few scratches...

- Some parts are indeed muddy and slippy, appropriate footwear is key.

- This would have been rather painful without long pants, and my trekking stick was worth its weight in gold, especially to provide more balance on the slippy parts.

- Do not do as I did and start too late. I started at 9:40, and had to really push hard to make it down by 5:30 (though avoiding my wrong turns would have saved me the best part of an hour).

- Fair few limatik towards the top, ended up flicking away probably 30-40. Only one came close to latching onto my skin (and another was indeed aiming for my eye !), enough to be very glad I brought alcohol to get rid of them.

Go and enjoy it !


Bachwitz said...

-yep the makiling via LB trail is indeed still close. We also signed going to mudspring.

- we also got lost to the trail that LUC mentioned. We wasted an hour looking for the path, we didnt noticed that there was a trail that accross a shallow creek.

- unluckily we didnt get to summit, there were still about 200++ meters remaining according to my watch and base on our calculation if we proceeded, nightime will be on us and since I forgot my headlamp we decided to backout.

- never imagined there were so many limatiks, it seems like 5-10 are trying to attack each one of us at a time.


gideon said...

@luc, naldy: thanks for the update on the status of mt. makiling. your detailed information on the confusing parts of the trail would doubtless make it easier for those who will climb in the future. im sorry to hear that the group of sir naldy didnt make it the summit.

it is very unfortunate that makiling is 'closed' again. this would mean that the rangers will not maintain the trail and this doesn't bode well with the coming of the rainy season. i was told that it has already been opened, although perhaps drawing from their bad experience last year, they decided to close it again.

Julie Anne said...

i've been visiting this site, regularly, eversince i've found out about it. It has been very helpful for me and for all those who are just starting to do mountain climbings.

this blog about Mt. Makiling has been one of my favorites. I have been to Peak 2 twice. First time I climbed it I was with real life mountaineers. Kakaulan lang nun at sobrang maputik. Nasira cross trainers ko that time (mahirap talaga umakyat kapag kakaulan o umuulan kasi malambot ang lupa).
Then yung 2nd time, April 2005.. summer. Medyo madali akyat. This time I went with my college friends. Mga wala talaga kaming alam sa pamumundok kaya medyo lakad lang talaga kami ng lakad at picture taking lang ng picture taking. It took us 8hours para marating yung peak. Pero sulit, maganda ang view habang umaakyat at maappreciate mo talaga ang beauty ng nature with its diverse species of plants and animals.☺

Right now, nahilig na ako sa pag climb, and marami na rin akong naakyat, pero sa lahat Makiling has been the closest to my heart.
I missed the smell of its trees. Tagal ko na rin kasing di nakakabisita ng Elbi after college.

sana magkaroon ng open climb.
sama ako!

salamat sa mga informative posts!
God bless and may we all have more mountains to conquer!!!

gideon said...

@julie anne: just like you, mt. makiling is also very close to my heart. as i wrote in the post, i grew up on this mountain, and first climbed it when i was 9. i was so excited at that time, but i wore the wrong shoes and my toenails took the toll! at that time i was still apprehensive on how i will fare with the '90-degrees'!

incidentally, i met a korean climber in maculot last week who said he's climbed makiling 104 times!

Anonymous said...

hey 104 times!? seems incredible, but i imagined had i studied in LB or stayed there for some reason i would have gone up maybe 99 times hehe right now i've been there 9 times and planning to do more, simply enchanting up there.
too bad it's often close, can we have a program to keep it open, people learn to care for nature just by being in makiling

gideon said...

yes, there should be a way to open mt. makiling and at the same time regulate visitors to make sure it remains clean and no irresponsible climbers get lost.

Anonymous said...

hi there gideon! we're planning to climb mt.makiling this coming sept.13. i just wanna make sure that the trail is open. can you please verify that to me. i really need your help. this will be the first time i'm going to climb mt.makiling so i need your expertise on what are the precautionary measures that i need to do. thanks ----JOEL,teletech

Anonymous said...

Sir Gideon I was wondering if you could help me out.
My friends and I are planning to climb Mt. Makiling this saturday 9/6/08. I have climbed makiling way back on 2003. I remember that the trail was mildly challenging and we did not get lost. We also did not have a guide.
I'll be leading this climb and i have a few concerns. Has the trail changed that much after Melinyo?Im concerned that we will get lost.By my last climb i do not remember twists and forks that may get us lost ( thoughI was not the lead pack at that time )... Also is a guide required now?If not, is a guide highly suggested? Can we pitch tent and stay overnight at camp2?
That's all. I'd really appreciate if i could get a reply from you :)... Tnx!!!

gideon said...

if you are determined to climb makiling, you can either ask official permission from the up college of forestry...or, you can simply go there, and write 'mudspring' in the logbook where you'll be asked to state your destination. use your best judgment. our latest sources say makiling is 'closed' as of now.

as for the trail, due to the 'closed' nature of makiling right now, especially with rainy season, let me warn you that the trail may be hard to find at the points that were destroyed by the typhoons. however, they are visible and

guides are hard to find on the spot since the mountain is closed and there is no regular guide service. as for overnights, it is not advisable right now.

so for people really determined to climb makiling in this season, i advise you to do it as a daytrip but start very early -- 5am if possible. be vigilant with the trail and use the yellow station markings as your guide to know you're on track. if there is no yellow marking, backtrack to where you last saw one.

take note that pinoymountaineer does not encourage climbing closed mountains but in cases like makiling, they are not that strict anyway, so its up to you. i wish your groups a successful mt. makiling climb.

Anonymous said...

Sir Gideon
Thnx for your reply.
We went ahead with climb but we went on Sunday but stopped with about 1.5hrs more to go till camp2 becuase of the limatiks! There were just too many of them! Even if I rid myself of the thing there would be like ten more crawling on my shoes and pants in just 10mins.
So i guess mt.makiling is really not for the squemish types. :)

Anonymous said...

Sir Gid, ask ko lang what is the requirements to be able to climb Mt. Makiling coz were planning to climb this coming October...

gideon said...

you mean to get a permit? you can just call college of forestry to inform them. or, you can just go ahead with the climb. right now we're getting mixed reports whether you can just walk in and they'll allow you to go. but what im sure of is that if you call them, there is a way for you to get a permit.

medyo malabo talaga ang makiling. most people just sign "mudpspring" as their destination and go nonetheless to peak 2 just to do away with these complications.

read my previous comments on doing makiling climbs to have more ideas about this ^^

Nico_Biko said...

Hello Gideon,

Your site is very informative, Kudos to you!

Im planning a climb to peak 2 (flat rocks and mud spring included) this October. I hope you could help me out. I have often climbed to flat rocks with my dormates during my college years. We also used to trek along the creek from flatrocks up until a small water falls with a natural pool. We often go there during brownouts on weekends with nothing to do and just take a dip on the natural pool.

