Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mt. Napulauan/Traverse (2,642+)

Hungduan, Ifugao
Major jump-offs: Poblacion and Brgy. Hapao, Hungduan
LLA: 16°50′N, 121°10′E, 2642 MASL (#15; 1580m gain)
Hours to summit / Days required: 9 hours / 2-3 days
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 7/9, Trail class 3

At the heart of the Cordillera mountain range rises perhaps its most formidable and enchanting mountain, Mt. Napulauan. Often associated with the memory of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, the “Tiger of Malaya” who sought refuge in its slopes, this mountain (also spelled ‘Napulawan’) possesses a mossy forest unrivalled in its primeval character, as well as trails that earns for it the reputation of being the most challenging in the Cordilleras, and arguably among the most difficult in the whole Philippines.

Set in the highland town of Hungduan in Ifugao Province, Mt. Napulauan is mystical. Its name might have been derived from the Tuwale (Ifugao) word “pulaw” which means white, descriptive of the almost perpetual cloud-and-fog cover that makes everything white in the mountain. This may have prompted the locals, long ago, to christen the mountain as "Napulawan" or "whitened". On summer days and fortunate moments however when the white cover disappears, the mountain becomes even more tantalizing: a sea of clouds forms, with distant mountaintops surging up like islands, most notably Mt. Pulag (SSE); Mt. Tabayoc (ESE), Mt. Ugu, (S), and Mt. Amuyao (N). Sunrises have a majestic quality, as there are no high mountains to interrupt the eastern sky.

Locals say that the summit is enchanted. A fairy, called bibi-yo, is said to protect it. Ten minutes away from the Hungduan trail, there is a viewpoint where you can see the summit (and vice-versa). On either direction, objects including humans would seem enlarged, hence the viewpoint was dubbed by the locals as “Magical Hill” or “Mirror Mountain”. This phenomenon, however amazing, is an optical illusion: the life-size appearance of the dwarf trees create a relative enlargement of the nearby objects, making them appear as giants.

The trail, however, is very challenging. Two trails, the Hungduan and the Hapao , are frequently combined in a traverse. (Anecdotally, there is a third trail, called the Balentimol trail, known to locals but said to be insanely dangerous – passing by ravines with trails less than two feet wide!) Each has its distinct features; even the mossy forest in either trail is unique.

Usually, climbers would start from Hungduan (80-minute jeepney ride from Banaue). The registration site at the municipal complex is in itself breathtaking, having a mini-village and nice mountain views. From the jump-off point (1080 MASL), a very steep “cardiac trail” begins the climb, in what is locally known as the Pirpir area. Being exposed, intense heat might make this even harder. After 3 hours, the Ny-o campsite will be reached (1630 MASL); here one may camp or proceed to the summit. From this east-facing campsite, you can already see Mt. Amuyao, rising majestically (NNW). The beautiful part of the trail begins at around 1900 MASL, where the mossy forest begins.

As you go higher, the verdant array of mosses and ferns becomes more and more tantalizing; countless varieties cover the branches and carpet the forest floor. Trees that became whorls in search of sunlight form irrational shapes that create primeval sights, worthy of fantasy novels. It insane shapes would sometimes interfere with the trail, converting in to an occasional obstacle course. Edible fruits such as the upang (a violet berry) and a local herb called hopal are frequent sights, as well as orchids bearing flowers of varied shapes and colors. The fauna is also amazing: deer are said to grow in the lower reaches, as well as wild boars and musang. A notorious resident of the mountain are the leeches (matok in the local dialect). But although the frequently sighted leech is the usual brown one, locals say that there is a much more fearful leech, color green! The author even personally saw a shiny black snake creeping along the mossy floor, and a giant earthworm with a deep blue color!

These surreal environments culminate in the garden-like summit which, as mentioned earlier, has dwarf, bonsai-like trees. Here, patches of dwarf bamboo, like that of Mt. Pulag, can be seen, together with another edible fruit-bearing tree, called gutmo. From the Ny-o campsite (1630 MASL) to the peak (2642 MASL) takes around 6-7 hours.

