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Mt. Guiting-Guiting (2,058+)

Sibuyan Island, Romblon
Major Jump-off: Brgy. Tampayan, Madgiwang, Sibuyan
LLA: 12°24'50"N, 122°34'4"E, 2058 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 3 days / 10-13 hours
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 9/9, Trail Class 5 with rock climbing/scrambling

An update was forwarded to us by the Mt. Guiting-Guiting National Park in March 12, 2013. Please check it out here: Mountain News: New policies and updates from Mt. Guiting-Guiting.

One of the most difficult climbs in the Philippines is a hike to Mt. Guiting-Guiting, in Sibuyan Island, Romblon. In the difficulty scale used by, it stands with Mt. Halcon and Mt. Mantalingajan as the upper limit. This is because of the steep, jagged ridge called "Knife Edge" which one has the cross in order to reach the summit, not to mention the ensuing rock formations with colorful names such as "Kiss the Wall". On top of this precarious trail, the weather is so volatile that mountaineers would use absolute cut-off times (i.e. 1300H) to reach the summit, otherwise they would have to turn back. By implication, only mountaineers with enough stamina are advised to attempt the G2 climb. The possibility of failure is always there: if the local guides perceive a dangerous weather change forthcoming, the assault is aborted. Patience and perseverence - virtues of a true mountaineer - are put to the test in Mt. Guiting-Guiting.

Mt. Guiting-Guiting - fondly called G2 by enthusiasts - was discovered as a mountaineering hotspot during the early 1980's - an exciting period for Philippine mountaineering, when the novel sport has just begun unravelling new and exciting destinations. In May 1982, a combined team of the Philippine Mountaineering Society (PMS) of Bacolod City and UP Mountaineers did the first exploration of the mountain, reaching the then-unnamed Mayo's Peak but failing to reach the summit. A few weeks later, some of them returned to make the first ascent to G2's summit. They were Mon Ruiz, Kim Valino, Bubot Tan Torre (UP Mountaineers) and Edwin Gatia of the PMS.

Even without the accomplishment of getting to the summit, however, a visit to G2 is rewarding enough. To begin with, Sibuyan island is a jewel of the seas. 187 nautical miles from Manila, the island has beaches, waterfalls, and one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines. Mt. Guiting-Guiting is the culmination of this sanctuary, possessing what has been called the most diverse forest in the world, being the habitat of up to 54 endemic plant varieties. Moreover, Mt. Guiting-Guiting is home to fascinating endemic flora and fauna. These include four species of rodents and a kind of bat discovered only in the mid-1990s and found nowhere else in the world. On the trek, hikers can attest to this natural richness with the presence of beautiful flowers, such as the one shown on the photo.

Meanwhile, the locals of Sibuyan have lots of folk beliefs about the mountain. It is said that there is a hidden village of spirit beings that dwell in the mountain; they can take the form of humans and even pilot ships that they take into the mountain via an invisible connection to the sea. To support this, they speak of a "Tinagong Dagat" (Hidden Sea) in the mountain. Other locals warn would-be hikers to ask permission before picking fruits or taking treasures. A large diamond was said to have been discovered in a waterfall, only to turn into dust when it was taken out of the island. Unusual flora are believed to be manifestations of the "engkanto" -- if you pick them, you risk their wrath. On the other hand, good virtues are also attributed to the 'engkantos'. When a Japanese ship tried to land in Sibuyan Island, it is said that clouds enveloped the entire island, hiding them from the foreign invaders. Sometimes, however, the spirit people can fall in love with mountaineers. These cultural beliefs, although in their twilight, add flavor to the G2 experience.

But more than the natural and cultural dimensions, it is the technical nature of the climb that attracts mountaineers.

THE TRAILClick on the map to enlarge and view the trail of G2's summit assault.

The climb proper takes three days. Day 1 is the hike up to Mayo's Peak (1550 MASL). Three streams, all very clean, will be crossed before reaching Camp 1, and three camps will be passed (marked as Camp 1-3) before reaching Mayo's Peak. The trails are in very good condition and is surrounded by woodlands throughout. Since Day 1 may be delayed by transportation problems, it may be deferred to the next day after arrival at Sibuyan Island. Or, the itinerary may be modified and Camp 3 can be the campsite on the first night, leaving the last leg of Day 1 to early Day 2. Just before Mayo's Peak.

Normally, Day 2 is the 4-5 hr. assault to the summit, and back. It is perhaps one of the most intense day in any itinerary in this website. A swift descent from Mayo's Peak will lead to the "Knife Edge" - here the entire trail is rocky and exposed to the sun and winds; there are ravines on both sides: the view is both breathtaking and scary! Beyond this ridge are even more precarious rock formations: each is like a puzzle that must be solved, and climbers will try what body position and movements will best suit each hurdle. Some of the rocks you will step on are just a few inches wide; but with the sharp edges of the rocks make for nice hand supports. If you still have time you can take pictures of the delightful flora that grow on the rocks (including the endemic pitcher plant), as well as the stunted trees that coil on the rocks. After 3-4 hours, the Peak of Deception, an imposing sight, will be reached. They say this peak was also called "Peak of Decision" because from here you will have to decide whether to proceed or not, considering the time and one's energy.

From the Peak of Deception, it's only 30-45 minutes away from the summit itself. The trails are still rocky and unforgiving. As a finalé, a wall called "Hillary Pass" must be negotiated: there is a 90-degree part here which is said to be impassable when slippery. After accomplishing this finale hurdle, the summit is only a hundred meters away and the trail, called "Walk of Fame", is easy, a stark departure from the rest of the trail. At the summit, when it is clear, you can see the neighboring peaks of the Guiting-Guiting range, as well as the seas surrounding Sibuyan Island. Again, there is a variety of unique flora in the summit.

The ascent to G2 is just half of the adventure; the descent, it is said, is equally challenging. By 1300H climbers must turn back and head for Mayo's Peak where one can celebrate and see the sunset (on the left side relative to the jump-off). You or your guides can refill water at Bulod's Spring; and spend the rest of the night having 'socials'.

The third and final day is the descent back to Magdiwang. This may be done in a relaxed fashion: take time to appreciate the fauna and flora of the G2 forests. Large brown ants, birds, scorpions, and other fauna litter the trail. A refreshing dip in one of the clear streams after Camp 1 is a very rewarding treat after the arduous trek. After logging out at the DENR station, you can proceed to the beaches at Magdiwang (i.e. Bagumbayan). As you leave Sibuyan Island by ferry, the towering presence of Guiting-Guiting -- and its saw-toothed peaks -- will remind you of the unforgettable adventure that is G2!


Day 0 
0800 Assembly at Greenstar Liner (Buendia)
0830 ETD Buendia to Batangas port
1200 ETA Batangas port secure tikets to Ambulong Port (Magdiwang)
1700 Take ferry to Magdiwang Port

Day 1 
0800 Arrival at Magdiwang (Ambulong Port)
0815 Proceed to Tourism Council for registration
0900 Breakfast (magdiwang market)
1000 Buy supplies
1100 head to Tansiungco Residence or Sanctuary Lodge
1200 preparation for the climb (pre cooking etc)
2100 lights out

Day 2 
0600 Wake up call (Breakfast)
0730 Start trek. Brace for exposed area.
1030 ETA Camp 1
1200 ETA Camp 2 (lunch)
1400 ETA Camp 3
1430 ETA Bulod's spring (Load up last watersource)
1500 Arrival at Mayo's Peak (1550 MASL). Rest.
1700 Sunset Viewing @ Mayo's Peak
1900 Dinner
2000 Lights out

Day 3 
0500 Breakfast / prepare packed lunch
0600 Commence summit assault
0630 Begin crossing the 'Knife Edge'
0800 Arrival at "Kiss the Wall"
0930 Arrival at Mabel Spring (water not always available)
1015 ETA Peak of Deception (1959 MASL)
1100 ETA G2 summit (2057 MASL)
1200 Head back
1600 Back at Mayo's Peak
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 4
0700 Breakfast
0800 Break camp
0900 Start descent
1400 Back to jumpoff

Day 5
Head back to Batangas port

NOTE: An update was forwarded to us by the Mt. Guiting-Guiting National Park in March 12, 2013. Please check it out here: Mountain News: New policies and updates from Mt. Guiting-Guiting.

Scheduling. The G2 climbing season is from March-mid May, although it is still possible to visit G2 throughout the year. However, by June, the rainy season sets in and the wind changes direction, making passage across the Knife Edge and beyond very precarious. Chances of summitting are thus very limited. The only disadvantage is that during peak season (Holy Week and surrounding weeks) the campsite may be crowded. After all Mayo's Peak is not a very large campsite. As of March 2013, the Mt. Guiting-Guiting National Park has begun to implement limits to the number of hikers at a time; as per the carrying capacity assessment conducted by the DENR-ERDS and the Guide Association recommendation, 128 persons are allowed to camp the campsites in Mayo's Peak, 18 at the summit, and 18 at Traverse Camp 3.

Getting there. Transportation is a high logistical concern, and you will have to have contingency plans. MBRS Lines leaves every Monday 5pm from Manila North Harbor; Super Ferry also runs a weekly service. The most regular is the daily departure from Batangas Pier c/o Montenegro Lines, leaving daily at 1700H (i.e. M/V Princess Anavelle). A trip that connects directly to Magdiwang Port, however, is assured only during Thursday. Another possibility is taking the Lucena port, where there is also a weekly service to Magdiwang.

On the way back, the surest and most constant way is the Magdiwang-San Agustin-Odiongan-Batangas Pier route which is serviced daily, with the following departure times: ferry leaves . However, there is also a Sunday 10 AM departure directly from Magdiwang to Batangas Pier; and Monday 10 AM directly to Lucena. These schedules are by no means constant and the best thing to do is get the PASU's advice also as regards transportation. Montenegro Lines may be reached at +63437238294 and MBRS at +63274491661.

Guides and Registration. The official "hotline" of the Mt. Guiting-Guiting National Park is 09284901038  (as of 2013). You should call prior to your trip to get clearance for your hike. You can inquire about number of climbers on that day, as well as weather conditions. Registration fee is P300/person - this includes climb certificate and a Tagalog-language booklet. Guides and porters used to be given P350/day but as of 2013, guide fee is now 800/day for Filipinos and 1000/day for foreigners; porters are given P600/day. The ratio is 1 guide and 1 porter: 5 hikers for the regular trail and 1 guide and 1 porter: 3 hikers for the traverse.

Facilities. Facilities in the Guiting-Guiting National Park include guesthouses which have restrooms/ shower rooms with running water and electricity; the fee is P500/room (good for 3 persons) or P200/person. The rivers before Camp 1 are very clean and you can take a refreshing dip there before heading back to the park. Cellphone signal is present in the Park Center but sporadic even in the high elevations. However, it is present in Mayo's Peak. SMART is said to have the stronger signal. Campsites available include the Camps 1-3, although these are small.

