(UPDATED) Mountain News: Missing hiker Alex Lagata rescued in Mt. Marami

According to hiker Ramon Obmerga, this is the area in Mt. Marami where

they saw mising hiker Alex Lagata, at approximately 1200H on Sunday

Hiker Alex Lagata, who was reported to be missing in Mt. Marami since Sunday morning, was found/rescued on September 30, 2015. Maragondon, Cavite LGU announced that the rescue was done through the efforts of the LGU, WISAR, PNP, and the Philippine Marines. Here are live updates:

Another photo shared by

Ramon Obmerga

1300H, 9/30/2015: We are pleased to relay the good news that Alex Lagata, the hiker who had been reported to be missing in Mt. Marami, was rescued and found safe today. Kudos to the rescuers, including elements of the Maragondon LGU, WISAR, PNP, Philippine Marines, and various mountaineers.

2200H, 9/29/2015: Still no sign of Alex Lagata, the solo hiker who has been missing Mt. Marami since Sunday. Based on reports of hikers who were in the mountain over the weekend, he was seen on Sunday 0600-0700H on the way to the summit, and again at 1200H as he was making a descent. Meanwhile rescue operations are being mobilized. We wish the SAR volunteers success, and pray that Alex will be rescued/found safe as soon as possible.

2100H, 9/29/2015: Hiker Ramon Obmerga shares photos in the location where they last saw Alex: “We were going up and he was descending. He asked directions from the guide. He was barefoot.”

1700H, 9/29/2015: We have been notified that a solo hiker, Alex Lagata, has been missing in Mt. Marami since Sunday morning. Am verifying if SAR has been initiated. If you have any knowledge of his whereabouts please let us know.

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