Two mountaineers missing in Anawangin

UPDATE 5 (9/8/08 150oH): Contrary to rumors that are prevalent even within Brgy. Pundaquit, Anna and Jessielou Capili have not be found as of the moment.

UPDATE 4 (9/4/09 1700H): Still no news on the missing persons. According to our contacts, unfortunately, “it is highly probable that the two (Anna and Jessielou Capili) are lost at sea already.”

UPDATE 3 (9/3/09 1500H): The third SAR team from UPM is on the way back to Manila, with the coastal search yielding negative results. A UPM report forwarded to us says that “It is highly possible that the 2 are already out in open waters.” Our contacts in Brgy. Pundaquit likewise have no news. Unfortunately, we may have to prepare for the worst in this incident; continue to pray with and for the families; and hope (and act) that this incident will not happen a third time. (Courtesy of Fish, UPM; Messrs. Almario and Romeo from Brgy. Pundaquit)

UPDATE 2 (9/2/09 2200H): according to the UPM team that is part of the ongoing search and rescue (SAR) operations, the search is still negative. Two teams, one scouring the waters from Subic Bay to Anawangin, and the other from Porac, Pampanga have so far not sighted the missing persons. The SAR will resume tomorrow. (Courtesy of Fish, UPM)

UPDATE 1 (9/2/09 1300H): i just talked over the phone with our contacts in brgy. pundaquit. as of now (Sept. 2 1 PM), the missing mountaineers have not yet been found. i will post updates as soon as i get them – GID

LOS BANOS, LAGUNA – We enter this week with another incident- that of two mountain climbers missing in Mt. Pundaquit as they were descending from the Anawangin Cove-Pundaquit trail on Saturday evening amid inclement weather. According to the report from the ABS-CBN website, the two mountaineers were Anna Capili, 30, and her 13-year-old relative Jessielou Capili. The group they were part of hailed from Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

In circumstances reminiscent of last year’s tragedy that claimed the lives of three mountaineers, the two missing trekkers were swept by strong river currents as they were heading back to Brgy. Pundaquit. Several accounts have now been posted on the Internet about how difficult the conditions were in Pundaquit on that weekend.

Please update us if you get wind of more developments in this incident. You may also contact the UP Mountaineers directly as they are involved in the Search and Rescue Operations ( We remain hopeful. Meanwhile, let us pray for the safety and comfort of the missing mountaineers, their teammates, and their family.

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12 years 2 months ago

I am very sorry for those poor mountaieers but even though some unexpected accidents happen that does not mean we should stop going there we should just be extra careful in anawangin or hiking to anawangin or whatever you just got to be Xtra careful
anawangin is beautiful, its a place you can go to as many times as you want and discover something new. its a quiet place were you can bond with nature. anawangin has tons of different areas from a forest to the beach. hiking to or in the area is also fun but it may take some time. the area has a river, mountains, waterfalls, beach, and another beach separated by the mountain, this beach has tons of shells and stuff to hike there takes about 20 min but you can just ride a boat to there if you want.

if you want a safe, enjoyable, fast and quiet boat trip or if you want to hike in anawangin (like to the waterfall Megan’s beach and stuff),
or from pundaquit to anawangin which takes a devastating 3 hours (depends on how you hike), and the best part is if you don’t feel like hiking back from anawangin to pundaquit you can just ask for a boat there contact:
: 09208289226 look for Arnold Brigaste
: 09392786484 look for Lizel Presente,

the price is 300peso pp for the trip and back (ask for prices to hike). they also rent tents and snorkels which is awesome if you forget them. and if you forget something just ask them they might be able to have it like a torch or even a cooler with ice. there’s even a useful a store there were you can buy stuff like drinks.
I Highly Recommend Them!!!

13 years 4 months ago

Ask ko lang po, is there any update on how's Anawangin now? Is it safe to go there in the next few weeks?

Thanks po!

13 years 4 months ago

please continue to pray for the 2 mountaineers that was missing…sana matagpuan na sila.The family needs them.GOD HELP US.

13 years 4 months ago

kung mag trek man maigi po na umaga at wala sanang ulan. iba ang conditions ng bundok sa zambales.

13 years 5 months ago

i and my group also headed to anawangin right before the incident took place then after 2 weeks we heard about it. as assesment to anawangin talagang binibisita ng ulan ang lugar lalo na pag gabi and thats the hardest part. so ung mga balak pumunta they really really have to be prepared. the place is really nice babalik pa rin nmn ako dun. ingat lang.