Health and safety. The dangers of G2 are well-known, and precautions must be done. Weather conditions of concern include strong winds, which may lead to hypothermia, and prolonged exposure to the sun which coupled with the difficulty of the summit assault may take its toll on climbers. Then there is a risk of slips and falls, made more real by the reported deaths of four mountaineers in 1985. Although in the past decade G2 has been accident-free, vigilance and compliance to the rules is strongly advocated. Gloves are recommended during the summit assault; sunblock must be worn and the choice of clothing must afford flexibility to the climber. In case utmost emergency, quickly contact the DENR-PASU.

Water is scarce in Mabel's spring and at least 3-4 L of trail water is recommended when doing the summit assault, especially during the high summer months.

Aside from the summit assault, the trail to Mayo's Peak is generally safe. Just beware of the scorpions who like to enter the tents: the first aid is just washing the wound by soap and water; these scorpions would only cause mild to moderate irritation and pain. Limatik (blood leeches) are also present around the Camp 3 area, but they are not as aggressive.

Technical notes. The special factor in G2 is the summit assault in which your guides will have to determine whether it is still advisable to proceed, given the weather conditions as well as the physical condition of the climbers. It is better to endorse your itinerary to the guide, and also let him know if any climber needs particular attention/support so he can also prepare accordingly.

If not all members of a team are confident and prepared for the summit, they can stay at Mayo's Peak . At 1550 MASL, this peak already affords breathtaking views of the mountain, the island, and the sea.

Mayo's Peak is named after Mayo Monteza of the Philippine Mountaineering Society (PMS) who celebrated his birthday in May 1982 during the first attempt to climb G2. Meanwhile, Bulod's Spring is named after the guide who accompanied the first expedition. Bulod's son Jerson was one of the locals who guided the group which the blogger joined. These have been documented in PinoyMountaineer in MountainTalk #2.

Further explorations include a trail by Everest mountaineer Romy Garduce who assaulted the summit from the NE side, and a failed attempt several years ago to cross the picturesque saw-toothed peaks on the way to Mayo's Peak.

G2 is part of the "Knife Edge Trilogy" - Halcon, Mantalingajan, and G2 - all in MIMAROPA (Region IV-B), all with a "Knife Edge", and all classified as Difficulty 9/9. They can be considered as among the most difficult mountains in the Philippines.


This article was written in Camp 3, at around 1300 MASL on April 22, 2008.

The blogger thanks Sir Emman Palacio for taking him to yet another great destination (after last year's Mt. Napulauan), and the rest of the team for a wonderful G2 adventure on March 20-25, 2008. Picture of the Knife Edge courtesy of Sir Richard Visco. My summit assault pic courtesy of Sir Jan Pambid. Thanks guys!


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Anonymous said...

congrats sir gidz! ur a big inspiration to me and our group. ingat sa lahat ng climbs mo...

Anonymous said...

hi sir gids! i'm looking forward to have you again as a travelling copanion in our rebanse climb... if fate permits, i might join you guys in kalatungan :)

- kat!!!

gideon said...

hey kat, i'm not sure yet about kalatungan but i sure hope to climb with you guys anew! till then! :D

0052019 said...

summiting G2 was such a great experience and achievement... i'm also looking forward summiting G2.

Joel said...

Thank you for your blog. Reached the peak of Guiting Guiting last May 2 to 5 with your IT.

Added information for others. The tricycle at Magdiwang can take you from the port to the Police station and the addition of going to the Magdiwang guide association to get the guides and finally at the Guiting Guiting Park Superintendent.

The PASU does not coordinate the guide ahead of time. They coordinated it only upon our arrival which took some delay in our climb.

Joel Syyap

chef_rob said...

Great work SIR!!! meron ba tayong date ng mga akyat.. para makasama po..

robert benedicto
-G2 mountaineers-

gideon said...

@sir joel, congratulations to your group. summitting g2 is quite a feat indeed. thanks for the update about the tricycles and the guides. we had the same problem before and ill incorporate this in the writeup.

@sir robert, im glad to hear from you. nung paalis nga kami ng romblon, we were telling each other, "ang swerte ng mga taga romblon, they can climb g2 all the time!" feel free to update us with information about g2 and ill also let you know about upcoming climbs and events. more power to the g2 mountaineers!

gary said...

I realy appreciate this website. Tons of useful info and tips for local outdoor enthusiasts. Keep up the good work. More power!

Anonymous said...

hi!. I'm from DENR IVB, Research Sector and currently conducting a study on Carrying Capacity of G2. I am conducting interview of mountaineers who visited G2. I wish i can interview you. I am a former student of your father, Dr. Rodel Lasco in UPLBCF. Thanks for your article, I had a glimpse of your journey there.

Marilyn Limpiada

gideon said...

@gary: thanks!

@marilyn: thanks for leaving a note. im glad my article was of some use in your research. feel free to email me at if y0u wish to send interview questions or something. just let me know how i can help



Anonymous said...

Sir Gid,,
Just wana ask if manong lee is still alive??I summitted G2 lst 2002 and were planning to return there.Tnx and more power!!!

Nice said...

My parents are from Magdiwang, Romblon, but I grew up in Manila. I only go to the province during Summer. I always want to climb G2 but my oldies never let me. They said it's really dangerous up there.

Matt said...

i lived in looc on tablas for 2 years and am making a trip at pasko. I am hoping to try and make a summit, I know its not the best time of year but that hasn't stopped me before, any tips or anyone interested in joining me?

gideon said...

honestly i dont know about manong lee's status.. we can ask for climbers who'l drop by but its not g2 climbing season as of the moment.

manong lee used to have a cell number that was widely circulated among mountaineers.

december is not really a bad time for g2. the winds are benign and the weather relatively dry. but g2 is unpredictable year round!

dangerous? yes, g2 is dangerous but it is a danger that one can prepare for and anticipate. with proper training and some help from above, yakang yaka ang g2!

Dandy said...

sir does it mean d n kina maanong lee ung pinaka stop over ng aakyat ng g2????b4 kc dun lahat dumderecho...sir gid eagle k pl!!so glad my kauri pl ko d2....sir from wat council k?

gideon said...

yep. the present g2 itinerary no longer involves manong lee's place as was the tradition. sa visitors' center na ng DENR ang start ng trail. they have facilities there for guests etc.

i was an eagle scout of the laguna council. we had our survival training in 2002 and i received the rank the following year.

dandy said...

ayos...hope magkasama tyo tyo in one of ur climb....more power bro...

jongnarciso said...

additional info lang sir

Guitin-guiting is a truly remarkable mountain and i do believe that every pinoy mountaineer should endeavour in climbing her

Camp 1,2 & 3 are acually reserach stations ng mga biologist/botanist na pumupunta dun. nobody really sleeps there except for emergencies because it is critical that an attempt should come from mayo's peak. kundi mahirap na

Typo, one of the first ascencionist is roel tan-torres "bubut" not tan torre. he's probably the best in pinas although unheard of. he has a peak in the himalayas named after him.
Most people know it as knife ridge instead of knife edge. its hillary steps instead of hillary way due to the similarity of the feature in everest

also please advise that at the most turn back time for a summit attempt is 1pm. if not gagabihin ang balik nyo. maybe it might be good to wear gloves but in rock climbing parlance " you would not be able to feel the rock" meaning you muight not be sure about you grip

although a lot of people have been to guiting at one time (100!!!!) i do hope that people would think about the effect

manong lee is doing fine though not as lively as before. but we still start our trek at his house. his son(nono) is the baranggay captain and president of the mountain guides. Bulod is still the best guide

Nono's number is 09195110831

gideon said...

sir jong, many thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. i've heard about you from the everest team members and other vetran climbers i've met.

based on my singular experience of climbing g2, i have to agree about not wearing gloves. mas feel ko yung rocks and i can manage the grip naman. as for the terms, according to edwin gatia it was the UPM guys who named them so im sure you know the background of these monickers, and again thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

hi sir gideon,

how many vertical parts are there? and how long? any estimates..


Anonymous said...

hello sir gid,

Ur site is very inpiring, im hoping to summit G2 this november.


Anonymous said...

ill summit g2 before i die....

Anonymous said...

bago bumaliko likod ko mag sa summit ako g2... ding dong

Anonymous said...

indeed summiting G2 was a big achievement.. talagang kakabahan ka sa dadaanan mo papuntang summit. i summited G2 last november, it was a very nice experience.

Anonymous said...

i dont know if you know that in 1997 someone climb mount guiting-guiting solo and in 1999 that same person slept overnight on the summit of mount guiting-guiting. to know that person ask the old logbook at mr. lee tansiongco's house in tampayan and the picture of the summit pitch in 1999.

Tikoy said...

Sir Gid ask ko lng kung wat day and wat tym ang trip ng MBRS fron north harbor??and do you have any contact # of MBRS.the 1 posted here cannot be reach kc e..tnx

gideon said...

unfortunately baka nag-iba na. last time i checked 5pm ng monday ang alis ng MBRS.
good luck!

Jay Z said...

sir gid gud day! Im planning a solo ascent to Mt. Guiting Guiting this Mid May Anyone knows the direct Number of Bulod Since i heard he is the best guide also Ok din ba mag assault sa g2 ng october or november as an option just in case d ma push ung mid may climb? salamat po sir ingat sa climb. GOD BLESS!

Jay Aceres said...

Sir gid...kung sino man yung my plan to climb g2 may ginagawa ngayon na local code for the registration fee..magpopost po ako ng info pagnatapos na yung ginagawang local code..taga Magdiwang po ako at mountaineers din..for any info here is my no.09152853528/09228478692..
sir gid post ako pagnatapos na yung local code na yun.

Jay Aceres said...

tikoy..ala ng mbrs na derecho ng sibuyan..batangas at lucena na lang yung byahe papuntang sibuyan.

Tikoy said...

@jay aceres

sir anong local code un??

Anonymous said...

here is the update for g2:
registration:prepare php350(including the certificate)
location:Tourism office(town proper)
guide fee:php350

Jay A

Anonymous said...

Sir plan po ng group namin umakyat ng g2 this coming march any info about sa budget ?

gideon said...

thank you jay for the update i g2...
i think P3,000-P4,000/person is a reasonable budget for a g2 climb for a team of 10. the breakdown though is something i should perhaps include in the special concerns when i have time

Anonymous said...

anyone planning to trek mt.guiting guiting this holy week..permission to tag along..actually im from odio0ngan romblon..sana meron grupo umakyat..sasama ako..ill be on odiongan this april 4 kindly email lang me kong meron aakyat.thanks

Philippine National Mountaineering Society said...

hi there Gideon. PNMS would like to thank you for the information and climb details about Mt.Guiting-Guiting. We will attempt to summit this great mountain on April 8-12, 2009 and this itinerary will be very useful to our

Thank you very much sir.


Anonymous said...

update for g2:
batangas po ang the best way to go sibuyan,
my 2 ways to go sibuyan, ung una ay sa romblon lang at yung isa ay cajidiocan, sibuyan..from cajidiocan sakay pa ng jeep to magdiwang..
for those who will climb in g2, kindly please email me the lists of the member so that i can forward the information to the tourism office and reserve for the guide.

for more info:

Anonymous said...

sir gid,
para make sure po 4k na yung budget..kailangn poh namin ng advance na magparegister sa tourism para yung guide po natin hindi add na po namin maulit yung ngyari ng mga nakaraan..tapos para maprint rin ng maaga ang mga certificates..thanks sir gid:)

gideon said...

