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Mt. Makiling/Sto. Tomas Trail (1,090+)

Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Jump-off: Brgy. San Miguel, Sto. Tomas
LLA: 14.13°N 121.20°E, 1090 MASL (Peak 2)
Hours to Peak 2 / days required: 1-2 days / 7-8 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 3 with roped segments

Much more challenging than the UPLB trail are the trails on the south face of Mt. Makiling, arising from Sto. Tomas, Batangas. The forests teem with limatik and poison ivy and the trails are labyrinthine, spawning a lot of entry and exit points. Moreover, the precarious location of the trails have taken its toll on climbers, causing injuries and even deaths in the past. These elements of danger must be considered by anyone who dare enter Makiling on this side. The rewards, of course, are great: after crossing this difficult trail, going down via UPLB is relatively pleasant, especially during the summer months. The sights along the way, especially in Haring Bato and later in Melkas Ridge, encompass much of Batangas province and the vicinity, including Mt. Maculot (S); Mt. Malipunyo (SE), and Mt. Banahaw (ESE).

'Maktrav' has become the nickname for the Makiling Traverse, and such is the itinerary detailed here. It is commenced on plain ground of rural fields: patches or fields of bananas and corn, and segments of cogon grassland. PinoyMountaineer has isolated two major trail variants of the Sto. Tomas trail. The more often used is the west trail, which is more outlined in the internet as passing landmarks like the Palanggana campsite and peak. The other - the Sipit Trail, goes straight to the Melkas Ridge (Gubatan) campsite. The two have relatively similar time requirements. From the campsite, one will cross the Melkas Ridge itself - some of its parts have ropes to assist you since this is the most precarious part of the trip. At the end is Peak 3, from which another challenging part of the trek begins - the ' Wild Boar Trail' which ultimately leads to Peak 2, or the summit of Mt. Makiling. From here is an easier, more familiar descent via the more commonly used UPLB trail.

After the UPLB trail was closed as an entry point in 2007, there has been renewed interest in the Sto. Tomas trails. An action-packed dayhike, traversing Mt. Makiling, is likewise gaining popularity. Considering the difficulty of carrying heavy packs across Makiling, a dayhike is a good option -- and although there have been several failures in the past (including the blogger's), it is worth a try.


Via Palanggana (West) Trail

0430 Assembly at LRT-Buendia, board any bus passing by Sto. Tomas (P84 01/2008)
0600 At Sto. Tomas market, rent jeep to jump-off.
0630 ETA jump-off (Brgy. San Miguel). Register (P20), then proceed to water source
0700 Start trek
1000 ETA Palanggana peak, snacks.
1130 ETA Melkas ridge campsite. Commence Melkas Ridge crossing.
1200 ETA Peak 3. Follow Wild Boar trail to Peak 2
1400 ETA Peak 2 (Mt. Makiling summit). Late lunch
1430 Start descent via UPLB trail
1800 ETA UP College of Forestry; walk down the road and wait for jeepney (P7)
1830 Dinner at Grove, Los Baños (many food options here)
1930 Head back to Los Baños Crossing, take Buendia or Cubao. (note: last trip for Buendia is 2030)

Via Sipit (East) Trail

0430 Assembly at LRT-Buendia, board bus passing by Sto. Tomas to KM. 64 (P87 01/2008)
0600 At KM. 64, take tricycle to 'Bundok' or 'Mt. Makiling' (left of highway).
0630 ETA jump-off. No registration required. Proceed to Resthouse
0700 ETA Resthouse
0730 ETA Station 1 then Station 2 (Kambigan)
0800 Find trail left of Rocky River
1030 Merge with main trail (marked with red and white ribbons). Follow it to the right (NE).
1100 ETA Melkas Ridge campsite. Snacks.
1130 Commence Melkas Ridge crossing
1200 ETA Peak 3. Follow Wild Boar trail to Peak 2
1400 ETA Peak 2 (Mt. Makiling summit). Late lunch
1430 Start descent via UPLB trail
1800 ETA UP College of Forestry; walk down the road and wait for jeepney (P7)
1830 Dinner at Grove, Los Baños (many food options here)
1930 Head back to Los Baños Crossing, take Buendia or Cubao. (last trip for Buendia is 2030)

Notes: (1) There is confusion as to where the real Haring Bato is -- whether it is part of Melkas Ridge or down the line in the Palanggana (West) trail. (2) Gubatan campsite is assumed here to be the same as the Melkas Ridge campsite. (3) The clearing surrounded by cogon right after Melkas may very well be Peak 3, and perhaps this is also Mt. Cornites. Accounts in the internet are conflicting and PinoyMountaineer will update labels in this itinerary as soon as they are verified/rectified.

The full establishment of the Sto. Tomas trails have yet to come; as of Jan. 2008 the trails are still in poor shape and there are many reports of getting waylaid along the way. Others may attribute their experiences to spirits dwelling in Makiling but in truth, the trails are really confusing. Trails signs are present especially the West trail, usually in form of ribbons, so be watchful (other ribbons have become faded). You can try arranging for guides in Brgy. San Miguel, although no established guide service exists.

Limatik and poison ivy are major concerns also. You may want to have a look on the Limatik FAQs page for more information. As for poison ivy and other noxious plants, a full-cover clothing is recommended. Insect repellant is also highly recommended.

Wild boar traps are said to be in place in some of the hunter trails, so you have to watch out for this. This is also one of the possible pitfalls (literally) of following an alternate track.

As of Jan. 2008 the ropes at Melkas Ridge are still in good condition.

The blogger unsuccesfully attempted a traverse of Mt. Makiling on Jan. 12, 2008. It was day of continuous rains, and two limatik entered his eyes, one on each eye! The other was manually removed by a friendly villager on his way down, and the other left on its own during his sleep on that night. He also sighted a vine snake (2 meters long) and a horde of goats sheltering from the rain.

Reportedly there are also cults in the Sto. Tomas side of Mt. Makiling, akin to those in Mt. Banahaw, and sometimes they can be hostile or unfriendly.


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ey_cube said...

we had a successful maktrav last feb 10, although two of my friends are "veterans" of the trail, we still got lost, what a magical place makiling really is. a maktrav is not a maktrav when you have a perfect climb, i might say.
but we had a pleasant climb because of the perfect weather. i have no "limatik" bites (2 out of 9 of us had a single bite) and minimal poison ivy stings (only 1 had it in our group)

gideon said...

congrats sir! the perfect weather must mean great shots at the ridge! maybe you can make suggestions sa itinerary listed in the blog entry, especially the times...

ey_cube said...

basta IT nmin e 0400 assembly s buendia, 0430 ride lucena bound bus, baba sa sto tomas right before the "kabaong bridge tpos tawid at dretso dun sa road na me store sa kaliwa. basta mkpg start kmi ng not later than 0630Hrs good na kmi dun..basta ksi bad weather tlga d n kmi 2mutuloy, mahirap na bka mgpa rescue kmi s chopper! he!he!

Anonymous said...

comment lng po. :-) pwede po pakilagay saan start jump of ng Sto Tomas. Kng sa San Bartomlome or San Miguel. because for San Miguel daan papuntang Sipit trail, for San Bartolome daan papuntang Palangana. First timer po kaming umakyat ng Makiling then sinunod namin yung via Palangana (West) trail, ng naka pag register kami sa San Miguel, duon narin kami Nag start jump off. We don't know na Sipit trail pla yun :(. nung umabot kami sa nasipit stn 7, trail is closed dahil sa landslide. So di po kami na tuloy :(... Anyway thanks po sa iteneraries, it help din po kaya nga lng nalito kami sa jump off hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Chewing it up, spitting it out in Mount Makiling

On the third day of the fast, while hewing a leg-sized log on a rock shelf above the stream where my three children and I have encamped for the Holy Week, a battalion of lulumbo wasps -- each no smaller than a pinkie finger -- came out of the rotted bole, swarmed as massing thunderhead, then buzz-bombed like a storm at surprised me with venom, concentrating their attacks upon my head.

Nowhere to turn to except a three-meter drop on the stream bed strewn with pebbles and boulders, I hacked at a nearby bush, wielded it and swatted and swiped and flung and swung while beating a not-so-hasty retreat -- a three-meter drop can be ruinous to one’s health -- with a headful of pain. I couldn’t scream off the wash of pain.

So those wasps either picked or pickled my brains with venom and made a swell-headed oaf out of me for unwittingly doing a demolition job on their abode -- but how was I to know? I am supposed to rid inner impurities, keep a clear head during a misogi harai -- a spiritual cleansing process which few martial elders undergo at least yearly to keep their cutting edge -- but some sylvan denizens I stumbled upon pumped this head full with venom, plus pure jolts of pain.

A head of cabbage often packs more sense than most blokes out there in the urban fastness, so I was told. Flushed with apian venom, the head I wore for several days felt incredibly light and as huge as a humongous ball of cotton candy, all sweetness and nonsense swirling. Maybe this was included in a misogi harai -- a howling empty tummy wrung out clean, hauled over by days of fasting and hushed with gallons of crystal clear mineral water every hour or so plus this tattoo of pain. Call me plain lucky or my body biochemistry was made plucky by the fasting: few people have survived lulumbo attacks... ah, those virtual winged asps can teach things about handling multiple assailants.

Even so, the toxins and impurities oozing off every pore in my body made me smell like a decaying corpse, perhaps a quaint reminder of one’s mortality. Fasting does that. Cleanses the body inside out, flushes the inner filth while one’s protein reserves are being used up -- no extra cud to chew except one’s own. You chew yourself out. That partly explains why I take to the mountains to do misogi harai -- the smell would empty the entire neighborhood. Too, a nitwit neighbor of mine not-so-subtly proclaims his execrable lack of taste by turning up to several zillion decibels their noise box tuned to kilohertz 98.1, the Dolts Muzak Zone station or cranks up cuts from an April Boys album; anybody within zapping vicinity doing meditation would instantly go bonkers with such surfeit of sonic garbage.

With three kids in tow (Daruma Elijah, 16; Aaron Rameses, 12; and Abraham Arjuna, 10), the stab up Mt. Makiling’s southern slopes was a romp of sort, generously laced with rock-climbing (their father ascends a rock wall, hoists up the kids one by one with a length of rope, its end tied to the kid’s waist) and a hands-on crash course in natural history. Any sylvan terrain coaxes the mountaineer to spread out his senses like a taut web to soak up the unruly lay of the land and everything it offers -- the welter of sights, the swelter of sounds, the assault of scents, the swish of mountain air.

We agreed to carry out the climb in laps of 500 paces each, about half a kilometer for each lap before taking a breather. Hardly was the 400 count reached in the second lap when the oldest espied a clump of huge red flowers on the ground. We stopped and scrutinized. The flowers stank like hell. They were corpse lilies (Rafflesia) – the world’s biggest flowers that have found hospitable habitat in the tropic rain forests -- like Mt. Makiling. The count was conveniently forgotten and it was back to one, whew.

It must have been the fourth or fifth lap when Aaron Rameses pointed to bunches of fruits lined with scales that hang from a thorny vine. The fruits were identified as those of rattan that may likely ripen by September -- and the count went. At the next lap, Puwit, the youngest pointed to the rotted carcass and strewn-about feathers of a wild dove called balud, the colorful feathers were collected as souvenir and ended up as bookmarks -- count conveniently forgotten again. Then, we found ripe bamban fruits, gleaned seeds -- and the count began anew at one.

We must have covered several kilometers after such bouts of amnesia on the self-imposed 500-step legs which tested the staying power of our legs. Oh, we must have also lost our bearings which we tried to divine with a pocket compass, but what the hey, we were still in the wilderness of Mt. Makiling in Laguna, still in the Philippines and we haven’t breached any parallel space-time continuum nor quantum-leaped smack into the Twilight Zone. But as quantum physics would have it, greater accumulation of information -- better spell that as “in-formation,” a shaping within -- comes with all-out immersion in any given environment; so we enjoyed the leg-sapping trek, all senses soaked up to the marrow in sylvan sights and sounds and scents.

