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Mt. Ugo/Traverse (2,150+)

MT. UGO (2,150+)
Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet
Jump-off points: Kayapa, N. Vizcaya; Brgy. Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet
LLA: 16.31916°N, 120.80166°E, 2130 MASL
Days required / hours to summit: 2-3 days, 9-10 hrs
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail Class 1-3
Features: Pine forests, highland villages, views of Cordillera peaks

Considering the improved road conditions and easier access to Kayapa via rented jeepney or even by public transport, as well as an expedited descent with the jeepneys able to reach all the way to the "waiting shed", recommends a two-day itinerary for Mt. Ugo starting March 2012.

Mt. Ugo (sometimes Ugu) is a major destination in the Cordilleras. Although its elevation is low compared to the lofty heights of Mt. Pulag and Mt. Napulauan, it has stately pine forests and spectacular views similar to its higher counterparts. Also, the traverse connecting N. Vizcaya and Benguet is a challenging trail that serves as the southeast entrance to the Cordillera mountain chain - opening possibilities such as a traverse to Mt. Pulag.

This mountain was “discovered” in the aftermath of a PAL aircraft crash on June 26, 1987. Flight PR206, a Hawker Siddeley HS-748, bound for Baguio, crashed in the slopes of Mt. Ugo while attempting to land in a monsoon, killing all 50 people onboard. Rescuers, including mountaineers, found the wreckage five hours after the crash, 200 yards below the summit. Subsequent operations paved the way for trails, and soon, word spread about a new hiking destination. Today, hundreds of climbers climb Mt. Ugu yearly; there is an established guide system, and the mountain is one of the more popular hikes in the Cordilleras, together with Mt. Pulag, Mt. Amuyao, and Mt. Napulauan.

Another plane was said to have crashed in the mountain during the 1960's...ghost stories are often attributed to the victims of these crashes. Long before the age of airplanes, however, Mt. Ugu has been associated with danger. Jovanie Claver, writing in the provincial website of Benguet, explains that the name “Ugo” was derived from the Ibaloi word “Ugoan” which means “to cut the neck”. Oral tradition has it that Mt. Ugo was the site where the invading Spaniards were killed, in the fashion in which the mountain was named. Although with a somewhat violent etymology, Mt. Ugo can be seen as a monument to the fierce determination of its people to defend their freedom and way of life. In many ways, they have succeeded: until now mountaineers can have the experience of interacting with the locals' unique culture. The villagers are very hospitable. They would even offer food -- including their delicacy, goat meat.

The Kayapa to Itogon traverse, pioneered by AMCI, is a 2- to 3-day trek. It begins at Kayapa proper. The first leg, requiring 4 hours, comprises of open trails with some pine trees and a steep latter part. It leads to Indupit village, where you can have lunch or stay overnight at the elementary school. Beyond the village, an hour of trekking will pass you by Mt. Samiento (1730 MASL) before reaching a major stopover, Domolpos village (4 hrs from Indupit). Here you can refill water being the last source before the summit. From Domolpos, the summit is just 2-2.5 hours away. The trails in this last leg are set first on pine forests, and then a brief stint on a mossy forest before reaching the summit (2130 MASL). A metal sign marks the summit, indicating that it's within Brgy. Tinongdan, Itogon. The measurement is 2086 MASL although wide discrepancies exist.

At the summit, major Cordillera mountains can be seen as you face north: Mt. Singakalsa (N), Mt. Pulag (NNE), Mt. Tabayoc behind and beside it, among others. The other Benguet mountains NW may be obstructed and are too distant; Mt. Napalauan (NE) is eclipsed by Mt. Pulag. Prominent also is Mt. Sto. Tomas (W) and Baguio City. On a very clear day, a faint Mt. Arayat (S) can be seen. To orient yourself at the summit, the trail from Kayapa is NE; the trail to Itogon is W. The marker can be found at the south - where scenic views are also visible.