PNMS, good luck sa grupo nyo. i know that there will be many groups who will go for g2 next month, and some would even try the g2 traverse!

thanks jay for the update. we look forward to getting feedback about climbing procedure in g2.

have a safe climb everyone!

Anonymous said...

good am sir gideon...
may iba pa bang way papuntang romblon from here in cebu?...
me and my folks from davao and bukidnon are planning to climb G2 this holy week...
medyo malapit na lng kasi from dito and i suppose mas cheaper na lng...
i have read in your article na the best way is thru the magdiwang port...
looking forward for your advise...

Anonymous said...

sir gid,
my mas cheaper and easier ba papuntang romblon from cebu?...
me and my folks here in cebu are also planning to summit G2 this holy week...
looking forward for your advise...

Anonymous said...

update for g2..
if you have some question you can text or email mr jomer martinez from the tourism office of magdiwang, romblon.

sir gid sagutin ko na poh yung inquiry from byahe from can ask jomer from the tourism office.

for those ulit na aakyat kindly send us the name of your group and the members thru email so that we can assist your group as early as we can...for those also na gustong dumerecho from batangas to sibuyan, my byahe po from bat-cajidiocan, sibuyan,isang town rin po yan sa sibuyan, kaso saky pa kayo ng jeep from caj-magdiwang..WALA NA PONG BIYAHE ANG MBRS..IF MERON RIN PO MAGPOPOST PO AKO AGAD DITO.

sir gid maraming salamat po ulit.laking tulong ng site nyo..godspeed!

more info text nyo na lang po ako or c jomer.


gideon said...

hi jay, salamat sa paguupdate sa amin tungkol sa mga latest infos about g2. im sure its a big help for those planning a g2 climb soon.

have a safe and successful climb to everyone who will be climbing g2 this summer!

Anonymous said...

sir anong shipping lines po ung bumibyahe ng cajidiocan? and tuwing kelan po alis nila sa batangas pier?

Anonymous said...

sir nag guide pa po ba si sir toto na anak ni manong lee pwede na po ba kami mag straight sa kanya po? then dadaan na lang po kami sa mga procedures ng brgy do we really need to email the no of participants to the tourism office ?

Anonymous said...

for g2...
di ako sigurado kung montenegro, pero ang byahe ay
every friday from batangas.

c manong toto ay di an pwedeng magguide.di na ang barangay, we the tourism office na doon an lang lahat magregister, ang reason lang kasi namin kaya kailangn namin eemail yung mga names at participants kasi po ayaw na namin maulit ung ngyari dati nagkaubusan ng guide at isa pa poh may certificate na ibibigay sa inyo at least maprint out agad namin yung mga certificates..

pag may mga questions pa, let me know agad.

thanks sir gid.

Anonymous said...

thanks sir nakausap na po kasi namin c sir toto ok lang po ba kaming kumuha ng guides sa inyo sa tourism office para sa group namin pero kukunin ko na lang din po c sir toto na personal na guide ko? how about logistics sir sarado daw po ang magdiwang port so cajidiocan na lang po ang only option ilan oras po byahe from cajidiocan to brgy tampayan so i can adjust our IT also how much is the porter fees?

ybbs said...

penge naman ng contact number sa g2. not accesible ung number ni Mr. Molvin Lucero. thx

Anonymous said...

here is the schedule for the trip from batangas-romblon:
mon, thur, and sat before 5pm dapat andun an sa pier ng bat.
from romblon to magdiwang, pumpboat-200php

from batangas-cajidiocan:838php every friday lang alis sa batangas
tapos jeep from cajidiocan to magdiwang-70php..1 hour-1.5 hours and byahe.

text nyo na lang ako o kaya satourism officer na nakapost dito.


yammie said...


a very nice Itinerary, hope you don;t mind i'll copy po the IT :) thank you po... climb kami this holy week

Anonymous said...

mam yammie pwede po ba makijoin or makisabay sa climb nyo this holy week sa G2. kasama sana ako sa group ng pnms kaya lang naimove yung sked nila earlier baka di po ako makasabay sa kanila.



Anonymous said...

elo eimmay pwde maki join sa climb.. jason frm manila 09276850760..tnx!

Maldz Fallar said...

Sir Dante of Makati update mo lang ako sa climb ninyo sa G2 this holy week or after holy week. Meet ko na lang kayo sa Romblon, Romblon port mangagagaling pa kasi ako Odiongan, Romblon. tingin ko crowded this holy ang G2 so wag na tayo makisiksik after holy week na lang siddetrip tayo sa ibang bundok ng romblon

Anonymous said...

sir naakyat ko na rin yung G2,ganda khit maulan,
last april 3 to 6 kmi dun meet namin manong lee and bulod.

Tikoy said...

just climb g2 again last april 8-10, walang clearing pero ok nmn. Napansin ko lng n medyo madumi ung mayo. 40+ persons ung naunang umakyat. Kung cno man ung nagkalat ng mga left over fud s summit, nagtanim ng dinamita kung saan saan at nagkalat ng mga gulay (sitaw) sa mayo at naghugas ng pinagkainan sa bulod, sana nmn makonsensya kayo..

Anonymous said...

thank u s mga umakyat ng g2..xnxa na rin kung maulan sa uulitin:)


Anonymous said...

sa mga aakyat sa G2...wag pong kalimutang mag"tabi-tabi po"this is an enchanted mountain and very dangerous for those who do not believe in engkanto and nono.just a friendly reminders from a certain Sibuyanon.God bless at sana madiscover din and Sibuyan as one of the beautiful places in the Philippines.More power!

Jay Z said...

Sir Gid nag climb na kami sa G2 last may 8-12 Grabe ang challenge sir napakaganda ng knife ridge also medyo volatile talaga ang weather kc umulan nung summit assault mabuti na lang magaling ung guide namin at naka summit ang team nagkaron din kami ng clearing after ng camelback pinakamagnda ang view sa peak of deception dahil kita ang buong knife ridge pero maganda din ang view sa summit kita ang mt. halcon and mt. mayon also the neighboring islands of romblon and tablas thanks for the info sir the best talaga i will post the logistics to help mountaineers na din sir also ung guide contacts thanks sir!

Jay Z said...

Sa lahat ng pupunta ng guiting guiting ang mahalaga aside sa physical and mental conditioning is ung logistics eto po ang additional info:


As of now wala pang biyahe from batangas port to sibuyan island but according to our contacts maybe next mo available na ang biyahe.. as of now ur option is via romblon,romblon ang biyahe nila from batangas port to romblon is every MONDAY,THURSDAY,SATURDAY 5 PM mga 10-12 hours ang biyahe nila pagdating mo sa romblon u need to secure a pumpboat to AMBULONG PORT mga 2 hours ung travel time nila pagdating mo sa pier pwede ka nang mag tricycle to DENR or di kaya have ur guides na sunduin na kayo.. Ung pagb alik ang mahalaga ganun din ang way from ambulong port pumboat to romblon however may oras ang pumpboat nila mas maganda mag secure na agad kayo ng tiket pabalik pagdating nyo pa lang sa sibuyan para makasiguro ung barko from ROMBLON TO BATANGAS every TUESDAY,FRIDAY,SUNDAY 11am meron din silang isa pang barko ung MV QUERUBIN na sibuyan to romblon mas maganda kausapin nyo na mismo ang montenegro lines for further details ito po ang number nila:

Tel. 0437238294 , 0437236980 look for Mr. Dennis Berania

*NOTE: May isa pang barko ung MV PRINCESS ANNAVELLE nasa batangas port din however i failed to gather info about their destinations and schedule.

For butane cans minsan mahigpit sila dahil sa coast guard try to gather as much details about the process here's the number

Tel . 0433002921


Pagdating sa Guides its ur preference pwede kayong magpaguide sa TOURISM OFFICE may naka post na about this also u can contact the PASU of Mt. Guiting Guiting National Park Sir Malvin Rocero may bago na cyang number :

Mobile 09195787954

IMPORTANT NOTE: Based sa aming experience ang contact namin is si SIR TOTO TANSIUNGCO cya ung anak ni "MANONG LEE" na dati nang pinupuntahan ng mga mountaineers i preferred to contact him since sir toto is aknowledged as one of the best guides next to bulod pinasamahan nya kami kay tatay phil(also known as tatay felium) and kuya rey dela cruz kasi masama ang pakiramdam nya nung nagpunta kami napakagaling ng guides na ito not to brag about this napa summit nya kami kahit malakas ang ulan at puro fog ang knife ridge ito po ang contact nila :

Mobile 09103826339

kuya rey dela cruz
Mobile 09194254926

note : from ambulong port pwede kayong sumakay ng tricycle sabihin nyo na pupunta kayo kina "sir toto na anak ni manong lee" also pwede din kayo pumunta kay sir nono ung Brgy Captain(kapitan nono) kapatid cya ni sir toto napakagaling ng mga guides na ito nakilala ko sila thru one of my friends sa MFPI dahil sila na ang guide sa G2 Kahit nun pang 80's


as a parting note sa lahat ng mountaineers please respect the mountain (leave no trace)and the beliefs of the locals walang mawawala kung susunod tayo sa mga paniniwala nila g2 is well known for its folk tales and enchanted stories "IRESPETO NATIN ANG PANINIWALA NG MGA SIBUYANON AT IGALANG ANG BUNDOK AT KALIKASAN"


edge said...

Sir JayZ,

Hindi k lng nakatulong..sobrang knowledgeable kp sir..ur info is much appreciated to us all..
and Congrats to your Climb!

btw;kuya rey was also our guide wen we summited last y2k..i remember him funny also ^_^..miss to climb back..

hav a nice day everyone!

dew_drops said...

@ jayz : bro san kayo prior to batangas? manila ba? pwede po ba pa post detailed itinerary ng climb nyo?

i took a 3-week break just so i can do the G2 traverse kahit baguhan lang ako. umikot ikot lang ako sa pasay kakatanong mga bus byaheng romblon at batangas. kung san san nila ako tinuturo pumunta only to end up with nothing. I also asked some of the numbers posted on this site, most didn't bother to reply, kung me magreply man puro one liner lang, like "yes" "no" "maulan dito" "masama panahon" which is really frustrating. salamat sir.

jay z said...

here are some of my g2 photos :

Anonymous said...

@sir tikoy

sir, uwi ako ng lucena by sun..kunin ko yung certificate nyo sa pagakyat ng g2.



Jay Z said...

@ sir edge : maraming salamat sir im planning to go back sa g2 sa oct or nov napakaganda ng bundok na ito i will definitely scale her peak again within the year. ur ryt sir masaya kasama si kuya rey at tatay phil napakabait nila tandem sila sir.. si tatay ung lead c kuya rey sweeper para daw wala maligaw madami kc naliligaw papunta ng kiss d wall may isa trail kc pababa ingat sa climb sir thanks.