On the other hand, the descent via Hapao passes by a mossy forest that is totally unique. Mosses and ferns suffuse the environment, and trees lose their sense of direction, with some growing horizontally. In this anarchy is profound beauty. Boundary stone markers, dividing Brgy. Poblacion and Brgy. Hapao, will be seen several times. The first part of the trail though is down-up, down-up, down-up, sometimes frustrating. After 3 hours, however, a swift descent, of 200-300 m/hour ensues, leading to a grassland which possesses, once more, spectacular views, this time of the Hungduan Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adding to the scene is the Bokiawan river, running clear and majestic across the Hapao valley. Grasses on this part of the trail have sharp, tiny blades that can cause cuts, though. There are deep canals adjacent to the trails; they are hidden by the overgrowth. The final path passes by the cement footpaths of the rice terraces themselves. The entire descent takes an average of 8-9 hours.

The reputation of Mt. Napulauan as a formidable trek arises from the lengthy trek time; the obstacle-like and steep nature of the trail, the sheer cold (5-8 C at the summit on December); and other challenges such as the blood leeches. However, the rewarding views – seas of clouds, mossy forests, and rice terraces – make it an epic, unforgettable adventure.


Day 0
2100 ETD for Banaue via Autobus or Florida Bus Lines (P450)

Day 10700 ETA Banaue; take rented jeep to Hungduan, Ifugao (P2500/jeep)
1200 ETA Hungduan, Ifugao. Register at Police Station and have lunch
1300 Secure guides; prepare for trek
1400 Start trek
1700 ETA Ny-o campsite
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast
0700 Start trek
0830 Reach mossy forest (1900 MASL)
1200 Lunch along the trail
1400 ETA Mt. Napulauan summit
1500 Set up camp; await clearing of sky and sunset views

Day 3
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast and departure
0700 Start descent via Hapao trail
1030 Early lunch along trail
1500 ETA Hapao. Wash up. Rented jeepney to pick you up there (P1500/jeep).
1700 ETA Banaue; dinner, souvenirs
2000 Take last trip to Manila (P450)


Hiking in the Cordilleras poses logistical problems, especially transportation. From Manila to Banaue, the Florida Bus Lines (ETD 2245), Victory Liner (ETD 2245), and Autobus (ETD 2200)are reliable options, an alternative is the Cable Bus Tours. Florida and Autobus have terminals at Sampaloc, Manila while the Victory terminal servicing the route is in Kamias. Meanwhile, from Banaue to Manila, Florida has a terminal near Banaue Hotel (ETD 2000). Terminals of Autobus (ETD 1730) and Victory (ETD 1700) are also in Banaue; for these buses reserving/purchasing tickets in advance is advisable. Fares either way range from P400-450, with companies giving 10-15% student discount (so bring your ID!).

From Banaue to Hungduan, the roads are frequently ruined by landslides, and pass by precarious turns. Skilled drivers will be able to maneuver through these difficulties, however, even at night. You may arrange jeepney transporation through Cloyd of Las Vegas Lodge in Banaue (+639109932538). As of Feb 2009, P2500-P3000 is a reasonable price going to Hungduan, and P1,500 back from Hapao to Banaue.

A courtesy registration is done at the municipal hall of Hungduan which is located on a high area. Here, there is a water source and an eatery. Souvenir “I trekked Mt. Napulauan” shirts may be bought for P150. On the jump-off point, guides may be secured. The usual asking price, negotiable, is P500/day/5 hikers. Around 23 guides are available although no formal guide association exists as of 2009.

A reliable water source exists near the summit; before that, however, no constant water source exists. Hence it is necessary to bring water according to the itinerary. Cellphone signal for both Smart and Globe is present in both the Ny-o and summit campsites, as well as some segments of the trail.

Technical notes
The itinerary above provides ample time for picture taking and delays; a two-day IT is also possible but almost always requires night trekking, and provides little time for a more relaxing climb. Hence, PinoyMountaineer recommends a 3-day itinerary.

The summit area is good for a dozen tents at most; the soil is mossy and absorbs water well. Only the south part is obstructed from the viewing tree. Temperatures may drop to 5 degrees Celsius so prepare accordingly. Protection from the leeches (matok) must also be prepared for. At the Hapao jump-off, an open bathing area near a brook may be used to wash up before returning to Banaue.

