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Mt. Apo/Sibulan-Kapatagan Traverse (2956+)

Davao del Sur

Entry point: Brgy. Sibulan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur
Exit point: Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur
LLA: 7°0′30″N, 125°16′33″E, 2,956 MASL (#1)
Days required / Hours to summit: 3-4 days / 14-16 hours
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 8/9, Trail class 2-4

by Julius Paner, Mindanao Correspondent

Sibulan Trail of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur is one of the entry points to Mount Apo as officially declared by the Protected Area Management Board. A memorable adventure awaits you as you rediscover the trail where the first successful climb to Mt. Apo peak was led by Don Joaquin Rajal, a Politico-Military Governor of Davao with Datu Manib of Sibulan as their guide, dating back to year 1880.

River crossing warns you up as you start the trekking activities, although Tibolo route is an option during rainy days. You will have to cross the river fifteen times and along the way you will see the abandoned dam where time and Mother Nature nurtured the man-made structure as it is now perfectly adapted to the scenery. Trekkers have to climb over the walls of the dam using sturdy vines on the sides as ropes.

Tarzan-like swing can also be tried to cross the rampaging water although the stretch of water maybe crossed by foot.

The school campus of Tudaya Elementary School serves as the first holding camp. While staying in sitio Tudaya, we invite you to go beyond your imagination as you explore the awesome spectacle of Tudaya Falls. It has an estimated 300 feet high that drops to a 50-meter diameter pool. When you go behind the rampaging waterfall you can understand why tourists describe it “as if she is watching a movie in a wide screen where computer-generated nuclear bomb explosion is shown but the difference is that the doom is the farthest thing in one’s mind as lush vegetation abounds, forever battered by the driving wind and mist.” The spray of swirling droplets generated by the strong falling waters get you WET ON WATERS.

Learn the culture of the Bagobo tribe, and witness the WORKS ON WEAVING the abaca clothing as their treasured traditional arts. You can also join their Tribal Day celebrated every last week of October.

Takamuri Campsite of Sitio Colan serves also as your base to pitch your tent. You can view the magnificent gorge of Mt. Apo early in the morning till 9:00 in the morning likewise in the evening if weather permits. To add to your wholesome adventure, you may take a dip at Mundo Apo Hot Spring with its curative attributes.

Tinikaran Holding Camps 1 and 2 are optional places to take your rest within the forest. In case you arrive beyond 3:00 in the afternoon, it is advisable to proceed to the peak the following day for your safety. At Tinikaran, nature welcomes you with the birds chirping in symphony with the swaying of trees and an offer of the sweet wild berries. If you are fortunate enough, you can also have the citing of the Philippine Eagle.

Gain your strength with the nature hug. Your third day brings you to breathtaking expedition as you begin to ascend the boulders of Mt. Apo. On the side is the crater where you will see the sulfur deposits.

When you reach at the peak, your vigorous exercise will surely be rewarded when you seemingly feel you’re on top of the world.

On your way back, an Almaciga century tree is the common landmark that you are still within the Sibulan Trail. If Mother Nature permits, you will be brought to the “Garden of Eden” perfectly landscaped by nature with white sand, wild plants and flowers. You will cherish into your heart the WEALTH OF WONDERS.

Dare Sibulan Trail, the strenuous but challenging route….An experience foe lifetime, the adventure, culture and nature.