@ dew_drops : yes sir manila based mountaineers kami pwede ko i share ang it. however personally i dont recommend ang traverse kc technical ang knife ridge but if ur prepared ok lang din basta ingat lang sir kc maliit ang trail and sometimes madulas. ung traverse trail sabi ng denr its called the "ulango trail" ginagamit cya ng mga rangers pero we preferred the tampayan trail kc un ang original ingat po sa climb sir thanks

dew_drops said...

@jayz: sir asan n po G2 itinerary hehe.....

ive read sa mantalingajan thread n balak nyo po tong akyatin after G2...uve done g2 so i reckon this palawan peak is next on ur list..baka pede po sumama..freelance po ako...just developing the mountaineering hobby, baguhan with only akiki trail of pulag as my 1st summit.

november seems to fit on my work schedule, sir pasama po when u try to climb again G2 again..can we do the ulango trail? hehe...

Anonymous said...

@dew drops

sir wag ka pong magmadali, baguhan ka pa lang tapos gusto mo traverse na agad ng g2. ibaba ang akiki sa g2.

Jay Z said...

@ dew_drops : akiki trail is already a difficult & challenging trail for newbies sir congrats... hehe yes we are planning for mantalingajan but maybe next year cguro kc may security concern daw sa place according sa contact ko sa mfpi pero i need to verify it first paradise lost daw kc ang ganda ng mantalingajan we are planning for D2 traverse to kitanglad also kanlaon traverse or tabayoc is in our list for this year about g2 yes we are also planning for a traverse pero dpa confirmed pero definitely babalik ako dun i'll let u know also madami pang undiscovered species sa g2 may landbased crab din like ung nasa photo ni sir gid sa ugo u can check it sa multiply site ko sir lets go for ulango to tampayan traverse hehehe soon!

Jay Z said...

i agree w sir anonymous mahirap ang g2 hindi cya pwedeng i compare sa akiki trail since iba ang trail class nya also hindi cya ordinary climb.. g2 needs enough physical & mental preparation according to tata fred jamili of the everest team its the most technically challenging phil mountain. even me sir d k mai recommend ang traverse kc tampayan pa lang mahirap na.. i consider pa natin na assault pack lang ang dala sa knife ridge after kc ng camelback masyado na technical also if ur going for traverse ulango to tampayan hindi laging may available na water source sa mabel springs pag summer halos patak na lang ang tubig dun then ung susunod na water source is sa bulod springs na almost 30 mins away from mayo's peak masyado nang malayo added pa ang exposed trail sa ridgeline and the weight of ur backpack as well pag inabot pa ng gabi sa ridge mahirap dahil iba ang weather system ng g2 mabilis cya mag fog. Pero since may nakagawa na ng traverse this means kaya talaga cya so sir dew drops dont worry kaya yan basta preparation is the key.. climb lang ng climb sir wag magmadali basta may paghahanda kaya yan kung nagawa ng iba kaya rin yan basta "preparation is the key" if ur ready let us know and lets go for ULANGO to TAMPAYAN TRAVERSE! hehehe peace to all ingat sa climb sir. god bless...

Anonymous said...

@ jay z: hi sir :) with all due respect, wag po naten i-underestimate ang mga newbs... nung nagtraverse kami ng g2 may kasama kaming first major climb niya yun at pangatlong climb niya ang g2 traverse. wala sa nadami ng akyat po iyon kundi sa will-power at determination.

dew_drops said...

hehe..hinay hinay lang mga parekoy...determination and will power..i agree..... ...

i'm not comparing g2 and akiki trail. but u see, even simon cowell gets it wrong sometimes.

Anonymous said...

hi! i really appreciate this blog,writing something nice about my hometown.thank you! more power to you.

ronald said...

hi to all! :) ngyon ko lang nabasa ang mga post dito una po sa lahat dati pa po ginagawa ang g2 traverse and i agree mahirap talaga cya congrats sa lahat ng nag traverse its a test of determination and will power i also agree na wala sa dami ng naakyat yan nasa tao talaga yan may mga newbies nga na mas malakas p sa mga dati nang umaakyat so let us not underestimate the capabilities of a newbie, however i agree with the comment of sir jay z wala akong nakitang offensive sa post nya gusto lang cguro nya na mag ingat ang lahat sa pagpanik ng g2 tama tayo let us not underestimate a newbie but bear in mind na "let us not underestimate a mountain" i think all mountaineers will agree that g2 is not an ordinary climb since technical cya nd i do agree na maganda and mas lamang ang taong may preparasyon at paghahanda hindi ba ang worst mountaineering disaster sa bansa nangyari sa isang minor climb ito pa kaya na g2 na talaga nmang technical at isang napaka challenging climb precaution lamang siguro ang ibig sabihin ni sir jay z at kahit saang bagay lamang ang may preparasyon cguro ang pinakamganda nito ay may update na tayong lahat sa logistics ng g2 mula kc ng mgsara ang port dun sa sibuyan medyo magulo na talaga ang pagpunta dun at malaking bagay ang logistics, im looking forward in meeting manong lee again last 2001 pa ung huling akyat ko sa g2 post naman ung aakyat ng g2 ng makasabay ako sa inyo salamat.

Anonymous said...

As far i concern regarding leave no trace,LAst April more than 40 PNMS ang umakyat g2,For sure sila yung nag kakalat ng lagim dun,mukhang mga bata pa kasi at bnabaha yung Mayos peak noon kya wasak ang trail,Ibang iba ang G2 sa lhat ng Bundok u need all Aspect isip,katawan,puso at hgit sa lahat determinasyon mo,kng hnd lawit dila at suko u agad,

edge said...

These numbers of participants (40)pnms might hard to organise by them also,a single cause of littering could damage such names.
Organizers should be very cautious on every activity they had esp.for a wide audience.Participants always be reminded & applied such policy.

Any single/groups climb should think the safety of its environment against them.

Let us preserve G2 for it's wondrous shape & beauty.

hapi climbs!^_^

Anonymous said...

i dont understand my fellow mountaineers who comments that 40 pnms mountaineers climbed g2 last april...where in fact there were only 20 participants and only 5 pnms and mostly mfpi individual members. Pal mc was also there along with us. why do we name names of groups especially accusing a group without any basis. These people are just mere talk. why not join one of our cleanup operations and be useful.
where do you get these facts? or these people just want to create issues that has no basis at all.

playing like you are all so careful when you name a group.IF I CAN ONLY MEET YOU FACE TO FACE... NOT GOOD!

Anonymous said...

i dont understand my fellow mountaineers who comments that 40 pnms mountaineers climbed g2 last april...where in fact there were only 20 participants and only 5 pnms and mostly mfpi individual members. Pal mc was also there along with us. why do we name names of groups especially accusing a group without any basis. These people are just mere talk. why not join one of our cleanup operations and be useful.
where do you get these facts? or these people just want to create issues that has no basis at all.

playing like you are all so careful when you name a group.IF I CAN ONLY MEET YOU FACE TO FACE... NOT GOOD!

edge said...

Good times,Bad times.
Let's not make this opinions be an arguments.
I disagree also for accusing such groups/names of such disoriented activity anywhere it is.

But I'm not also agreeing for such opinions of others might trigger such arguments^_^

Enjoy Life! Enjoy Climbing! In God's grace.

Anonymous said...

diba dapat lagyan na din ng fixed ropes yung knife edge ng G2 para safe a lahat tulad sa ibang bansa may mga fixed ropes yung mga bundok na mahirap akyatin... sana maakyat ko din 2 hahahaha


dew_drops said...

mahal kasi ang mga tali,.... pag inakyat ko yan iwanan ko tali ko... pag pinayagan ako ng girlfriend..hehe

PNMS Members said...

FACT: Re: PNMS G2 Climb.
PNMS - 5 participants
MFPI Individual Members - 12 participants

other groups who were also there during that day:
PALMC - more or less 15

Four other groups and freelance climbers.

There were 7 groups who scaled G2 that day including PNMS.

be careful with naming group`s name. its hard to point a finger to somebody without factual basis. We don`t tolerate this.

Be responsible with your own posting here.

Sana kung maga-accuse especially to a certain group, sana wag anonymous. You are not just attacking PNMS but our members personality as a climber.

We promote environmental awareness not the other way around.

Sir Gid, thank you very much and more power to you.


backpackingsheet said...

@ PNMS Members

Fact: You allowed to climb 3 young newbies in the group, most of them with less than 5 mountains scaled, and more or less minor climbs in nature. You haven't mandated them to undergo a formal training climb, you just accepted the payment and off they go. Four of your kid participants are nonMFPI members.

Fact: You allowed a young freelance climber (not a member of MFPI - still a college student), to still go up the mountain to Mayo's Peak despite his present condition (namimilipit na sa sakit). Surprisingly, you even let him proceed to the summit assault. Did you assist him ba along the way? No I don't think so. You even have a doctor with you I am not mistaken, sufficient to assess na the kid cannot take the risk kasi unknown ung ailment.

Fact: That same kid had an operation sa Aklan, turns out his appendix bursts. Sunday night the kid is already experiencing excruciating pain, the appendix bursts I think Friday. He is very very lucky. So are you. Because his parents didn't sue you. Oh wait... maybe that is the purpose of the waiver. Kaya malakas ang loob nyong paakyatin yung namimilipit na bata.

It is true na binantayan ng team leader yung bata sa hospital until his relatives came to Aklan, pero don't you think better sana kung pinaospital nyo na bago pa man kayo umakyat?

Kayo ang magiingat pag magpapaopen climb kayo.


Anonymous said...

bakit ba natin pinagbabawalan ang bata na umakyat kung iyon ang kanyang gusto.?
di ba may umakyat na sa guiting na bata dahil gusto nila magset ng record? ganun din sa everest?

mlay ba natin kung ano ang dahilan kung bakit sya umakyat? we have n idea. ang kalikasan ay bukas para sa lahat. parang mga bata kayo. nagsasagutan kayo kung sino ang mas tama at sino ang mas magalng. buti na lang freelance ako. naiintindihan ko kayo...lahat kayo gusto magpapansin! peace na!
wag na lang kayo mag pakialamana...leave no trce lang!

concern mountaineer.

Anonymous said...

"True strength of character is not just calculated by how well we manage t carry some sizeable load under challenging conditions, but is perhaps better measured by our ability to remain kind and light spirited... even when we're sure that we can't bear the weight of one more ounce of life."

Bonjing said...

Pa-climb ng PNMS un db? kaya responsible din cla sa lhat ng ginagaw ng kasama nila. Wag nmn sana kayo matulad sa ibang grupo n nag oorganize lng ng climb para kumita. After makkuha ng reg fee kanya kanya n..

edge said...

Hahaha...sarap tlg d2 sa PinoyMntr..
Lahat pede sabihin regardless of how mean we are...Just remember na hindi ito away ng personalan..Palitan lng po ng kuro-kuro at saloobin (wg sana mapikon,at mag-isip muna)..