Interestingly, quantum physics also surmise that information accrues to both parties involved in the intimate interface or immersion process. That could explain the hideous strength gained by the 16th century poet-painter-artisan-swordsman Harigaya Sekiun who retreated to the forest to perfect his craft, tend to trees and live off his garden. As martial arts lore has it, he was in his 80s when a crew of bandits, each in armor and wielding razor-sharp swords called katana, assaulted him. Harigaya fended off the swarming attacks with a length of twig, cracked through armor and cranial bone of several assailants with the same twig to drive some lessons into their addled brains; whipped to an inch of their lives, remnants of the crew fled in horror.

Ancient martial texts could somehow throw light on the miracle of sorts which Harigaya dished out. Aside from their healing powers, trees are known as conduits of dragon currents, nay, powerhouses radiating the earth’s life force. This Harigaya Sekiun, a crabby character who didn’t share his secrets except to one pupil, must have successfully tapped into such power source. Ages-old martial disciplines also offer clues with their very names. Shaolin gungfu or shorinji kempo translates literally as “physical skills gleaned from a small forest” while jujutsu is “the art of the explosive pliancy of growing trees.” Oriental swordsmanship or kenjutsu, by the way, is traditionally known as “the art of mountain demons.” That ought to convey broad hints that the font of sacred, secret martial knowledge springs from trees and forests.

Indeed, American anthropologist Loren Eiseley’s adage -- “Man is the expression of his landscape” -- has a ring of truth in the oriental martial arts, which the ancient martial elders describe as three-fourths mental and spiritual discipline and one-fourth physical regimen. Oh, that should explain why this elder must do misogi harai deep in mountain fastness. Children ply me with questions about such odd, if not brutal practice that I had to dig deep into the teachings imparted by my erstwhile elder from Okinawa. They wracked my brains while trudging through several kilometers and I had to proffer these explanations.

Tired out with legs about to crumble and hungry, we set up camp below a huge towering tree. Beneath its shoulder roots -- behemoth trees develop shoulders from their lateral roots as buttress to keep themselves firmly grounded, enable ‘em to withstand howlers -- twin springs gush with sweet-tasting cool mineral water. As concession to both the comfy and spartan demands of a makeshift shelter, alternating layers of wild palm and fern fronds were heaped on the mossy ground; upon this deep-piled rug of heady-smelling green we spread out the banig which accommodates four to sit and sleep on. The vault of heaven provided sun-suffused roof -- shot through like a sieve with a stun of stars at night -- ceiled with a thick canopy of spreading green. Ah, the blanket we brought was good for three and the kids wrapped themselves with it; I made do with a rice sack. After all, I kept watch at night.

Shafts of sunlight manage to squeeze through the dense canopy at 10 in the morning, then, slowly evanesce by four in the afternoon. This rain forest-imposed daylight saving time allowed us to do our thing -- gathering fuel wood, horsing or lazing around, cooking and eating light repasts of fresh-off-the-can Ligo sardines, boiled rice, salt and tomatoes plopped onto a fleshly cut banana leaf. That food combo had become the staple grub for the children’s breakfast, lunch and supper while I chewed on my fingernails and isaw -- oh, my guts chomped upon each other -- for sustenance. With so much fallen boughs and driftwood lying all over the slopes above the stream where we have encamped, we have managed to amass several wood stacks that could have roasted to a crisp several steers, bum steers including.

With neither noise box nor idiot box to divert them, the children had to amuse themselves skinny-dipping downstream for hours, toying with critters like half foot-long millipedes foraging among rotted logs or half inch-long leeches called limatik, collecting tree seeds for the reforestation job we have started out in the Sierra Madre foothills -- one interesting find turned out to be seeds of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) which zings up cocktail drinks and milk-based desserts -- or collecting crystals and pebbles in the stream bed. The youngest absorbed himself for hours catching by hand tagunton, wee sweet freshwater shrimps which were promptly tossed into the cup noodles he chows for snacks.

Puwit, the youngest, used the word “lingering” to describe the all-out, no let-up assault of critter sounds at any time of day. Cicadas known locally as paagang would let out batches of tone poems at noon and dusk; flocks of birds would drop by, chirp and chatter and hurl madrigals day or night. Layer such bebopping jazzy improvisations with the non-stop laughter of the gushing springs, ah, so reminiscent of verses from poet-mystic Miguel de Unamuno; add on the deep trill of the nearby wee falls and blend in the incessant Gregorian chant-alike of crickets; provide generous dollops of distant Eddie Vedder-sounding subsonic grunts from other nameless denizens -- even the thundering acoustic swathes of Metallica, U2 or Pink Floyd won’t approximate the live performance that soaked us up there.

Nights when the kids were soundly asleep I did kata among the rocks or went into deep meditation in a ring of slow-burning joss ticks; now, this was my quantum leap of sorts into the past. Not unlike dance steps abstracted in Labanotation or a chess game between masters written in algebraic or English system to be treasured for keeps to allow initiates to draw insights and lessons therefrom, kata is a mortal engagement preserved in a sequence of moves; playing out kata is to reenact those movements of truth and clarity in which yesteryear’s martial artist used his skills to prevail and survive. Played out in the spirit of a fateful engagement, kata allows the learner to keep in touch with a long line of past learners and elders for a transcendental leap. Tongues of flame from the twin bonfires leap out, perhaps, to remind me of the tempering process I was undergoing.

After that contemplation through kata, the learner proceeds to deep meditation. No, this doesn’t entail changing the universal mantra -- Give. Me. More. Money. It’s sort of probing and melding with the infinity that lies within. The process became specially meaningful on Good Friday when a New Testament verse, a quote off good, old Jesus Christ that I had memorized in the Sunday school of my snotty childhood, the line whacked inside my head like a whiplash: “Be still, for I am within.”

Taking a different route on our descent, we met two lugs from the Laguna Water District on their daily inspection tour of the LWD (local water district) water source which was a kilometer or two off our camp site. Funny, I was dressed in rags with a sack tied to and hanging on my neck -- a spray of jade vine flowers was carefully tucked inside as homecoming present to the missus -- but the duo, sans formal introductions, addressed me as “Sir.” We chatted up with me prying off information while giving away as little as possible; I gave away to one of them my disposable lighter decalled with a naked female -- praise the lewd! -- after he offered me several smokes to pass away the remaining kilometers before reaching the nearest barrio. (Ah, the accent I affected passed for a local’s that we were mistaken for old-timers in the area until one of the kids sighed that we’d still be taking several bus rides to get to the comforts of our home.)

The LWD inspectors told us that these days, only a handful of folks dare ascend Mt. Makiling:
• forest poachers chainsawing trees at night and carting felled logs that are sold at a pittance;
• a graduating student or two from UP-Los Baños doing field research for a masteral thesis;
• gnarled apothecaries collecting medicinal roots and herbs;
• a rare pilgrim out to test the powers of his amulet or agimat, or out to procure one from spirit denizens of the forest; or
• kaingeros visiting or doing work on their swiddens.

In their judgment, we obviously didn’t fit into any of such category groups which turn up in their field reports. Puwit fished out from his copy of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching one of my calling cards and handed it to the senior fieldman... ah, pleasant surprise from a dyed-in-the-wool cosmopolite whose heart aches for the serene solace of mountains.

Anonymous said...

We are planning to climb makiling by january 2009.. i just want to know if the trail via sto. tomas is still open?

gee of QC

LYRADZNER™ said...

Sir Gid,

Nagbabalak ako umakyat sa Makiling using Sto. Tomas trail, taga Tanauan ako, ngaun ko lng nlaman na my trail pla sa Sto. Tomas puntang Makiling..
Tanong ko lang sana kung ano mga dpat at mahahalagang bagay na dalhin sa pag akyat na ito..
Yung grupo namen bka max na sa sampu since lahat kame beginners..
Makiling din una namin inakyat pro sa UP College of Forestry kame dumaan at hindi talaga akyat yung nangyari dahil nilakad lang namin ung daan dun na sementado..
Ano bang magandang payo sir?
Balak din namen sana mag overnight dun sa peak..
Pde b un?Kc may nabasa ako d2 na kelangan p daw kumuha ng permiso sa UP COF para mkaakyat dun gamit kahit aling trail..
Hindi pa ako tapos magbrowse ng blogsite na to kaya iwan ko muna tong comment na to para mabrowse ko pa lahat ng laman ng pinoymountaineer.. ^_^
Maraming info d2.. Marami akong natutunan..
Salamat sir..
Sana mapansin nio ung maliit na tulad nmen.. hehe
Pahabol nga pala sir..Kung sakali na umatras mga kasama ko anong magandang pde sabihin sa kanila para mahikayat na umakyat p dn cla?
Thanks let..
Renz of Tanauan City, Batangas

gideon said...

actually from the sto. tomas side, wala naman talagang nagbabawal na umakyat sa makiling. and the UPCF people are not really strictly enforcing the climbing ban -- if at all this is still in force.

i will bring up this matter soon to the UPCF officer in charge of makiling so we can have a definitive answer.

@renz: i would not recommend the sto. tomas trail for beginners, unless you are climbing in a large group with enough experienced people to assist. a better option in sto. tomas would be a manabu-malipunyo traverse: though it is also a long trek at least it is more established and the environment more benign.

LYRADZNER™ said...

Un b sir ung malarayat? Sayang nga yun. umakyat dun mga pinsan ko nd ako cnbihan dahil may trabaho daw ako nun..
salamat sir sa payo..
pakita ko sa inyo pag naakyat n namen ung malipuño..hehehe ^_^

chocopopoy said...

ang gnda d2 ngtraverse kme d2 ... ayos ung mga trail..bago na ung mga tali ..DONT 4get 2 BRING ALCOHOL para sa limatik hahah tska my mumu pgdtng sa uplb ampfff pero its a lot of fun ,new experiences

karl of piknikers mountaineers said...

hi sir gid, finally nakapunta na din kami makiling bali traverse po ginawa namin.. nagpasama kami kay sir randy.. 6am sa jolibee sto.tomas meeting place pero sobra excited di na kami sleep 4am nandun na kami tapos 8am nman dumating sila sir randy kaya medyo na wasted kami sa long wait pero ok lang excited pa din hehehe nag camp kami pakyat sa melkas ridge dun na kami iniwan ni sir randy kasi yun grupo nila dayhike kami overnyt... cool na cool si sir randy talaga inintay nya kami kahit mabagal kami.. yun isa kasi nmin girl na kasama nagsusuka na sa pagod at puyat tapos kamin nman minimum 8 liters tubig plus our stuff pa kaya kinda heavy.. sulit ang 60 liters na bakpak.. an sarap ng atmosphere sa camp site priceless.. tapos socials and sleep around 10pm wake ng 6am tambay then akyat melkas before 12noon.. pero noodles lang naalmusal nmin kaya doubt kami sa energy nmin.. pero ok lang nman.. may napics aku mga insects na kakaiba at yun tuwang-tuwa ako is yun pitcher plant.. syempre super dami limatik yun friend ko napasukan sa mata.. wat i did is i lay him down sa trail mismo then pour my last cup of water in his eye to make the limatik react to the water then quickly but surely pick it up with my tweeser (tama ba spel) im so releave nun natanggal ko sa mata nya.. yun nga lang wala na ko tubig for 4 hours.. hehe sayang lang madilim na nun dumating kami sa brgy.. tapos nakipag inuman pa kami til 9pm kila konsehal then back sa trail pababa hehehe... an saya talaga kasi buong araw umuulan pa that time.. ang habaaaaa pala ng melkas ridge chek aku ng chek sa altimeter ko di kami bumababa hehehe.. tnx po sir gid syempre po yun pasalubong ko pics nun pitcher plant at mga insects dun can be chek sa friendster namin thanks sir more power - KARL of PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS

gideon said...