The return trip commences with a steep descent on pine forests, followed by rolling trails. First major landmark is the Old Sawmill, around 3.5 hours away. From there to Lusod village is another 30 minutes. Finally, the final 3-4 hours will take you to Itogon, and then to the barangay hall where a chartered jeepney can take you to Baguio City en route to Manila.

(This is a reversible itinerary: you can choose to reverse the sequence of this itinerary for a Itogon-Kayapa traverse)

Day 0
2200 Assembly, Victory Liner GMA-Kamuning Station
2300 ETD for Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya via Isabela-bound bus

Day 1
0500 ETA Aritao or Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya,
0530 ETD for Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya via rented jeepney
0700 ETA Kayapa, Register at police station, secure guides, breakfast
08000 Start Trek
1200 ETA Indupit Village / Lunch
1300 Resume trek to Domolpos
1700 ETA Domolpos Village. Stay in the Elementary School

Day 2
0330 Wake up call, breakfast
0430 Commence final leg to summit
0700 ETA Mt. Ugo Summit (2150 MASL).
0900 Start descent on very steep, ridge-like pine forest trail
1200 ETA Lusod Village, lunch, register at Brgy. Hall
1300 Resume trek
1600 ETA Itogon Village; take pictures at Itogon bridge
1630 End of trek. Jeepney will be waiting past the river
1700 Arrival at barangay hall
1730 ETD for Baguio via chartered jeepney
1800 ETA Baguio, proceed to Manila by bus


Active in promoting tourism and managing Mt. Ugu as a hiking destination is Ma'am Liza Diase, tourism officer of Itogon. She may be contacted through following numbers: +639167445628 or +639105482678. She can help you charter a jeepney and arrange guides.

A jeepney can fetch you in Lusod, on the waiting shed; however, if the roads are muddy during the rainy season, the jeep may not be able to go all the way to the end of the trail; you have to walk further down. Although there are steep parts, the trails of Mt. Ugo are generally benign. There are basic facilities in the villages (i.e. CRs, faucets) but electricity is non-existent in these distant parts. As for water sources, the villages have them but none in the summit. Cellphone signal is present in the summit and parts of the trail.

Cold weather is a concern but temperatures don't go as low as those of Mt. Pulag or Mt. Amuyao.

Mt. Amuyao Traverse
Mt. Napulauan Traverse
Mt. Ugo Traverse

Iowak and Kalanguya tribes inhabit Mt. Ugo whereas Ibalois in general are the major ethnic group of Itogon. The main livelihood is mining; this is evidenced by the mines such as the Balatoc gold mines. Logging was also a major industry, nearby nearly denuding the mountain. The old saw mill is but a remnant of this past- in which, allegedly, cable systems transported wood down the mountain.

An interesting feature of the Mt. Ugo trails is the wooden gates that you have to open and close. Perhaps this has something to do with the cows which use the sloped grasslands as their grazing area.

Wild berries, called dusong (Vaccinium barandanum) grow in Mt. Ugo. More interestingly, a land crab (probably Cardisoma sp.) was spotted on the forests of Mt. Ugo! This was reported in 2007 by Sir Emman Palacio and his team. If confirmed, this is a great biological find!




Anonymous said...

another nice post. keep up the good work. your blog is a great help to our group.

gideon said...

Ma'am Liza of Itogon mayor's office emailed us about the "6TH MT. UGO SUMMER CLIMB" on April 4-6, 2008. See for may also contact ma'am liza at or 0916-744-5628//0910-548-2678

Mike said...

Thank you for the informative material around Kayapa. We have a home there and in the U.S.
We are just learning about Kayapa.What a nice place.
We are also doing some charity work there.

gideon said...

hi mike, you're welcome! kayapa, like mt. ugu, is a very nice place with the pines. and the people are very friendly too.

domengzhu said...

1 of my favorite north mountains
wla naman
respect lang sa culture nila(lalo na sa tinongdan side)
wag natin dagdagan at wag bawasan

piknikers mountaineers said...