Sir Gid sana hindi ka maasar sa mga nagco-comments d2,parang socials lng po ito..

@bps,dude i know how u feel...despite of this climber's condition he/she continue until...And sana nga hindi na ito pinatuloy pa...I dont think reaching a summit could cover this pain...
Mga everest climber nga sumusuko sa akyatan when they feel already pain, tau pa kaya...Hindi lng sana pinilit or nagpilit...

@concern, dude ang bata hindi yan papanik mag-isa (meaning me mag-guide sa kanya paakyat) atsaka tama po nasa record sila,ng ano?alin?san?
ang totoong record eh nasa puso wala sa papel...

And Yes opinions are said to be also ur half persona, but we didn't do this to papansin careful on that pls...

Thanks Gid!

Anonymous said...

USO rinpala ang tsismisan dito. pati pala mga mountaineers chikahan ever din. parang snn ni boy abunda!!! hehehe

puro kuro kuro...kuro kurokukuoooo!!!!

lahat ng grupo talaga...laglagan ng baho at propaganda. akyat n lang kayo tpos inumn na lang para la gulo!

dew_drops said...

@ concern mountaineer:

tama ka merong umakyat sa everest para magset ng record, pero that same kid (he was 15) has done four of the seven summits before attempting to scale everest. he failed, not because he is young, but because he got sick. and he knows when to turn back.

i don't agree when u say walang pakialaman, freelance k p naman gaya ko. just take the case of david sharp, dead on everest not because nobody cared, pero helping him would mean dying with him, ganun p man, some people tried. he died nonetheless. and learn from lincoln hall. kung ikaw balang araw umakyat sa matataas, kakainin mo yan...o kaya sa mababa man when u'r in need and you never know when, you wish u haven't said those words at all. one thing we agree on is the "leave no trace" principle.

i don't agree nagpapansin mga tao here or nagpapagalingan, til now nobody commented on sir edge's "carabao english" (sir edge i bet ur an english major, ayaw mo lang mabisto!) so i guess wala nagmamagaling..this is a forum in a way, a chance to learn from evryone, ako man hinde agree sa iba but all of us can better ourselves and the mountaineering community just by speaking out and saying what we feel. in fact natuto ako sayo. bakit mo nga naman pagbabawalan ang bata? tama ka. pero kasi tayo nung bata tayo pasaway tayo, ayaw natin mag attend sa kindergarten, pag nat attend man tayo dun tayo sa silong ng lamesa at nagbibilang ng kaklase nating walang panty. kaya nga merong mga control measures, merong mga adult na mag guide sa mga young and reckless, in this case, i guess tama si BPS, the group who organized the climb failed to see that. poor kid.

ako sayo samahan mo na lang ako mg G2 traverse tayo. peace.

Anonymous said...

sige sama ako. namisunderstood mo bro yung walang pakialamanan part. ibig ko sabihin hindi natin alam ang totoong kwento ng mg nangyari dahil wala tayo doon. thats their problem. im sure hindi nila basta basta iiwanan ang kasama nila di ba? hindi naman sila accountable sa atin diba. ang sa akin akin e dapatg tanungin ang grupo na nag-organize kung ano talga ang nngyari. before natin sila husgahan man. tama naman sila lahat na nag-comment. siguro concern talaga tayo kahit wala naman tayo pinanghahawakan. i have nothing against pnms dahil nakasabay ko na sila minsan and they accomodated my officemated very well. pinahiram pa kami ng gamit. sumama din kami sa freedom climb na inorganize ng pnms and everything e cool naman. buong bansa nagkaisa mga mamumundok. nandoon din ako sa grand party...hindi ko akalain na pwede pala magsama-sama ang mga mountaineer sa isang social kahit magkakaiba ng grupo. kahit baguhan kami feel namin tanggap kami ng lahat. talgang mahirap ginawa nila para magkaisa tayo.
lets all support one another and be friends of nature.

support kami sa lahat n nagmamahal sa kalikasan

sana lang pnms sagutin nyo po kung ano talaga ang nagyari sa g2.

people support

mabuhay po kayo...all respect man!!!


BPS said...

FYI @ Traveller.

Friend ko yung pinaakyat na me sakit. Katext nila ako, till Sunday night. Yun na yung last ata na nareceive ko before sila umakyat to Mayo’s peak ng Monday. Nakababa ata sila I think is Wednesday, and dumiretso ng Bora ng Thursday. Friday sinugod sa ospital yung boy kasi hindi na talaga kaya. During the boat ride nga raw to Bora eh nakahiga na sa bangka yung me sakit. Ang sa akin, hindi porke me waiver eh basta basta na natin sila paaakyatin. Oo, kaya nila kung kaya. I know that kasi nakakasama ko sila sa mga climbs, those 5 in their group. Isa dun eh former climb buddy ko pa. Pero paano kung yung me sakit eh sa summit pumutok yung appendix? Pano na gagawin nila? Mga retriever nga raw ng UPM casualty sa G2 eh hirap na hirap magbuhat patawid ng ridge, and pababa db? Yung ikaw nga lang magisa magclimb sa ridge mahirap na db? To think na as early as Sunday pa raw eh nadiagnose na as UTI yung sakit, so bakit pa nila pinaakyat? Ok lang yan kung mga katropa nila yung me sakit at pinaakyat nila. Yung tipong they’re willing to die for that person. Eh isang climb pa lang nila nakasama, sa Mt. Marami lang. I know na hindi nila pababayaan kung magkaaberya, pero ciempre me limitations ung mga willing nilang gawin db? Kasi inde naman nila tropa.

Kahit ako yung sa kalagayan ng bata, magmamatigas ako kasi mahal yung pinamasahe, ciempre manghihinayang ako kasi nandun na rin ako. Anong silbi ng Team Leader kung di nya iexercise yung karapatan nyang magdecide kung capable umakyat yung isang member o hindi. I too am a survivor of a near-fatal experience during an open climb. Na gumawa ng wrong decision after masprain at magproceed sa climb kahit hindi na kaya. Na hindi pinigilan ng Team Leader ng group.

You have to realize PNMS that that situation was another Neptali at your doorstep. Another case of underestimating the mountain, and overestimating your capabilities on emergency situations. YOU ARE VERY VERY LUCKY. Tapos ano pag me nangyari sa climber (knock on wood)? Magiging part na lang cia ng In Memoriam, and i-ooverromanticize by saying “He died doing what he loved” when in fact we can do what we love and not die at all. The same goes to Neptali, HE HAD BETTER CHANCES OF SURVIVING KUNG HINDI CIA INIWAN SA TRAIL ng MGA SEASONED CLIMBERS NA KASAMA NYA.

Gusto ko lang din iclarify na 4/5 of those guests sa group eh NON-MFPI MEMBERS, as you were claiming. That claim really set me off to make this comment. Your FREEDOM CLIMB is another thing but I guess I’ll just keep my comments to my circle since it will prove to be irrelevant in the case I was pointing out here. Yun mga lang buong bansa nagkaisa sa pamumundok sabi ni Concerned Mountaineer… pero kelangan magbayad muna ng registration fee? And honestly nakakainis yung flooding ng articles sa Multiply about how the Freedom climb was in the newspaper and stuff.

DISCLAIMER: This is not addressed to PNMS members who were not involved in the decision making during that climb. Nor this comment is shared by those 5 guests of PNMS.

PS: Pakisagot naman PNMS, ano ang rationale nyo bakit nyo pinayagang umakyat yung me sakit? Kasi ako hanggang ngayon iniisip pa rin kung ano nga eh. Baka naman me valid reason kayo.

Anonymous said...

ay dapat cguro i-check ng organizers yung health conditions ng mga climbers before the actual climb para wala disgrasya... and yung sa everest marami kasing factors na dpat i-consider bago magperform ng rescue... kapag hindi na tlaga makalakad or makatayo yung climber hindi na nila nre-rescue yun kasi mahirap ibaba yung climber from the death zone-summit area hanggang advanced basecamp.....

Anonymous said...

nice drew_drops


gideon said...

to those whose comments weren't approved, it may be because (1) you were anonymously commenting and it would be unfair to the non-anonymous parties in question and (2) you're comments are not relevant to the article or (3) you are resorting to name-calling or objectionable language. please refine your comments if you wish them to be posted.

random thoughts:

(1) i look forward to hearing the side of PNMS and the climber himself who had appendicitis.

(2) some of issues raised are best addressed during a post-climb, but since the matter involves several parties, i think these comments deserve to be posted.

(2) being a doctor-in-training in PGH, i will be glad to give free assistance to every mountaineer in getting medical advice or treatment. just email me at

gideon said...

id like to formulate a list of "recommendations" for open climb organizers and participants. if you have ideas on what ought to be part of these set of recommendations, ill appreciate it if you will email it to me at

dew_drops said...

has anyone actually tried climbing G2 via saw tooth? i'm having wild thoughts. hehe

Anonymous said...

@sir bps...ok sana un ginawa ng pnms n pagbuklurin an mga mountaineers sa bansa sa pamamagitan ng freedom climb kya lng pra after m magregister at magbayad wala n..hangan dun n lng cla..oo nga may tshirt pin at kung anu p an ksama pro pero parang naging malaking negosyo ang nangyari,,ni wla clang representative n member s mga bundok n inakyat,,panu nga at kung may nangyari dun sa mga umakyat?..cnu an mananagot pnms b o un grupo n umakyat?..tapos un cnasabi nilang grand social may entrance p?...di p b sapat un pera s registration n malaki rn tlga an halaga...

nagtatanong lng po sir gid..sana mapost to..


Anonymous said...


No comment na po ako sa Freedom climb. Limited yung nalalaman ko tungkol dun, and hindi naman po ako involved. Mt. Timbak Km 54-55 Traverse, pasaway climb (solo hike)ako during that time hehehe.

Suggestion sir gid, I think it would be informative din kung idadagdag yung MASL ng jumpoff per mountain, kasi important din yung altitude gain (Summit MASL - jumpoff MASL). Para na rin po sa mga walang GPS, at least initially ma-assess nila beforehand yung trail based on altitude gain versus the trek time to summit/camp.


Anonymous said...

costly talaga sumama sa mga organized climbs kahit school org namin grabeh maningil kaya hindi ako sumali.....

gideon said...

yes it will really be helpful to tabulate coordinates and elev of the jumpoff as well as campsites in a multi-day hike. some of the mountains have altitude gain parenthetically appended to the LLA but ill work on posting wider coordinates coverage to at least the key mountains. will also solicit info from other climbers para mapabiis ito. the ideal article should really have coords.

i will write a post about open climbs very soon so discussion regarding such can be carried out outside the g2 page. ideally the comments here should be confined to the mountain, of course, with some latitude (no pun intended :D)

Anonymous said...