thanks karl for sharing ur maktrav experience. kamusta ang trails between melkas and peak 2 -- i.e. yung wild boar trail?

karl of piknikers mountaineers said...

ok naman yun trail sir gid parang mild natib yun trail natyempo lang siguro kami ng continues rain.. and syempre pag 1st timer ka feeling mu mahaba sya.. ang nakita kong enjoy sa kanya is iba-iba talaga yun terrain.. yun sa wild boar is normal naman.. para nga lang kakaiba yun limatik d2 minsan nasa clearing kami tapos magugulat kami meron kami sa muka at katawan unlike sa natib na sa ground mu lang sya makaka transact..pero im sure ma eenjoy talaga ng climber ang mt.makiling for its wilderness.. madami na bago yellow ribbon sa trail kaya kahit wala kami guide nakapa namin.. wala kami naging ligaw kahit isang beses.. may bumagsak palang eroplano dati dun sa baba ng peak 2 as in sabit-sabit daw yun mga laman ng tao kwento ni nanay lydia.. sbi ku nga fiesta limatik nun ( rude ko noh ) naibiro ku lang nman kay nanay lydia.. pero pinaka worst rescue daw nila yun. tnx din sa IT mo sir gid although naiwan ko sa bahay nun na print ko medyo naalala ku nman yun iba and total limot ko yun from peak 1 na.. na try ko yata picturan yun mga trail.. baka na upload na sa friendster namin.. tnx ulit sir gid.. ingats sa next exploration mo and more power.- KARL of PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS

sykedennis said...

Nakakatuwa basahin ang mga comments nyo regarding sa Maktrav... Salamat po at kahit papano nabigyan ako ng info to prepare myself for this climb... I consider myself as a Beginner sa mountaineering, dalawang fun climb palang nagagawa ko.. and this coming Saturday tatangkain ko with some friends na gawin ang maktrav via St.Tomas trail.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,

Just want to update your IT on West trail,,you don't need to rent a jeep after riding a bus,just get off straight to bry. San Miguel then its already the start of our magical climb to Mariang Makiling! ^_^

Anonymous said...

gud pm sir, we are planning to climb this comming april via west trail. ask ko lng po kng may guide ribbon pa ba ung trails? first time po nmin aakyatin ang makiling traverse. if some other group na aakyat sana mapalitan ang mga ribbon na faded na at ung mga natangal na. pls po ^_^ and ask ko na rin po ung rope na dadaanan kng good condition pa ba? maraming salamat po.

Jeffrey Mazaredo said...

From cubao take any bus bound to sto tomas or go to alabang then ride a bus again to sto tomas alight at jolibee sto tomas. from there ride tricycle (40 pesos lang lahat kayo nag magkasya sa trike) go to san bartolome brgy. register no amount. 10-20 pesos per head. start trek. The trail is really confusing. Naglagay kami trail sign "yellow na tali" sa mga sanga sanga na daan. look for them and other ribbons pink, blue and yellow. there are plenty. after melkas ridge the trail is straight forward.

The ropes are still in good shape but If i were you bring some and add it there.

I suggest 1 4 gallon of water per person (drinking water) ad additional for cooking.

6 hours from san bartolome to melkas ridge campsite ( limatik heaven ) and another 6 hours to peak of uplb. then 1-2 hours going down to uplb

Also bring plastic bags and secure your clothes since rain can get very bad deep in the forest.

kapote is useful
large plastic sheet for other weterproofing purposes and lotions for protection agaist limatik IS A MUST!. you can call this LIMATIK CITY

Successful Maktrav april 3-5 2009

lagataw said...

for a photo IT check this out

did a successful solo maktrav dayhike last May 2.
do one too before the summer ends...hindi pa nga ba?hehe

Anonymous said...

mam/sir, nung una namin try na maktrav naligaw kami tapos may narinig kami na tinig ng bata dun banda sa grassland kwento ng mga taga dun anak daw ni maria makiling un??(totoo ba un???) tapos kwento pa ng mga taga dun un din daw ung sinundan ng dentist na namatay dun night trek sila nun umakyat... at sympre di kami sumuko bumalik kami nun natapos namin ung maktav grabe limatik kaharian ata nila un makiling ang sarap sa pakiramdam pag nakapag maktrav ka... salamat sa mga nag iwan ng trail mark di namin matatapos un kung di dahil sa mga nag iwan nun kaya kasi kahit isa sa amin walang nakakaalam... kaya lang literal na ata na maliligaw ka dun hehehe... god bless po sa atin lahat... cubao arayat freelancer...

Anonymous said...

ask q lng po!! matibay pba ung tali nn da2anan, , blita q kasi matagal n un? balak nmin sto tomas trav. ng uplb,, thanks,, god bless mga mam/sir

karl of Piknikers Mountaineers said...

hi sir gid,, after ng training climb namin sa cristobal-trav to rizal eto kami ulit balik sa maktrav & this time with our new members ulit for a training climb.. masaya nman sila lahat although kasama si bagyong julina.. pero mas malakas yun bagyong limatik this time.. siguro mga anim samin nayari sa mata isa na ko dun.. last time si joseph lng pero natanggal ko.. ako nman kinamay lang heheh.. yun rope nga pala sa uplb may nagputol po at itinapon dun sa gilid nya ( weird nun gumawa nun ) tapos after nun pababa ulit ng 25 min may trail na nagsara bcoz of the trees na bumagsak sa bagyo as in total blocked yun trail pero gumawa na kami ng friend ko ng bago na safe.. tinanggal ku na din po yun mga branches ng tree na natumba na nkaharang. kaya lang di lahat wala kasi ako pamputol na bend ko lng ng 100 time para maputol hehehe.. basta pag nasalubong nyo sya pababa ng uplb turn left agad tapos drecho then right agad.. masukal pero safe.. that time lahat halos ng mini falls may tubig na malakas.. too bad naiwan ng friend ko yun columbia shoes nya sa niliguan nmin.. pero ibabalik nman daw.. anywayz.. tnx po ulit sa inyo sir gid.. happy nman ang training climb nmin.. & may bago ko pics ng kakaibang species dun.. haha nka picture ako ng crab na buhay nkalimutan ku lng kung anung MASL ku sya na pic.. pero sa cam ko nakareport yun taas ng na picturan eh.. update ku na lang ikaw.. tnx sir more power and god bless. KARL of PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS

Karl of Piknikers Mountaineers said...

Hi Sir Gid, si Karl po ulit ito ng PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS. lagay lang po ako ng some facts on LIMATIK ha.. bka po mka help. Thank u po.

( this is PART 1 )

• Leeches are Annelids (or segmented worms) and are closely
related to earthworms.
• There are over 100 different leech species in Australia.
• Leeches have 34 segments, with a powerful sucker at the end.
• Leeches breathe through their body walls.
• Australian leeches vary in size from 7mm up to 200mm when
• They are commonly found in dimly lit places. Most leeches live in
freshwater but some live on land, in damp areas of tropical
• In Australia’s tropical rainforests the most common leech is the
land-dwelling jawed leech (Gnatbobdellida libbata).
• Leeches are hermaphrodites. Each leech has both male and
female sex organs. Leeches die after they have reproduced once
or twice.
• Leeches are an important part of forest and stream ecosystems
because they act as both predators and prey in the life cycle of
many animals.
• Leeches are carnivorous. Some prey on invertebrates. They feed
on insect larvae, snails, crustaceans and other worms. Their
digestive enzymes process their food within a few days.
• Other leeches feed on the blood of vertebrates such as
amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish and mammals - including humans!
Animals that feed on blood are called sanguivorous. Leeches
need symbiotic bacteria to help digest their blood meals which can
take weeks or even months.
• Leech bodies are covered with receptors so they can detect warmblooded
animals by sight, smell, vibrations and temperature.
• They can also sense carbon dioxide in the air. This indicates there
is a breathing animal nearby, which could be their next prey!
• In wet weather the leech waits in foliage or on the forest floor to
attach itself to a passing warm-blooded animal. It will wave its head
and body around, looking for signals that food is nearby.
• Birds, fish and frogs get their revenge on these bloodsuckers by
feasting on them. (Pittas feed leeches to their chicks.) Other
predators of leeches are turtles, and the larvae of damselflies and
• Rainforest bushwalkers are a very convenient food source
because they brush against low foliage or sit on damp logs or rocks.
A waiting leech can easily hitch a ride and grab a snack. When
leeches are aware of a meal nearby, they climb the victim’s legs
and attach themselves to the first area of bare flesh.
• Leeches use suckers on each end of its body to loop swiftly in
pursuit of its host. Once the leech is on the host it looks for a
shadowy, protected spot. It holds on tightly with the larger sucker at
its mouth, then cuts a hole in the host with its sharp teeth.
• The leech releases an anaesthetic in its saliva which numbs the
skin and keeps the host from knowing it is sucking their blood.
• Leeches also release an anti-coagulant called hirudin which stops
blood from clotting and keeps it flowing for as long as the leech is
feeding. This anti-coagulant also stops the victim’s blood from
clotting in the gut of the leech and giving them digestive problems.
• Leeches can consume several times their own weight in just one
bloody meal. It can be up to five times heavier than it was at the
beginning of its meal.
• When they are full of blood they drop off and find a dark spot to rest
and digest their meal.
• After a good feed, a leech can survive several months to a year
before feeding again.


karl of piknikers mountaineers said...

Hi Sir Gid, si Karl po ulit ito ng PIKNIKERS MOUNTAINEERS. lagay lang po ako ng some facts on LIMATIK ha.. bka po mka help. Thank u po.

( this is PART 2 )
• After a good feed, a leech can survive several months to a year
before feeding again.
• It is difficult to outwit leeches. To keep leeches from biting you,
avoid brushing against low vegetation in damp or wet places.
• Cover your socks and shoes with eucalyptus oil or soap. The
lather repels leeches. You can also wear pantyhose on the outside
of socks and long pants to keep leeches off your legs.
• If you apply insect repellent to your socks and shoes, keep clear of
creeks so you don’t pollute the water.
• To detach a leech, carefully expose the leech to heat such as a
lighted cigarette or a flame or try sprinking it with salt, tea tree oil,
eucalyptus oil, alcohol or insect repellent. Don’t pull leeches off.
This can tear the skin which may then become infected.
• If you just want to move the leech on, slide a fingernail under the
biting end. (The hirudin might cause the bite to bleed for some
time, and the bites are often itchy.)
Leeches can be dangerous if they fasten themselves to an eyeball.
The only safe thing to do is wait for 15-40 minutes until the leech
detaches itself and drops off. Don’t pull the leech off and don’t apply
salt or you may damage your eye.
• People use leeches in medicine. They are important source of
anti-coagulants to prevent blood clots from forming in patients.
(Blood clots cause strokes.) Leeches produce vasodilators.
Leeches are used in plastic surgery to prevent bruising and in reattaching
amputated limbs.

Anonymous said...

anyday ba pwede mag magtrav? baka may latest na policy from sto.tomas, baka harangin or bawalan kami.

edge said...

The Story of My Emo Climb!

Aug.21 - declared holiday (ninoy commemoration)
Originally,this was a groups climb for an overnight but due to some circumstances they won't make it,so the story goes....

