Friday, March 6, 2009

Mt. Madjaas (2,113+)

Culasi, Antique
Major jumpoff: Brgy. Flores, Culasi
Elevation: 2113m (HP - Panay Island)
Days required / Hours to summit: 3-4 days / 14 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 8/9, Trail class 1-4
Features: Open slopes, Mossy forest, Waterfalls, Highest Point

Chief among Panay mountains and revered in local culture and tradition, Mt. Madjaas in Culasi, Antique is one of the most challenging climbs in the Visayan islands. Some questions have been raised whether Mt. Madjaas (or Madja-as; Madia-as) is the highest or second highest in Panay, but for now it is recognized as the highest. And regardless of this dispute, Madja-as is certainly the mountain that makes Antique a truly rewarding destination for climbing.

Madjaas means 'mataas' in some local dialect, but in English it can suitably described as 'lofty' instead of just tall. This loftiness will definitely be felt in the summit which opens up to the view of Western Panay island and the surrounding seas, but it extends to the mossy forests of the mountain, in which several unique flora and found have been identified.

Access is still limited and Madjaas is currently a relative-unexplored peak, but as we get more information we expect that Madjaas' rightful place will be restored.


Day 0
Travel time from Kalibo, San Jose or Iloilo to Culasi
and off to Brgy. Flores.

Day 1
0500 Wake up call / Breakfast / Prepare lunch
0700 Start trek
1200 Lunch on trail
1700 Arrival at Bantang River campsite / Set camp
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0500 Wake up call / Breakfast / Prepare lunch
0630 Break camp
0700 Resume trek
1200 Lunch on trail
1700 Arrival at Camp 3. Set camp.
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 3
0500 Assault to summit for sunrise
0530 ETA Mt. Madjaas summit
0630 Head back to Camp
0700 Back at Camp 3 / Breakfast / Prepare packed lunch
0800 Start descent
1200 Lunch on trail
1700 Back at Brgy. Flores jumpoff. Spend the night
or take arranged transportation back to Culasi

Day 4
Sidetrips / Head back to Iloilo or Kalibo

Transportation. To access Culasi, take a bus from your arrival point in Panay Island, more frequently Iloilo (4-5 hours ride) or Kalibo (2-3 hours). Then take a tricycle or jeep to the jumpoff at Brgy. Flores.

Contacts. We are still in the process of gathering contacts and more information about Mt. Madjaas.

The mountain's Malay-sounding name has in fact some Malayan origin, tracing its roots from the story of the Ten Bornean Datus and the ancient "Confederation of Madjaas".


Anonymous said...

The highest mountain in PANAY island has a friendster to know more of mountaineering contacts, just type MT. MADJAAS

backpackingsheet said...

Been reading Singarong page for several mountains less travelled. As Gid said, let's decongest well-known mountain destinations and explore new sites.

I also suggest the Sierra Madre.

Anonymous said...

You can view the natural beauty of every nook and cranny of my hometown, CULASI.

Here's the link:

mel said...

if you can contact somebody from ANTIQUE MOUNTAINEERING SOCIETY or The antique outdoors...that will be this climb open? i'll keep you posted if i can get contact #.

lagataw said...

Madja-as is an unfinished business for me. my first attempt last 2006 was aborted due to some physical discomfort of my climb buddy. we were "this" close to reaching the summit. we already spent the night at the house of the guide "kuya oswe" only to hear some bad news from my companion the following day. "ser, masama pakiramdam ko. next time nlng tau tumuloy ser...jan lang ang bundok na yan"...3 months later, his team (a popular outdoors shop in manila) scaled the mighty madja-as.

from what i know, madja-as is just the third among the highest mountains in Panay, the first being Baloy-Daku, boasting of just one successful summiting by Iloilo mountaneers, way back 1997 (after a series of failed attempts by the teams in iloilo and antique). Mt Nangtud comes in second. all three could probably pose a challenge to the might of halcon and g2.

To ascend mt madja-as, one has to secure a permit from the PDCC in San Jose. The PNP of Culasi is really strict about this. Mountains in Panay close from time to time owing to rebel insurgences. The authorized guide in Mt Madja-as,"kuya oswe" has some tall tales to tell about his personal experience of this intermittent political instability in Panay. Mr. Broderick Tra-in is in charge of mountaineering activities in the region. got his number. i'll just txt u that sir gid. are you goung there with emman's team. i gave Bro's number to Ivan.