ONCE I TRIED TO BE PART OF amci OR AYALA MOUNTAINEERING club PERO NAG DALAWANG ISIP AKO. sobra mahal ang membership fee. i also plan to join mfpi individual pero ganun din. lahat ba ng org ganito. want to be a part of a grtoup but i want sana yung group na medyo mura lang aNG registration.

salamat po sa pinoy mountaineer.

jakie salumbade

Anonymous said...

i agree jakie, i'd rather be a freelance climber than to commit myself to a certain group. but belonging to a group will most likey speed things up in relation to trainings, climb and to have a home. but either way...theres always a way to learn when you're up to it.

i've been dreaming to climb mt. guiting-guiting but im doubtful if my skills is enough to make such climb. maybe in the nbear future. i have nothing against any group such as amci, pnms or mfpi etc...its just a matter of choice if you really want to belong in a group. there's always a negative but mostly positive side in joining an organization. god bless all mountaineers!!!


Jay Z said...

I Agree with sir BPS ur ryt sir ito na ang lagi na natin dapat i consider sa bawat climb una lagi ang safety ng bawat climbing party lalo na sa mga open climbs.. di ko rin makita ang logic na mag proceed sa climb ang isang tao na may nararamdaman na di maganda sa health nya tama ang free will na lahat tayo ang may hatak sa sarili natin sa bawat ginagawa natin sa bundok pero bilang organizer ng climb/expedition leader/team leader may responsibilidad tayo sa ating mga kasama dapat pa rin nating i prioritize higit sa lahat ang kaligtasan ng bawat isa.. wag na sanang madagdadan pa ang listahan ng mountaineering related deaths nang dahil lang sa "kapabayaan at ka iresponsablehan!" peace to all

Anonymous said...


In behalf of PNMS, I would like to break the silence, for you all have a good idea and perspective of the actual story.


Subject: Mt. Guiting-Guiting Climb
Objective: (1) To conquer Guiting-Guiting’s summit; (2) Promote friendship;
Date of Climb: April 5-9, 2009 (Holy Week)
Target Audience:
* BATCH #1, April 5-7, composed of 2 Groups >> approx 20 mountaineers(total)
* BATCH #2, April 6-8, composed of 5 Groups including PNMS(with 18 members) >> approx 45 mountaineers(total)
* BATCH #3, April 8-9, composed of 3 Groups including the family of Brgy. Captain (12+ members, including 4 kids) >> approx 30 mountaineers(total)

Mt. Guiting2x was climbed by 10 different groups within 5 days (kindly see above batch individual schedule), but still complying to the restrictions set by G2 DENR with 40-60 mountaineers per Batch. Mountaineers were enchanted to climb G2 because of Holy Week (long vacation). PNMS made an advance registration to G2 DENR for a group of 25 mountaineers as of February, as preparation for the April climb. Physical training and training climbs have been set as preparation for that major G2 climb. (DAY #1) Actual "PNMS Group" is composed of 3 PNMS members, MFPI(8+), and Freelancers, (18) mountaineers in all. A day before the climb, a freelancer (I will named him Mario) got a stomach ache, and the doctor advised that he had Urinary Track Infection (UTI) and he must have a day of rest. (DAY #2) Before the climb, it was decided by the Team Lead, PNMS members, and with the permission of the doctor, that Mario was fit to climb since the pain was a simple stomach ache and bearable. We are blest with a good weather, Batch #2 (5 Groups) conquered both Mayo's peak and G2 Summit with fun. Also earned my highest respect to a 9-year old girl - Aira (of Cavite), who stand on the G2 summit, looking at the beauty of Mt. Apo nearby, above the sea of clouds. Aira got a prize from me, a bar of Snickers (chocolate). From G2 summit, we reached Mayo’s peak at 7PM, because of heavy rain. No socials have been made on the Mayo's peak, of any group within our Batch, everybody wants to sleep, sleep, and sleep. Greatly appreciated the help of the late PALMC Vice President "Kuya" Jay Lorenzo (a good friend and mentor) and its Medical Team, who extended medicines and their medical expertise to Mario, prior to break camp. On the said climb, Batch #2 is composed of seasoned and respectful mountaineers, not only based on mountaineering ideals, but an old friendship without boundaries, even of different affiliation.

(DAY #4) I met Nono (Brgy. Captain, and a family friend) and his Family at Camp 2, and admired those young kids with him, 7-10 years of age. He said that those young kids conquered Mayo’s peak not only once but several – a family way of fun. We reached the jump-off area as of 6:30PM. Everyone, including Mario, celebrated our climb success tru swimming at Magdiwang Dam, taking countless pictures under the full moon. Some of us managed to have our first social at Ka Nono's family ground, with "isdang inihaw", kilawin, ginataang langka, and Vodka. PNMS Group stayed at a friend’s house, at Magdiwang Town proper.

Anonymous said...


(DAY #5) We are puzzled by the pain of Mario, including the Magdiwang doctor. New sets of medicines have been given, and we are advised to have a follow-up checkup at Boracay Hospital for confirmation. Marios’ family had been advised on his condition. We are admitted at Boracay Hospital, made several check-ups, and the doctor made recommendation that the patient must be admitted to Kalibo Hospital for a thorough test. At Kalibo, doctors concluded that patient have appendicitis. Mario was scheduled to have operation the next day, and also we had the doctor's approval to fly him to Manila Asap, as an alternative. Early in the morning, I made flight reservations, but a friend phoned me that Mario must undergo operation Asap, since the appendix got ruptured (medical term) on that morning. I talked to the Marios’ family (in Manila, tru mobile), have their advise, even signed documents for his operation. He had a successful operation, I've been an old brother to him for a week, even PALMC members visited us unexpectedly in hospital, to extend their hello and regards, sharing countless jokes. That simple visit made a great difference. They did not only conquer summit of G2, but also our hearts.

Human life is much precious compare to that waiver, so far beyond comparison. Life is far beyond comparison to whatever mountain's summit. For me, all matters is to care, to help, or just share a smile. For me, I don't need to be identified as a Saint of mountaineers, conquering all summits in the world, or any summit within Mars or Pluto. We cannot afford to lose a life.

I do hope that this information will clarify any miscommunications, issues, and problems. I also encourage my fellow mountaineers, as brother/sisters, please use this website as a good source of information and promote friendship. Everyone have different perspective (or opinion) looking on one object. But we don't want to upset anyone, based on that individual perspective or principle. Yes, we (PNMS) are badly hurt, but we knew how to forgive, sincerely.

Mabuhay ang Filipino Mountaineers!

Vice President-External


super mario said...

Ang Storya

Weeks prior palng sa climb excited na ko. I had my proper training, yung iba kong mga kasama na sinabi na hindi na man nagtrain, yung mga sinabi na newbies nag prepare yung mga yon kasi alam nila yung consenquences nung bundok and we had are warning na "pag feeling namin di namin kaya wag ng ituloy kasi andyan lang naman yung summit" .

Nung climb proper na

Sa barko palang masakit na yung tiyan ko . Eh feeling ko naman kabag lang yun. Tapos nawala. Tas nung nasa Romblon sumakit ulit mga hapon tapos nag pahilot ako ng gabi tapos nawala. Tapos ng 3am kasi 4am yung call time pero yung oras na yun sbrang sakit talaga. Chinicheck naman nila ko, pero hindi ko sinasabi yung sakit kasi ayoko maiwan kasi alam ko na hindi nila ko papasamahin.Kaya ko rin tinuloy kasi akala ko mawawala din. Tas nung umaakyat na kami todo check naman sila sakin. Lalo na si Sir Jeff. Mga around lunch time nawala na yung sakit medyo nakaka ngiti-ngiti na ko.Hangang makarating na sa Mayo's Peek tapos feeling ko okay na ko nun.
Nung kinabakusan nung umaga nung pa-summit na okayokay na ko pero chinicheck parin nila ko , edi yun akyatkayat lang .tapos last part na before walk of fame, dun ko naramdaman yung sobrang pain.. Hanggang summit na yon. Eh kahit sino naman wala ng magagawa sa oras na yun eh. Kahit naman ako wala ng magagawa sa ganun situation kung kasama ko man yung ma-ganun. Wala na kong ibang move kung hindi bumaba, wala na rin silang magawa kundi bumaba narin. Lahat naman binigay nila eh, meds at iba pa........
Days after nun nasa ospital na sa Aklan di naman ako iniwanan ni Sir Jeff tapos binigyan niya po ko libre accomodation sa Boracay pag labas ko. Chaka hindi niyo dapat sisihin PNMS kasi pamilya ko nga di sila sinisi, kasi ako naman lahat yun. Kasi sa mga oras na yun di rin ako papayag na hindi maka-summit.

Sorry sa PNMS kung nagkaron kayo ng issue dahil sakin. Sorry sa inyo kung di niyo alam. Mag sorrihan na lng kayong lahat.


Anonymous said...

can we hear "mario's" side, please? bps, can u text him for us please?..and oh, i think the new super mario game is sick...hehe


gideon said...

i thank PNMS and the concerned individual for airing their sides. you two are the relevant parties in this issue that may have been unnecessarily brought to this forum.

my medical opinion based on your accounts: the concerned climber had appendicis since day 1. wonder why it wasnt assessed as such. an appendix won't rupture unless appendicitis has been going on for at least a few days. it was truly a potentially dangerous situation. of course this is just my medical opinion and even if we had the benefit of diagnosis before the climb, if the individual wishes to go on, it is ultimately up to him. still, inevitably the group will be blamed, whether or not they are responsible. of course the TL could have disallowed him to go, but in this instance no one had the benefit of diagnosis i.e. no one knew it was serious.

whatever the case was, im glad everyone came out safe in this incident. it shouldn't take one casualty for us to be reminded that we must be vigilant about our body's condition before and during climbs. and organizers must be extra vigilant about their participants' health.

i am now closing this discussion. the climb in question, after all, is largely a private matter and having bloated it to the forum i think we must return it to the respective parties' privacy at the soonest time.

for general discussions about the extent of individual and organizer responsibility and other issues regarding open climbs, you may comment at

Anonymous said...

i commend the great effort of all parties involve in that g2 climp most especially team PNMS for that thrilling yet educational experience. kudos to PALMC who extend a helping hand to mario. He explained his side very well and lessons were learned about the outdoors. expect the unexpected and be prepared for the worst case cenario.

I guess this is why g2 is so special. it provide a climber greater experience and leave a footprint on our mind on how to really prepare and be ready for an expedition such s this.

Congratulations to PNMS, PALMC, MFPI for a job well done.

looking forward to climb guiting guiting with you.

edge said...

-the end

Romblon Explorer said...

no need na siguro guys na magsumbatan at magsisihan lets took it na lang as a lesson for both of us.G2 needs a preparation and technical skills at sa tingin ko wala sa dami ng akyat yan.kong meron man casualty before dahil na rin sa pagiging matigas ng ulo nating mga umaakyat,kong aakyat man tayosa susunod maniwala tayo sa briefing at paalala ng mga guide...hopefully sa summer magkita kita tayo sa g2 safe always mga ser/mam...Hoah!!!

Anonymous said...

pwede ba umakyat sa g2 ang mataba hahaha? gusto ko kasi i try after mt apo.

Anonymous said...