0530h I woke up late na for a dayhike climb, since di pako nag-pack ng gamit as in.
0700h Edsa waiting for a bus bound to Sto.Tomas.
0735h Ng makaupo sa bus (Alps) P91 pasahe
0815h Maganda panahon sa labas,with a glimpse of rainbow across moa seaside tanaw sa skyway.
0845h Been an hour sobra sikip sa SLEX, akala ko banggaan un pl last tollgate paakyat ng Batangas.
0900h Sto tomas wet market,buy packlunch.
0920h Ride trike bound to San Bartolome brgy.hall P50 one way.
0930h Register (libre lng basta friendly ka^_^) nag-transform nako ng suit alam ko limatik city to'.Honga pl, pista ngaun d2 sa san bartolome,dami karne.
1100h Watersource (kubo) kain muna ko lunch.
1215h Peak 1 medyo nagsasarado na ung trail sa talahiban,medyo foggy nung nasa bato ako kaya walang view.Paglagpas ko na tsaka namn umalis ung fog,sayang.
1310h Arrive melkas campsite,me nagiwan ng mga bote ng alak.Pahinga saglit nilibing ko nlng ung mga bote sa lupa (2 dangkal ko lalim) since diko na cla maibaba dn,haayy.Then i heard some climbers ahead not far making a whistle sound.Sila ata ung umalis ng 8am sa brgy.hall.
1400h Melkas ridge,clearing ang view.Safe parin ung mga tali paakyat,pero guide nio lng un,hawak parin sa matigas.Dami pitcher plant.
1430h Peak 3,take 5 and combi bite.
1600h Peak 2 (Makiling Summit)Stn 30,meet other groups na nagtraverse din.Tanggalan ever ng limatik sa katawan.I thank them for sharing some trailwater kapalit ng napulot kong bag cover to one of them.
1830h Station 14 swamp site, madilim na.
2200h UPLB Makiling regis.We clean it up.
2300h ETD UPLB rented jeep bound up to Calamba proper town P40/head.
2430h ETD jeep went to alabang metropolis P40
0100h Alabang, rode bus to EDSA-mkt P40+
0130h Makati,lakas ng ulan pl,dito pako nabasa, P55 tenderloin silog.
0215h Home Sweat Home!

Sana me napulot kau info kahit konti!

Would like to thank the following:

Sir Adonis for his multiply guidance...
Sir Jeff for his info's and trail signs...
Sir Karl for his wonderful yet informative sharing of limatiks...
To Taguig Mntrs,Malaya Adventure Club etc. for sharing their experiences and thoughts,also their trailfood and water.Kudos to ur groups.
To my outdoor gear and bag whom my journey entrusted with..
To my loves ones w/c i dedicated all my climbs..
To God Almighty for giving me guidance & strenght,salamat po pinawi nio ung fog sa huling tali..
And of course,kay Sir Gid for helping us every climb was as easy as 123...:)

Hapi climb to all!Preserve Makiling's beauty!

@anonymous,anytime anyday just make it sure to log-in at brgy hall,there's no policy but still leave no trace :) gudluck

Anonymous said...

hi sir edge, kami ung naksabay nyo na ngdayhike din. akin dn ung back pack cover napulot mo. salamat. till nxt climb txt2 nlng.


Malaya Adventure Club

kevin timothy said...


its been a while.. once again, we'll climb mt. makiling this Nov.6-7.. Another experince, stories, and "kalat" we'll bring down.. Sir Gid this is my new no. 09062733129.. if you have time, you can join us..


bom_07 said...

pwede pohh... bng ilagay nyo ung what kind of volcano is tomas...pls....

Anonymous said...

we had a successful maktrav yesterday! -hardcore-paspas

Anonymous said...

MAKTRAV CLIMB on january 2-3.. may mga makakasabay po ba kami?? hehe

Anonymous said...

akyat kami maktrav.jan 2-3.more or less 10 kami..kita kits tau dun..ibmc 09279518473...roda.

Edward said...

@Roda... Maktrav kayo, kasama ba si Benjie? -

Anonymous said...

sge po ma'am sir roda.. kita kits po sa trail..:))

Anonymous said...

tanong lang po.. kung i eextend po yung it ng two days dang po kaya magandang mag camp? maraming salamat po!


jmazaredo said...

If you are planning a traverse on makiling via sto. tomas the safest camp i think is before melkas. marami kasi limatik pag katapos nun

Anonymous said...

sir j.. fred to.. ung nkasama nio sa sembrano.. tsaka si ran ung kapatid nia.. :)) hahaha sir j sama kayo sa maktrav namin... kunin ko contacts nio..

Anonymous said...

sir kung sa peak 2 pede kaya mag camp dun? madami pa din kayang limatik dun? pasensya na kung makulit.. salamat po!

Anonymous said...

Sir hindi po ba advisable na magcamp during Maktrav? tawid lang ba talaga?

Anonymous said...

we had a succesful Maktrav last dec.26, salamat sa mga nag-advise sa akin dito sa PinoyM. pwede naman mag-camp dun sa Melkas campsite. Ang downside lang talaga pag madami kaung dala medyo mahihirapan kau dahil sa sobrang sukal ng trail, may mga rope segments pa. Kaya ang suggetion ng PinoyM is dayhike. Pero kame overnight kame nun and it was a real challenge for us. Dami namin natutunan especially amg pagdadala ng sapat ng tubig hahaha. Naubusan kame ng water before pa man kame makaabot ng campsite, buti na lang tinulungan kame ni Mariang Makiling. Gud luck na lang sa hike nyo! Apir.


Anonymous said...

A great success we can call our Maktrav last Jan. 02-03. Maraming salamat sa mga payo d2 sa PinoyM. we spent the night at d Melkas campsite, mahirap nga kung nkafullpack sa dami ng mga challenges it slow down the pacing. nakisama naman sa amin si Aling Maria at maraming salamat sa mga trail signs though kupas na nga un iba.naubusan din kmi ng tubig on our way down to uplb, salamat kay aling maria sa tubig sa station 12....

Anonymous said...

To Anyone Interested,

January 16-17,2010
Brgy.San Bartolome jump-off

via Palanggana trail (please refer to above iteraries)

Tuldok Mntrs and some newbies in Makiling

Things to bring:
Mountaineering gears and trail water (there is a water source along nipa hut),Arm & Leg warmer are advisable since this is limatik city.

500+ extra

No hidden charges,No fees to be collected,No bogus,No kiddings aside.

Everyone is invited(hardcore,professionals,non-pros,outdoorians,newbies,students,amputees,housewife,husband...etc.)

-09173765234 for details

Anonymous said...


me and my friend do a traverse yesterday jan 9..
just an update wala na pong tubig sa may nipa hut..we refill water from the streams after the nipa hut(mga mins na lakaran)--->yung trail parin po ha after ng nipa hut...

anyway share ko lang para maliwanagan tayo.
pagkababa namein ng UPLB may nag tanong samin kung san kami galing ,sabi namin sa peak 2,nag tanong siya kung saan kami dumaan,sabi namin sa sto tomas po(brgy. bartolome),sinabi niya sa amin na bawal daw po yung ganun,sabi nya dapat daw yung entry point lang is yung "UPLB",pwede daw kami mabanned or something punishment..
Di ko po nalaman yung pangalan ng nang intriga samin pero i think may position siya doon,(that time kasi may nililead siyang mga kabataan,at naka UPLB tshirt pa)..

Kung sino man po nakakakilala ng mga autority jan sa UPLB pa confirm naman po at nang di tayo malito at baka masaklap pa ma banned..

sir gids salamat sa IT nyo.


Anonymous said...

AW! all set pa naman sana kami sa Makiling Traverse.. Sna naman nde kami masita.

Anonymous said...

astig ang maktrav first time ko pero na enjoy kahit sobrang ulan at putik ng trail at lakas ng hanbgin sbi hnd daw kami nagustuhan ni makiling kasi ayw daw ng maingay, dami pics namin na creepy (mga bata), pero sobrang enjoy kasi nkalabas kami ng maayos.. tnx mga sir

Anonymous said...

Whew! Astig. Done doing the 2nd Annual Mt. Makiling Traverse.

Aun, maulan. Grabe din ung lamig. May inampon din kaming mga freelancer na naiwan daw nang nag invite sa kanila.

Anyway naging maaus naman ang lahat. Wala lang tigil ung ulan, tpus na Limatik pa ung ka buddy ko sa loob nang mata, (scary!)

Aun lang.. For updates?

Fare: 97.50 (JAC Liner to Brgy. San Miguel)
Reg.: Wala

Pag baba, pde kau mag rent ng jeep hnggang sa UPLB gate, 100.00 per head.

tpus may sakayan dun hnggang crossing, 7.00

tpus may mga bus na dun pabalik, or take jeep to Turbina.

Aun, ung mga ropes ok na ok pa naman.

Ingat lang po sa mga aakyat dun.

Un lang.

UE Mountaineers

Anonymous said...

Para dun sa may-ari ng conquer bag cover(maroon) na napulot namen,censya na di ka namen inabutan sa baba iniwan na kc sa basurahan.
Pasaway ka brod,ung mga tali sa ridge tinago mo di mo niladlad,alam mong me kasunod kapang mountaineers na bababa.Kinabahan tuloy mga newbie namen. Kaya kulang pa ung nawalang cover sau. Sayang di tau nagpang-abot.

Ingat kau sa mga ganyang kupal na mntr.

@Francis, Sir salamat sa pag-ampon sa kanila.
Una po alam nila ang oras ng meet-ups, pangalawa hindi namen cla iniwan nauna pa nga kau. We tried to contact them upon arriving at sto-tomas market,but apparently no network available. So i thought nauna na nga cla.
Anyway,salamat po ule.

Dun sa nahuling mntr,hintayin namen paliwanag mo.

Maktrav 01161710
Tuldok Mntrs.

Anonymous said...

ei mga sir isa po aq dun sa mga inadopt ng ue mountaineers, kc po d rin kayo nagrereply sa mga text nmn kya akala po nmin na nauna na kayo. ..
by the way thanks nga po pla sa mga UE Mountaineers sa pagadopt samin. . .sana makasama pa po nmn kayo mga sir sa mga susunod nmn na mga akyat. . .

AMA Trekkers

Anonymous said...

@TULDOK Mountaineers

mga sir.. the night before the climb pa po kami naghihintay ng reply niyo.. hindi namin alam status niyo kaya alam namin nauna na kayo.. no choice naman po kami kundi makisama na lang sa UE Mountaineers (THANKS po UE Mountaineers..), malay ba namin sir kung natuloy nga kayo o hindi, kasi wala talaga tayo communication sa isa't isa.. pero ayun nga natuloy na kami, then sa UE Mountaineers nga kami nag join..

Anyway sir, kahit papaano ok naman samin nangyari.. naging successful naman po climb namin kahit papano.. nagkaroon lang talaga ng konting misunderstanding.. pasensiya na rin sir.. sana lang po wag na maulit yun.. sana rin maintindihan niyo yung side namin.. sa susunod na lang na akyat sir..

@UE Mountaineers
Maraming Salamat sa lahat lahat sir.. pasensiya na po kung nag-advance na kami nung pababa na.. yung iba nga lang hindi naka advance.. hehe pero ok lang sir, the climb turned out successful pa rin.. until next climb sir.. good luck and more power..

@sir Eman Palacio
sir eman maraming maraming salamat sa inyo sir.. idol kayo sir !! hehe

si sir eman, sir jayson balbuena (and the rest of the group) yung nag advance na group nun.. sa kanila na nga kami sumabay pagbaba..

btw.. salamat ng marami ulit, good luck and GOD BLESS !!

AMA Trekkers

Anonymous said...

Ahh may issue pala dun sa rope..

Hmm? D ko alam kung cnu ung huling dumaan dun bago ang TULDOK Mntrs. eh. Kasi nung nsa Peak 2 kami may mga dumaan samin, eh regrouped na kami nun, andun na lahat nang members namin so malabong isa sa mga members namin ung gumawa nun. Hmm..

