Buntot Palos Falls

Pangil, Laguna
Height: 80 meters
Jump-off point: Brgy. Balian, Pangil, Laguna
Trail length: 2-3 hours
Entrance fee: P30.00

Whereas other waterfalls in this series require no more than a ten minute trek, or a boat ride, Buntot Palos is a level 1 climb, taking 2-3 hours to reach. Because of this fact, it has also been dubbed the “Hidden Falls”. But we prefer original name, which translates as “Eel’s Tail”. The resemblance may be difficult to see, but it nonetheless captures the local imagination.

The three-hour trek must not daunt the would-be explorer, as Buntot Palos is really grand, descending from a cliff to fall on a collection of sharp rocks called ‘Kawa-Kawa’. The cascade of water is tall (around 80 meters; almost twice the height of Buruwisan Falls) as it is straight; it further descends to form a catchbasin that is big and deep, perfect for swimmers. The rocks are very slippery though. Beneath the falls, there is a small cave, which can house a tent for the very adventurous! For its part, the trail is a set of a typical rural Filipino setting. Carabaos and horses pass the same trail, and it can get really muddy in the rainy season, much like the trails going to Mt. Romelo the nearby town of Siniloan.

A campsite near the waterfalls is available, although it is small and not an campsite because of its uneven ground. The best time to go to Buntot Palos is summer, although if it gets too dry, the cascade won’t be as strong. The advantage of the rainy season is a strong surge of water although it can get too strong that you can’t even approach Kawa-Kawa. The usual route is similar to that of Mt. Romelo, via the Manila East Road. The usual itinerary takes two days, but the “Waterfalls of Laguna” itinerary below makes it a daytrip.

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9 years 2 months ago

Update: The barangay has taken over Buntot palos and now requires a guide. Registration is at the corner of the National road and entrance with a banner as landmark. Guide is at 300 pesos per group of 5 with 25 registration fee

10 years 2 months ago

Before the holiday hype ended, my partner and I went here yesterday for a day hike. And boy the falls is just so marvelous! It is true that the rocks are too slippery so be careful. It tends to get too crowded especially during holidays. So nice and refreshing weekend getaway!

10 years 8 months ago

We did our trekking yesterday, 2nov2013 and it was a splendid adventure and the falls was really amazing… there was little bit rainshower but it helps to dissipate the warm weather… we will go back there again sometime next year.. One thing that our guide told us that the 95% of the revenue generated from the registration fee goes to the caretaker of the land to give the right of way for passage to the mountaineers, only 5% goes to the Barangay. Maybe if someone or the Bgy Captain to act on this to get more more of the revenues, maybe they can make the trail to the falls and the campsite more accessible and make some livelihood projects for the Barangay instead of the revenues going to the pocket of the private caretaker.

10 years 10 months ago


May kilala po ba kayong pupunta ng Buntot Palos at magcacanyoneering sa 08 September 2013? Balak po kasi ng grupo nmin pumunta at mas sulit po sna kung makakapagrappel n din kmi sa may falls. Kung may gusto po sumabay pls. feel free to contact me 09228428329. Thanks.

>Boondock Junkies<

11 years 3 months ago


My plan po kmi bumalik ng palos sa may.. same pa din po b ang trail? kc po last tym ko d2 nung 2009 pa e my nabasa ko ng after ng isang typhoon medyo nacira daw ung mga trail.. thanks po.. jeff