AT LAST MOUNTAINEERS MEET HALFWAY. masarap umakyat lalo na pag lahat ay nagkakasundo,

gal;ing talaga ngf
parang supreme court. dito nagme-meet halfway lahat. hehehe...lets climb guiting-guiting with care. liove you all!!!

Dennisman said...

ah, may gn2 pla kwen2 dun... climb kme dun apr 8-11,'09... cla pla un mdami umakyat... ksma namen Smart at TNT (tropa ni toto)... t'was a nice climb pro tinamaan tlga ako nun summit, hangover, pagod plus dehydration... uminom p kz kme nun gabi,hehe taz 2 1/2 yrs n wla akyat, even excercise... ayun, k8 panu nkpgsummit naman... nkkhiya sa mga ksma kya inunahan ko nlng cla nun pgbaba pra wla na msabi,hehe...

Anonymous said...

hahaha bakit ganun kaya yung mga ibang mountaineers kala mo dami alam english englis pa puro panlalait lang naman cnasabi sa kapwa mountaineer lalo na yung isa dun na ewan naku huh tigilan nyo yan pare-pareho tayong mga plipino kaya tumigil na kayo sa panlalait pag nanalait ka ng kapwa pilipino parang nilalit o na din sarili mo want to know why??? because youre a filipino too....ay wait pa add lang hindi porket may experience na yung iba eh dapat na magyabang mas maganda i-share nalang ang experience like what sir gid is doing and tigilan ang walang kwentang pagyayabang baka yun pa ang pumatay sa inyo sa bundok...peace guyz... the end

...mountaineering newbie...

Jay Z said...

cno gusto sumama plan ko mag Mt Guiting Guiting this Thursday sorry for the short notice biglaan lang din hehehe 09172758305 jay z here

edge said...

Sir JayZ, You might re-consider ur plan this wk.Pare ayaw ko pigilan ung excitement mo, pero ayaw din naming mawalan ng good climber na tulad mo..

Delikado ngaun ang Romblon triangle...
Pare sasamahan kita dyan wag lng ngaun..:D

Jay Z said...

Sir Edge maraming salamat po sa advise... baka hindi ko na din ituloy sir naakyat ko na din naman cya last May... maybe iba bundok na lang sir i check ko muna ang weather kung ok mag climb ingat po sa climb sir Salamat po uli..

Anonymous said...

hi , our group is planning to climb G2 this december 26 - 30, as whats written here sa mga comments , napansin ko lang po na walang byahe ng wed pabalik batangas pier? thats dec 30, if meron po, paki text naman po me, 09292647668.. tnx.. and meron din po bang byahe ng dec 26 sat? tnx alot po.. \m/

Anonymous said...

@zack: oo nga ung freedom climb wala clang reps sa ibang bundok.. at ung id nag iba, hanggang ngayon wala pa rin...

@jackie salumbade: mas ok pa na mg freelance ka na lang kesa sumali ka sa mga grupo kc ang ibang grupo puro lang kaperahan.. singil dito singil dyan.. di ba pwedeng umakyat na walang reg fee? pwede nmn ah.. mag sama sama na lang kayo ng mga friends mo na my experience na sa pag akyat at kayo kayo nalng mismo ... atleast mas masaya diba , pero still with respect to nature.. magpa BMC ka na lang sa mga friends mong mountaineer.. or if you had experience with scouting or survival much better na rin un.. make sure na my maittulong pa rin sa group hindi puro sama lang sa akyat, its not all about climbing, it still is survival...

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: pasama po ako sa climb nyo dec.26-30. freelance po ako.


Anonymous said...

it has been moved to dec 18-22.. sama ka, contact me na lang, asap. sa friday ng umaga alis nmin.. 09292647668..

Anonymous said...

naku sayang naman....meron n ako commitment that time...tsk...thanks anyway..ingat sa climb.


twit said...

mga sir sana nxt year post kayo ulit kung may aakyat sa G2..... n tiga manila... tnk

Anonymous said...

mga pogi sirs:

traverse trail. alis na kami this saturday, jan 16. see you batangas port byaheng 4 am to sibuyan. two man team. if you see us kami na yun. peace out.

rhovee said...

ingat sir dewdrops...

May the force be with you!

Anonymous said...

cno akyat ng g2 ds holy week na mnggagaling mynila?..

Anonymous said...

We are planning a G2 climb, this holy week. email me for updates.

Anonymous said...

sir mgkano estimated back and forth fare budget paggaling manila?..Thanks

Anonymous said...

mga sir mam kmi din aakyat ng G2 s holywik..kita kits n lng..hirs my # 0919-9274498..


Anonymous said...

How mch wod b d est bdgt 4 dat climb?..

Anonymous said...

from manila, 4-5k kasama na sidetrip sa boracay.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear na ok pa naman si Mang Lee (boy toothpick). Climbed Guiting2x summer of '97 fiesta and election, we were even invited by Mayor Tansiongco for dinner. I still remember the blue registration notebook of all the climbers that time. I hope nasa kanya pa it's a collectors item na for guiting2x climbing history. Started and ended the trek @ mang Lee's house and even played basketball sa court nearby. We're six in a group (5 men and a Lady).
The next day had an epic trip from Sibuyan to Tablas then Boracay. Stayed in boracay for 3 days.
Here's the best part we did it for only 2000 pesos per person.

dew_drops said...

sa mga naka skedyul akyat ng G2 Traverse Trail:

Umakyat po kami last January 18. It's best to let Sir Remy Robiso (+639217322462) fix ur transportation from Ambulong Port to DENR tas DENR to Olango. Tinaga kami sa presyo nung mga drayber dun kasi di namin nasabi sa kanya. Wear long sleeve shirts tska gloves. pero kung gusto nyo madami permanent tattoo ok lang din wala. At kung lagpas ulo po backpack nyo it's best to switch on a smaller pack. Sumasabit kasi sa mga tree vines nakakawala ng balanse. And sarap din po luto Mrs Robiso ginataang langka..pede nyo pa advance..

Happy Climb.

Anonymous said...

hi, just want to know what happen to Jax Smith? Last 2001 we climbed G2 and he's our contact and coordinator during that time. He control the numbers of climber every camp till Mayo. I also heard that the drop point of climbers is not in Manong Lees place.

Anonymous said...

my mistake not jax smith, jake willis pl

Anonymous said...

hi sir, isa po ako dun s mga umakyat ng g2, member me ng palmc..d me s ngmmalinis pero gnwa nmin n maging responsible s bundok, yung mga pnms nga ang ngkalat kc yung s water source malapit s mayo's peak eh nag-iwan cla ng mga kanin, kmi p ang nglinis ko lang nbasa ang mga messages d2, hindi kmi ang ngkalat dun...salamat

sesyonista said...

We'll climg the traverse trail on Mar. 22-24 (climbing proper)...dito ko celebrate birthday ko. See you guys on top!

Anonymous said...

@ sesyonista: ma'am pwede malaman complete IT ng G2 traverse nyo? originally kasi naksked ako sumama sa mar 27-31 G2 climb ng isang group, kaso biglang di pwede ang sked ko eh. open ba kayo for freelancers? tia!

- lean, freelancer
former UCMI

Anonymous said...

@ sesyonista; u may email me nga pala @ for the IT. tnx again!

- lean ulit, ^_^

Genesis said...


Post ko lang ang latest, patay na si manong Lee kahapon lang around 12pm feb 20,2010 tenext ako ni sir toto tumawag na din ako dun para macondolence ang family,kaalis lang namin dun feb 17. 10:30 nakahiga na lang si manong lee, condolence na lang ulit sa mga tansuingco family.

Anonymous said...

condolence sa tansuingco family.. napakabait na pamilya nya. fyi ako yung naaaksidente sa g-2 way back 2004 after climb ssocial sa river dam..ang pamilya nila ang gumawa ng paraan para ma save yung buhay ko ..toto,nono,,thanks manong lee rip

Ice Nardo said...

hello po mga sir at ma'am, i want to climb g2 po sana.. im hoping i could find a group here that will adopt me... let me know po or post your climbs here po... thank you! - Ice

Jay Z said...

URGENT NEWS: Fellow Mountaineers just yesterday I received a message from Sir Toto Tansiungco of Magdiwang Sibuyan Island Romblon the famous guide of one of the country's toughest Mountain G2 (Mt. Guiting Guiting) he informed me that his father "MANONG LEE" well known to veteran mountaineers passed away at exactly 1pm due to heart attack...for internment & funeral details you may contact Sir Toto 09103826339 Please inform all G2 Climbers & Mountaineers.. Our Deepest Condolences to the Tansiungco Family.

Anonymous said...

@jay z,
Thanks sir for the info.of Manong Lee's death. will inform my other comrades.

edge said...

Nagulay din ako, received same text also..

Paalam po!Manong lee, pagpalain ang tagabantay!


Anonymous said...

to my fellow mountaineers..jay po to, pamangkin ni uncle lee..please pray for the soul of uncle lee..

eto po yung no. rin ni manong nono:09195110831

salamat ulit in behalf sa family ng tansionco..


sesyonista said...


May latest update po galing kay Kuya Remy, G2 traverse guide.As per Marcch 04,2010...ang new approved guiding fee po for traverse will be Php 500.00 per day.Approved by PAMB (Protected Area Management Boarrd).

Regarding nman po sa traditional trail, as per kuya Toto...still the same.

Ivan said...

mga sir/mam baka pwede pasabit sa akyat nyo ng G2. eto po email add ko. marami pong salamat.

ptr said...

were are planning to climb mt.G2 this coming 3rd week of May..freelance climber kami..if u are interested to join us kindly let us know..feel free to contact me 09216768757 and 09156873769

bj-salonga said...

good day sir / mam

curious lang po, may plano po kasi ako umakyat ng G2 at eto po ay ang first time ko na umakyat sa G2.

mayroong traditional at traverse trail based sa comments ng mga veterans at gusto ko po sana malaman kung alin ang mas challenging at rewarding na trail (traditional or traverse)

any feedback is highly appreciated specially coming from sir jay-Z, i checked your pics one word, - spectacular view or sir dew-drops..

thank you,

dew_drops said...

@ bj:

both. traverse trail is a notch higher. unpredictable weather. a friend did the traverse last week. stranded but made it nonetheless. her other group did the traditional this week. made it as far as mabels before turning back because of the weather. whatever you choose, determination plays a very important role. my take? "climb high, let only the mountain turn you back". not the rules. not the weather. not anybody. only then can you say that you have been truly rewarded.

bj-salonga said...


thanks for the feedback, we'll probably do the traverse.. hindi pa naman ngayong summer ang akyat namin.. matagal pa actually, pinaghahandaan lang..

nga pala mga sir, kung meron kayo mare-refer na guide and kung meron eh yung contact number nila eh champion yun! nakita ko na yung mga posted na number ng mga guide sa mga naunang comment, gusto ko lang sana ng fresh info..

maraming salamat ulit,

happy climbing!

Anonymous said...

bj- sir remy robiso is the president of the guides association sa traverse, same number p din. highly recommended po cia sir...he's a legend. u can contact him to arrange everything from hired jeep to permits. cia po guide namin noon..very professional. happy climb.


