Mt. Aconcagua Expedition from the Philippines reaches summit. Congratulations!

The growing number of Filipinos pursuing international expeditions, whether to the Seven Summits or beyond, is a great reason to celebrate, and PinoyMountaineer seeks to chronicle these expeditions, as they are part of our legacy, as a mountaineering community in the Philippines.
Last month saw the successful Mt. Aconcagua Expedition launched by a Filipino team composed of Cheryl Bihag, Mon Dysangco, Zean Villongco together with their Philippine Support Crew: Arlene Teodoro, Jing Talesio, Leo Cuesta and expedition guides from Aconcagua Trek namely Lito Sanchez, and Cesar Quiroz. Che and Zean are members of AMCI, while Mon from Smart Mountaineering Club.
On December 14, 2011, Mon Dysangco reached the summit of Aconcagua, 6962 MASL, the highest mountain in South America while Che and Zean breached past the 6000 meter mark. Their climb is narrated in their Expedition Page on Facebook.
PinoyMountaineer congratulates the whole team for this great success, of perseverance, dedication and teamwork! Aside from Romi in 2005, I am not sure if there are other Filipinos who have done Aconcagua, but I’m sure that this new success will inspire more to follow.
My personal thoughts: What they’ve achieved (Aconcagua) is supercool. Aconcagua is a dream climb for me and I will be poring over their Facebook page with great interest. Thank you Phil Handang for relaying the information to us!

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1 Comment on "Mt. Aconcagua Expedition from the Philippines reaches summit. Congratulations!"

Mon Dysangco
12 years 4 months ago

Thank you, Sir Gid from the Cragrats team 🙂 ..Congrats also on your success on Kilimanjaro! (I've also commented sa FB nyo on Kili).