Hiking matters #28: The face behind Bunga Falls

Last Saturday, after visiting three of San Pablo’s Seven Lakes, I headed with my brods to Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan for a quick dip. The place was deserted – not a single soul was to be found. Even the iron marker that says “P5 entrance fee” has fallen off a coconut tree, rusting. The huts below were in disrepair and bamboo poles floated in the water.

There were tales and anecdotes that Bunga Falls is a place where strangers should not go, because someone – or something – from beneath the water can just pull you down and you will never be heard of. Yet we weren’t one to believe such tales – and the catchbasin seemed so peaceful that we proceeded to swim in the waters. Look at the picture – it was so calm! But look closer and what do you see?

There is a strikingly clear image of a face. See it now? The left branch of the falls seemed like white hair in a face whose features can be identified, with even the eye pupil well formed. Actually, we ourselves didn’t see it until we were browsing the pictures on the way back from Nagcarlan to San Pablo where we had dinner at my grandparents’ house. Here’s a closer look:

I took the pictures with my Sony Ericsson k850i, but even from my brods’ other cameras, the face was evident. When you go to Bunga Falls, try to look for it and see it as its gaze reaches everywhere. Maybe there’s more to Bunga Falls than meets the eye 😀

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13 years 5 months ago

I just jumped off this waterfall at about 6PM last night. There was just a dim sunlight lighting the whole place up when some of my friends and I jumped. It was a breathtaking experience. Not to mention kind of creepy. We came from a day hike at Mt. Kalisungan. We're about to go home but in my head, I didn't want to pass up the chance to jump off this beautiful body of water. Though it isn't as high as compared to other waterfalls one could find in Laguna. Three of my male friends and I went to the falls only to get our pictures taken but not really jump. We have not seen a local jump or swim with us so we felt kind of apprehensive. Finally, when we're leaving the fall, one of my male friends had the audacity to jump his heart out. I was stunned, but felt an tinge of excitement within me. We're walking just a couple of feet away from the waterfall so I encouraged a male friend to do the same. We walked back on the big stone in the middle of the twin falls. I noticed that time that the current was a bit more aggressive, but that did not stop me. I made two forward steps and sprung myself as high as I could and so did he. I felt my time being distorted, vision blurred. All I could think of was when am I going to plunge. It was a paradox of sorts. It was like a slow-motion/fast-forward encounter. I plunged on the deep freezing basin of water. When I was trying to swim up to find some air to breathe, strong currents were trying to pull down my whole body. Creepier because it was nightfall. I was losing strength due to the current. I told myself this won't be my last. I swam as hard as I could, finally found myself on the surface of the water. I was feeling woozy because of the plunge but I heard myself giving out that sigh of relief as I swam away from the twin falls. I made it, I told myself. I made it. Had I known about that 'face' on the waterfall, I would have thought of crazier ideas while being pulled down by the current. Hehe. 🙂 Looks like a female face to me. Where's her hand kaya? Hmmmm.

13 years 10 months ago

face in the middle of the falls..where as if the falls itself is the white hair? hmn am i right?

14 years 2 months ago

nice pix, also the story behind it.

15 years 9 months ago

Geat pics, but where are the falls

15 years 9 months ago

maybe it’s just me, but i don’t and can’t see anything extraordinary… maybe some penmarks on the pic will help… ty!!!