An open letter to the SPAR Development Corporation: Spare the Lioness and the Rhino Rock from quarrying!

Rhino Rock

Lioness Rock
More and more people are going to Norzagaray, Bulacan to discover for themselves the beauty of the Lioness Rock and the Rhino Rock. These rock formations, although relatively small, have the unique qualities of taking the form of animals, and offering breathtaking views of the town. The visitors come in peace, and do not intend any harm. All they want is a glimpse of the beauty that is the birthright. The locals have welcomed them with open arms, and the rocks have become a source of pride for the people, not just of Norgazaray, nor just the province of Bulacan, but of the entire country.

Today I was informed by Councillor Junjun Saplala of your plans to close the area, as well as your directives to the locals to stop bringing visitors there. As you are a quarrying company, you will excuse us for fearing the worst, and that is, that the rock formations are at risk of being quarried — and perhaps as soon as possible, before more people see the beauty there and become concerned about the plight of the rock animals.

You have benefited from the town of Norzagaray and its people, and have profited greatly from their land. Regardless of your legal entitlements, I appeal to your good hearts: keep the formations open to visitors. Do not stand in the way of a peaceful and healthy pursuit that inspires people and stirs in them a pride for our land. Do not be the stereotype of a company who only cares about profit and its own interests. Instead, take the lead in protecting the area, turning into a park: this is a gesture of goodwill that surely will be appreciated by the people.

Moreover – and more importantly, I implore you: DO NOT DESTROY THE LIONESS AND THE RHINO ROCK. Whatever profit you will earn from these rocks cannot match the priceless gift of beauty, and the pride that this rock formation has brought to the people of Norzagaray and the nature lovers of our country. Be mindful of the parable in the Book of Samuel, of the rich man who have hundreds of sheep and yet still coveted the one single lamb of his poor neighbour.

Surely, you have already profited a lot from the land and the people. If nothing else, spare the Lioness and the Rhino that have survived ages – and can keep surviving if we allow them.

You see them as rocks, but we see them as beautiful figures carved in stone. You see them as raw materials, but we see them as finished products of God himself. If you cannot see them as we do, then at least leave our objects of beauty in peace, and let the future generations be the judge of whether it has been for the good.

Gideon Lasco
March 21, 2015

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6 Comments on "An open letter to the SPAR Development Corporation: Spare the Lioness and the Rhino Rock from quarrying!"

8 years 3 months ago

I am planning to have a trip on 11.22.2015 on these astonishing rock formations, is it open for public to hike there.

8 years 6 months ago

There was an announcement made that they re-opened the site. Apparently, that's not the case. Went there yesterday and SPAR, according to the locals, they continue to mine there and the LGU strictly prohibits anyone to go up the said rocks. Not only they will sanction the guides, but also the climbers.

8 years 6 months ago

We went there last Saturday, August 1, 2015. We are only a small group of 4 ladies.

We were only able to climb the Rhino because we were apprehended by 2 employees of SPAR. We were brought down for questioning in their Brgy. Hall, together with the 3 local guides who went with us. We were set free but the 3 local guys were still held for further questioning.

The Manager, Ms Rose Capa, made a request for us not to post the pictures and to let others know that the place is a quarry and not for public viewing. So sad!

8 years 10 months ago

We are planning to visit the rock formations this April 2015.

As of this moment, is it still open to public? Do you know someone that we can contact as guide?

Thanks and God bless.


8 years 10 months ago

Based on the photos you have Sir Gid, Lioness is totally different from the Lioness I've seen in 2014.