List of Filipinos who have climbed Mt. Everest

Here is a list of Filipinos who have scaled and reached the summit of Mt. Everest, at 8848 MASL the highest mountain in the world.


Name Route Date of ascent
Dale Abenojar* North Col (Tibet) May 15, 2006*
Heracleo ‘Leo’ Oracion South Col (Nepal) May 17, 2006
Erwin ‘Pastor’ Emata South Col (Nepal) May 18, 2006
Romeo ‘Romi’ Garduce South Col (Nepal) May 19, 2006
Noelle Wenceslao North-South May 16, 2007
Carina Dayondon North-South May 16, 2007
Janet Belarmino North-South May 16, 2007
Regidor ‘Regie’ Pablo North Col (Tibet) May 17, 2007



Name Hometown Year of birth
Tomas ‘Dale’ Abenojar* Manila, MM 1963
Heracleo ‘Leo’ Oracion Lucban, Quezon 1974
Pastor Emata Davao City 1973
Romeo ‘ Romi’ Garduce Balanga, Bataan 1969
Noelle Wenceslao San Juan, MM 1980
Carina Dayondon Don Carlos, Bukidnon 1978
Janet Belarmino Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya 1979
Regidor ‘Regie’ Pablo Olongapo City, Zambales 1970
*Dale Abenojar’s claim to the first Filipino to climb Everest is disputed by the mountaineering community in the Philippines.

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17 Comments on "List of Filipinos who have climbed Mt. Everest"

8 years 11 months ago

I just saw the trailer for the new movie adaptation of Into Thin Air. This reminded me of the time where ABSCBN and GMA7 raced against each other for the everest gold.

It is really saddening that the network wars and filipino crab-mentality have robbed Abenojar the distinction of being the first filipino to summit everest. Yes it is disputed, but only in our country. And why and how did it became disputed? because the networks engaged in biased reporting and reputation assassination. In international organizations and websites, there is no asterisk in Abenojar's name. He is listed as having "summitted" everest before ABSCBN or GMA did. Elizabeth Hawley interviewed him and is convinced that he summitted. But filipinos would rather listen to local people who werent even near the himalayas. Hence, the sad asterisk. That asterisk will forever be the symbol of media manipulation and crab-mentality in filipino mountaineering.

10 years 11 months ago

The question of who's first seems to be a big deal. If they climbed Everest without climbing Sherpas then they have my respect. If you climb that mountain with Sherpas carrying your bag and setting up the tent for you, then I say, you're just one of those people who climbed that mountain and the world doesn't care. The use of oxygen furthermore is like a drug that lowers the mountain you are climbing by about 2000 meters. I don't even consider is't a climb anymore. It is a hike of hundreds of people who paid a large sum of money. I want to see in the news headline "THE FIRST FILIPINO WHO CLIMBED WITHOUT OXYGEN" or "FILIPINO CLIMBERS STARTED A NEW ROUTE IN EVEREST"

11 years 9 months ago

Basta ako alam ko talo nung mga ladies lahat ng mga lalake sa list na to.

Re Dale, nasa kanya yung burden of proving that he made it to the summit, hirap naman kasi sana man lang nag dala siya ng spare camera kahit CDR-King man lang. Ok lang sakin siya yung number 1. Actually it does not matter at all who was first or last.

Anyone who has the balls to climb Everest has my respect maka summit man o hindi. Parang sinabi mo sa FB na kayo na nin Angel Locsin pero kahit isang pic wala ka hehe.

11 years 9 months ago

here is the list from the himalayan data base
Dale Abenojar Philippines 8:45

12 years 3 months ago

The individuals who disputed Dale’s claim are Filipinos themselves and there are only few of them (and can’t even support their dispute). Dale’s claim would have been too suspicious if those individuals/groups that has the AUTHORITY (e.g Himalayan Archivist, China Tibet Mountaineering Association (CTMA), Himalayan expedition chronicler, etc etc) themselves will raise the question. I think this is a matter of common sense anyway.