Mt. Amuyao Traverse
Mt. Napulauan Traverse
Mt. Ugo Traverse

Every year, during the festival week of April 15-19, a hiking race is held: the fastest to traverse the mountain from Hapao to Hungduaan wins. The current record holder is said to have done the ascent in 2 hrs 45 mins and the descent in barely 2 hours!

The legend of Yamashita’s treasure is very much alive among the locals. They believe that the treasure is located somewhere in Napulauan. They are content, however, with their lot, which mainly consists of farming in the rice terraces and wood carving. They also told of unexplored mountains nearby such as Mt. Nungulunan and Mt. Daang. These, over 2000 MASL, are also under the town of Hungduan.

The marker that the recent wave of climbing was spurred when the mayor of Hungduan climbed the mountain on March 25, 1993.

The author wrote this article at the peak of Mt. Napalauan itself, by hand, on Nov. 2-3, 2007. This article was published in Manila Bulletin Travel's February 2009 issue.

Many thanks to Sir Emman Palacio for organizing the Mt. Napulauan traverse climb which the author joined on Oct. 31- Nov. 4, 2007. Many thanks also to Tuwale locals Jonathan, Vener, and Kasyo – guides who told the author of the colorful history of and facts about Mt. Napulauan.

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Emmanuel said...

sir gid, emman here! thanks for joining the napulauan climb! we're very honored to have you & jeboy on board! hope to see you again soon in one of my upcoming climbs.

gideon said...

ei, sir emman! im very thankful that you invited me to join the climb. ang ganda tlga ng mt.napululauan! i definitely look forward to climbing with you guys again in the future. more power!

Anino said...

Galing! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

good day!

nice climb and story to tell. Hope to climb that mountain soon.

You may visit my site at

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...


gideon said...

guys, thanks for your comments! mt. napulauan is really a great destination. please email me at if you have any comments/suggestions/questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is this Gidyonder himself of the Mount Iglit/tamaraw count? If so, hola kid. I came across the blog while searching for a Napulauan IT. Great post! Cecil/AMCI

gidyonder said...

sir cecil, yep gideon here! since iglit it has been a lot of daytrips for me and some major climbs such as napalauan last month. kamusta na po?

ogos said...


we are planning a year ender at napulauan, do you have an update regarding the logistics? thanks and more power!

janpot said...

hi buddy gid! i'll use this IT ha. :-) see you soon.

Anonymous said...

sir gid wat r best months to climb this mountain? ok po ba akyatin ito kapag june?

gideon said...

rainy season gives rise to a lot of limatik -- leaving climbers really all bloodied; but napulauan is actually climbable year-round. the reward of a rainy season trek is the really lush forest, and moss-carpeted everything!

Anonymous said...

sir gideon, if im not mistaken hapao is a barangay in the town of hungduan. where exactly in hungduan does the hungduan trail start? should we be dropped off at the poblacion?

would the traverse be any easier if we ascend from hapao and then descend through the hungduan trail?


- sir martin

gideon said...

yes, poblacion yun -- hungduan proper. hapao kasi is a large barangay NE of the town.

i'm not sure about the reverse traverse -- the difference may just be marginal.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for appreciating my hometown, especially our pride, Mt. Napulawan, though its a shame I haven't climbed it myself yet..haha!! Thanks though!!

Anonymous said...

mas matarik po an hapao trail kung dun aakyat...

mayapot said...

nice write up, sir gid.

my group is scheduled to climb mt napulauan end of this month. i'll keep in mind the helpful tips you mentioned above.

more power top you, sir!

joel flores said...

hi sir gideon,

met you at mt. batulao before, i think around april of last year..

we'll be climbing mt. napu today, i think it's gonna be a "masabaw" climb.. we'll leave Hungduan very early in the morning try to reach the summit before dark..

i'll keep you guys posted regarding the logistics and latest infor for mt. napu..

more power sir!

joel, MMS

Joel Flores said...

hi guys,

just want to share our climb experience this weekend. it's my second time to climb mt. napu but first time via hungduan.. my maiden climb was via hapao. personally, hungudan is harder since assault all the way talaga sya..

it was very rainy when we climbed, pagdating pa lang namen sa banawe (poblacion) umuulan na.. we left manila at around 11pm and arrived at falcon bus station 9pm of the following day.. i think the travel delay is due to the many road repairs..