Dear sir & mam,
PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS will be going to Kalinga Apayao on January 2009 to do a MEDICAL MISSION. The activity will be lead by Piknikers Members, Doctors, surgeons and Film Director Tarik. all members of piknikers. This will help the locals to have knowledge about first aid and life saving medicines. they will be also check about their health conditions and will be given free medicines and vitamins. the activity will take about 10 to 15 days. we will also share our music to them by the performance of the musicians SLUDGE FACTORY.....
in case you have anything to contribute like, medicine, old clothes or anything you think might help them. (no cash please) you can send it thru us.. you may contact us at email: or leave a message in our friendster with the same email address.
thank you very much guys. promise we will also go to the unexplored mountains there and share the IT with you.

backpackingsheet said...


Ask ko lang if pwedeng magcommute through bus to any of the two jumpoff points (Kayapa-Itogon)? In case, do you have the bus skeds? Thanks.

gideon said...

bps, yes there are buses from bambang that pass by kayapa. that's what we took when we did a kayapa-itogon.

Anonymous said...

xsited na ko d2 gaganapin ang indcution climb na min ngayung last week nang march weeeeeeee


judith said...

may climb kme dito sa april 4-6, hehe, kita kits!

Anonymous said...

Hi judith baka umakyat din kame dyan ng April 4-6 kita kits!! =)

Anonymous said...

sir ask lang po... sementado po ba papuntang jump off? kakayanin po ba ng pampasadang jip lang?
tnx po...

Anonymous said...

yes sememtado na hanggang N. Viscaya

Anonymous said...

been to Mt. Ugo twice too. Really worth all the sweat and so long walks. Apart from just mt. climbing, the trip was also very educational particularly in understanding the century old culture of the residents in Dumolpos and Lusod. I remember entering a house that displays all the skulls of animals in their ceiling. To an outsider, one wonders why they ever choose to live in the middle of mountain of nowhere. But the beauty, serenity, kindness and smiles of the folks there made me believe, they are better-off in many ways that my own life in a concrete jungle.

The best talaga ang Ugo climb for me. Hope to be there again, one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Mga sir, self sufficient ba mga guides sa Ugo (foods and tents)? may difference kaya ang per day nila if sagot nila food nila for 3 days?

Anonymous said...

Hi, if the system in Pulag is similar to Ugo. All guides as well as porters are self-contained--aND SO yes, THEY HAVE their own food and tents.Better yet, coordinate with the Barangay Captain (PaCIO PA RIN BA? at TInongan, Itogon, Benguet. You can visit his office at the Brgy Hall in Tinongdan (His mobile phone may have been posted here too, am not so certain though).

boboypogi said...

yup si bgry kapt.pacio pa rin po. kontakin niyo in advance para may certificate kayo. self-contained din yung mga guides nila. ganda ng ugo, my libre ice pa sa campsite umulan kasi ng yelo hehehe. ingat lang sa limatik trail kasi medyo madaming ahas na nagkalat sa trail na ayaw tumabi. bring enough water paakyat kasi minsan natutuyo yung water source, pababa walang problem kasi madami water source. :)

Anonymous said...

mt.ugo,halos pareho lang ng ganda ng summit ng mt.pulag...gorio

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I scaled Ugo first before I saw Pulag's summit. Before I saw Pulag, siyempre, Ugo was the best before it's beauty was eclipsed w/ that of Pulag's.

In terms of the climb though, I enjoyed much more Ugo than the two routes I traversed in Pulag.

I suggest that you enjoy both places. They are just too incomparable in the end. The experiences will also be totally be different. One thing common: Both are just too beautiful

Anonymous said...

I also scaled both Mt.Ugo and Mt.Pulag. Yeah, the experience is totally different..Grabe ang ganda sa Summit ng Pulag when you see the sunrise and the formation of clouds which they called "sea of clouds"..Unlike sa Ugo, when Ive been there, mejo cloudy yung summit and minsan walang clearing..but my experience in trekking Ugo was great compared to Pulag.