I would just like to inquire if whether it was possible to reach mud springs through that trail. They used to say that we could reach mud springs on that trail but I have not experienced it first hand. To add to that matter, I'm in doubt due to the land slides brought by Milenyo.

Your advice is very much highly appreciated. Great work on the site.


Anonymous said...


i would like to inform if Mt. makiling is open this october?im planning a day hike with my is our first time to hike?any advises?where can we hire a tour guide?

thank you in advance

Philip-SPC, Lag.

Ludwig said...

Hey-o, mountaineers
(aka: the foolhardy).

I usually climb alone.
And I enter Maquiling
one hour before dawn.
Which is still in darkness.
And I do that to scare myself
so much so that I Call out

You see, in the city,
our fears are masked by
the lights, noise and people.
We rely on ourselves and others.
But try being alone,
in utter darkness,
in a mountain.


Another reason I enter Maquiling
before dawn is to experience... the dawn.
Then too, the nocturnal creatures are making
a racket, so with the cacophony of the diurnal.

Add to that the clean oxygenated mountain air
that is assaulting one's nostrils and
one's pollution-wracked lungs,
the smell of the earth,
and the trees...
is heavenly.

Which makes living in the city, hellish.
Anyway, Maquiling is an easy short climb.
But people who take her for granted
usually end up dying there.

Unlike other mountains, Maquiling
is fraught with danger. One slip
is all it takes to fall in a ravine.
Or a dangling vine to poke your eye out.

Milenyo has caused some twenty landslides
where all the significant trails are now covered by uprooted trees and boulders.
If you go without a guide, you would
quite certainly get lost.

This comment is about where to find
such a guide. Pay him PHP500
(the going rate is PHP1,000+).
His name is Tony (wife, Nora).

Upon reaching the plateau (where the
Nursery is), there are five stores
to one's left; keep walking, after
Mud Springs (some 300m), is
another store owned by
Tony's mother.

When climbing Maquiling, wear shorts
and short-sleeved shirts! That way,
you can easily spot and
remove the leeches.

Enjoy Creation.
Climb a mountain.

wowoo said...

sir help.. i need info about camping site just inside the jamboree or any site in makiling not exactly inside the overnite camping lang to destress from work. i need contact info and a nice spot to pitch tent and enjoy the place. thanks. pls do txt me 0917-7385359 - wowoo

Anonymous said...

IS the mountain open now?

Anonymous said...

hello sir gid, sa maktrav, madadaan mo yung Peak 3 and Peak 2. Saan pala yung Peak 1?

gideon said...

peak 1 is visible from peak 2 (to the south face) but as far as i know it is not part of the trail system.. will verify this.

yes i think the mtn is open now.

Anonymous said...

ok na po ba sa UPLB dumaan?

Anonymous said...

Sir Gid,

Kailangan pa po bang tumawag sa Forestry bago umakyat or pwede na dumiretso dun?


Anonymous said...

Good day Sir Gideon,

Gusto ko lang po malaman kung until what time po pwedeng pumasok sa UPLB, plano po kasi naming magcamp doon pero gabi na kami pupunta. Thank you very much Sir.

Anonymous said...

Sir Gideon,

Established ba sorba ang trail, that it is still safe to go there kahit first time and without a guide? From the Forestry, kelangan pa ba namin mag rent ng jeep for the 4KM hike to the nursery or pwede namang lakarin?

Thanks sa IT, susubukan namin ito sometime soon.

gideon said...

pag gabi i think its okay pa rin, hindi naman yun sinasara. just inform the rangers pag nakabalik na kayo. and it's NOT needed to inform forestry in advance, you can just walk in there.

the jeep is NOT necessary...lalo na pag small groups we usually just go there and walk up. the good thing about the 4KM hike are the nice views of the forest.

pj ramos said...

sir gid,
Good am po sir,still open pa din po dba ang Makiling via UPLB...need pa po b ng GUide...climb po sana kame this april 30 dun.
thnx sir and More power

Marz said...

we went here nung feb walang trail.. grabe.. kala ko mamatay na kami .. pero masaya.. we weren't able to get to peak 2.. i will post some pics in my site..

dongski said...


we're planning to climb mt makiling this april 18. any updates on the mountain? bat po kayo nde naka abot ng peak 2? if ok lng po pede add nyo ako sa YM . i want to ask questions from people that went there para ma ihanda ko ung mga kasama ko this april. thnx po

Anonymous said...

Hi dongski!!!

Actually may trail kaya nga lang pag pasok mo sa wilderness zone hahati yung trail sa 2. Kung sa left na trail ka pupunta sa peak 1 ang bagsak mo.. kaya sundan nyo lang ung patay na ilog... un lang..

Anonymous said...

hi gideon!
my family is planning to climb makiling this summer. we're all first timers.
is it safe for children ages 9, 11 and 13 to go up there?


your former math teacher in UPRHS =)

dongski said...


thanks po. we will be camping @ malaboo campsite then will just go to peak 1 and 2 for picture taking

RaymondHTMT said...

makiling here we come

Anonymous said...

goodluck po sa aa aakyat ng mt makiling, be ready lang po to face limatiks lalo ngaun lagi umuulan sobrang marami mula sa station 14 pero banda taas konti na lng.

Anonymous said...

Good Day Sir Gid, ask ko lang po kung ano ang puwedeng dalhin kung sakaling may kumapit na limatiks sa amin? Ano po ang first aid? Sabi po nila alcohol at efficasent oil na paghahaluin at yun ang gagamitin at matatanggal na. At sabi din po huwag hihilahin kung sakaling kumapit sa balat kasi maiiwan ang ngipin, totoo po ba ito? Pls help po sa inyo at sa mga expert na dito. Sana po matulungan ninyo kami kasi po akyat kami sa MAY 23, 09.. More Power po!!

Jay Co - Urban Trekkers

Anonymous said...

hi guys. just like to ask something. if i could remember i think i saw this video in sine skewela when i was i kid. there's a mystery in mount makiling where in they poured a water on to the slope road (one of the cemented road they have there in mount makiling) and instead of flowing the water downward it goes upward on the road. some kind of magnetic field. kindly tell me if that was true?

Anonymous said...

Just go there and try it para makita mo with own eyes kung true tlga un.

mcm said...

Thanks to our very kind and patient guide, Mr. Coby Sarreal. Kids had so much fun. Fast asleep now. But lots of stories to tell when they get home.
Thanks too to Dr. Gideon Lasco for taking us up to the Mudsprings and making sure we made it back whole.
Hi from all of us!
Rene& Mira
Kids: Ashley, Dwaine, Miguel, Marc, Matthew, Patrick
We'll keep in touch.
Hope to climb with you soon!

mcm said...