Day 1

0500 ETD (Davao City to Darong)
0600 Motorcycle Ride to Sibulan Barangay Hall
0700 Briefing/Orientation
0800 ETD to Sibulan River
0900 Start river trek (Lunch along the way)
1400 ETA at Tudaya Falls
1600 Tudaya Elementary School Campsite
1800 ETA at Takamuri Campsite

Day 2
0500 Wake Up Call (Prepare Breakfast and Packed Lunch)
0700 ETD from Takamuri Campsite to Garuk
0800 ETA at Garuk
1100 ETA at Tinikaran Holding Camp 1 (Lunch)
1300 ETA at Tinikaran Holding Camp 2
1700 ETA at Mount Apo Summit

Day 3
0500 Watch Sunrise and Panoramic Views
0700 Prepare Breakfast
0800 Breakfast
0900 Peak Hopping
1200 Lunch
1300 Trek Down to Lake Venado
1500 ETA at Lake Venado

Day 4
0600 Wake Up Call (Prepare Breakfast and Packed Lunch)
0800 ETD from Lake Venado
1100 ETA at Almaciga Century Tree Holding Camp
1300 ETA at Garuk
1400 ETA at Colan
1500 ETA at Kapatagan
1800 Back in Davao City

Mt. Apo, as the highest mountain in the Philippines, attracts a lot of attention from hikers all over the world. can help visitors arrange a trip to Mt. Apo. We can secure hiking permits, English-speaking guides, porters, and even tents and camp foods, as well as design itineraries based on your schedules. Depending on your specifications, we can contact local guides or even link you with local hiking clubs. A 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, and even a 5-day Apo are also possible, and there are several trails to choose from. Just for details.

To give you an idea on the expenses, the following are the expenses incurred during an organized trip: Registration Fee: PhP 500.00; Exit Fee (At Kapatagan) : PhP 200.00; Tour Guide Fee : PhP 500 per Day (With Free Meals); Porter’s Fee: PhP 300 per Day (With Free Meals)

Note: A porter carries maximum load of 15 kilos and charges an additional 10 pesos/kilo/day in excess of 15 kilos. A fraction of the day of the porter’s services, either on the first or on the last is considered whole day.

You may contact the contributor of this itinerary for more information: Mr. JULIUS R. PANER, Sta. Cruz Tourism Office: Cel #0920-8567991; e-mail:


Encamped at Tinikiran - home to a beautiful forest

Interacting with the Bag0bo tribesfolk makes the Apo trek a cultural experience as well.

One of the more breathtaking - and challenging - part of the Apo trek is 'the Boulders' that lead to Mt. Apo's summit

This is the third Mt. Apo traverse trail described in PinoyMountaineer, the first two being Kidapawan-Magpet and Kapatagan-Kidapawan.

Mt. Apo/Kidapawan-Magpet: Davao + North Cotabato / 2956m (#1)
Mt. Apo/Kapatagan-Kidapawan: Davao + North Cotabato / 2956m (#1)
Mt. Apo/Sibulan-Kapatagan: Davao del Sur / 2956m (#1)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring the Sibulan trail, it was lovely. One note of caution: My club ran into NPA guerrillas in Garuk (not sure if it was Upper or Lower, but it was the first community after the giant Almaciga tree on the way down from Lake Venado) in January. Although they did not harm the team, it was an unsettling experience for some of us.

Anonymous said...

Yup, NPAs are actually hopping the entire mount apo national park (North Cotabato, Davao del Sur including Digos City and Davao City), its their natural habitat...they understood, however, that mountaineers have different purpose of going to mount apo............and they're definitely good mountain friends!

niel said...

This is a nice but challenging trail that we did back in 05. Though with our large group, we only reached summit by middle of day3 and had to settle at tinikaran for the night of day 2. The IT did not indicate it but there are nice sulfuric hot springs you can stop by on the way up going to the Tinikaran forest if I remember correctly. Had our lunch there which probably caused our delay.

Anyone have an itinerary for Tamayong trail of Apo? That's one trail i'd like to try.

Anonymous said...

Tamayong trail is very challenging, trekking almost a minimum of five days. Its the trail having Calinan, Davao City as its jump off point. However, the Protected Area Management Board-Department of Environment and Natural Resources (PAMB-DENR) has not considered it as an official trail due to some criteria that need to be complied first such as establishment of campsites at the forest, potable water sources, etc. Hopefully in due time it will be opened. Its definitely very good, lots of waterfalls, the vegetation is thick and the trail is challenging.