Anonymous said...

is it ok to climb there this june? how much is the expenses (transpo, guide fees, reg. fees)?

Anonymous said...

Guide fee's P400 per day,Reg fee from Kayapa is still P100. The transpo's just P50 from Bambang to Kayapa (look for the Bambang Pension House,yung kanto dun ang antayan..first trip's 7am,last trip's 8pm..). Manila to Bambang (via Victory or Baliwag) is P323

Anonymous said...

Is it ok to ride the trail via mtb? I've seen this posted by a Bataan rider once before. would this be feasible? Thank you

tagabukid said...

malala ba ang dulas ng trail o sobrang maputik pag maulan o manageable naman? may scheduled climb sa katapusan ng august pero nagda-dalawang isip pa ako baka masama ang panahon e... salamat!

Anonymous said...

maayos po b ang daan jan ngaun?, e di b gumuho ung bundok jan sa may itogon?

Anonymous said...

We are planning to climb Mt Ugu on Oct3-4.
For those interested to join, you can text me at 0927-5249511.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to congratulate Mr. John Buno and co., my teammate at the SBC Rowing Team for reaching mt. ugo's summit with their bike and packs! An amazing feat! Idol hehehe

Anonymous said...

mga sir kung traverse po ba from Kayapa to Itogon, pag nasa Itogon na po ba may mag PUV na to Baguio? yung commute lang lang po kasi 7 lang kami mahal masyado kung charttered jeepney.



Anonymous said...

@ anonymous:

basta sir pg asa brgy. hall na kyo ng brgy. tinongdan mababait naman ang mga tao dun ni kapitan pacio maari kyo matulungan sa jeep na sasakyan nyo papuntang baguio na normal na byahe at hindi na kyo mag rerent.

V said...

Congratulations to Nelo (USTMC) & Jaymz (TIPMC), both of in doing the traverse ride of Mt. Ugo last Dec. 26-27, 2009, entering via the beautiful Yabnong Trail! Hats-off to you guys! - V

raymdc said...

Much kudos to both of you for pulling it off!


Anonymous said...

hi sir, pwede po bang umakyat sa Ugo ng walang guide? kasi po 2 lang kami, para makamura at kaya ba ng 3 days yun kasama ang travel from manila? thanks po.


Anonymous said...

aakyat kami sa march 31 kita kits

Anonymous said...

hi sir/mam!!!
Meron po kaming open climb this coming March 31 to April 3, 2010.
REGISTRATION FEE: P1,800 including Transportation
2 way,Manila to Nueva Vizcaya to Kayapa.Itogon to Baguio to Manila.(1,500)
Plus souvenir t-shrt, I.D. and certificate coming fron the group and coming Brgy. Tinongdan

Contact Person: Monskie 0918-290-5904
Deadline of payment: March 15, 2010
Pre Climb: March 15, 2010

The United Climbers Org.(T.U.C.O.)

Anonymous said...

Hi there fellow mountaineers! We’re inviting you guys to participate on our upcoming Mt.Labo Climb, on Feb 20-22. surf, skimboard & enjoy the soft sands and great waves of bagasbas beach!
Hosted by Tribu Guinobateno Mountaineering Club & Oryol Outdoor Group.
Registration Fee is only P150 (Inclusive of Souvenir I.D., Certificate, & Special Pinangat (laing bikol)or Longanisa Guinobatan.) yummy!!!! fudtrip!!!!
kindly contact this guys:
NEIL: 09155308616 /
KHOYS: 09273831458 /
JEROME: 09159457533
KEN: O9394652000 /
Kita kits!!!
Mabuhay ang Bikolano Mountaineers!!!

Anonymous said...

Everybody invited!