Thanks to Jason too who coordinated with everybody and was checking on us to the end!
God bless you all!

Rowan said...

Gideon - do you know if it is possible to take a vehicle up to the tayabak camp area (makiling uplb entrance point) or beyond? i have a 4 x 4. our kids get bored walking up the do i. i'd like to hike from tayabak or the end of the road if possible.

gideon said...

@mcm: thank you also for going to makiling with our guideship service! i hope the kids enjoyed and i hope to meet u again next time!

@rowan: yes it is possible, unless its raining very hard -- the rough road gets rougher

gideon said...

@jay: regarding limatik, there is an entire page devoted to this and all my recommendations, plus those of other readers, are there:

Ivan Laurence JFINEX said...

hi! we will be climbing mt. makiling via uplb trail this coming may 27, 2009 as part of our teambuilding activity.

your site is very helpful!

thanks a lot!

Ivan Laurence said...

hi this is ivan again.

Just want to share our experience in climbing mt. makiling via uplb trail

We started and registered at the ranger's station at aroun 8.30 in the morning.

We told him we're heading Mudsprings but our real goal is to head to the summit.

The ranger even boasted that we did not look like we are going to the summit. Maybe because of our outfit.

We hiked up and made it to station 7 (befor mudsprings). The vendors there warned us about the dreaded LIMATIKS. Some of us hesitated to go on.

But we did. We passed Mudsprings and Agila campsite. The trail starting Agila campsite I must say is where the challenge begins.

The vendor told us that the limatik infestation will start on Station 20.

But we were just on Station 12 when we saw one tiny thing on our friend's (JANE) jeans (yes, she was wearing jeans :) ) Then one of our friend (RAYB) saw one on his foot. Just then I looked at mine to check and saw a tiny blood sucker clinging on my left foot. That's when we panicked and screamed and just ran off.

That was a horrifying experience, to see the bloodsuckers everywhere, (they are on every edge of the plants waiting for us to pass, firmly standing up like a television antenna!)

We reached the board saying Wilderness Zone
There were two paths. We headed the wrong way! Because there were no signs that we should go to the path which was somewhat descending. I suggest to the facilitator or any concerned citizen or mountain climber to fix this. The vendor told us that many hikers got really ost by taking that other trail. Although it points up to the summit, that trail is very dangerous! We didnt reach the summit because we realized that there were not any yellow markers for ten - fifteen minutes and it was raining already. Thunder.

We decided to go down. We met the not so friendly leeches again.


When we stopped over at station 7 again, that was the time when one of our friedn (WILSON) revealed that he feels that there was a limatik on his eye. I looked at it and, yes, the blood sucker (fat, this time) was very comfortable inside his right eye. We panicked (of course) I did the honor of pulling it using a tweezer, but I just could not do it, every time the limatik free itself from the tweezer, everyone will just shout and scream. One villager helped us and pulle dthe limatik using his fingers. Then, we burned the f***ing blood sucker using a cigaretted.

Whew. What an experience.
We were not experienced mountain climbers.
We did not reach the summit.
But the experience was wonderful and very memorable.

Wilson said that he wants to climb Makiling via UPLB trail again in the hopes that next time, we shall reach the summit.

(We conducted this as part of our team building activity, we were 16 but only eight of us bravely faced the challenge to hike Mt. Makiling.

Ivan-that's me. I think I was bitten by at least twenty limatkis along the way

Jane-the first victim of the limatik

Wilson-one limatik entered his eye, tragic,

Mae-the girl scout slash cheerleader

Dan-the quiet guy (on the way down, a huge limatik was biting his arm!!!)

Camille-youngest in the group, 16 years old

Rayb-his sweat could fill a bucket, his legs were also a limatik fave

Tela-scream scream scream "tanggalin nyo tanggalin nyo huhuhu)

I will upload the video of our Mt. Makiling escapade including the limatik on the eye soon on my youtube account

Anonymous said...

we'll climb mt. makiling this coming sat as part of our prep for the freedom climb. this time, we hope to get the real trail as we got lost here going to peak 2. we wound up instead in peak 1 at a very challlenging trail. hope to see you other hikers there!

"pag malipot, magkapot sa lobot"

Anonymous said...

sir pwd sumabay

Anonymous said...

Sir Gid, is the Sto.Tomas side open for mountaineers this year? what updates can you share us those who want to climb there. Thanx and more power!

Noel Miranda

freak19 said...

akyat kami dis coming june 28,2009 dayhike lang since bawal mag camp beyond station 15, kita kitz!
-jr STO

jsb said...


kayo ba yung mga taga calamba? if yes, naka sabay namin kayo hehe salamat sa pag guide sa station 15

JR -STO said...

@jsb yep sir kami nga po un hehehe...
updates lang po regarding s status tlga ng makiling... open for climb n po tlga since nung holy week sabi nung ranger s ranger station...

enjoy =) yngat lang sa attack of the limatiks!
sobrang babangis parang gutom n gutom sila

more power sir gid!

Anonymous said...

SIR... NUNG nag camp kame sa MAKILING, NALIGAW kame... as in...

paran pinag laruan kame ni maria makiling kasi.... imbes peak 2 kame... napadpad kame sa isang matarik at liblib na lugar

may rope din sya..

kaso... mula wilderness, d na namin nakita yung stn.15 to 30...

anong lugar kaya yun???

gideon said...

thanks for sharing your stories about getting waylaid beyond the wilderness zone. indeed, it is a tricky part because the trail should turn right but it was obstructed during a typhoon last year so the tendency of people is to head to the steep, left trail that actually leads to peak 1.

i will forward this matter to the head of makiling forest reserve.

Anonymous said...

Mga Sir, tanong lang po..advisable po bang mag night trek sa mt. makiling?


ayo said...

Mga Sir, advisable po bang mag night trek sa Mt. makiling? via uplb

ivan said...

anonymous na nagpost nung July 6, 2009 5:48 PM ,

ganun din ang aming naencounter! naligaw din kami at di nakita yung yellow plates ng stations 15 - 30

ang pufferfish said...

Hello! You mention in your article that jeep rides can be taken along the road at an additional cost. Are there regular schedules? I would like to enjoy a picnic at the picnic area near the mud springs trail with my family including two young children (6yrs and 3) and I don't think they'd be up to hiking it there (though I would!). I wonder if you could also tell me the best place to park closest to the entry point. It's been 12 years since I've been there and I can't wait to get back. Thanks much for your comments.

gideon said...

ken there is a once-daily trip but im not sure about the sked, i think it leaves the nursery early morning and comes back late afternoon so its not really dayhike-fiendly.

you can park in the entry point itself.

jaya said...