Jay Z said...

Mt. Apo is a dream come true been there last nov 22-24 im with SYKES OUTDOOR the experience is very memorable and challenging as well... TROY our expedition leader told us... "reaching the country's rooftop aint an easy feat.. traversing region 12 to region 11 with weather disturbance is painstaking... share the glory!" thank you guys! you're the best! also our group would like to acknowledge the efforts of SIR GIDEON LASCO kudos to you sir thank you for keeping us informed with your website and pinoymountaineer is indeed the leading mountaineering website in the country! also to SIR ERWIN "PASTOUR" EMATA (2nd Filipino to Summit MT. EVEREST)our guide in the "Roof of the Phil" MT. APO.. The grandfather of phil mountains,The Majestic peak of the south,the highest peak in the adventure of a lifetime...

Anonymous said...

how much water require to bring on 2-3/days climb in mt. apo?

Anonymous said...

it depends on the trail sir via kidapawan may water source sa summit parang small well sir sa may campsite mismo

Julpanz said...

Lahat ng campsites sa Sta. Cruz trail ay may mga potable water sources...However, we advise trekkers to refill more water at Tinikaran Campsite 1. May water source rin sa peak ng mount apo.....

Anonymous said...

bebot navales said
climbing mt. apo was a norm for us during the 70's until finally 1980. we all went our separate kidapawan climbers, mitos pedregosa, jun piƱol, madrid bros., alvarez bros.,...many others..the trails were much tougher then...just keep on..strong relations between friends were borne in mt. apo.....

Anonymous said...

just want to say hi to my brads there in davao.........LUMAD ECOLOGY ENSEMBLE.keep the fire burning!!!

Anonymous said...

hi din sa mga mountaineers sa toril.....ang bote wag iwanan sa campsite...hehehe.jokes....

lubogan tribe wag n kau magdala ng babae sa campsite.hehehehe......

Anonymous said...

Tanong ko lang po if may requirements ba na kailangan e submit before we can hiking...?

Anonymous said...

Yup, as always you need to secure climbing permit from the Municipality of Sta. Cruz.....prior to that, you have to fill up our application form, yun lang...aside of course from being physically ready to climb. Thanks

vhio said...

Sibulan trail is a challenging trail to see the beauty of Apo Sandawa. Please read my experience during our APO climb where we hike Apo using the unforgettable trail.
Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats really had a good climb here...I have seen your pictures thru my buddy Albert. JULIUS

Anonymous said...

we plan to go there in May. I'm really excited!

Anonymous said...

Kita kits sa May..

May 21-25 ata sched namin..

Pero i'll climb din ngayong April 06, 2009..

Keep up the spirit of a oriented climber..

Anonymous said...

The Sibulan Trail is a Cultural, Environmental and Historical experience all at once. This was the trail of the very first recorded ascent of Mount Apo in the late 1800's. I've trekked it 3 times and it has always been superb. The river trek, open villages, forest and boulders are experiences you will want to repeat over and over again.

Anonymous said...

pede sumabit sa inyo this May 21-25 baka pede ako makisabay freelancer lang po ako
any contact numbers? Jay

Anonymous said...

MAY 21-25..
Free lancer din poh kami..
Pero ikaw..
Ok lng tol..


Taga san ka pala tol??