like i said, sobrang lakas ng ulan habang paakyat kame which made me think is it worth it to climb at these conditions.. we left poblacion at around 10am and arrived at hungduan bago mag 12pm... we left hungduan at around 12:30pm, sobra at ulan pero hindi pa naman gaanong malamig.. obviously, madulas ang trail at malimatik.. some of my fellow climbers, nag-ecamp na sa campsite just 15 minutes from the summit, and the rest of us proceeded to the summit.. the first group arrived sa summit at around 7:30pm, the last group maybe 2 hours after that..

fortunately for us, paggising namen ng around 5am, literally, the sea of clouds appeared before us and pati ang araw ay nagpakita din.. sobrang bawi lahat ng hirap, sakripisyo, at gastos.. yung mga nag-ecamp, by this time ay nakapag-summit na din.. sobrang ganda talaga, from our location, we could see the other surround peaks ng cordillera..

ito lang siguro dahil mahaba na ang kwento ko.. salamat ang more power to all of us!

joel, MMS

extra: we are 27 climbers, plus 2 guides for 1.5k each.. we rented 2 jeeps for 4k each roundtrip..

Anonymous said...

hi everyone, do you have a contact number of your guides to napulauan?



richie said...

I did this climb few days ago (Feb. 20). Not knowing what to expect, it was my most difficult hike that involved very steep and narrow trails and about a dozen times being attacked by the annoying limatiks (leeches). I did this as a day trip. Took four hours to get up via poblacion and five hours to go down via hapao. I went by myself with hired a guide. The mossy forest is definitely breathtaking. The views not so well since everything was covered in clouds. The only other surprise was my local guide who was charging me P2,000 when the latest lonely planet quoted the rate as P800. Don't make my same mistake and arrange/negotiate fees before you start any climb.

Anonymous said...

wow astig ka sir richie! kaw pa lang ata nag traverse ng dayike sa napulauan. i saw your video galeng mo. last january nag climb din kami ng napulauan kaya fresh pa rin sa memory ko. one the best talaga ang napulauan!

Anonymous said...

just got back from my napulauan traverse climb,my comment lang po ako sa DOT ng hundugang,bakit ganun po kamahal ang singil sa guide na ginawa nila 3k ang fixed rate,pwede bang ipaliwanag nila kung bakit ganun ang ginawa nilang fixed rate,mam kung sino man ang name nyo pwedeng pakipaliwanag lang po.kasi sabe nyo kung hinde namin kaya yung rate wag kami umakyat,tapos ng sabe nyo na maghanap kami ng guide na papayag sa rate na kaya namin tapos tetext nyo na hinde pwede,buti nalang at mabait ang guide namin at pumayag,marammimg salamat,minamanipola bah nyo ang singil???nagtatanong lang po!!kaya pala bibihira ang umaakyat sa napulauan dahil sa singil na pinapatupad nyo.Mam sa DOT ng hungduan pakipaliwanag lang po,,concern mountaineer lang po na nagtatanong.maraming salamat

di isabel said...

hello! please please try to update your accounts on the mt. napulauan climb. we almost didn't make the climb because the guides are way too expensive than expected (based on you info) as well as the other aspects of the climb itself and we found out all about this at the municipal hall in hungduan. it would mean so much to other climbers. thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

i just joined the Hungduan climbathon last weekend...and it was really the hardest trail i've ever trekked! took me 9 hours to traverse the mountain starting from poblacion to hapao. true enough, the mountain possesses unique flora and has very thick mossy rainforest. It was scary though since there's no one to guide me as the other contestants were hours ahead of me.

NOTE: the winner this time only took 2:39hrs to finish the race!!!

It was truly a challenging yet fun experience for me. hope you guys could also join the climbathon next year!

Anonymous said...

We just completed the Napu traverse last April 23-25 2010. The IT provided here is perfect! Petiks na Petiks.

On day1 we started at 12:00NN and reached Ny-O 3pm
Broke camp at 6am day2, treked at 7am then reached the summit at 11:30am. - Petiks/Tulog/Tambay na sa summit until the next day.