Hi! I'd like to ask something lang. We climbed Makiling this August 2 using the UPLB trail. From station 12 to 13, we were stopped by this tall wall of dirt. Is this really a part of the trail? From the guide we were expecting something like this near peak2 na, at station 27 where there are ropes that can be used.

We thought we were lost pero we met another group. One of them tried climbing pero came back as he realized that we were probably in the wrong trail. Hindi ko lang sure talaga kung ganun talaga yung trail kasi parang ang delikado. In fact, when that guy tried climbing down, several portions of the wall where he clinged on came loose. Parang mga malalambot na bato na natitibak.

Ask ko lang is normal ba to?

Share ko yung pics nung part na tinutukoy ko.


Anonymous said...

What would be the limatik/leech situation now? We're planning to climb this weekend (22-23 Aug) with my 8-year kid.

sol said...

I joined the 11the makiling tree planting on august 8 and 9, 2009. There were more than 200 volunteers. After that, we climbed peak 2 via uplb trail.

Thanks guys for the suggestions on how to deal with limatiks. I rubbed detergent soap on my socks, treking pants, and shirt. I also rubbed off lotion and efficascent oil. For those who were about to climb, bring alcohol. It would be much helpful if you will place it in a cologne dispenser; that way you will just have to spray it on the limatiks. Thank God I was not bitten by any...Also, wear bright-colored clothes for you to easy visialize the limatiks clinging on you. :>

Anonymous said...

me and my friend were planning to climb makiling. is it safe right now regarding the previous typhoon? we're actually planning on october 19 if its possible. pls reply ASAP. thanks!

edge said...

definitely this Mountain also affected by typhoon and not yet recovered...

MCME (049)5363572/2577
Brgy.Batong malake (049)5364349

Try to contact them for possible climb on UPLB trail..

Might not passable to Sto.Tomas trail because of the portion in cogon grass landslide medyo nabura ung steps dun paakyat, baka maligaw pa kau...

But if go,let us know if safe then..TY

rytz said...


Just to update those who wanted to climb Mt. Makiling, i just spoke with the MCME personnel and they said that the Los Banos trail is open however they do not encourage mountaineers to spend the night there. MCME is giving us this information for a reason so let's all be cautious and be responsible hikers.

Thank you!
Have a safe climb!
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

hi, question lang.. can we start climbing mt. makiling at the UPLB jump off point then eventually exit at Sto. Tomas side? possible ba yun? parang babaliktarin lang namin ung Maktrav? patulong naman oh.


Anonymous said...


possible ang gusto mo na from uplb at labas kau ng sto thomas, brgy san bartolome.

if you do this dapat meron kau kasama na alam ang trail pababa sa brgy. san bartolome. hindi biro ang trail dahil matarik at baka hindi mo makita ang mga ribbons na trail sign.

if u do san bartolome nakaharap sau ang mga trail sign na ribbon na naka tali sa talahib. after ata or before ng haring bato ang mga trail sign ribbons.

i suggest magsama ka ng alam ang maktrav para walang problema at wag magmadali sa trail ok just enjoy it.

hope this helps,


Anonymous said...

I agree ke roi,medyo matarik ang reverse trav sa makiling pero enjoy yan pagtapos.

Gudluck sa grupo mo sir/mam!


Anonymous said...

hello sir Gid, I'm sorry for not writing in advance, but me and my colleageus are planning to hike on Mt. Makiling this Saturday Dec.19, 2009.

is it ok if we go there (walk-in)? or are there any possible routes that we could take? do w3e need to call or inform someone there?

can you also give us some instructions.

and lastly, can we get a guide there?

please reply asap. thanks so much!! ^^,

if you may please, email me:

thanks so much!!!


Pepe Alas said...

Hello Gideon,

Me, my comrade Arnaldo, and two officemates went up there (using the UPLB trail) yesterday. I failed to reach this beautiful mountain's highest point when I first attempted to scale it. For the second time, I failed to reach Peak Two. =(


Anonymous said...

Plan po namin (epson mountaineering club) mag-dayhike sa saturday (feb.6, 2010) sa makiling, traverse po sana. jump-off-sto.tomas, baba po sa up-lb. naghahanap po kami ng guide kung sino po familiar sa trail at available that data paki-kontak na lang po ako. thanks po ---BASTE

Anonymous said...

hindi nako makapaghintay na pumunta kami ng Mt Makiling 1st tym ko po na pupunta d2 . .sana sobrang ganda ng view at maging adventurous ang akyat namin . .


Anonymous said...

I'll be climbing around the mountain when she comes!!!

Anonymous said...

@ryzer12 - kelan kayo sir akyat ng mt.makiling? - dom

Anonymous said...

Akyat po kami ng makiling this weekend, tanong lang po kung ano status ng trail passable po ba to peak 2? marami pa rin bang limatik kahit di naman naguulan?

maraming salamat po!

Anonymous said...

Hi, tatanong ko lang ano po status ng makiling trail papunta peak 2?

ma-limatik pa rin po ba? salamat.

Anonymous said...

tanong lang po.due to recent typhoons we encountered..kamusta naman po ang trail going to peak 2?hindi po ba sya nakakaligaw?is it necessary for a guide?and meron po ba available guide?Try ko din po tawagan MCME.. - Dom

Anonymous said...

Sa mga nagbabalak po na umakyat sa Makiling, share ko lang po ang resulta ng akyat namin:

Umakyat kami last Saturday, day-hike papuntang Mud Spring at Peak 2. Nag-start po kami ng 8 am. Inulan kami noon nasa Station 4 pa lang.

Dahil sa ulan lumabas ang mga limatik. May limatik na pagkatapos ng Agila Base. Di naman kadami ang limatik, siguro from every 20 meters na lakad may nakikita kaming 2 to 3. Wala ng makitang Limatik hanggang Station 24. Pero huwag sa limatik mag-alala, yun trail kasi sobrang dulas.

Napansin ko na may sign na inilagay sa Station 16, kung saan may direkson pa-puntang peak 2 (pakanan sa trail), may red ribbons na rin na nakatali sa magka-opposite na puno. Ang mga naliligaw kasi dumidiretso, sinusundan ang agusan ng tubig. Mabuti rin at eye-catching ang Station # signs, kulay yellow ang mga plates. From Station 16, sundan na lang po ang mga Station signs makikita ito at about every 100 meters. Muddy po ang trail starting sa Station 14, madulas na madulas ang trail. Gawa siguro ng ulan ng umagang iyon, anyway mag-sa-summer na kaya di na siguro uulan. I-check na lang ang weather forecast baka mag-hike.