Anonymous said...

sir lagataw

kmusta na si mang joswe and family, heard about this " torture " thing he suffered from the hands of the authorities

gideon said...

adonis, i have contacts of the tourism office of culasi and they said that they will facilitate my trip. i have heard that emman's team is also planning madjaas but i dont think magkakasabay kami.

there is some argument regarding the status of madjaas. various sources place it as either the first, second, or third highest in panay. i will try to investigate this rin.

btw -- yun parin ba ang cell number mo? hehe

lagataw said...

Good to hear that sir gid. cuz the contact number i have here (of Broderick) doesn't seem to be working anymore.
and yep...still using the same number

Nangtud's number 1, then Baloy-Daku, and Madja-as comes in's good that you, sir Gid is going to verify the veracity of this info.

Good luck sir Gid and have a safe and fun climb

i'm pretty sure Kuya Oswe is doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

sir gid,

hingi lang ako ng maliit na pabor pag akyat mo sa madiaas. gusto ko kc mag padala ng konting tulong sa pamilya ni mang hoswe either in cash or in kind kung ano ung mas madaling paraan para sa kanila ( western union or cargo). gusto ko lang tuparin ung pangako namin sa kanya nung huling akyat namin.


w0w culasi said...

just view the YOU TUBE of Cebu-based mountaineers trekking Mt. MADJA-AS last year.


Madja-as, since its first recorded climb in 1977, was the most well-known in the Visayas, being the second after Canlaon in Negros.

Mt. Madja-as is the highest mountain Panay, accdg. to:

Negros Mountaineering
Museo Iloilo info bulletin
Antique Government
Lonely Planet Philippines
Rough Guides to the Philippines (the encyclopedia of world's highest peaks)

from Culasi with love

Kabayan Gid, what is the name of your mountaineering club?

Anonymous said...

sir gid, gee here...kelan po to? G2 kasi ung plan namin ng barkada sa Apr-30-May 4... thanks..

gideon said...

hi eds, please email me at for specifics D:

gee -- i am scheduled early april. but no fixed date yet!

Mt. Madja-as Natural Park said...

This, in a way, serves as a guide in Alojipan-Flores, CULASI

gideon said...

based on my data gathering and own recordings at the summit of madjaas, its elevation exceeds 2100masl -- well beyond the highest estimates for nangtud (2080m); thus madjaas in my opinion is the highest mountain in panay island.

oswe (josue/oswein) was also our guide and he told us about his colorful life, including his experiences with the rebels and the missing person, "elyovic" gutierrez who has never been found since he disappeared six years ago.

mandarambong said...

i am from kalibo and madia-as really is somewhat untouched. another dream trek of mine will be tracing the aklan river from its delta in kalibo all the way up to its source somewhere up in the aklan-antique border. terrain is thick jungle.

we used to have a house-help who resides in one of the baranggays in those mountains and she said that there all sorts of wildlife out there, deer, wild boars, etc...

other side trips if you are all planning to peak madia-as are the caves in buruanga (aklan), and boracay.

CULASI Tourism said...

CULASI is truly the Crown Jewel of PANAY, why?

We have PANAY's highest mountain (Mt. Madja-as), also bordered on the eastern side by Madalag, Aklan

Besides we have three islands, Mararison, Batbatan and Maningning (the latter has been lauded as Panay's best diving site).

MalacaƱang, a romantic village south of Downtown Area, nice to unwind there till dusk and viewing CULASI Sunset.

CULASI, also tagged as Visayas Extremely Complete Adventure Getaway. Why? Coz no need to townhop anymore?

Visayas 3d tallest peak (after Kanlaon and Makawiwili Peak of Negros){Mt. MADJA-AS] is here

One of Visayas 5-star scuba diving site [MANIGUIN/MANINGNING] Island.

Kabayan GID & co. thanx for trekking Mt. Madja-as. Anyways, been using your logo on my CULASI Tourism friendster. Permit me please! :-)

gideon said...