Broke camp at 6am then start descent at 7:30am. Brunch on trail with lots of picture taking on the trail. Reached the Hapao trail head 1:30pm. - last man/woman arrived 4:30pm

Wala lang coordination sa registration office at mga guides. sabi sa registration 500/day ang guide. ended up 2000/guide for 3 days. (Sagot nyo pa food nila) 2500 for a dedicated porter for 3 days (sagot nyo din food nila). 1 guide:5 Hikers

had problems din with the guides. ang tatamad at ang daming dahilan pag mag papakuha ng tubig sa water source sa may summit.

jeep: 4500 hatid/sundo

bryb said...

Meron po ba kayong contact sa registration? We will climb it on 3rd week of May..

Salamat po...

busog said...

sir kagagaling lang namin dito nung june 13-15, 5 kami, d na kami nag guide ayos naman inulan lang kami, pero sulit sa view at sobrang lamig.

Anonymous said...

We are climbing Hundungan - Mt. Napulauan Summit - Hapao middle of July or early August. Like previous comments, I am really concerned about the guide rates. We spoke with Ifugao Tourism and we were given the following schedules. Jeep rental to Hundungan and from Hapao Php. 4,000.00. Guide (we provide food) Php. 1,200.00. Porter (we provide food) 700.00.

We also called contacts posted in this site and we got a totally different rate: Jeep, round trip Php. 4,500.00, Guide: 1,800.00 Porter rate is same as guide rate since these porters also serves as guides.

Like previous post we were also informed that guides/porters when arranged at Hundungan during climb proper will cost us 3,000.00.

Also, we were pre-warned that some guides and porters are "maarte pag pina-paigib ng tubig".

Wow, DOT should really look into these if they expect to liven up the local tourism industry. There is so much potential coming from local tourists, ang problema, it seems they are charging us the "dollar rates".

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous, ok lang kahit d na kayo mag guide malinis naman ang trail. kami umakyat kami nung june13-15 d na kami nag guide, lima lang kami. san nga lang payagan kayo na walang guide

Erick Aguinaldo said...

We climbed Mt. Napulauan via Hundungan-NayO- Mt. Napulauan Summit - Hapao Trail last Friday, July 2 to July 5.

We are a group of 3 well on our 40's. We secured 2 porters for 700/day each and a guide for 1,200/day. They are from the Banaue Tourism Office and are official Banaue guides. Jeep roundtrip rental is 4000.00.

We started our trek at 11am and was able to reach Camp Nay-O at 3pm. Trek was invisible amidst sharp grass as tall as a person. Without arm, leg and face protection you can easily get cut.

The sun was blazing until after we set camp at 3pm, then it rained really hard for the next 4 hours. Good thing that we already pitched our tents. We also had a make shift kitchen covered by trap so our porter and guides can start preparing food.

We had dinner at 8 and retired inside our tents with our ear plugs right after. I had to put on my insulted pants and two jackets and crawl inside my sleeping bag to get was a very very chilly night.

We woke up at 4am to view the rising was magestic.

We broke camp at 7:30 and started our ascend at 8am. Our guides refilled our water supply from a spring 15 mins from Nay-O. We saw later that the spring was only dribbling water despite the rains the night before. So we ended up filling only 3 x 1.5 liter bottles. this was a mistake since there was no water source until the summit.

We finally reached the summit at 3pm...again we were blessed with clear, hot weather. We pitched our tent and after an hour it started to rain. Inside our tents we felt the wind howling, then we wondered why the rain was unusually heavy..I looked outside and saw that it was raining ice. as large as was really freezing. At 8pm the rain stoped and we ate our dinner. We went to sleep immediately and good thing I had my thermal suit because it was really freezing.

That night we heard footsteps, foreign sounding voices and sounds of people marching. It was scary and we did not have the guts to look outside our tents.

The following morning, we all exchanged stories and sure enough everybody heard the same sounds...including our guides......ibitin ko muna continuation, medyo mahaba na.....