Medyo nag-iba na ang trail, last na akyat ko kasi e last 2005, maraming puno ang tumumba, marami din part sa trail ang na-errode na, maraming sanga na susuutan, mag-i-scamble ka in some areas pero di kadaming gapang katulad ng trail between Peak 2 and Peak 3. Nandun pa rin yun 90 degrees na wall climb sa Station 27.

Sa Peak, wala na yung marker. Kita ang view ng Los Banos at Calamba Areas from the summit.

Good luck po sa mga aakyat at enjoy the hike!

Anonymous said...

kaaakyat lamang namin ng makling last saturday, feb. far okay naman ung trail kasi ilang araw na ring hindi umuulan dito sa los banos...mainit ang panahon...though may parts ng trail na mamasa masa ang daan, di naman siya delikado...
wala ring gaanong limatik, 2 lang dumikit sakin paakyat tapos wala na nung wakas naakyat ko rin ang peak 2...kala ko kasi di ko siya mararating dahil sa mga limatik...umakyat na rin kasi kami before and that time umuulan kaya hanggang station 14 lang kami. idagdag pa na kahit saan ako tumingin eh may nagaacrobat na mga bloodsuckers..hehe
Sobrang saya ng nakaraang climb, the best ang view!!! Ingat and enjoy sa mga aakyat pa!!!

Anonymous said...

good day! may i ask if open mag hike sa Makiling on April 1-3, 2010 which is Holy Week? just read last year Lenten season, nag closed...

Anonymous said...

meron po ba akyat this saturday march 06? pasabit naman po.. - dom(09178671864)

Tom McLean said...


Just stumbled across your blog and am very impressed. It is a great resource for an outdoor fanatic such as myself who is not a local and needs info to find his way around. Thank you.

I am planning on visiting Mt Makiling tomorrow (Sunday March 7th 2010) and was hope to ride my bike for part of the way. Is this realistic?

Do you have any advice about how best to do this?



Anonymous said...

Hi!kaaakyat ko lang mt.makiling last saturday march 06...and all i can say is from agila base (stn.11) nagbago na talaga ang trail..mejo madami na tumaob na puno gawa ng bagyo and from wilderness zone masukal na..i recommend na mag-pants,longsleeves and hat kayo para meron kayo protection sa mga halaman..from stn.14 meron mga markers na pink ribbon para hindi kayo maligaw then simula station 20 meron mga 60-80 degrees na akyat..ingat lang dahil madulas ang trail dto.Sa Peak 2 wala na mashado view dahil mataas na mga halaman dto..gusto ko nga sana itanong kung pwede sana bawasan/putulan ng konti yung mga halaman sa peak 2 para kahit paano e meron naman view...anyway worth it pa din ang climb.last na akyat ko kc dto e 2001 pa yta..In my opinion, mas challenging na ang makiling ngayon compared dati dahil sa nagbago na talaga ang trail..kung dati is the so-called 90 degrees ang challenge, ngayon expect more obstacles and 60-90 degrees bago nyo marating ang peak 2.Salamat po pala sa mga nakilala ko along the grupo ni sir harold baticlan from sanden company..salamat po and nice meeting your group sir..till next hike na lang po ulit. - dom

Anonymous said...

Been sa sidetrips nito last March 20, 2010, biglaan lng kya ndi n nmin binalak ang summit since naakyat n rin nmin and lasing din night before kya tnghali n nkpgstart trek,mlpit lng nmn ksi samin since tga calamba lng kmi...naasar lng ako ang dmi ksing mga estudyanteng highschool at mga foreigner n ngfield trip at dming kalat n iniwan, mudspring pa lng nkakasama n ng loob ksi punong puno ng kalat my mga balahura pang ngiwan ng bottle ng mineral na may ihi nila nakakaasar tlga mkita yung mga kalat, we took atleast yung mga kaya nmin mdla pababa para mbwasan...then we took search din yung hidden lagoon(d tlga xia inaadvertise sa mga nantitrip lng to lessen yung kalat), looks like ndi n rin hidden yun kasi pgdating nmin puro balat na ng shampoo...but still rewarding yung place kasi laki ng gnda nya compare sa flatrocks...although it looks like eto yung taas ng flatrocks...kita mu yung falls dito pababa.Mas gusto ko maligo dito kesa sa Dampalit falls sa lalakay, los banos kasi mas mkakapagdeep ka although mas mgnda yung falls ng dampalit.

More powers sa inyo mga sir


Anonymous said...

ask ko lang po kung totoo yung napapabalitang closed ang Mt. Makiling ngayon? maraming salamat po. akyat sana kami this weekend. thanks..

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
ask ko lang po kung totoo yung napapabalitang closed ang Mt. Makiling ngayon? maraming salamat po. akyat sana kami this weekend. thanks..

March 23, 2010 3:06 PM

--- anyone who can confirm this? balak din po sana naming umakyat dito next week :)

TIA :)

Anonymous said...

@anonymous and tia-been there last March 20 ndi pa nmn xia closed, i havent heard anything from makiling since then, mukha nmn hindi pa xia closed ill confirm you guys balik kasi ako calamba this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Makiling is one of my favorite trek, kaso alam ko everytime na mahal na araw ay hindi na puwede umakyat ng peak 2, kaya sa boys scout of the philippines ang campsite namin, nag karoon daw kasi land slide sa 90degree nuong bumagyo. madaming puno bumagsak at sobrang kalat narin. Kaya for all camper magkusang magpulot at sariling mess ibaba papunta sa exit gate ng makiling. Ingat din kayo sa mga nakikita at mga bagay ng mt. makiling, wag nyo paglalaruan , last 2006 march 21,bago mag aguila base malapit baba corner, blairewitch ang dating, daming paraamdam at ginulo ang campsite namin as in mga kaldero at gamit sa labas ginulo,may pusa pa na galit na galit na di naman namin nakikita, at malaking kambing na kulay puti, 4 kaming camper na nakasaksi. wag lang kayo magpapanik kasi pag nagtakbuhan kayo sigurado sa bangin kayo pupulutin, night kami pinaglaruan ng nature around 7pm, stay lang kami sa loob ng tent until kinabukasan, den madaming paramdam pa ang sumunod, talagang nightmare ang dating. may labin limang beses nako umaakyat dito, pero dun lang ako naka experience ng katatakutan, madaming issue na ganyan, sa mga begginer ingatz din, enjoy lang sa bundok and god bless..BOMBITZ IMUS

Anonymous said...