Mt. Ugu - April 1-3 side trip Mt.Stomas ;)

Contact Person: Ed - 09173410441 or 831-1888 loc5570-74

Anonymous said...

Any climbs scheduled for April 9-11 long weekend?

Nicolo said...

is it ok to climb here this may?

Nicolo said...

any climbs here this may?

Anonymous said...

kakababa lang po nmim ng mt ugo kayapa traverse itogon benguet, sulit po ang init lang.

Anonymous said...

For those who will climb Mt. Ugu, pls. any bring school supplies for the kids of Domolpos Elementary School. They need our support. Pencils, crayons, papers or other reading materials are lacking. Pls. help them. You can look for Pastor Elmer or Lakay Roy(PTA President) for assistance. Recommended Guide will be Kuya Ramon Manzano(09305959815). thnx


Anonymous said...

aus ang mt. ugo lalo nun umakyat kme ng october..super duper sarap ng akyat sobrang lamig..kapagod na akyatan pero mwwla lht sa taas pag nkita mu ang view..after treking sidetrip pa kme sa baguio...1month after un barangay itogon will send ung certification na u reach the ppeak of mt.ugo..astig! one of memorable climb - MLQU Stallion Outdoor Club

Anonymous said...

mga sir at madam,

may bago po bang number si mam liza iyong tourism officer ng mt. ugu!?! pa-post naman po kung meron.

tvm po.

Anonymous said...

magkano lahat ang transpo budget d2 from manila.. commute lng po. tnx


Anonymous said...

mas mahirap b ung trail neto kesa sa tarak???

Alma B Alambra said...

Had an overnight stay at the Mt Ugu Baptist Mission House in Domolpos 2 weekends ago to bring sch supplies. Forest fires evident along the trail.
To those who wish to hire a van for the Mt Ugu/Pulag jump-off, you may contact Steve- 09292335956.
Our guides were Alex Basilang- 09219840254 & Ramon Manzano- 09305959815. Pastor Elmer Permites is the Baptist pastor & can be reached thru 09296054060 .
Alma B. Alambra
Naguilian, Isabela

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kagagaling lang po namin from mt.ugo kayapa-itogon traverse (10-13june2010). it was a great experience, great time, great climb though mejo maambon pero di gaano. nakisama din ang panahon. ang bait nang mga locals... thanks po ke mang alex (guide namin) sana di sya gaano nahirapan sa kakahabol sa amin... hope to be back...


Anonymous said...

kamusta po ang trail ng akyat nyo^?
kamusta po ang peak?

sinoman, may nakaka-alam ba ng kalagayan ng ugu ngayon?

Anonymous said...

meron po bang mag climb this 25-27 sa ugo? were planning din kc umakyat ngayong week.. magkano na po ba ang budget na kailangan dun... pamasahe at guide.. from manila po kami.. salamat

ka enri

jade acidre said...

pnms will be climbing mt. ugu this coming August 27-30, 2010. We will distribute school supplies at Domolpos Elementary School. if you wish to donate or send some school supplies (pencils/crayons/pad paper & others) we will be glad to distribute them in your behalf.

please contact jade acidre @ 09267009892
or email us at

Thank you very much and God Bless

Anonymous said...

@jade acidre
pwede po ba maki join mt. ugu climb nyo freelance po ako tnx

Anonymous said...

hello po mga sir and mam! kakababa lang po namin ng mt. Ugo last August 30, 2010 with Sir Jade Acidre, fortunately may nakita po kaming land crad. we also have its picture. sabi po kasi dito na great biological find, kaya ask ko lang sana where can i submit the picture of the crab? please call me at 0922 891 03 82 for any information.


Anonymous said...

hi!am from ifugao but i studied at kayapa,so, i climned mt.ugo also,,,if you want to see some mountains?just type mount amuyao, it is located at Ifugao, the highest mountain of ifugao.

Anonymous said...