Anonymous said...

ang checkpoint sa kapatagan sa baras...napaka strikto..lalo na yung babae ang name nya CHERIL MALNEGRO..she decides kung student ka or hindi...grabe mamera ang babaeng ito.. dapat siya i-ban..ang bastos mag approach sa climber..hindi marunong mag entertain..umaasta siya na parang may-ari ng mt.apo!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaa... grabe na talaga ang pamemera nila sa Mount Apo. Doble-doble na babayaran mo kapag traverse ka... anlaki ng binabayaran mo, inuubos pa rin nila yung kagubatan. You should see the "cleared" forests in the Kapatagan side. I asked our local guide once why they still clear the forests when it is a designated national park. The answer? Kasi raw pinayagan ng Barnaggay Captain... I don't know how or why these things still happen, most of these people are NOT even lumads (Bagobo) so they do not have "ancestral domain" rights...and I don't know what gives these people the right to act as if they OWN the Mountain. Give it a few years and Mount Apo will no longer be what it is today unless solid action is taken. All you have to do is compare pictures you took a few years ago to today and you will see what I mean... it is really sad.

lucky-7 said...

Oo nga napaka stricta ng babaeng iyon, hindi naman maganda... tapos cguro kailangan may systema yong mga tao sa check point kc matagal masyado mag process ng ID.... napakabagal... hopefully mayron ng ibang entry point na maganda sana sa sta. cruz na lang para diretso na....

lucky-7 said...

hi, grabe talaga mga tao sa entry point sa kapatagan masyado mahina, kulang ng seminar regarding handling visitor's, matagal mag process ng ID. sana mayron ibang entry point na maganda ang services.

Anonymous said...

hi lucky 7, there's newer trail for mt. apo. take the bansalan trail, well trained & organized ung in-charge (tourism office) nila. hindi pa masyadong kilala ang trail nato kasi pangalawang taon pa lang daw na na open tong trail na ito. P300.00 lang ang registration fee then may ID kana at certificate of climb. bansalan trail ang pinaka malapit na trail for mt. apo.

Anonymous said...

I am climbing Mt APO this September; Ok lang if I bring along my 9 year old son?

Adrienne said...

Please, sino mag climb sa apo this september to october, sama ako. contact me through my myspace. thanks. :)

lex tyler said...

Good Evening, i am lex of Cebu. i am planning to go to Mt. Apo with my friends. this time we want to know how much is the cost to there, or the expenese. do you have any idea. we are far far land, a lot of considerations especialy financial crisis. especialy the transportation to go there, we have to avail a promo fare at lest to buy a ticket ahead or atlest 5 months ahead of the daye target. hope you can help us. thank you

ernesto pandagani said...

hi lex tyler sa summer 2010 akyat ako mt. apo via sibulan-kidapawan traverse bale ito yung third clmb sa plan ko first ko pulag sa december then pico de loro sa february ....nag inquire na ako kay Engr. Gabriel sya yung vp for tourism yata sa davao 5500 yung bayad pag solo climb complete package na siya wala ka nang dadalhin kundi pagkain mo, guide at ng porter na pwede namang tipirin... siguro pag group mas mura i think 4 days din na trekking yun. sa airfare you can book sa cebu pacific 1 month before departure pwede din yata sa zest air di ko lang sure.. kung gusto mo join nalang tayo para medyo makatipid. 09279375842

Anonymous said...

am planning to climb apo march2010, via kidapawan, marami ba aakyat bago mag holy week, thanks

Anonymous said...


(My interest in Mt. Talomo was sparked by a remark from a friend - Winykitz- about a traverse from Talomo to Apo. I consequently happen to stumble upon boulder87 on Multiply who readily shared this info. I think this is what they refer to as the Tamayong trail?)

mt. talomo base sa google my taas xa na 2,674m, between boundaries of Tamayong, Davao region. the scenery very amazing, mossy forest, greenish waterfalls n trees.. talagang nkabalot pa sa lumot ung mga kahoy at bato.. at maari mo pigain pra alternative water source nyo.. temp. scales @ 5-10 deg.celsius sa summit, malambot ang lupa sa trail, marami alimatok you have to wear shoes talaga kc kahit in a split 5-10sec. ka nag stop sa trail you have to check kung my kumapit na sa mga paa mo... grabeh.. alam mo ba dun sa summit marami ka makikita na waterfalls sa kabilang bundok di mo akalain ang tataas at dinig na dinig mo pa ang agos ng tubig.. Take note: If you wanted to climb mt.talomo advice ko lang you had to look first and ask authorization to Datu Sicao, or his son ( jun Sicao ) landlord of the entire 3,000 hec. Sicao-Tamayong Mt.Talomo area para mapangalagaan at mabantayan kayo nila.. dati my entrance P50.00 pra yan sa datu nila at mas maganda if you them even a simple token masaya na sila nyan..