@tia and anonymous-open daw xia sir


Anonymous said...

plan ko umakyat sa Makiling this April 10, open po ba? or may group ba pupunta doon, baka pede po ako sumabay, mag-isa lang kasi ako, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, is the Makiling trail from UPLB open this weekend, Saturday or Sunday the 10th or 11th? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

23 pax will climb and do a clean up drive top-down tomorrow. expect namin mga basura naiwan after last week's long holiday.


journeyingjames said...

to those who will climb makiling, please bring your trash down. last fri nung umakyat ako makalat at marami nagiiwan ng basura sa flatrocks at mudspring. also, i hope that people will respect the place kasi when i get to flatrocks, ang iingay ng mga tao parang nakawala sa kulungan, nagtitilian pati ung mga lalaki. nakaka-asar. this mountain is very dear to kasi ito una kung naakyat na bundok. salamat mga sir

Anonymous said...

may mga mkukuha po ba guide dito? nd how much po?

balak po kasi namin akyat sa MAY 1, 2010.

super salamat po!

lawrence dayunot said...

try ko ako mg guide sa inyo.. d ko sure my guide dun baka kayo singilin ng mahal for sure.. 2 time ko na naakyat ung makiln traverse is better jump off -- san bartolome..
baka kasi wala ako lakad that time samahan k nlng k kayo.. ilan ba kau a2kyat?

Anonymous said...

akyat kame this coming sunday Apr. 25, '10... baka po meron din aakyat?!

Anonymous said...

hi.. panu sumama sa MAKILING sa MAY 1? cnu pwede kong macontact?? you can text me at 09273380571.. im joan.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

hi.. baka po may aakyat sa MAKILING on tuesday?
pede po makisabay? o kaya po pakipost po if san pede makakuha ng guide?
thank you very big....

Anonymous said...

hi! baka pwede po nyo kame mabigyan ng advise,we plan to hike on 8th of may kaso may nagsasabi na d na raw pwde umakyat up to summit? hanggang tayabak lang daw. totoo po ba yun? tanong ko lang po sa mga naghike lately.

we expect to hear from you soon..

marami pong salamat!

Anonymous said...

makiling trav po kami sa may 3... tapos overnyt sa resort..

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i come from germany and climbed a lot of mountains...;) is the UPLB trail open this coming weekend? we wanna go there...

thanks for your fast answer! greetings, daniel

Anonymous said...

hey guys!!
need help we planned to climb makiling can you give us some advise,, and wer open for a frends advise^_^

Anonymous said...

u can text dis number,, 09381114713 thanks guys!!^_^

Anonymous said...

cno po my sced ng climb sa sembrano sa may 16-17,,jst give an update po,,,join po san kmi ng grupo eh,,,u can txt me @09267270176,,,salamt po...God bless to all the climbers always..

Anonymous said...

wazup guys!

Ang sarap na mahirap umakyat sa Mt. Makiling, kasi sabi kasi samin maganda daw ang maktrav, so yun ang ginawa namin, from San Bartolome, Batangas to UPLB..nung nagsisimula palang kami eh, kakapagod talaga lalo na kapag nakikita pa namin yung mga bundok na dadaanan namin bago kami makarating sa summit, konti mali mo lang talaga mahuhulog ka sa bangin, pero kailangan safety first, maging maingat sa mga aakyat..ang masasabi ko lang, kung gusto nyo talaga ng excitement & adventure na experience, maktrav is the best, ngapala, wala po kaming guide, kaya nagpapasalamat kami sa mga naglagay ng red ribbon, pink ribbon, yellow,kasi yun ang naging guide namin..maraming salamat po, tsaka sa mga gusto pang umakyat,wag tayong magkakalat, sa taas ng mountain, kasi baka magalit satin si maria makiling, tsaka isa pa, sabi kasi sa mga nababasa ko wala daw water source dun, pero try nyo sa station 12, andun lang sa may batuhan..

maraming sa kay MARIA MAKILING!


Francis said...

Hi! Me and my friends went to Mt. Makiling last May 8, 2010. It was a nice experience. Yun nga lang, hindi namin kinaya, first timers lahat eh.. Hanggang mudspring lang kami. After namin dun, nag rest kami sa picnic area (mabait yun bantay dun), natulog lang sandali. We hike for almost two hours just to get to mudspring.. Saya ng experience. Meron pang nagbebenta ng buko juice (fresh from the buko) sa station 6 o 7 ata..

Sa mga pupunta, OO, bukas yun!!! Just prepare some shirts pamalit, kasi talagang matutunaw ang taba kapag pumanik ka Mt. Makiling.. (Mataba kasi ako, may hika pa) pero kinaya ko ha.. Ngayon May 18, tutuluyan na namin hanggang Peak2..

Go ahead and plan... Good luck! (bring lots of water. its really tiring, and dehydrating)

mOntour said...

a2kyat kmi ng makiling dis coming june 26. pwde kaung sumama, mgcontribute lng for food para mgluluto tau. kompleto tau ng cooking set and some gadgets. were from santa rosa laguna. compose of leah, eton, sho2no, tracy, glen, kamote, alex, junmar, xhel, dondon, val, collinn, cherry, bek, ryan, kirby and montour.. sama na kayo 4 sure masaya grupo nmin!!..

Anonymous said...

Try Nyo to mak2tulong khit pa2no sa ating budget s pagakyat

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There is address:

Anonymous said...

salamat mt makiling. napakaganda mo. napasaya mo kame. sa mga aakyat, get ready. ingat sa limatik. madulas na ngayon dahil medyo umuulan na. no watersource sa taas. don't expect a view from peak2. wala kang makikita. pero we're not after that. basta naakyat namin c makiling and ma-enoy ang nature... hehehe.

Anonymous said...

@montour,, wala po ba contact?? ,,iMo.. 09391114713

mOntour said...

09276008657 join kau. txt muna 4 further info. UPLB tau mgstart den swiming tau pguwi.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Sama po ako montour 09276465222 nagtxt me kanina lang if open pa...

Anonymous said...

hi Sir/Mam,
It is part of our class to study the ecosystem of the mt. Makiling our target is peak 2 . Based on the published map however i saw the number 2 eto na po ba un peak 2 n sinsbi nila? how long it will take to be in peak 2 starting point from UPLB?
thank you any inputs are highly appreciATED.



Marcus Charles said...

hi, ask ko lang po kung ilang hours po from uplb college of forestry to station 15 po? pang newbie po na oras ah.. yung station 15 sa camping site po.. thanks po!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. We're planning to climb Mt. Makiling next week... Ask ko lang po kung may alam kayong hot spring kung san pwedeng maligo sa Mt. Makiling o malapit sa Mt. Makiling at how much po entrance fee..? side trip po sana namin. salamat po ng marami..:)


Anonymous said...

at kung lam nyo po papunta dun sa recommended hot spring nyo from UPLB.. paki-direct na lang po kami.. pakisulat na lang po dito.. maraming salamat po..