Un lang po..

UE Mountaineers

Anonymous said...


Sir,okay na po miscommunication nga lang tlg. Kasalanan ng text yan,di nakarating sau ung message,nasa sent items ko ung pruweba. Till next climb po,anyway regards dw sabi jojo...


Sir,wala po sa group nio salarin, ung pumanik ng sunday am. Napulot pa namin cover nia kaya alam namin kung cno yan...

Hindi kami namuhay ng ganyan sa bundok,tahimik lang tuldok pero kasi life & death ang usapan sa ridge kaya ako nagsasalita...

Kung cnu kaman,paliwanag lang kapatid amanos na tau..

In behalf of Tuldok M,
President / Marshall

Anonymous said...

Buti naman po absuwelto kami sa issue na yan. Tsaka d tlga pumapasok sa icp ko na kaya gawin nang mga members namin un eh.

Sa gumawa naman po nun, paliwanag lang po ang kelangan, sadya man o hindi. Salamat po!

President, UEM

Anonymous said...

@tuldok M
sir salamat din sa pag-intindi sir.. no prob. na rin naman sa amin yun.. thanks ulit sir..

@Francis of UEM
sir thanks din ng marami..

Anonymous said...

sarap ng limatik sa mata hehe
ang saya ng 2nd annual maktrav natin cis
sa AMA trekkers kita kits more climbs to come mga sir


Anonymous said...

Malamig. Maputik. Mahangin. Mahamog. Maamorseko. Malimatik.Maganda. Masaya. MAKILING.

nakakamiss...=)near-bangin experience... dulas moments. the ropes. limatik.

sa mga nakasama namin sa climb (AMAtrekkers)..HELLO..

It was a succuessful climb Sir Francis!=)
More climbs!

UEM app

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mga Sir/maam
bukas napo ba sa sto tomas trail???
may maktrav po kasi kami ngaung friday eh...ask ko lang po kung bukas mga may alam...thankz...

Anonymous said...

yup.. nkapag traverse kami eh.

Barry Francisco said...

Been here last jan.30 for a dayhike via UPLB trail, really craving to do a dayhike traverse but m not so familiar sa trail so if anyone/any group whose planning to do a dayhike traverse, please let me know.


pikachoy said...


baka po may pwede kayo mabigay contact na guide/mountaineer na pwede mag guide sa maktrav?

Anonymous said...

gandang araw mga sir / mam

baka po may kakilala kayo pwede guide / mountaineer na pwede (w/ fee) sa maktrav?

thanks po!

sesyonista said...

Sir Pikachoy at sir anonymous...kailan nyo po balak umakyata t ilan po kayo?

rem said...

ok lang kaya umakyat mag-isa from sto tomas to uplb doing an overnight. planning to do it on this fri-sat (feb26-27) kung sakali. yun lang kasi free time. work ako ng sunday eh.

baka may gusto sumama :) 0917-502-5757

Anonymous said...

Ive been there last February 25, 2010 for SUCCESSFUL dayhike traverse, it took me 8-9hrs from jump-off of San Bartolome to Nursery of UPLB, salamat dun sa ikinabit ng mga locals na PVC black pipe lines na naging guide ko patungo sa Kubo ng Palanggana! Nakaka-inip lang ung trail pababa ng UPLB, ang haba masyado ng Rough Road! ANG GANDA NI MARIANG MAKILING!!! HAVE A TRY!!!

thonarias ng canlubang laguna

Edwin - Boondockers said...

Last March 6-7, 2010. It was dry. No lematik encounter for the group. The rope segments were very challenging, something new. The fauna was the best. Truly, ang ganda ng Mt. Makiling. Pamatay lang yung pababa sa UPLB. Rocky road. =)

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I can say to Maktrav.. TWO TUMBS UP!! gagana talaga buong katawan mo. hahaha.. kakagaling ko lng yesterday, at hindi ko akalaing ganun kahirap ang trail. ^-^


Anonymous said...

sana naman di kami mawala sa maktrav.. haha.. yan, cla, rj, nakita nyo naman, ok na sigurong magdala kayo ng 2 to 3 liters ng tubig para sa dayhike... more power sa pinoy mountaineer dami kong natutunan!!!^^

Anonymous said...

looking for maktrav guide through sto tomas trail..pls contact 09298015458

Anonymous said...

we had a successful dayhike last april 9..

this is the story....

kaming 5 eh from los banos pero wala pang nakakapagtraverse sa amin, di namin alam kung anong meron sa kabilang side ni maria since UPLB trail lang ang palagi naming nadadaan..
after reading some post and comments here in pinoy mountaineer.. we decided to do the traverse once and for all..

we decided to meet up in jollibee sto.tomas at 6am.. 6:30.. 7:00.. 7:30.. 8:00!!! waaaaah! alas otcho na! bakit ngayon lang kayo?? sabi sa IT natin 6am sharp!baka gabihin tayo sa daan.. napainom pa daw kasi si Arjay kaya na-late ng gising at traffic sa turbina, wala pang jeep going to tanauan, batangas..

wala ng magagawa since nalate na sa IT..
nakarating kami sa registration area sa san bartolome.. reg fee 5php.. then start trek 8:10..
simula pa lang, tumirik na si troy dahil sa assualt agad ang aming dinaan, or kulang lang talaga sa practice tong si troy, hehehe^^.. take 5! sabi ko para makapagpahinga ng konti..
nung una, nangagapa kami sa trail.. naghahanap kami ng mga tali sa trail at buti naman merong mga makikita.. may kulay blue, yellow at red..
nung una nga lang, napaliko kami sa maling daan dahil may nakatali na red sa isang trail na pababa..

reminder: pag di sure sa daan, pwedeng bumalik..
inorasan namin ang paglalakad namin sa trail na kadudaduda.. nung wala kaming makitang pataas sa trail at parang bumababa na kami, bumalik na kami after 10 mins..

pagbalik namin sa aming sinimulan, may nakita kaming KRUS sa isang trail..
dun pala ang tamang daan paakyat..^^ mga 8 yata yung krus, di ko din sure, bilangin nyo na lang.. hehe..

nakrating kami sa kubo (water source) ng 10am.. yosi break yung iba, refill water, then start trek ulit kasi mainit na..

lumakad lang kami ng lumakad hanggang makaabot sa my sign ng melgas ridge.. mga 11:00am.. break ulit for 10 mins..

tuloy tuloy ang lakad at break.. nagkaroon ng clearing! di namin alam kung anong peak na yon, baka peak 5 na??? di kami nakatagal sa init kay direcho lang ulit ang lakad, take 5, lakad, take 5..hanggang lumiit ang daan..
nakaialng duck walk nga ba ako sa daan... siguro mga 12 yata.. haha.. kasi sumasabit ang bag namin..
nakakita kaming lubid, may katabing bangin.. pero astig ang view! panalo! hahaha! picture taking gamit ang cellphone dahil sa kasamaang palad, walang available na camera.. tsk tsk.. sayang talaga..
may pitcher plant pa naman...

lakad lang ulit ng lakad.. hanggang makaramdam ng gutom.. "wala pa ba tayo sa peak 2?? nakakailang peak na tayo ah.. alas dos na!! after 30 more minutes of walking, we decided to eat lunch! 50% na lang water ng mga kasama ko, ang orange juice ko 1.5 liters na lang.. aw..

dun kami kumain sa place na overlooking ang talim island na nasa gitna ng laguna bay..

after 15 mins of lunch and little rest.. go na ulit.. laking gulat namin na 15 mins. na lang pala eh nasa peak 2 na kami.. home sweet home!! 3pm peak 2, ang init.. wala namang makitang view.. ok lang, sulit na yung nadaanan namin.. may 2 groups kaming naabutan sa may peak 2, nagtaka sila kung san kami nanggaling...

after 5 mins.. start descend..
eto na ang pababa..
may napansin akong kalat sa daan.. malamang iniwan nung isang grupo na may kasamang babae..
kaya nagmagandang loob na lang ang aming grupo na ibaba na lang ang mga kalat na aming nakita.. nakakainis kasing makita na may kalat sa trail..

lakad lakad lakad... 5pm agila base.. buko juice na ito! kaso may ice tea pa ko kaya di na ko bumili..

lakad ulit!.. 6pm forestry na... yihee! succcessful traverse!! thanks to pinoy mountaineer.. eto lang masshare namin sa mga aakyat pa.. sana ay may mapulot kayong magandang info.. more power at salamat.. sa uulitin!!^^

special concerns.. magingat sa limatik!wag sana tayong magkakalat sa daan, kung may makita man kayo, baka naman pwedeng ibaba na lang natin kung konti lang naman.. hahaha..

boomboom of IMPROTREK.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Successful climb last April 9. Maktrav was great especially the flora and fauna. Searching the for trail was a little bit confusing.. thanks to the yellow, blue, and red ribbons. We went down to UPLB with tenderized feet.. thanks to the long rocky road to UPLB Forestry. Took us 8am-6pm. San Bartolome to UPLB Upper Campus.

Anonymous said...

Maktrav is the best, grabe experienced... info lang po wag po kau aakyat ng weekdays may ngbabantay na po ngyn sa kubo di po cla ngpapadaan un daw po ung rules ng bundok grabe nbitin kame ng isang araw dun dahil baka daw abutin kame ng dilim sa daan... 9am nasa kubo na kme, ngstart kme ng 7am! bka daw kc macra ung mga punla nila sa dadaanan namen kinbukasan nalng daw kme tumuloy at ihahatid nila kme nung una ayaw namen pumayag dahil sobrang maaga pa pero dahil mukhang mainit ung isa sa mga bantay wala kme mgawa kundi palipasin na ung sang arw at dun na muna mgcampo... nung una naiilng kme sa knila dahil my mga bolo at itak clng dala at ung isa my paltik png nkatago pero nung bandang hapon na maayos naman cla nkakwetuhan na namen cla at nkainuman ng knti... kinauamagahan gumayak na kme hinatid nila kme hanggang palikpik ng buhaya kc sabi nila hindi na cla pwede pang tumuloy... hirap saka sobrang pagpapaguran talga bago ka makarating, dame challenging trail halos karamihan masukal... pero grebe ang view pagnkarating ka sa peak4 and peak3! sabi nung bantay from peak3 daw sobrang sapit na papuntang peak2 at sobrang mdali nlang ung trail pero sobrng haba at nkakaligaw ung trail sobrang mputik ung daan at mahirap talga wal na kmeng tubig salamat sa saging na bigay samen ng bantay at salamat din sa guide na and yellow ribbon nakarating kme sa peak2... ngsimula kme gumayak sa kubo ng 6 ng umaga nakarating kme ng peak2 ng 1 ng hapon ang sarap ng pkiramdam.... 3pm na ng marating namen ang camp agila cyempre pahinga sa tindahan at buko juice din...punta kme sa mudspring at ngbanlaw sa flatrock! nakalabas kme ng UPLB ng 7 na ng gabi!! wow talaga ibang klaseng experienced...magaling din talaga ang leadman namen hehehe salamt prey hanggng sa muli nating pagakyat....

sagulapi trekker....

Anonymous said...

we climb last april 17 2010, pagbaba namin sa UPLB pinagalitan kami ng bantay, bawal na daw mag traverse at ang official at permitted trail na lang ay sa UPLB. lahat daw ng brgy officials sa sto.tomas ay sinabihan na bawal magpaakyat doon dahil may namatay daw na doctor sa haring bato ayon sa locals na nakausap namin..

gerald (RTUM)

Anonymous said...

question po. may campsite po ba kung saan pwede mag-overnight? balak po kasi namin mag-overnight sana...