2 Itinerary options:
3day trek
grabeh na Itinerary ito hindi pwede ang beginners ha.. hehe!
Day1 - 8:00am - 10:00am Davao Area to Calinan,
10:00 am-12:00noon Calinan to Tamayong or Lunch na kayo sa Calinan proper
1:00pm - 3Pm Mt. Sicao, @ the Village, jan kau mag first night
Day2 - 7:30am - 12:00noon @ greenish water falls kau mag lunch at habang nag lunch
luto na kau ng fudz pra sa dinner pra ang tubig na dala nyo ay good for
inumin lamang at dala kau marami bread or chocolates dahil im sure wala
na kau water sa morning bread nlang breakfast nyo..
12:00-5pm- mossy forest, Summit dpende sa lakad nyo..
Day 3 Descending Mt.Talomo
8:00am -12:00 noon- Water falls balik, lunch time pud...
1:00pm - 5:00pm @ Village, Mt.Sicao
5:00pm - 7:00pm to Tamayong Proper. mas maganda kung may sasakyan na kau na kontak pababa
7:00pm - 9:00pm going to Downtown Area. Home Sweet Home. Grabeh noH? wi Pahuway hehe!
cge lang sulit nuon jud...
2nd options:
Day1 - 8:00am - 10:00am Davao Area to Calinan,
10:00 am-12:00noon Calinan to Tamayong or Lunch na kayo sa Calinan proper
1:00pm - 3Pm Mt. Sicao, @ the Village, jan kau mag first night
Day2 - 9:00am - 12:00noon @ greenish water falls kau mag lunch at habang nag lunch
luto na kau ng fudz pra sa dinner pra ang tubig na dala nyo ay good for
inumin lamang at dala kau marami bread or chocolates dahil im sure wala
na kau water sa morning bread nlang breakfast nyo..
12:00-5pm- mossy forest, Unahan gamay sa waterfalls naa dako area pud didto pwede didto mag camp ambot lang pud kung meron pa ung water source dun..
Day 3 8:00-12:00 ascending Mt.Talomo, summit
12:00- til nyt tambay.. relax, shotting kya lang ang probs wlay tubig sa summit toink!
maayo kung mag-ulan pag wala tagam! hehe
Day 4 Descending Mt. Talomo
8:00am-12:00noon balik sa waterfalls, lunch break, pundo ug tubig
1:00pm - 5:00pm @ Village, Mt.Sicao
5:00pm - 7:00pm to Tamayong Proper. mas maganda kung may sasakyan na kau na kontak pababa
7:00pm - 9:00pm going to Downtown Area. Home Sweet Home. Grabeh noH? wi Pahuway hehe!
cge lang sulit nuon jud... tanks.. I hoping my experience there mka help sa into expedition

PS: I think Habagat Davao is planning a Bansalan-Kidapawan Apo Trek in the near future.


Malou said...

we love your pictures at sibulan. we are databanking sports tourism sites in the philippines. we wish to include 2-3 pix from your blog for our promotion of the aports tourism sites/facilities. we would also be exicted to send us updates of your activtis... to feature in the sports tourism website. thanks



Anonymous said...

Okey po mam malou/weng.......Julius here, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur Tourism Office

Jon-pAsAwAy said...