May open climb ang MMS sa Oct. 16-17. Invited kayong lahat. May pre-climb meeting sa Oct 12, 7:30 PM at the Megamall Foodcourt near Greenwich. You can text Jason for further details at 0927-5149511. Tara na sama na!

Anonymous said...

^how much po budget lahat na? di ako mkkattend sa preclimb nio kc. tks -atenean

Anonymous said...

Mt. Ugu Traverse expenses (Outside group and personal provisions)

Bus to Bambang – 275
Van from Bambang to Kayapa Market (terminal: Shell) – 70
Registration fee (Itogon brgy hall) – 100
Jeep from Itogon Brgy Hall to Baguio (8am single trip) – 30
Bus from Baguio to Cubao – 435

Guide fee for maximum 10 person – 400/day

Highly recommended – Kuya Alex from Domolpos (0921-9840254). Very polite, reliable and educated.

BPS, 10.09-10.10

melo sanchez said...

ay IT po ba kayo from itogon to kayapa???


Anonymous said...

puros paahon daw ang itogon so mas mahirap, ireverse na lng ninyo sir ang IT nakalagay dito. sakay lng ng bus from Baguio pa itogon 2pm single trip every day kung commute.

art soriano said...

planning an itogon-ugo-itogon overnight trek on dec. 27-28. dalawa pa lang po kami ng pinsan ko. baka po may gustong sumama para po makatipid sa transpo from baguio to itogon and back. kindly text or call me at 09228872041.

christian said...

sir/ma'am.... any person contact po from domolpos community school.... balak kc nmin mg donate ng books and schools supplies one of these days.... nag climb kmi d2 s ugo trav. last week.. tnx... more power

helmet said...

Hi! Sa mga naka pag climb na sa mt ugo,,question lang po.. ano oras po ba ang mga byahe ng jeep/bus papuntanga kayapa ? Galing dito sa cubao anong bus ang sasakyan,tapos san ang baba nun? Puede bang kayapa-kayapa lang di na via itogon traverse? Pa tulong naman po sa logistics..
Maraming salamat po in advance..

Anonymous said...

mga sir my aakyat poh ba ng oct 14 to 16 or sa oct 31 to nov. 2...?txt me kung meron para makasama ako at ilan sa mga frend ko...?kung wla naman sir baka pede nlng poh magpa update ng i.t tska fare tska sir kontak narin sa rented ng jeep bambang to kayapa at itogon to baguio



helmet said...

Sir Squamsbug.. May akyat kami sa mt ugu nov 5-8..if you are only 2-3 peeps , we can accomodate you..Thanks..

Anonymous said...

Sir/mam. were planning to climb mt.ugu..please penge lng po advise or tips para po makapgprepare po kmi. salamat po.

Anonymous said...

Hi, We are going to climb mt ugu traverse on Nov 4-7..Our group is practicing the LIM principle(Low impact mountaineering ) . If your interested and have the same state of mind and attitude . Text me at 09303063912..

See posters and print ads for details..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

akyat kme apat, kaninu pde makisabay, tnx

Anonymous said...

any climbs to Mt Ugo around 1st or
2nd week of January. I would like to join and willing to share expenses.

Max said...

HI trekkers! May mt ugu traverse po Jan28-30 po. Jan 27 ng gabi alis ng Manila. For those interested pls refer to this event in FB --->>

Para ma lessen na rin expenses lalo na sa jeep rental.

Thanks po.

Anonymous said...

gud day po. how much pala yung transpo from bamban to kayapa? pwede ba mag commute? may mga jeep po ba dun sa bayan na pwede i-rent?

magkano din po yung transpo mula itogon hanggang baguio? saan po pwede mag rent? tnx po.

how much po yung guide at saan pwede kumuha? how much din po yung reg fee at saan mag register?

salamat po ulit.

Max said...


pls check yung event na pinost ko above, the one with the fb link. hope you can join. other guests are also welcome.

yung mga small groups na gustong makatipid, join na rin kayo samin para di malaki gastusin natin lahat.

for details pls call/txt JM @ (0947)699-0063 or Max @ (0930) 306-3912.