Anonymous said...

akyat po kami sa may 3...

yong gusto sumabit inform nyo lang po kami

09183436034 -melo/mountain quest

Anonymous said...

galing kami dun last may 1 & 2 pinaakyat naman kami wala naman problem.regarding sa campsite pwede kayo magcamp sa melkas ridge kung marami kayo.pwede rin sa summit kung 3 to 4 lang tents nyo.pwede rin sa peak 2.ingat kayo kasi my naencounter kami na baliw dun sa summit...

Anonymous said...

pinagbabawal na po ba umakayat ng sto. tomas trail?

vin said...

mejo mahirap na yung trail dito sa mt. makiling naligaw pa nga kami sa mga trail dito eh, pero astig din pag narating mo yung tuktok

Anonymous said...

mga ilang tent po ba kasya sa summit?

Gerald said...

regarding sa campsite, pwede po sa melkas, peak1 or summit paglagpas ng haring bato, bawal po mag camp sa peak2 dahil reserve po ng ranger yun para hindi lumawak at hindi madumihan, nahuli kase kami dati na nagcamp dun at pinaglinis kami ng basura as penalty, regarding sa trail, ingat lang po dahil rainy season na at sobrang mossy ng makiling, regarding sto tomas trail, dun kami nag ascend then pagbaba namin sa UPLB, bawal na daw ang maktrav dahil sa mga latest report ng accident sa haring bato,, but i think it pwede pa naman sa sto tomas umakyat dahil yung ibang kasabay namin na mountaineers eh di naman sinita..

Anonymous said...

grabe ang ginawang impact ng participants ng freedom climb na tmag group.nag camp sila sa wild boar trail 28 katao. tsk tsk..poor preparation.dangerous decision.the fact maraming first timer sa grupo..imagine sila pa lang ang alam kong nakagawa ng ganun sa wild boar trail.. halos nakalabo yung site sa tinaBAS Nilang vegetation.. sana maintindihan ng grupong to yung lnt principle ...mga brader baka akala nyo magaling na kayo sa ginawa nyo...

vanessa said...

maktrav kmi this coming sunday june 20...who's in??? we need a guide po pala sana..

Vanessa 09064135753

vanessa said...

mga mam & sir,

maktrav kami this coming sunday june 20... who's in? dayhike lang makakasabay ba kmi?

vanessa said...

had a successful maktrav last sunday (june 20). no limatik experience hahaha. ligaw sa una pero try lang ng try hanggang sa nahanap namen yung trail. nakita namen yung pinagkainan ng mangga nung mga last na umakyat kaya yun naging sign namen that we are on the right track. we've witnessed din yung tinabas na part ng wild boar trail...kinawawa si makiling. very bad! kakadisappoint. daming balat ng jelly ace..grr! next time wag sana tyo mag-iwan ng kalat mga mam & sir. kahit pa maliit lang na plastic yun.

Anonymous said...

we do maktrav last june29. panalo! ganda view, malinis ala basura pure nature.. panalo din ang limatik!.. tumatalon ata sila.. nga pla may nkaiwan ng ID dun.. bka kelangan nyo p un?! sayang.. joke! ayus ung lubid, tibay p din.. un lang po!
ty po sa nyo lahat lalo n kay sir gid at sir adonis..

many tnx!

Anonymous said...

ahm katapos lng namn maktrav last july 1, 2 lang kami, kinuha namin ng 7.5 hours(6am to 1:30pm) from sto.tomas to UPLB, nakita q ung id na un, RR galvan name nya, sinadya namn iwan eh, sometimes may mga monkeyneers talaga, di namn kami ligaw,
ung gusto magpaguide, txt 09089944277

Anonymous said...

good day mam/sir, katapos lang namin mgmaktrav last july 1, 2 lang po kami, kinuha po namin ng 7.5 hours from 6am to 1:30pm, thanks kc di naman kami naligaw, ala na ung sign sa melkas ridge,
dun sa id nakita din namin un, RR galvan name nya, i think di nakalimutan un, sinadyang iwan eh, monkeyneers sir?...
if u want to have guide to climb maktrav
text 09089944277

Anonymous said...

akala ko sipit trail ung dinadaanan namin for 3rd times na pag-tatraverse namin jan sa makiling.. sa brgy san antonio kaliwa ang daan(kanan ata ung planggana), jump-off ang gilid ng geothermal, aba astig.. halos wall climbing, need rope.. ung mga enthusiast climber ng MAKTRAV... i thinks dapat nung subukan to..hirap lang alang guide, expo climb ang nangyari sa amin..

The Makiling Traverse: the Rocky River Assault

Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Jump-off: Brgy. San Antonio, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Makiling Traverse via Rocky Rriver.
Day 1.
1030 Assembly at Lipa Bustop.* late nagsimula
1100 ETD Sto. Tomas, Batangas
1145 ETA Sto. Tomas, Market, optional last minute shopping and lunch.
1230 Walk to the Sto. Tomas - Jollibee.
1245 ETD Jollibee, take tricycle (right of highway – San Antonio) to 'Mt. Makiling'’.(P15-20/head for 4-5 persons).
1315 ETA jump-off, Putol (dead end). No registration required.(Ask the driver about the left way - Geothermal).
1345 ETA Putol.(Geothermal Plant)(equipment check)
1400 ETD Putol. (Follow the human trail)
1430 ETA to 1st water source (follow the black rubber water pipelines)
1500 Find right trail to Rocky River (dry).
1530 ETA to 4 meter high rocky boulder), needs rope (8-10meter rope)
1545 Continue Rocky River (dry) assault.
1630 ETA Second (last) water source and end of the pipeline. Reload water.
1710 ETA to Landslide, tall grasses/wild berry assault - right way, continue assault
1730 ETA merge to the trail from Sipit/Palangana passing Melkas Ridge-wild boar trail.
1830 ETA Peak 2
Set camp. Cook dinner. Cold breeze. Limatik checking.
1900 Dinner and socials.
2100 Lights off.

Day 2.
0600 Wake-up calls, Breakfast.
0730 Break camp and breakfast.Observe LNT. Note that UPLB trail has no Trash no Pass policy.
0800 ETD Peak 2.Full cover. (Warning on those with huge back packs, low crawl and rock boulders assault!)
1110 ETA Peak 1 (Mt. Makiling summit).:Lunch
1200 ETD Peak 1, Descend to UPLB’s Forestry.
1400 ETA Water Source. Limatik check.
1500 Store, first site of the civilization.
1515 Jeepney ride to UPLB. (15mins to the rough road - P30 each), we chose to walk for the side trip!
1600 Mudspring
1645 Flat Rock Falls, wash-up by the river.
1715 ETA UPLB Post, Leave all garbage. Jeep to Crossing Calamba.(Jeep usually till 5PM only)
1735 Walk though Forrestry Building, Wait for the Jeepney bound to Calamba in the nearby waiting shed (P16 per person).
1830 ETA Crossing Calamba, Jeepney bound to Lipa (P36 per person).
1850 ETD Crossing Calamba***
1930 Lipa City. Home sweet home.

other info(mail me at

Anonymous said...

failed to maktrav(aug 22), naligaw kami after rocky river via sipit trail, kumanan kami dahil sa mga trail signs/reminders posted by LFS (di ko alam kung ano yun)isang matinding assault nangyari, pero may kutob akong half ng melkas ridge na yung narating namin, kaso di lang makalusot dahil sobrang sukal na at hindi na po kaya ng kamay lang dahil wala kaming gulok, ang masama pa sobra ang ulan at putik kaya lalo kaming nahirapan, but one thing is sure, babalik kaming 4 dun and after matapos un, babalikan ko din ung lugar kung san kami naligaw with gulok na siyempre to confirm if part n nga melkas na nga ung narating namin and try na butasin yun para makagawa ng shortcut, ok kasi ung lugar, limatik free, pero isang matinding assault nga lang.


Anonymous said...

May Maktrav open climb ang MMS sa Oct 2-3, 2010. You are all invited to join. You can send an email to or text Siegfried at 0917-5328624 for further details. Tara na akyat na tayo!

Anonymous said...

para po sa mga gustong umakyat ng maktrav via san bartolome,pwede po ako mag guide dito text lang po kayo 09162697079 thanks!

Anonymous said...

magandang araw sa lahat,

meron ba makapagsasabi sa mga huling umakyat gamit ang mak-trav trail kung ito po ba ay passable? lalo na at kadaraan lang ng bagyong juan.

maraming salamat sa lahat ng sasagot.

pinoy mountaineer

Anonymous said...

good day,

Sir Topher of black Bihon,

natuloy ba kayo sa nung oct 17 sa maktrav niyo?


Anonymous said...

Successful Dayhike Via San Bartolome last 24-Oct-10. Panalo talaga ang maktrav parang Banahaw de Lukban. Tinik, Limatik and the roped trail great experienced samahan pa ng Hiwaga ni Makiling. Salamat nga pala sa nakasabay namin last Sunday, sila sir Jec of Bulacan..... Sa mga kasama ko that Dayhike na sina Nick, Marvin, Jeru, Mike and Tata more Mountains to conquer. Kay Mang Felix nga pala na local ng San Bartolome maraming salamat po sa pag hatid samin hanggang sa may Kaong tree, maraming salamat po uli.......
Topher of Black Bihon

Anonymous said...

we are going for a maktrav dayhike this coming nov21 (sunday), sa mga gusto pong sumama, please leave your post here. thanks! ^_^

Anonymous said... sir nandun po kme sat ng gabi nyt trek kita kita na lng po sa taas :)

Anonymous said...

Sino po ang mag hike this coming Dec 11, 2010. Balak po namin ng night trek, ok po ba yon? Safe po ba? 5 po kami. Plano po namin mag trek via San Bartolome.....


Anonymous said...

I don't recommend na mag night trek kayo using Sto. tomas trail..i've done maktrav several times pero khit minsan hindi ako nag suggest ng night trek sa tropa. Mountaineering is already risky let's not put our luck into test po. If ever someone have done it, luck is on their side but I don't trust it. Kahit dayhike sya maenjoy mo sya sobra...MAKTRAV is the best training climb in preparation for major climbs, and I think everyone who have tried it will agree. Ingat na lng po sa MAKTRAV!!! and God bless


Anonymous said...

had a successful maktrav with my buddy last i know why maktrav is a level 6 in Pinoy Mntneer's difficulty scale... Thanks Sir Gid for this site.... Bro BBC Outdoors

Anonymous said...

may available po ba na guide sa barangay? baka kasi maligaw kame first time magmamaktrav. kung meron po pwede pahingi ng no. nila? thanks..

Anonymous said...

sino po me alam na pedeng magguide sa maktrav dayhike tomorrow (dec 29)? penge po details ng guide. thanks po. magkano po usual na guide fee?

Eduardo Bedural said...

We had a successful maktrav hike yesterday. In my opinion, it is true that beginner climbers can easily get lost, there are just so many trails that you can find in there.

Take care po sa lahat ng climbers.

helmet said...

Dayhike in Maktrav this sunday..

helmet said...

We have a successful wholeday climb in maktrav yesterday (Jan 16 , 2011).The trail was really challenging, slippery , strong wind , rain and cold.Theres also some spooky things happened in some of my climbmates, Good thing my third eye is not opened. 2 of my buddy got lost along the trail, they said that the trail disappear and the tracks that were made by other climber was gone, after 2 hours they showed up. It was 12am that we finally got out of the forest. After having a late dinner and clean up. another 1 hour walk to uplb.. And also I experienced having limatik on my left eye, it was removed by the locals there, (thanks rhoda and nanay inday ). If you want a new challenge, try maktrav. The best.. More power pinoy mountaineer.

Anonymous said...

may makakasabay ba po ako sa maktrav bukas? jan 30,2011.. solo lang kasi ako.. 09997705763

Anonymous said...

meron po bang magmamaktRav dis sunday?

