A message from the 30th MFPI Congress and Climb organizer

From our mailbox of comments I received this note from Alberto Lagamon, president of NORMMS, the group which organized the 30th MFPI Federation climb. In recognition of the continuing relevance of a national mountaineering federation, especially in light of the environmental problems we now face, I am reposting his message:

To fellow mountaineers;

Bomba na!

First and foremost, in behalf of the Northern Mindanao Mountaineering Society (NORMMS) Ecological Foundation, Inc., I am thanking GOD for the safe National Congress and Climb and to your active and voluntary participation.

As we all know, Mt. Kitanglad Range is a protected area, hence, we are very fortunate to have visited said mountain considering that our number far exceeds the standard limit of climbers set by the Protected Area Monitoring Board (PAMB).

Secondly, we are very glad to have served climbers passing through three (3) different routes, notwithstanding the remaining outdoorsmen who remained in the Base Camp attending in the Basic Mountaineering Course and some others who stayed exploring the beauty of Center for Ecological Development and Recreation (CEDAR) in Impalutao, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon.

To date, we are clearing the minutest waste and trail signs left unintentionally and finalizing the report on the status of the remaining forest cover of Mt. Kitanglad which we promised to submit to the DENR.

Needless to mention, we enjoyed the climb as much as you do, but to us Mt. Kitanglad is not only our playground but also a great factor to our lives here in Mindanao both present and future.

Hosting a national congress and climb is a difficult task and challenge but you made it easy for us. Although the presidents’ meeting had been adjourned unexpectedly, the same was ended to preserve peace and harmony. What is clear though is that the majority wanted to create a national mountaineering federation which should reflect the common objective of mountaineering organizations.

Lastly, as members of endangered species and special class of men and women, let me end by saying that we should be united. We may disagree but please we should refrain from being disagreeable. As the saying goes, “We should not be so concerned with our rights to the extent that we will forget our manners”.

Always looking forward of seeing you again and may God continuously bless us all.

Very Truly Yours,

NORMMS President

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1 Comment on "A message from the 30th MFPI Congress and Climb organizer"

14 years 9 months ago

Let me share my insight as an outsider on this letter.

If MFPI members need to tresh out organizational issues that requires an objective facilitator, it would be better to secure one next time esp when there are expected sensitive issues that may be discussed.

That facilitator may not even be a mountaineer but someone who may be an expert in conflict resolution and group dynamics.

As mountaineers, we may not have the monopoly to know everything, particularly organizational management, since obviously that is not where our expertise lies (bonus na lang talaga kung multi-skilled at extra talented ang isang mountaineer/leader).

And yes, no matter how basic it is, character shld never be forgotten. Respect is still an important ingredient in an enduring organization. As Voltaire said, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.”