Anonymous said...

mam/sir try nyo sa monte vista alam ko medyo malapit na un sa uplb eh.. maganda dun at affordable.. dun kami nagmimiming eh.. hehe! tapos sir paupdate sa climb nyo baka mag makiling din kmi sa katapusan.. ty!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous..
mejo mahal po ata sa monte vista.. hehe.. try ko na lang po.. thanks po.. baka akyat po kami this weekend. dayhike po.. salamat po..


Anonymous said...

Hi to all,

We are planning a climb this aug 6 - 8. we around 12-16 peeps, can u give me an update for the cost/expenses.. i.e entrance fee, guide fee, etc. also will it be okay to camp near the summit or after stn 15? is it still allowed? can anyone confirm this? this would be our first time so we would really appreciate all the suggestions from fellow mountaineers out there especially Sir Gid.

Thanks! hope to hear from you guys soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone/ group who will climb Mt. Makiling (UPLB trail) or Mt.Batulao this weekend (sunday)? dayhike only.. Can I join? kindly post your updates here and contact.. thanks a lot..:)


Anonymous said...

Sa mga aakyat ng Makiling pa sabit naman... 0927646522

Anonymous said...

i believe, di pwedeng magcamp near the summit. allowed lang ata dun sa may daan papuntang mudspring. 'bout sa entrance fee... mejo mahal po ung entrance fee joke hehe P5.00 (five) lang po hehe


Carmelo said...

para sa lahat,

sana po pangalagaan natin ang ating kapaligiran.
sa tuwing inaakyat ko ang makiling mula sto tomas gang uplb, ang dami ko nakikitang basura lalo na sa peak 2 at sa camp site bago wilderness.

sana po wag natin hintayin na isara ang makiling dahil sa mga basura na iniiwan natin sa taas o sa trail. pakiusap po kung ano man po yung dala natin patungo sa taas ng makiling ay sana po matuto tayong ibaba ang mga ito, lalo na yung mga basurang di nabubulok..

melo sanchez

Anonymous said...

mga Sir may ask lang po ako, if ever b na may dalang private vehicle, my parking space po b sa college of forestry or malapit dun na safe??? tnx ng marami in advance

Anonymous said...

Mga Sir at Mam

First time lang namin aakyatin sa Mt.Makiling, sa college forestry po b may babayaran? Pa update nman po kung magkano mga babayaran at saan mag babayad po. and kung may parking po b sa college of forestry kc may dala kmi private vehicle. may bayad din po b if ever na my parking? overnyt po sana kc kami sa mt. makiling.

Tnx po in advance sa makaka sagot... balak nmin this month po umakyat Sat-Sun

- Tim

Anonymous said...

5 pesos registration sa ranger station.regarding sa parking pagbilin nyo na lang sa tao dun sa may ranger naman yan,

Anonymous said...

Sir tnx sa answer, uhm my add question lang po, pwede po b mag overnyt dun??


Anonymous said...

Mam & Sir,

pwede po b magbike hanggang tayabak campsite..


Anonymous said...

sa mga my future plan/s na umakyat hanggang summit, pa sabit naman ako...:)...09172077695

Anonymous said...


balak po sana namin umakyat ng peak 2 this october at mag-overnight camping dun (syempre sa mga allowed campsites lang)

allowed po ba ang overnighters? promise, we will do our share in cleaning what we can. hehe

thanks po

Anonymous said...

gud day,
share ko lng po experience namin sa Makiling last Sept 11, di namin inabot ang peak 2 kinulang sa oras dahil maputik at madulas ang trail, lalong lalo na ng maglabasan na ang mga Limatik, sigawan ang mga gurls namin hahaha.

station 12 may mga Limatik na, pagpasok naman ng wilderness zone dun na tlga ang maraming Limatik, tama ang suggest ng iba na wag magpahinga sa mahalaman o masikip na lugar sigurado dami kakapit sa inyo hehehe.

dbest experience namin sa Makiling lalo na ng pauwi na kami, kinagat ng Bubuyog ung isang kasama ko dahil sa nagtapon sya ng yosi (1st tym nya ung ginawa sa dami ng bundok na naakyat nya na hahaha), sumunod nagbiro ulit sya tinapon nya ung cup noodles pero dinampot ulit aun bumungad sa harap namin ang napakahabang cobra (between station 4 at 5)

napaglaruan din ni Mariang Makiling ang 4 gurls namin dahil siguro sa sobrang ingay nila, nauna na silang bumaba at naiwan kming 3 sa picnik area, after 30 mins bumaba nrin kami, hbang naglalakad nakarisib ako ng call from 1 of d gurls, akala ko nakarating na sila at pinagmamadali kami, ayon pala hindi na sila makaalis dahil sa paulit ulit nilang nadadaan ung mga nadaanan nila, kaya sinabi ko na baliktaran nila ang damit ng isa sakanila, sinabi ko nlng na wag na silang aalis sa kinalalagyan nila at baka mawala pa sila, sigaw sila at whistle kmi hindi tlga kami magkarinigan, parang anlayo nila. kabado na rin kami dahil sa cobra na nakita namin at padilim na kaya binaligtad na rin ng kasama ko ang damit nya. ubos ang load wala ng kontak sa mga gurls, after 15 mins na paglalakad p2loy kami sa pagpito at aun narinig na namin ang mga gurls na 2matawag sa name namin hehe.

sa mga aakyat, maganda ang makiling kya plan ulit nmin mg 2nd try sa peak 2, ayaw kc nla magovernyt dhil sa limatik hehe, ingatz nlng po at maging alert lalo na dun sa cobra. wg nlng mgbiro n mgtapon ng kalat bka mgpkita rin sa inyo hehe...

TOG's Team

Anonymous said...

@ TOG's Team

pasaway pla kau mga kasama ultimo yosi tintapon nyo sa daan at try pa ulit.. sana pingalaruan kau ni makiling kung to2o ka mountineer lam mo ang do at dont's sa ppag akyat.. kung u2lit kau sana matuklaw ka na ng cobra at di limatik ang dumikit sa inyo.. hehe

Anonymous said...


-gud day sir !
remind ko lang po ung LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY natin ... responsibilidad natin na panatiliin ang kalinisan kht sa bundok o anu pa man , sinisira neo lang ung name ng group neo ...

(kami ung group na nakita neo , galing kami sa traverse REMEMBER?? at gud news kami ang nagpulot ng mga BASURA neo!)


Anonymous said...

pakibasa ng mabuti sir ung nakasulat nagbiro at pinulot, kung totoong mountaineer ka rin sir o kung totoong tao ka hahaha, hindi mo hihilingin ung may taong matuklaw ng cobra, masakit kaya un ahehehe....

Anonymous said...

@TOG'S Team

mga sir dapat neo pa ba yang ipagmayabang ? dapat nga mahiya kayo sa mga pinagga2wa neo ! hnd na kayo nahiya sa ibang mountaineers ?? wag po sana nating bigyan ng maling halimbawa ung mga maka2basa ng BLOG neo ... un lang !