Anonymous said...

hi Gud day,

AnY one ho clmb this month Pasabay naman po!...
john Freelancer frm Pasig!

thank's mga Sir/mam....

Anonymous said...

We are planning to climb Mt. Makiling via Sto Tomas Trail this coming Feb 20, 2011 (Sunday). Anyone who wants to join can contact me at 09228624639.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

sir may aakyat po ba ng february 25 baka pede po makitag sa inyo dalawa lang po kami ng gf ko. gusto sana namin itry tong maktrav. salamat po.

Anonymous said...

kmi sir this sat and sunday akyat kmi.. binhi-mountaineers

Anonymous said...

@binhi mountaineers sir baka pede makuha contact number niyo? baka pede kami makitag. salamat.

Anonymous said...

bbc outdoors hir... going back to maktrav this sunday... if you want to join.. 09228271126

Anonymous said...

Sir gud day,

Bbc outdoors, sunday lng po kau day hike lng po b?

bka pwde sabit sir...

john frm psig
free lancer

Jeffrey Gallardo said...

Hi, by the way I'm jeff, this march 12, 2011 ay nagbabalak kaming umakyat sa makiling, medyo nalilito lang ako kasi yong mga dinaanan sa baba ay di naman dinaanan dati noong first climb ko dito, pero sa Palanggana din kami nagLunch, 5x na kasi akong nakakabalik using the same trail hopefully walang maging problema sa march 12,may katagalan na kasi since noong huling climb ko dito, sana ok pa trail sa taas ng palanggana kasi last na akyat namin doon ay natabunan ang trail at kinailangan pa naming magbutas para makabalik sa tamang trail, sayang sa oras.

Unti lang naman kaming aakyat doon, gusto ko rin sanang magkaroon ng ibang kakilala sa ibang mountaineering org. tanx and god bless sa lahat.

by the way ito pala ang number ko 09272364943

PNU-Sang-at-Uli Mountaineering Society

Anonymous said...

just traversed makiling yesterday. isarog type trail.. over and under, slide here and there, wet and muddy, rope-aided climb.. hehe definitely hardcore! i was with a group that was led by sir mar (one of the three that established the sto. tomas trail). though the trail is very technical and limatik infested, i must agree that makiling simply beautiful.


Anonymous said...

sino po mag maktrav sa 20?

Anonymous said...

kakatapos lang po nmn mag maktrav nung sabado kame nandun at lingo na kame bumaba!! the trail along san bartolome are in good condition parin!! pero pag dating nyo sa peak 2 pababa! medyo hindi na dahil sa land slide! may mga rope segment na pababa!! pero ung rope segment sa melkas ridge are very good condition mga sir. sa limatik nmn wala heheh ewan ko ba kung bakit?. siguro mga 4 na limatik lang ang dumapo sa amin mag kakagrupo!

Anonymous said...

question lang, talaga bang normal dto na iniiwan ng guide ang mga gnuguide nila? me nkasabay kami kasi na mga bago pa lang umaakyat, iniwan ndaw sila ng guide nila after ng palanggana, before dun sa rope segment part. tapos ang nakakagalit pa ang sabi daw sa kanila ng guide is 1 hr na lang yan pababa sa UPLB at dredrecho lang ang trail at walang ligaw. mejo Nadisgust lang ako dahil kung nagkataong walang ibang mountaineer na umakyat at nakasabay ang grupo na ito, i can just imagine kung ano ang kakahinatnan nila. And sabi ng grupo nila mismong ang bgy. official ang nagbigay sa kanila ng guide. dapat siguro maccorrect ang ganitong practice. maraming madidisgrasyang mga nmumundok sa ganitong klase ng sistema.

deuter_pinas said...

the best Maktrav...Our group we've been there Last Feb. 13, 2011 (dayhike) from Sto. Tomas to UPLB start trek 7am...we disappointing slight about the trail descent to UPLB,masyado nang bugbog ung trail indie n naalagaan pati madami ang basura n ngkalat s trail especially s station 25 ata un dun nila lahat tinambak ang mga basura nila at indie n nila binaba...tsk tsk tsk...but the rest is ok nman at ngkakasayahan kme...tawag nga nmen jan HARDCORE Maktrav with the sign and headbang "\m/" hehehehehe...try nyo din pra HARDCORE n din kau... :-)

Anonymous said...

Sto. Tomas, Batangas – Los Baños, Laguna
LLA: 14.13°N 121.20°E, 1090 MASL (Peak 2)
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 3 with roped segments

...DAY 1
09H00 Assembly @ Sto. Tomas Public Market
10H00 ETA Jump Off (Register at Brgy. San Bartolome)
11H00 Start Trek
12H00 ETA Palanggana Peak
13H30 ETA Melkas Ridge Campsite (Lunch)
14H00 ETA Peak 3
15H00 ETA Peak 2 (Mt. Makiling Summit) Set Camp
16H00 Free time
17H30 Prepare Dinner
18H30 Dinner Time
19H00 Socials
23H00 Lights off!

06H00 Wake up Call
06H30 Prepare Breakfast
08H00 Descent To UPLB
11H00 ETA UP College of Forestry (Freshen Up)
11H30 Take Jeepney to Dampalit Falls
12H00 ETA Dampalit Falls
12H30 Lunch
13H00 Free time Explore Explore Swim!
15H30 Pack up
18H00 Home sweet Home

Estimated Expenses:
Alabang to Sto. Tomas Market P50-60 (Ordinary Bus)
Sto. Tomas Market - Brgy. San Bartolome P40-45/ byahe (Tryk)
Reg - P20
UPLB - Dampalit Falls P10-15 (Jeep)
Crossing, Calamba to Alabang - P30-40

*Full-cover Clothing
*Alcohol/Off Lotion
*Arm Sleeves & Gloves

Note: Pack Lunch

Anonymous said...

gandang araw po!para po sa gustong maexperience ang makiling traverse via san bartolome sto thomas batangas.pwede po ako mag guide dito!text me 09162697079 thanks!

Anonymous said...

last yr nclimb ko ang maktrAV and its very hard but thankful w/my brods ntpos nmin ng maayos..astig ung mga rope sigments,, thanks ky koko,joseph,ej

Anonymous said...

sino po may nakaset na maktrav dyan? baka pwede makisabay salamat po.

Anonymous said...

guys bawal na daw ang maktrav sabi ni manong ranger of UPLB, nagalit sya samin kasi daw nag backdoor po kami. kelangan daw ng permit.

Anonymous said...

mga sir any update d2 sa maktrav? sabi sarado dw to ngaun..tnx

Anonymous said...

mga sir any update sa maktrav? sabi sarado dw to ngaun ,tnx.

Anonymous said...

totoo bang sarado ang maktrav? kung nd naman. soya lang ba tirahin to kahit nd pa nakakapagmaktrav? masyado ba nakakaligaw yung daan?

Anonymous said...

sino gusto sumama bukas maktrav mag isa lang kasi ako e ?..09175017068

Joseph said...

hi pips, were planing to climb Maktrav (sto. tomas) this april 23 (black saturday) anyone who is interested just text me @09062784767 :)

-Gilas Mountaineering-

Joseph said...

hi, is there anyone can tell kung sarado ang maktrav this Black Saturday? (april 23) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Open po yung trail ma'am via sto. tomas

monsourebayani said...

fun climb sa may 1. holiday un kc my KMU kilusang mayo unse!!.. hehe. Go TEAM BAH!!.. sama kau!.. 09276008657

Anonymous said...

akyat kmit this coming thursday.. day hike lang..

Anonymous said...

sir akyat kami friday.. dayhike lang.. di namin alam ung trail eh.. sabay na lang tayo sir sa friday!! 09275283571 Joseph Dolorical- LOST MOUNTAINEERS

IAN said...

mga sir/mam aakyat kami this coming may7-8 2011. baka may gusto sumabay sa amin. 09063151041

Anonymous said...

kagagaling lang po namin last sunday ng Maktrav dayhike via west route - UPLB (05/22/11).. visible po ang daan, tapos may mga signs.. ingat lang sa mga trail na madulas lalo na pag umulan..

Pancho :)

Anonymous said...

Sir & Ma'am,
Last May21-22 po, nag Maktrav po kami, maganda po at matagumpay po ang aming grupo.. Salamat sa Diyos..
Concern ko lang po, mejo may kaunti lang pong Conflict ang San Miguel Brgy.. Registration (jump Off) and dito na sa UPLB gate... It Needs to be address po , para po maisaayos ang lahat at maiwasan ang confusion...
Hope Makarating po sa ikinauukulan, Maraming salamat po..

Anonymous said...

kagagaling lang po namin mag maktrav last may 21-22 2011 and ang masasabi ko lang is.. super ganda.. talagang na push ang group namin to our limits..challenging ang trail.. nag camp kame sa melkas.. ang ganda ng melkas ridge.. kakaiba talaga ang sarap ng feeling .. lalo pag nakikita mo un mga puno sa baba..parang sea of tree sa dame..tnx ke Lord and di nya kame pinabayaan thru out sa journey namin,,,
Bryan Joseph dela Torre of Transbay Bundokeroz

tagabukidph said...

we need a guide from start to finish for our maktrav dayhike this coming weekend (june4)... please text if interested =)

0927 525 4637

Anonymous said...

Mga Sir Tomas Batangas ang jump off nmin for Maktrav...

Baka may gusto sumabay eto po sun number ko...09325908243 (Malaya Outdoors Club)

Anonymous said...

hi.meron kaya dito mag-maktrav ng july 9 dayhike? Pasabit naman po mga mam/sir. - dom.09178671864

drox said...

plano nmin climb dito ngaung August. (w/ 50 litres bag) overnight. mag camp kami sa peak.

baka my gusto sumabay, 1st time plang nmin mag MAKTRAV.


latebloomer said...

good day!

our group just completed the maktrav last aug 13-14 taking the trail at Bgy. San Bartolome. the trail confusing right from the start because there were heavy equipment doing some works on the river.we had to ask a local to find the trail to Palanggana. then there were two more forks,the latter one took us a while to find the white crosses that mark the trail.for those who plan to take this trail,remember to take the path to the right whenever the trail forks.with our heavy packs,we could only manage to get to the ecamp about 30-45 minutes below Melkas Ridge.From there, wala nang ligaw except sa wild boar trail going to peak 2 pero just the same,yung trail pa-kanan ang tama.when in doubt,look for ribbons/straws tied to trees.

for those planning the traverse,if you can spare money for a thicker rope na ilalagay sa Melkas Ridge para hindi naman masyadong sugal-buhay yung akyat dun.yung mga kasing laki sana ng rope going down from peak 2 to UPLB.

safe climb everyone!

Mark said...

sir TRISTAN ng BAKAT Outdoors.. si Mark po ito ng W.A.S.A.K Outdoors yung kasabay nyo sa MT. TARAK nung Aug 26-27 2011.. nakalimutan ko sir kunin contact nyo.. ok ksi yung info na sinabi nyo sakin about sa mga treking pants and shirt..

W.A.S.A.K Outdoors
contact # ko sir 09273572371

Anonymous said...

