“Malayo pa ba?” “Five minutes na lang!” Common expressions by mountaineers

Every hike is unique, but hikers find themselves saying the same things, given the universal experiences shared by people while hiking – as well as the shared emotions of pain, triumph – and everything in between.

This is a list of expressions hikers usually say while on the mountains – 2018/2019 edition!

1. “Bakit ba natin pinapahirapan sarili natin?

When people say it: During challenging moments of any hike (of course, it will depend on the experience and current condition of the hiker). Experienced hikers will also say this tongue-in-cheek.

2. “Galit-galit ah!” 

When people say it: While eating at the campsite or after the hike. Basically, people are too hungry to talk, and would rather munch on the food!

3. “Buwis buhay pose!”

When people say it: While taking pictures on dramatic viewpoints (Note: Pinoy Mountaineer discourages taking risky photos!)

4. “Pwede bang magzipline na lang pababa?”

When people say it: While hiking or upon reaching the summit of a steep or challenging mountain.

5. “Pwede bang mag-helicopter na lang pababa?”

When people say it: See #3. Another variant: Pwede bang mag-elevator?

6. “Akala ko ba minor climb lang ‘to? Difficulty 4/9 lang ba talaga ‘to?”

When people say it: While experiencing difficulty on the mountain. (Of course, every hike is unique – depending on the weather, the season, the number of participants, and the hikers themselves.)

7. “San tayo kakain?”

When people say it: When they’re descending and very excited to eat after a hike!

8. “Malayo pa ba?”

When people say it: When they’re already tired, or when they’re expecting the reach the summit soon.

9. “Malapit na!”

When people say it: Throughout the hike! Sometimes hikers or guides say it to encourage beginners. Another variant: “Walking distance na lang!”

10. “Five minutes na lang!”

When people say it: Every five minutes!

Do you have other common expressions in mind? Share it and we’ll add it to this growing list! Thanks to the contributions of Ivan Cultura, Charina Javier, Christine Fernandez!

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