Anonymous said...

hi guys. first of all i would like to express my gratitude to pinoy mountaineering for being my constant guide and companion to all the magnificent mountains i have climb in the past years. we just climb napu early this july, our guide and porters are good and commendable. to those interested, the guide name is winston, rate is 1,200.00 per day contact number 09185040502, porter is richard 700.00 per day contact number is 09197083937, we provided them with food and treated them like real friends. they were given to us by miss jane, the tourism officer in banawe. hope this info is helpful and may you experience the serenity we all deserve in the mountain of your choice. bobby

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to join a group if ever they will climb napulauan anytime this august.. any takers? please post nalang.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

i climbed mt. napulawan along with 60+ other students in 1997 when I was still in highschool without the proper equipments and preparation. we only our normal maong and tshirts, rubber shoes and even slippers for others. this was my first climb and it was indeed frustrating especially at the up-down-up-down-up-down part. haha! we made our ascend via the hapao trail and it took us 6 hours to reach the summit. i do not remember where i slept then or if i had a sleeping bag but for sure it wasnt inside a tent. i remember being creeped out by the mossy forest especially when there was no one in sight. it was at the peak with the majestic scene that i told myself i want to climb more mountains.
sadly, when i got to UP and wanted to join the mountaineering orgs, one of my townmates (Kiangan, ifugao) asked me why I wanted to join organizations that climb mountains when I am already from the mountains. being the freshman that i was, i agreed with her statement (silly me!) and ended up not joining, a decision i regret to this day. :(

Anonymous said...

will climb napulauan this nov29-30.. solo ko lng bka may gsto sumama na dalwa.. 09154331631-cris

Anonymous said...

kagagaling lng po ng napulauan, solo climb lng and payment is 2k from poblacion to hapao for two days. habal lang from banaue to poblacion 150 pesos and from hapao pede kayo sumakay ng mga jeep galing tinoc na may byahe ng 10am, 11am at 12am.. 70pesos ung fare to banaue.. maambon ung weather pero worth the effort kasi may clearing naman at sea of clouds..

Anonymous said...

advantage lng po na umakayat ngyon rainy season kasi buhay ung water source before entering the mossy forest at water source ulit 15mins from the summit on the way to hapao trail.

Anonymous said...

gud day! any updates ng mga contacts sa mga guide sa mt.napulauan??magcclimb kasi kami sa december 26. pa-post naman po ng mga alam nyo na contacts. salamat!!-jorell

Anonymous said...

Aakyat ang Scout Mountaineering Club dito sa march 18-20..hungduan-hapao.. sa mga interesado, text nio 0917-525-3700

Joshua Angeles said...

mga ma'am at sir.. may akyat kami dito.. march 19-20 po... pwede nyo po ako kontakin sa 09175253700..

Anonymous said...

Mga maam at sir, baka po may akyat sa Napulauan dis coming April 3 or 5, pasabay naman kami. Thanks

Trail Running Mistress said...

Hi Gideon! Just want to share that I was fortunate to join this year's Hungduan Climbathon along with other trail runners from Manila. We were lucky to have clear weather and see the best views. I was able to finish the Hapao-Poblacion traverse in about 6.5hrs. It was very difficult but extremely rewarding experience. I strongly encourage everyone to try the race next year.

To read more about my Hungduan Climbathon experience, you can check it out at my blog post:

Anonymous said...

sir, updates naman po about napulauan -guides, registration, trail condition and etc. we're planning to climb this peak kasi... many thanks, -gem.

helmet said...

Good day! Im currently looking for brave and adventurous invidividual who can climb with me in napulauan traverse. 2 to 3 people only.. Im planning to climb with a 5 man team only..budget will be texted to those interested. You can text me at 09476990063.

Thanks.. and keep on climbing in the free world..

helmet said...

Share kolang po..The most recent napulauan climb..

Anonymous said...

aakyat po kami sa napulawan sa sept 1-2 2012..baka po me gustong sumabit para mas mapaliit yung budget natin..august 31 po ang alis pm / intresado text 09299638202/9 na po kami..cavite based po kami..

drox said...

Conquered! with XTMSI last May18-19,2013

MountainRunner said...

CONGRATULATIONS To T.A.P.W.A.K. for conquering Mt. Napulauan Traverse last Nov. 1-2, 2013. Many THANKS to Sirs Jodax, Gil, Itsoy, Mickey, Joel, Mark. Likewise to Ma'am Gevi, Wendy, Jen, Mila, Dona and Gale. More Power. Keep on Climbing.

steve demaala said...

We came Mt.Napuluan, just yesterday (may 12,2014, guide fee is 1000/day. Its very nice experience trekking this mountain.

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