Anonymous said...

Hi.Mt ugu climb will be move in Feb.just text the number above if you want to join..Thanks..

Chris said...

Do you know who I can contact if i want to climb in Mt. Ugo with my friends?can you post their contact info as well. thanks

Anonymous said...

For those who wants to join and climb mt ugu and feel the breeze of morning dew.,check the above links..


xtin said...

There's another leg of Mt. Ugo climb set on the 3oth of March 2012, according to the Municipality of Itogon. Just went there this weekend, thank you for the information from your site.

aidz said...

Just wanna share:

Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet
March 30-31 & April 1, 2012

THEME: Celebrating a Decade of Nature and Culture Appreciation with Leisure

DAY 1 (March 30)
5:00 A.M - Registration/Assembly at DOT-CAR, Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City (Fronting Baguio City National High School)
7:30 A.M - Briefing/Kick-off prayer/ETD to Benguet-Bueva Vizcaya Boundary via Benguet-Ambuklao-Aritao Road/Brief stopover at Ambuklao Viewdeck and Gurel , Bokod
11:00 A.M - ETA @ Benguet-Nueva Vizcaya Boundary (Barangay Pangawan)
11:30 A.M. - Start trek/Lunch en route
5:00 P.M. - ETA @ Domolpos Campsite/Pitch camp
7:00 P.M. - Dinner/Social Night
10:00 P.M. - Lights out

DAY 2 (March 31)
5:00 A.M. - Wake up call/wash -up/Breakfast
7:00 A.M. - Break camp/clean-up
8:00 A.M. - Warm up exercise/Prayer
9:00 A.M. - Summit assault
11:00 A.M. - ETA @ Summit/Tri-boundary viewing/Summit lunch/Group picture taking
1:00 P.M - ETD for second camp @ Lusod
3:30 P.M. - ETA @ campsite/Set Up camp/Sunset viewing
7:00 P.M. - Dinner/Cultural Night/Group Presentations
10:00 P.M. - Lights out

DAY 3 (April 1)
5:00 A.M. - Wake up call/Breakfast/Break Camp/Warm up exercise
7:30 A.M. - Kick-off prayer/Palm Sunday Mass at Campsite (Tentative)
10:00 A.M. - ETA @ Anawang (jeeps will convey the pax to 1300L Pools at Poblacion)
12:00 P.M. - ETA @ 1300L Pools/Lunch/Bathe
2:00 P.M. - Closing and Awarding ceremony (Certificates, Special Awards)
5:00 P.M. - ETD for Baguio City
6:00 P.M. - ETA @ Baguio City

Registration Fee: P1500.00 (up to Mar15); P1600 (Mar 16-29); P1700 (Mar 30); inclusive of transportation from Baguio City to Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya & Tinongdan to Baguio City only; Souvenir T-Shirt; Certificate of Participation; ID; Barangay Entrance Fee; Souvenir Yearbook; Token; 2 camp dinners; entrance fee and send-off lunch at 1300L Pools on the 3rd day.

For Inquiries : Itogon Mayor’s Office – 09105482678//09276186078//09223745595 (Ms. Liza Diase)
Email address: or
facebook account: Liza Gacoscos-Diase (
multiply account:
Hon. Mayor Oscar M. Camantiles - 09088882010
Councilor Norberto I. Pacio - 09497789528
Provincial Tourism Affairs Office – 074-422-1116 (Ms. Claire Prudencio)
PB Benjamin Medino – 09082637134 (Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet)
Department of Tourism – CAR – 074-442-8848


thanks a lot for all your kind comments, and thank you Pinoy Mountaineer for being our partner in our tourism endeavors especially in the promotion of Mt. Ugo. I am also inviting you to visit our other mountains such as Mt. Bidawan and Mt. Pigingan all here in Itogon.

xtmsi said...