We were at Apo last Oct 1-3. The wind was very strong and it rained so hard; there's a typhoon that time I think. We pitched our tent at one of the area of the summit saddle camp site. We saw a big area at the summit camp full of garbage. Sobrang expensive ang binabayaran nating reg and permit fee, tapos di nman pala naalagaan 'ung bundok... sigh... sna may gawin nman ang mga naniningil sa Apo about sa basura dun sa summit. Sna mapagsabihan and mabantayan din 'ung mga irresponsible mountaineers and campers na nagiiwan ng basura sa Apo.

Anonymous said...

Our group is planning to climb Mt. Apo in the holy week of 2010. Unfortunately not every one will be able to make due to budget constraints. Currently, only three of us are willing to pursue the climb. I am wondering if there are any groups out there who are also climbing between April 1 - 5, 2010. Makikisabay nalang kami. By the way, we are also experienced climbers and have climbed a few mountains already but we are not yet familiar with Mt Apo. Is this trail really the most recommended?
jun - 09165962825

Anonymous said...

Can someone post an itenerary from bansalan to sibulan. Been thrice to Mt. apo twice to israel magpet trail and once to agco short route. We're planning this year different route I haven't found any IT on bansalan trail. Please do post if you have.


Anonymous said...

mt. Apo was very aBused...let him Rest

the samaritan said...

What is the best month to climb Mt. Apo? I am planning to form a team to scale the mountain. I am from Lipa, Batangas.

James said...

Akyat po uli kami this coming March 29 - April 4, 2010 sa APO. Sa lahat po na gustong MAPAGOD for the entire Holy Week, just email me at or text me at 09197223166. May the force and virtue of APO be with you. Madayaw na adlaw.

Anonymous said...

Ingat po kayo sa pag-akyat see you there!
Maxim mountaineer po....

Anonymous said...

Di lang po sa Apo maraming basura, karamihan na sa mga bundok na destinasyon ng mga katulad natin ay tambak na ang basura. Hindi lang po sa lansangan at mga kanal na nagtatapon ng basura ang mga tao, pati na rin ang ating iniingatang kabundokan.

Paki-usap ko sana sa mga mountaineers na katulad ko, free lancer man o myembro ng group o club na sana kahit hindi po clean-up climb ang activity sana po pakibitbit na rin ang mga basura. Kahit di po lahat at least isang plastic bag o ano mang makakaya nyong bitbitin paibaba para mabawasan ang basura.

Alam kong maraming pasaway, pero mas marami naman siguro ang concerned na mountaineer na kayang magbitbit ng basura ng iba pababa. Medyo nakakainis o hassle na gawin ito pero sino pa po ang hihintayin nating gagawa nito kundi tayo na rin. Kung lagi-lagi lang nating gawin ito kung tayo ay aakyat ng bundok, sigurado mababawasan o mauubos din ang mga basurang iyan.

Suggestion lang naman po ito, pwede nyo pong gayahin ang pagbit-bit natin ng basura pababa. Alam kong mas marami pang magagandang maiisip ang ating mga katulad na mahilig mag-hike.

Salamat po.

-Yosemite Sam

Tikoy said...

Been to Apo last March 29-31, just noticed this group, na nakasalubong namin ng pababa na kami,they throw their garbage kahit saan, nung nasa boulders nakakwentuhan pa namin sila, nagulat na lang kami na after nila ubusin yung kinakain nilang jellyace siningit lang nila dun sa mga bato sa boulders yung pinag kainan nila, then after nun nag smoke p at ganun din, kung san san pinipitik yung mga cig butts..haaayy. obvious na ndi tlga cla mga climber..kahit pa sabihin na todo porma cla sa porma n climber with TNF apparels from head to foot. After pa nun, pagdating namin sa Tinikaran 1, grabe, sobrang dami na iniwang basura, sabi ng guide namin na si Tawing, BAKA babalikan na lang daw, sana nga binalikan.haaay..kaya nasisira tyong mga climber sa mata ng iba dahil sa kagagawan ng mga iresponsableng umaakyat..

Anonymous said...