PinoyMountaineer does not recognize Makawiwili Peak as an independent mountain. By this measure, Madjaas is in fact the second highest mountain in the Visayas.

@culasi tourism -- yes you have my permission. my hiking club is the UP Med Outdoor Society.

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm looking for contact numbers for a guide for mt. madja-as. does anybody have a good guide? email


Anonymous said...

anybody interested in climbing peaks in panay island can contact the Iloilo Mountaineering Club Inc.we have been climbing since 1979.we have climbed MT. nangtud in Barbasa Antique which is a several meters higher than MT.Madiaas on GPS reading

nat13ph said...

more infos here about Mt.Madia-as. Just click here.

Anonymous said...

hi my hometown is culasi but i have never climbed madjaas ...if ever my grp na aakyat kindly invite me...almost every weekend nagcclimb ako and i'm self contained with my own stove, cookset and tent.. email me at

Anonymous said...

if there's any other group or individuals who are planning to climb mt madia-as on the summer of 2010, pls e mail me at for info. i am very interested to join and i would like to invite my team, Himbing Adventures to join too. thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi mga sir!! im from anitique, and i know many things bout madya-as, my mga contak ako don!if you organize a climb in madya-as email nyo nman ako!! thorz101@yahoo. .thanks

Anonymous said...

If anyone will push thru to the said climb of this mountain on the summer of 2010. COUNT me in...09063154281

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Sino interested magclimb sa madjaas this summer? Target ko is last weekend of May kasi fiesta din dun. Im from Culasi but based in Manila na.madali lang kumuha ng permit coz my cuz ako ngwowork sa munisipyo.
and others who are interested:
usapusap na lang tayo. gawa n lang tayo email me at

Anonymous said...

gud evening guys... anybody here who knows theantique mountaineering society,,,? or anyone who could guide us in madjass...? pls contact me with this number 09215606022, we will be climbing this mountain on january 26, 2010. tnx in advance.

Anonymous said...

hi..., sa mga taga culasi lalo na sa centro sur.., muzta n kyo.., jan

Anonymous said...

culasi is the best!!! madjaas has a magical beauty that the filipinoes should be proud of!!!


val said...

any climb in majaas this august? singit naman...i'll be in negros this month...09155022355...thanks..val

Faith Salazar said...

Hi guys! Were climbing Madjaas this October! Who has the number of the guide? :) Thanks!

ha ji said...

best way to climb mt. madja-as is traverse climb!!

cyrus tabotabo said...

its supposed to be Mt. Madia-as as the proper name..

Anonymous said...

how can i join mountaineering club in iloilo. anyone there who can help me?-kyte bibit 23

haji said...

climb any time at madia-as

lagataw said...

Coordinate with this guy (Haji) or any mountaineer from Antique. They're cool. They'll help you out!

ivet said...

Thanks for the information...however, is there a river nearby Mt. Madjaas called Halawod River? thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

taga antique din aq dito sa caluya..gusto ko rin maakyat yang maja-as famous yan dito samin..

Michael said...

bakasyon ako ngayon sa iloilo this december 29 to jan 9 and planning to climb mt. madjaas.....sir haji or any member of mountaineering club sa antique or iloilo baka matulungan nyo ako to climb mt. madjaas this december. wala akong alam na mga contacts sa culasi. thankx....michael c.

Anonymous said...

si sir haji din ang tumulong samin para makaakyat kami sa napakahirap na Madja-as. syempre ang mga malupet na guide na si tatay "The barefoot trail master" Dimas at ang pamangkin nyang si Adonis "the smiling face sweeper" pero sa labing 13 taon ko ng pag aakyat ng bundok at kung sang sulok ng pinas. sa culasi lang ang PERMIT ay per day at dapat ang guide mong kukunin ay may mayor's permit, pati ang nagback out sa group ay kailangang bayaran. lokahan di ba? kaya sabi saken ni haji tandog at adonis Lloren bubutas sila ng trail sa ibang brgy para maisawan ang pagbayad ng napakamahal na permit. SALAMAT SAYO KAPATID NA HAJI TANDOG!!!


Anonymous said...