-K-A-R-M-A ang tawag jan mga sir ;)


Anonymous said...

para po sa aakyat ng makiling traverse via san bartolome batangas pwede po akong mag guide dito text lang po kayo.09162697079 Thanks

Anonymous said...

gud day mga sir, tanong lang po.
plano sana namin umakyat dis friday. bukas po kaya un pag ganitong kakabagyo lang? beginner pa lang po kami kaya di pa maxado alam.
tnx po

Anonymous said...

hi there all!!

Is there a group climb that I join in? I am very new to this, I am hoping to go with experienced climber. Thanks and this is great website!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for a car to go up from UP forestry to Tayabak Campsite? Is there a passable road? My wife and I plan to camp for a night along with our 9&10yo kids.

Anonymous said...

hi gud day...

ask ko lang po kung possible mag overnight sa peak 2.. or san pued mag camp pr mag overnight sa mt. makiling...


Anonymous said...

pwede kaso dami limatik at delikado kapag umulan

Anonymous said...

Hi sir. We plan to start climb Nov 27 2pm in the afternoon and hopefully reach Malaboo Camp before sunset to pitch camp. Wake up sunset, break camp, and assault Peak 2. On our descent, pass by the Mudspring and hopefully back to jump off point by 1200nn. Is our plan realistic?

Anonymous said...

Have been there Saturday 27th : rainy, muddy, and limatics coming on me. So I stopped at station 14. But nice experience with the mount, and friendly persons there.

A french visitor.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone.

me and my officemates will climb makiling tomorrow, goodluck on us.

Anonymous said...


have been there last dec 10, we reach station 26 and stopped because of rain, muds and lack of time. I think summer is the best season to climb mount makiling

Anonymous said...

ser sabit ako mt. makiling tga laguna lang ako ser sa mga aakyat po bka pwede makisama hehe 09169782057

Anonymous said...

Climbed this weekend.. the trail is overgrown with very thorny plants, wish I brought a machete, havent seen any station markers after station 14 and it's easy to lose track of the trail. Plenty of leaches. Humans seem to avoid the place this time of the year so its very wild.

ryan said...

hi..are there guides in malipunyo? or the trail is defined enough to manage without a guide? thanks for the help .

Emil Eslana said...

January 30, 2011
OUTDOOR SPIRIT (we are not mountaineers we just love the outdoor)

will be at Mt.Makiling.....heres our FB page...!/pages/Outdoor-Spirit-we-are-not-mountaineers-we-just-love-the-outdoor/111708975561889

have a peaceful hike everyone

Anonymous said...

Three of us went to Mt. Makiling last Saturday, January 15, 2011, using UPLB trail. Coming from Peak 2, I am discussing with a Mexican climber about some insurance for mountaineers in case of an accident, like DAN for Scuba Diver's. We were then at the place where a blue nylon rope was being used to assist climber to go up or down that portion of the mountain. When it was my turn to go down, the rope snapped. I fell down a couple of meters and injured my knee and thigh. With some luck, I did not sustain any bone dislocation or fracture or worst fall down the ravine, thus I was able to go down, still enjoying the splendid surrounding of the place. For those who want to climb Mt. Makiling don't talk about "accident" while along the trail, Ha! Ha! Ha! and please make sure that those ropes along the trail are okay, as they are quite old already. Brushing that aside, nami gid magsaka sa Mt. Makiling.

Anonymous said...

hi! i'd like to try this :D but i have no company and no idea how to do it :D hehe can anyone help me :P pls email ym/fb/yahoo thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Me and my girlfriend are planning to climb Mt. Makiling this weekend. Will it be safe for us and can we easily find a water source beyond Station 15? Salamat!

Anonymous said...

What: Mt. Makiling Invitational Climb + BMC
Where: Mt. Makiling Forest Reserves (Los Baños)
When: March 5, 2011

Text me for interested participants, 09225087107

Mabuhay Pinoy Mountaineers!


Anonymous said...

sir/mam: pede po ba maka pag overnyt d2 sa makiling? plan po kasi namin 2days. Can u send me the Itinerary? here's my email

Anonymous said...

mga sir what station pede magcamp ng safe at nd ganun kadami ang limatiks? 2 lang kami aakyat. salamat mga sir.

Anonymous said...

Sa station 8 bro, doon kame nag camp dati eh. Mukhang ok nman.

Anonymous said...

mga sir bawal ba magdala ng folding knifes don?
plan ko pumunta sa maundy thursday eh.. thanks sa info....

Anonymous said...

mga sir?ma'am balak po nmin umakyat this coming May 1 sunday po.. safe po b ngaun umakyat?? hummm. mga 10 pu kmi,, mga beginers lng pu kmi..

from muntinlupa

Anonymous said...

opo safe na po sya kasi hnukay na ung trail may steps na ska ung 90dgrees inaus napo sya ng mga ranger ng makiling ingat nlang po at sna wag po tau mag kalat sa makiling

Anonymous said...

mga sir.. tanong lang po baguhan lang po kasi kami ,,.. yung 90 degrees po ba kailangan napong gumamit ng tali oh kaya naman sia kahit wala?

salamat mga sir

Anonymous said...

overnyt dito pwede pa ba lately?

Anonymous said...

unang akyat ko po mga sir sa makiling sa april 21,,may sa ligaw po ba ang mga trail o may mga marka na po..??? maraming salamat

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


honeydee milanay said...

gud day pwde p po b mag overnyt hiking sa makiling this maundy thursday april 21, just tx me namn 4 d update 10 years ago n q nakarating ng peak 2 eh just tx me and i'll call u tnx .my number 09486791441 honeydee

Anonymous said...

gud day plan namin umakyat sa april 21 at mag overnyt sa makiling plz txt me f my update kau at call q kau 09486791441 honeydee milanay po ito

Anonymous said...

Open po ang makiling.tumawag ako sa office nila kanina..pwede din daw po mag-camp.tawag din po kayo sa number na to if you have any questions. (049)536-3572. - Dom

Anonymous said...

maktrav to UPLB kame dumaan ang ganda talaga medyo biten lang dinamen nakita mud spring gabe n kase pero ganda ron mga tol.. thanks s cobra 4 advice s trail at sa aguila so kind.. from TMC

Anonymous said...

mga sir/maam safe n safe n po ngaun s makiling lalo n ung 90* kc my discount n un 50% a ngaun 45* nlang xa...

kianah amil said...

hi po sir/maam
ask ko lang kung meron pong aakyat sa makiling for this month of may. makikisabit po sana ako, first time po sa makiling. maraming salamat. ito po number ko. 09158076386 kianah amil po.

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