Sino ang akyat sa Mt. Apo by May 15- 19. Gusto sana naming umakyat ng friend ko pero beginner pa lang kami and we don't know the details kung paano and how much. If you are planning to climb within those dates, baka pwede naman kaming makasabay. Please email me at

Anonymous said...

That's the ironic thing. I notice that ALL the time when I climb especially during climb season. Todo-porma...Northface Pack (although they don't carry it themselves, WALA silang dala, nasa porter lahat!), Northface Apparel, Northface shoes, lahat top of the line and hightech etc, PERO WALANG ETHICS! I guess that is just a reflection of what our culture is changing into. It's all for show. Halatang pang porma lang, umaakyat kasi "cool." In the end, they think they are mountaineers but they do not know what mountaineering is all about. I bet if they found themselves trapped on a mountain with no guides or porters to rely on at the height of a storm, they wouldn't know what to land navigation skills, no survival skills, no rope skills, no nothing...

Anonymous said...

imagine ko na lang ang lugar kung saan ako lumaki sa Tudaya kung saan malapit sa bahay namin ang tudaya falls.graduate ako ng tudaya elem school batch 80s. wish ko lang makabalik me ulit sa lugar na iyan. lakarin ko ulit from sibulan-tibulo-baruring-tudaya.09266698258 regards sa lahat ng teachers sa tudaya elementary shool. saludo ako. im now a successful professor of notre dame university.

Anonymous said...

gusto kung bumalik sa tudaya falls.

Lex Tyler Adventures said...

This October 2010 , Ready ZETS go ! MT. APO National PArk - c u Mt. Apo

LOGSAC said...

My new email account just in case you want to inquire about mt. apo climb ( JULIUS PANER

Anonymous said...

Hi Mountaineers,
I am planning to summit Mt. Apo this December. Can somebody help me out and give me details on who to contact to organize a trip?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi! I would like to know how and the ways to obtain permit for the sibulan trail. I am aware that we should obtain it from Sta.Cruz. However, where exactly? and how? and how much?

PA said...

Hello. Experienced climber looking for Apo guide (recognized by tourism office?) to climb Apo in a day. I'm open to any route but would probably prefer most popular path to summit. Any leads or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Will be in Davao area week of Jan 17 (next week) for only 2-3 days. Thank you in advance. -PA

Anonymous said...

hi, this is really a good site for mountaineers, very informative and i enjoyed reading the posts.

keep it up pinoy mountainers

"kudos for those who love and respect the mountains"

magabot ra ghapon ta sa bulkan^__^

-freelance mountaineer

Anonymous said...

good luck to all Apo climbers this 2011 holy week.
tambay muna me la budget. lol

Anonymous said...

wala man challenge ang trail ang mt. apo ..
kung kinsa wala nakasaka sa white peak itry inyo
diba lingaw kaau ... haha :D PEACE

Anonymous said...


Kung gusto ka challenge nga trail going sa Apo. paki try sa Baracatan talomo trail ug tan won nato imo comments sa ka gwapo ug ka lisod ang trail.

Anonymous said...

sir, we pass through this trail last jun 2010... the dam is no longer abandon and construction works are on-going to finish the project.... the Todaya falls will soon lose it's beauty because the water will be diverted to the dam... so sad...

we enjoyed the trail... just get ready for the sulfuric air all through the boulders trail...

good luck... sibuyan-kapatagan trail... the BEST...

Anonymous said...

Gud day!me and my friends are going to climb the Mt.Apo this coming October...its our first time and we're so excited...anyone interested are welcome..just contact 09397448922..we're from Davao City....since im still here in kuwait..kaya pinaghahandaan nmin to...

nikki said...

The Sibulan trail is nice indeed.and also complete in challenges. We just climbed April 10-12 through the Sibulan trail and backtracked instead of doing Kapatagan. If not for our heavy backpacks, I think Sibulan trail and back is doable in two days or less.

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