Dimas Maquiling
Adonis Maquiling - 09286878128

Ang malulpet naming guide na nagdala samin sa tuktok ng mighty madja-as!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's planning to climb mt. madja-as anytime soon. kindly shoot me an email im looking to have someone to join me on this expedition. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mas madaling akyatin ang madia-as kapag sa sta juliana dadaan. Last 2004 when we climbed there, another group took the alojipan trail even if the guide suggested that they take sta juliana instead because flores-alojipan is really long. They did not make it to the summit. Mang Oswe was our guide then. We were blessed by a sea of clouds at the summit although there's not so much to see there at the top, but the trail is what's truly interesting and challenging.

Anonymous said...

anybody got the number of the guide/s here in madja-as i.e.(mang oswe)? kindly post it here. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Madjaas Climb habol pa.
txt me if interested June5 2011

Anonymous said...


gidyonder said...

just like many Filipino names, there are many ways to spell "Madjaas" or "Madia-as" but we are preferring the spelling Madjaas. i refuse to accept that this is a wrong spelling, i believe that all of these are correct, but different ways to spell it. it's just that for the sake of uniformity we have to select one that is more commonly used and accepted.

Anonymous said...

when you take an exam wrong spelling is!! Im from Tibiao,and culasi is just a minute away from my hometown..when is your nxt expedition to Madia-as?

Anonymous said...

may aakyat po ba sa mt.madia-as ngaung holy week? pasabay nman po...

Anonymous said...

Sino po ang pede kontakin to climb Mt. Majaas....thanks po

Anonymous said...

Philippine International Climb for Tourism and Nature with Mt. MADJA-AS, the only one in Visayas, as part of Simultaneous Climb Nationwide thiz June.

von cleo Tabotabo said...

New species ranging from insects to plants and animals are found in Mt. Madia-as, but as population growth has skyrocketed these past few years and the number of uneducated rises, people are somewhat relying to the mountain's resources like cutting of trees for "kaingin"/coal or catching endangered species and some plants like orchids for easy money. I hope that the local government of Culasi will help preserve the lushness of the mountain. I have been there and found that large trees of hundreds of years have been cut down to timbers down the riverbanks. Please help preserve our beloved treasure, Mount Madia-as

Anonymous said...

elow!..sino may sched na mag mountain climbing invite nyu nman ako,matagal ko ng gustong gawin po yan...Thanks po sa inyong nyu nlang ako 09498281633 thank you po!

Anonymous said...

Mt. Madayaas po nabasa ko name ng bundok
eto po yung link:

Sheena Bombarda said...

Hello, share ko lang po. We are mountaineers from Cebu and just recently reached the summit of the mighty Madjaas. We were informed that our group is the 1st to summit this year. :) It was indeed a tough climb. We aimed to traverse from Alojipan jump-off to Flores but we backtracked after reaching the summit because the guide (Adonis) said that he will no longer accompany us to do the traverse. He said that we will not make it and the trail is dangerous due to strong winds and rain. We were disappointed but happily contented to have reached the summit. The tourism officer (Sir John Sumanting) helped us in processing all the requirements for the climb. Very hospitable and accommodating. We went to Malalison Island after the tiring trek. Malalison is said to be one of Madjaas' and Kanlaon's children.

Anonymous said...

Good day po.. ask ko lang kung sino ang may contact sa guide po ng madjaas? at kung sino po pwede malapitan para matulungan kami makakuha ng permit po pra maakyat nmin ang mt. madjaas..

Anonymous said...

Meron bang may balak umakyat this November or december Sa madjaas?

TheRainier JM said...


Anyone who wants to try madjaas traverse on Feb 24-26. Text me at 09184595910. Thanks..

Fernando Jr. Lopez said...

Good day fellas! We just scaled Mt. Madjaas and it was worthwhile. The longest hike in my life. 21 hours during our third day. From 130AM to 1030PM. The trail isn't that easy especially during the 3rd day. Expect more crawling. The varied landscapes is a plus when climbing this mountain. Awesome view of Culasi town and nearby municipalities. Loved the sunrise and sunset.

Anonymous said...

been able to reach the peak of Madjaas last June 22, 2015 at around 1125 hrs. Only this mountain satisfied me to the fullest in my many years of mountaineering. Maybe because reaching the peak of this mountain was a childhood dream. hahaha

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