PinoyMountaineer Shirt no. 15, “Climb with Me”, now available!

In the tradition of the PinoyMountaineer shirt series, I am pleased to announce an offering at the start of the year: Shirt no. 15, “Climb with me”. Sporting a simple design, this shirt is an invitation to share the outdoor experience. In place of the regular PinoyMountaineer logo, a #pinoymountaineer hashtag is displayed on the back.

The shirt is available in four colours: Blue-green on white, dark brown on light brown, grey on blue, and rust brown on light blue.

The shirts are available for P400 at the following stores:

Alabang Town Center (ATC)
Upper Ground Floor, Connector Mall
(in between Hush Puppies and Adidas)
Contact number:
Sun – (0933) 321-3127
Globe – (0917) 398-1570

1st Floor, Glorietta 3
(near McDonald’s)
Contact number:
Sun – (0933) 321-3378
Globe – (0927) 264-6154

Market! Market! Outlet Store
2nd Floor, Fashion Market Area
Contact number:
Sun – (0923) 824-1856

Robinson’s Manila
Second Floor, Padre Faura Wing
(in between Silverworks and Crabtree & Evelyn)
Contact number:
Sun – (0933) 321-3357
Globe – (0927) 762-6402

2nd Floor Teenzone
(behind Starbucks, in front of Artwork and Converse)
Contact number:
Sun – (0932) 236-1573
Globe – (0927) 869-8285

They are also available for FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY for a minimum order of 3 shirt! Contact 027389443 or for more details.

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2 Comments on "PinoyMountaineer Shirt no. 15, “Climb with Me”, now available!"

9 years 5 months ago

I was born premature at 7 months as well and when I started mountain climbing it's also a bit of a struggle. Exercise will help a lot in improving your stamina and strength, What I can suggests are jogging 2-3x a week and bodybuilding specially focusing on your legs. Climbing mountains is not a race maybe you should also consider looking for a new group that are considerate enough to wait for their team members.

9 years 6 months ago

Would you have any advice for a neophyte mountaineer who is about to give up climbing mountains? I took up mountaineering this 2014 as a hobby after reading your posts late in 2013. It seemed like such a character -building hobby and I wanted to really strengthen my stamina. However, it hasn't gotten any easier; I was born premature at 7 months and I don't think my body is up for such a strenuous activity. I have this theory that maybe my system is too weak for climbing? After going up four mountains this year, climbing is still such a struggle and I'm always ALWAYS the last person in a group so I hold people back, it's embarrassing. I really want to take mountaineering seriously and pursue it but I just can't cut it. Can you give some advice? Have you come across struggling climbers before? Or is my medical status (or my theory on it) really a deterrent from me becoming a real mountaineer?