Just did a successful solo traverse yesterday via sipit trail... Medyo nakakalito ang trail sa umpisa pero salamat sa mga blue at red na ribbon nakarating din ako sa kabilang side..
May mga part kung saan malambot talaga ung lupa so ingat na lang po ung mga aakyat kapag maulan... -Troy Pasagui, St. John Colleges

drox said...

maktrav kmi bukas! 1st timers kami lahat sa site...

drox said...

sep 10(1st time in maktrav)trail sa sipit putol after rocky river. going to melkas ridge wala na. kaya nag overnight nlng kami sa kambingan.

next day sep 11- sa bartolome. we took katapang trail. we followe ribbons. d ko naalala ung wild boar trail so diretso akong palanggana huhuhu pauwi nlng... try ko next time. d ko n kakalimutan hanapin ung wild boar. tsk tsk... (1st timer)
sementado n pla ung daan after brgy hall going to jump off

sino po sched ng maktrav? sama ako!

drox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

sir drox,

kung wala na ang mga ribbons, check the pathway of the grass.

anyway, kung first time niyo, i suggest maki sabay na lang kayo sa ibang grupo to make sure your safety.

visible na ang trail sa sto thomas dahil madami ng nagamit at tumba na ang talahib.

ingat lagi sa climb at sana alagaan natin ang water source bago dumating ng melkas ridge.

drox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drox said...

sir anonymous

ano po ung sinasabi nyong water source? un b ung rocky river my hos sa taas ng falls. Pag lampas ng mga UPLB sign boards at my nadaanan din kaming sirang kubo sa taas. ang problem ko lng po dun eh. d ko alam kung kung saan ung papunta palanggana peak, melkas. wild boar-pk 2. tsk tsk tsk...

san ba kakaliwa pag tapos nung pag tawid sa rocky river?

at pwede pasabay n din po sa mga my sched mg traverse. thnkx.

Anonymous said...

mga sir/mam baka may kilala kayng pwede mag guide sa sto. tomas trail kahit hanggang peak 2 lang.... paki forward naman sa akin.. salamat... 09498146272

drox said...

@ Anonymous

pwede ako sumama sa maktrav nyo? y n ako dyan. pero d ako nakarating sa melkas ridge. pwde sumama? thnks.

meron ako number nung kapitan sa san bartolome. pwede un text at mag pa arrange ng guid b4 the climb.


mawel said...

hi, we're planning maktrav this nov.5 pero d pa alam kung anung trail kami. palanggana or sipit. praying for a very favorable weather sa araw na yun. thanks. . .

drox said...

@ mawel

pwede b ako sumama sa inyo sa maktrav?

Anonymous said...

Maktrav this Saturday! Sino gusto sumabay?

drox said...
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drox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

sa sunday day hike lang kami.. kita kits..

drox said...

sino pong maktrav this coming weekend? pasabay ako. p post po ng cp #number nyo. thnks

drox said...

sino po my mktrv this weekend? pwede pasabay. ano po cp # nyo?

drox said...

sir Anonymous

pwede pasabay ako. ano po number nio?
taga manila lng po ako.

genezide_jr said...

Successful Makiling Traverse yesterday. Sad to say blocked na ang trails sa may simula kasi may Plantation area and maraming loggers na. Pero the rest ok naman lahat and in great condition. Ingat po sa mga susunod na magmaMakTrav.

Anonymous said...

planning to makrav nxtwik my 2nd tym.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning for a solo Maktrav on Nov 30... sino po mga aakyat din that day? pwede pong pasaba kung sakali :) ..

Anonymous said...

ako siguro tx mu lng ako 09169782057 artoni calderon

Dee Quixotic said...

im planning to embark on a solo Maktrav any weekend this December except dec24-25. First timer lang na gustong magattempt for a successful traverse.

Mas masaya kung may kasama right? Pakitext na lang ako para mapagusapan.. 09194984637

Anonymous said...

meron po bang mag-makiling traverse dayhike sa sunday jan 22 2012?makikisabay po....ty....

Ryan said...

I am going to go for a traverse tomorrow, Monday Jan 23rd. If anyone is interested in joining text 09279940663

tope said...

Anonymous said...
meron po bang mag-makiling traverse dayhike sa sunday jan 22 2012?makikisabay po....t

Plan kong mag solo dayhike sa MAKTRAV tomorrow. Let me know kung gusto mo sumabay. first time ko lang. 09176417086.

tope said...

Anonymous said...
meron po bang mag-makiling traverse dayhike sa sunday jan 22 2012?makikisabay po....t

Plan kong mag solo dayhike sa MAKTRAV tomorrow. Let me know kung gusto mo sumabay. first time ko lang. 09176417086.

Anonymous said...

we are planning to traverse this coming feb.10.' day hike lang po sana..meron po bang aakyat??makikisabay po sana kami..were from dasma. cavite..thanks.. text nyo po ako..09273907666 or 09991815819 rhein po ang name ko:))
waiting for response atleast a week before po..

Anonymous said...

Meron pong plan mag Maktrav this February (any Saturday)? pag meron, pasabay po sana.

Anonymous said...

Feb. 5 po kami mag maktrav..dayhike, pwde kang sumabay kung gusto nyo po..


Anonymous said...

This sat feb 4,,i will be back once again in my favorite mountain,,Maktrav..

kung sino gusto sumabay text me at 09476990063..

Anonymous said...

Magandang araw mga kapwa mountaineer. Gusto ko pong mag-inquire about sa new trail ng MakTrav. Plan po naming umakyat ng day hike by March 10, Sabado. Any helpful information will do.

Please do send me sms or pm po ninyo ako sa fb ko.

Lio, 09228002538

Harru FEU said...

Hi guys..

Me and 3 of my friends will be trekkking Maktrav later .... Night trek for a change ! Safe Climb everyone!!...

Anonymous said...

Meron pong bang may plan mag Maktrav? pag meron, pasabay po sana ako..pls.txt po.09334499216..tnx

Anonymous said...

Good day..our group is planning a MakTrav dayhike on the 14th of April..where looking for someone who can guide us..Thank you..

Melo (Manila International Airport Mountaineering Club)

FB:Mia Mountaineering

Anonymous said...

Aakyat din po kami sa April 14. Kita-kits po sa trail.

Breakback Mountaineers

Ryan said...

Anyone up for Maktrav this Saturday 28/04/12? Give me a text on 09279940663. Wanting to do a pretty fast paced climb. Ryan

Anonymous said...

just conquered this trail last SUN(May), my 1st dayhike and climb... hehe! panalo! enjoyed it very much kahit pinag fiestahan ako ng limatik.. pag dating namin sa peak 3 sinalubong kami ng malakas ulan with matching kidlat hanggang makababa kami sa peak 2 going to UPLB daming punong tinamaan ng kidlat buti ndi kami na one time bigtime. hehe!

Anonymous said...

were going to do maktrav this coming May 20, 2012. feel free to join

-Samalahat Team

Batang Lakwatsero said...

I just came from MakTrav (it's my 3rd time there) and surprisingly the trail near the Melkas Campsite is ruined by someone or a group.

they created not just one but many "ligaw" trails in the area. and not just that, they placed a lot of pinks ribbons (more than 50 I think)all over the place.

if you're not familiar with the trails of Makiling, you'll surely get lost in that area. tsk tsk.

helmet said...

share ko lang po..maktrav via sipit trail..

Anonymous said...

Hello Pinoy Mountaineers,

Please share info on Mt Irid-Mt Angelo, do you have contact numbers of jeeps that are being rented from Cogeo to Sta Ines? What is the standard Rental? Thank you very much,
Bobby of Alabang XTMI.

japude pogi said...

mga sir ask ko lang po kung ok na umakyat sa maktrav......ty po.....

Anonymous said...


Ar Silva said...

okey na poh mag take ng maktrav ngaun , kelan b sched nyo? sa 23 kami eh

Anonymous said...

We're planning a mantrav this Holy Week march 28-29 Baka po may aakyat din sa inyo sa date NATO, first time namin mag maktrav pero experience hiker na kami, ayoko Lang maligaw Baka po pwede kami makisabay 3 Lang kami please txt me if pwede kami makisabay thanks this is my number and were from muntinlupa, labas. 09204199805.

Mark of muntinlupa

Anonymous said...

Baka po may aakyat ng march 28-29, Baka po pwede kami makisabay 3-4 Lang po kami, di po namin alam yung trail, were from Alabang here's my no. 09204199805 pls txt me po, thanks.

Mark of muntinlupa

Jayson said...

Sir mark.

Napakarami namang umaakyat sa makiling lalo na kung holy week. i guess kung wala kyong makausap na makakasama sa maktrav, makarating lang kayo sa jump off, may makaksabay na kayo dun sa pagakyat.

Sakay lang kayo ng jeep going to tanauan at magpababa kayo sa palengke ng sto. tomas. Pwede ding sumakay sa Lucena bound Bus. Tapos sa palengke, may mga tricycle na naghahatid sa jump off ng maktrav. particularly sa brgy. hall ng San Bartolome. 70 php ang isang byahe.

Goodluck! :)

Jayson/Letran Calamba Mountaineering Society.

Anonymous said...

pwede po ba mag campsite sa taas if maktrav po ang gagawin po namin.

maRK OF muntinlupa

Anonymous said...

pwede po ba mag campsite sa taas if maktrav po ang gagawin po namin.

maRK OF muntinlupa

Anonymous said...

pwde poba mag campsite kapag maktrav po ang gagawin po namin.

mark of muntinlupa

Noel said...

People at UPLB are still confused.. we did the traverse last saturday via sipit trail... they asked where we came from and we said from sto. tomas... the guard at UPLB jump-off said... hindi nyo ba alam na bawal pa umakyat? I guess these people are not yet properly informed...

drox said...



bRGY. San Felix (take tric 60-70 peses or rented jeep) baba ng Eco Registration ( FREE! )- start ng SIPIT TRAIL (take guide, pwede kahit hanggang station 7 ( KUGONAN)lng bayad nmin 500pesos)

@ mark of muntinlupa

magandang campsite sa stations 13-14-15 - GUBATAN -


Anonymous said...

bukas naba san bartolome palanggana trail ???

Anonymous said...

May aakyat po b ng sun dayhike maktrav? Pwde mkisabay? 09228225592

sweetsummerfalls said...

bukas na po ung matapang trail sa bartolome.. ang kaso ung maktrav, di na pwede sabi nung tao sa checkpoint ng UPLB.. bawal na daw un kasi hindi daw sila kinokontak ng bartolome kung me papanhik.. gawa daw ng may nadisgrasya na, kaya nga daw pinasara noon.. nung may 5 kami ng maktrav..

tope said...

As far as I know, all climbers are required to register upon entry, but MCME didn't mention any closed routes.

With all due respect, unless meron written and signed document galing sa MCME ang mga nanghaharang sa Sto. Tomas na deputized sila to order us to do anything like hire a guide, go down Sipit to register and such, then sige. By law, sole administrative powers are issued to uplb and none other.

Republic of the Philippines
Congress of the Philippines
Metro Manila
Eighth Congress

Republic Act No. 6967 October 15, 1990


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled::

Section 1. The entire forest reserve at Mt. Makiling in Laguna ceded, transferred and conveyed to the University of the Philippines pursuant to Republic Act No. 3523 shall be administered and conserved primarily as a training laboratory for the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge particularly in the preservation, conservation and development of our forest, flora and fauna, and natural resources.

Section 2. The exclusive jurisdiction, administration and complete control of said forest reserve are hereby vested in the University of the Philippines in Los Baños.

Section 3. The University of the Philippines in Los Baños shall preserve watershed areas in the forest reserve for the development of hydro-geothermal power in coordination with the National Power Corporation, provided such development will not endanger the forest, reserve and prejudice its purpose as a training laboratory.

Section 4. All existing provisions of law and executive orders, rules and regulations inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed.

Section 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: October 15, 1990

Anonymous said...

Mga Sir at Mam any update of MakTrav according to comments here na bawal daw umakyat ng MakTrav, were planning to hike on June 22..
another concerns naghike ako nun March before holyweek at sa Brgy. San Miguel kami dumaan, may mga umakyat daw nun na dun din dumaan pero pinababa sila para mag register lang sa kabila... San po ba talaga ang bagong Jump-off.. nakasanayan ko na sa Brgy San Miguel. Update lang po..

many Thanks Mountaineers and Sir Gids.. :)


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