Mountain News: Cristobal closed in all trails – PASU Sally Pangan

Ms. Sally Pangan, PASU of Mts. Banahaw-San Cristobal National Park, has sent us the following message:

“This is to inform everybody that all trails going to the peak of Mt. Cristobal is closed whether it is in quezon or laguna side..the PAMB had decided to close this part of the mountain because of the fire incidence which happened in 2013. Trekkers/mountaineers were advised not to take risk in ascending the said mountain.” 

Violators will be dealt with according to laws, rules and regulations imposed by PAMB….only researches and scientific studies of scientist, students and professionals are allowed where PAMB permit shall be secured first prior to the visit at Mt. Cristobal….for information and guidance of all concerned.”

Ms. Pangan did not specify a date for the possible reopening.

This comes a week after hikers were arrested for climbing the mountain via the Dolores trail. Bottom line: Avoid Cristobal for now.

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