We have scheduled climb @ MT Ugo on April 5 9PM to April 7, 2012. Reg Fee: 1.7K - All included except food.
Manila to jumpoff, jumpoff - Manila
Reg. and Guide fee,

Contact 09185688604 for details
Slot available : 5

bunsoy said...

Hi All,
any info if there is a scheduled climb for Ugo this summer ??

Gerald said...

Hi Sir,
Regarding the Mt. Ugo annual climb, it is still under discussion kung April 6-8, 2012.



Anonymous said...

sir!,, what if i'll be the one who climb mt.Ugo without guide and regestration fee, accept ba?..

Liza Diase said...

Dear Friends:
The PCLCS in partnership with Barangay Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet wish to invite you to the MT. PIGINGAN AMITY CLIMB at Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet on April 25-27, 2014 at Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet... come and let's enjoy and experience nature's wonder and serenity in the historical and legendary Dalupirip bastion.
The regform and IT are also downloadable at the PCLCS official website

For info on shared experiences about Mt. Pigingan, you may please refer to:


April 25, 2014 (Day 1)
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM - Assembly/Registration at DOT-CAR/Briefing
5:30 PM - ETD for Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet
7:00 PM - ETA at Dalupirip/Set camp at Sapayan/Dinner/Campfire/Socials
10:00 PM - Lights out

April 26, 2014 (Day 2)
5:00 AM - Wake up call/break camp/prepare for ascend to Tivang
8:00 AM - Breakfast at Tivang
9:30 AM - Start ascend to Ambel-at Campsite/Lunch enroute
3:00 PM - ETA at Ambel-at/Set camp
5:00 PM - Sunset Viewing/Dinner/Campfire

April 27, 2014 (Day 3)
4:00 AM - Wake up call
5:00 AM - Ascend to Mt. Pigingan summit
6:00 AM - ETA at summit/Viewing: sunrise; Philex Dam 3; San Roque Dam; Pangasinan plains; Caraballo and Cordillera mountain ranges
7:30 AM - Back to campsite/break camp
8:30 AM - ETA @ campsite/ breakfast/ breakcamp
9:30 AM - Descend to Balococ
12:30 NN - Lunch at Balococ/Bathe
2:00 PM - Closing/Awarding program
4:00 PM - ETD for Baguio

Participation Fee: P1500.00 inclusive of Barangay Fee; T-shirt; ID; Certificate; Transpo (Baguio-Dalupirip-Back); Token; 2 meals (Dinner on 1st day; lunch on 3rd day)

WHAT TO BRING: Appropriate clothings (temp may range from 11°C - 14°C at night); camping equipment; trail/camp foods; proper backpacks; flashlights/head lamps with extra battery; drinking water/bottles/canteen cups; camera/binoculars (optional); proper footwear; first aid kit/medicines; rain gears (for unexpected afternoon showers/thunderstorms)
PCLCS Office Telefax: 074-422-4812
Oscar M. Camantiles – PCLCS Exec. Dir. (+639179372415; +639284003582)
Liza G. Diase – VP Fin/Exec Sec. (09483232958; 09276186068; 09328877358)
- Email:;
Jennifer Visaya (Optns. Mngr) - 09079848663
James Kidange (Asst. Exec. Dir) - 09289430895
Junie Parian (Documentation Spclst) - 09079793635
Steve Padsuyan (Office Attendant) - 09496169327

+NamroN+ said...

Hi everyone, we're going to hike Mt. Ugo this November 7-9, 2014. sa mga interested po, you can join our event:


Anonymous said...

At Tagpaya Campsite in Kibungan Circuit, we saw "Cardisoma"crab. We were wondering how does that crab managed to be in that place, but after reading this blog, i was surprised when I read that there's such a "Land Crab" in this region.

Cher de Silva said...

Hi. Would like to know if in Mt. Ugo they also have tents for rent like in Mt. Pulag? How much? Thanks.

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