Reno said...

Hi Ma'am / Sir,
We are planning to climb G2 on May 2010. Please email sa mga gusto sumama... thanks

bj-salonga said...

sir dew drops,

maraming salamat ulit sa info.. nabisita ko na ang multiply mo about sa G2 same thing as sir jay Z, ang lupit.. 1 year ang nakalaan ko for preparation sa aming G2 so next year namin to gagawin para maihanda ang mga kasama ko, may mga prep climb kami and your very much welcome to join us, just leave a message sa multiply ko..

i'll definitely consider sir remy robiso w/ your advice, salamat ulit..

sesyonista said...


here are some helpful info on the TRADITIONAL TRAIL

a.Shipping Lines - same as indicated above
b. Tricycle going to DENR - Php 50.00 each

a.DENR Permit Php200.00- same permit fee applies. You may contact Kuya Toto (Son of late Manong Lee) for processing the permit ahead of time.
b. Tourism office-for free

@ Guide/ Porter-
a. Guide fee is for Php300/ day(no mandatory headcount needed)
b. Porter's fee is for Php300/day(no mandatory headcount needed)

- Very well known Guide
a.Tatay Philom (Tatay Phil) Current Pres. of Guide associaton in the traditional Trail
b. Kuya Rey
c. Kuya Toto (Benmar)-Son of Manong Lee - 09103826339


a.LAMBINGAN FALLS – Romantic hideaway marked by huge boulders that deflect the cascade from the heights, the park is complimented by other tourist potentials that is constantly developed for town beautification because of its lush greenery. The falls has a natural pool with cool surroundings, ideal for swimming and picnics.

b.PASEO DE MAGDIWANG – Close to Magdiwang beach, the farm is home to a strand of agojo and pine trees that are older than the park.

c.MAGDIWANG BEACH – Stretches over two kilometer on the western side of Magdiwang facing the Sibuyan Sea.

d.Sanctuary Garden Resort
-You may see the unhampered view of the majestic and mysterious Guiting-Guiting Mountain said to be the most challenging and interesting mountain trek in the country. Sanctuary Garden Resort is your only staging point to your conquering this mountain inhabited with the rarest of flora and fauna. This newly opened resort is located at Barangay Tampayan, Magdiwang, Romblon in an island located in the very heart and center of the Philippines, the Sibuyan Island. The Sanctuary Garden Resort is located inside a "SU-ONG", a local name for a place surrounded by ridges of hills. The resort is developed within a 30-hectare property with forest and river environment, and with hiking trails on rolling grassy hills affording you a breathtaking 360-degree view of the sea, the nearby islands, the fields, and the full facade of the famous mountain ridges. A landscaped portion of the hills is designated as campsite for mountaineers preparing for or culminating their climb. Just a few steps away is the Pawala River with big natural pool of crystal clear water ideal for swimming of Kayaking. The Sanctuary garden Resort is eclectic, constructed with abundant use of interesting native materials combined with the use of modern facilities in the interiors. The exterior landscaping is awesome and exquisite from the delicate stone works to the extensive collection of hisbiscus, mayanas and other rare plants and bushes. For Inquiry, CONTACT: Edgar Mayor 09202174127 Eng Mayor 09184574294 Brgy. Tampayan, Magdiwang Sibuyan Island, Romblon Philippines 5511


a. Butane is not allowed in Batangas port. How to get one?Process a permit that you may need in batanags port or to avoid hustle, you can buy Butane in Sibuyan. Yes,it's available already. The store is just near the Tourism Office for Php100.00. Expensive indeed, compared buying the canisters in Manila.

b. Please practice to ask an official receipt from DENR when requesting for a Permit. Why? Just check it out when you get there.


d. You may taste in Sibuyan the best seafood ever!Cheap and fresh!
For more info...hehhehehhee I might help you more.I'm just an email and txt away!

Tayo na sa Antipolo ay este sa Sibuyan pala!

Long Live mga Parekoy!See you at the top!


sesyonista said...

@ sir Bj,

I just did the traverse trail last 2 weeks ago. I've been on this mountain five times but my first time on the traverse. Every trail of G2 showcases it's own beauty. I can suggest the traverse trail so you can see both worlds.

here are some helpful info on the TRAVERSE TRAIL


Shipping lines
a. Rapal Lines - Batangas port to Ambulong port (Trips: MWF @4pm; fare Php 800+)

b. Princess Anabelle - Batangas port to Ambulong port (Trips: Tue and Sat @4pm; Fare Php 800+

c. Montenegro Lines - Batangas port to Romblon,Romblon(M,W,F, and Sat @5pm; fare Php 6006+)..then take pump boat going to Ambulong port for additional Php 200+

d. Montenegro Lines - Batangas port to Odiongan Port (Tue and Thurs @5pm; fare is Php545)...then take bus going to Riomblon Romblon port for Php100.00...then take pump boat going to Ambulong port for additional Php 200+

- Transpo going to Olango.
a. Rent a Tricycle for a very expensive price of Php 600.00

b. Look for the Jeepney named Raven or Rajen (yan po yung pangalan ng jeep mismo).This is bound to Olango for only Php 150.00 (tuwing may dadaong na barko sa ambulong palaging nag-aabang yan. Have a keen eye on this jeepney. Bagong discovery ko yan para makamura ang mga tropang mountaineers)-Tell the driver to drop you off to Kuya Remy's house or Olango Bridge. (kilala ng driver si Kuya Remy.

a.DENR Permit Php200.00-
Contact Kuya Remy ahead of time that you will be climbing this mountain via traverse trail. You can ask him to process ahead of time the permit para di na kayo mag asikaso pagdating nyo. You can directly start trekking.
- you can send the payment via SMART PADALA (Any Smart business center; put kuya Remy's full details and telephone number) or PALAWAN PAWNSHOP EXPRESS PADALA (nagkalat ang branch sa manila...nearest is between Vito Cruz and Quirino Station sa Taft Avenue..again Kuya Remy's full detail is needed). Just kindly add additional para sa gas ni Kuya Remy kasi napakalayo po ng DENR sa bahay nila. Di biro yung layo...I guess 1 and half hour by motor)

b. Tourism Permit- for Free!


- Guide fee is Php500 as of 1st week of March.Kuya Remy Robiso and his Son named Toto (Twinkle Robiso) are the well known guide in G2 Trav.

- Porter fee is the same Php 500 as of first week of March (Mandatory ratio of 1 porter=3 climbers is strictly implemented). Toto (Kuya Remy's nephew also known as batang centipede) and Michael (Toto's brother) are some of the best porters that G2 trav can offer.

Kuya Remy - 09217322462
Toto (Kuya Remy's nephew)-09292277483

- This is what we did on our climb proper

DAY 01
0530 ETD Kuya Remy's house
0615 ETA Olango River
0630 ETD for Camp 1
0800 ETA Camp 1
0815 ETD Camp 2
1100 ETA Camp 2; lunch
1200 ETD Camp 3
1530 ETA Camp 3 (we planned to push up to REMVALDY but we experienced a bad weather that's the reason we opted to stay at camp 3. You can push up to REMVALDY CAMPSITE but the camp site is only limited to 2 tents.
1900 Dinner; Socials
2200 Light out

DAY 02
0800 ETD for summit assault- We left the campsite late because it was raining hard that morning.
1000 ETA Remvaldy campsite;Early lunch. (Huling patag na madadaanan nyo papuntang summit)
1230 ETA Summit - you have options to camp and witness the sunrise or sunset. Out team decided to push up to Mayo's peak.
1315 ETD Mayo's peak
1900 ETA Mayo's peak
2000 Dinner; SOcials
2400 lights out

Day 03
0500 Wake up call;breakfast;
0600 Breakcamp
0700 ETD Descend
0730 ETA Camp 03
0900 ETA Camp 02
1000 ETA Camp 01
1030 Gaong River;rest;swim
1300 CHILLAX!!!


a. Cantingas Resort
-Entrance Fee Php10.00. Cliff diving and nice clear river

b. MV Princess of the Star Wreck
- Just 30 mins walk from Kuya Rems house

================================ next post....

bj-salonga said...

sir sesyonista,

MARAMING SALAMAT SA INFO SIR! all of what you posted are very helpful indeed, it will definitely make it easier for me to prepare all what I for our G2 experience, thinking about it now makes me even more excited than ever to see the wonders and face the challenges of this mountain, our target date is possibly early feb or mid feb next year, hope to see you if you ever plan to go back to G2 and like I said we'll probably do the traverse as what sir dew drops and you suggested.

once again THANK YOU for the info, we have some preparation climb scheduled every other month from june to dec in prep for G2.. just visit my site, lets keep climbing pinoy mountaineer's!

bj-salonga said...

sir sesyonista,

tanong ko lang, pagkatapos ko kasi basahin ang IT niyo eh napansin ko lang na hanggang mayo's peak lang kayo at mukhang hindi kayo nag push to trail's such as knife edge, kiss the wall and the peak of deception.. tanong lang kung madadaanan po ba ang famous trails na ito using the traverse trail since hindi siya nakasama sa IT niyo eh looks like hindi po ninyo ito pinuntahan.

just want to clarify,


sesyonista said...

sir Bj,

lahat po ng namention nyo ay dadaanan from summit to Mayo's

Heto po ang sunod sunod...

-Summit Descend
-90 degrees wall daw...(a.k.a baby hillary wall)
-Peak of Deception
-Mabel Spring
-Camel back (where you will pass by the kiss the wall)-huwag po kayong mag expect na mahirap ito, kayang kaya nyo ito sir.
-Knife edge
-Mayo's Peak

Sir...kayang kaya nyo po ito. Kung ang babae nakayanan ito mas lalo na po kayo.

Just enjoy every inch of your trek,sir.At wag kalimutana ng sidetrip sa sibuyan.

I'll be back in December with a friend to scale another mountain Sibuyan. Sana makasabay ko kayo kahit sa boat lang. Dadalaw din ako sa inaanak ko doon.

Sir, if you need additional info..feel free to ask lang po...Tsaka sana pasabit sa climbs nyo :)

Happy trekking po!

bj-salonga said...

sir sesyonista,

maraming salamat sa clarification.. magiging masaya ito, nice to hear that you'll be coming back to scale new mountains within the said region, anyway YOU are already invited sir, as i said, just shoot me a message via my multiply and as you said i hope that you can join us in some of our preparation climbs for G2.

keep climbing,

shoes said...

..."MGA HALIMAW KAYO"...ang laging cnasabi ni sir REMY ROBISO sa'min,after sa matagumpay naming G2 TRAVERSE ng 2 araw lang.last april 2-3, kahit xa at si sir benny(at iba pang guides and porters) d makapaniwala na nagawa namin yun...natakot xe kaming maiwan ng barko pauwi..high 5 pra kay maam elsie at kay maam rona(GIRL POWER)...

CARB mountaineers ay tao sa pusong nagpapasalamat sa mga taong tumulong at naging bahagi ng matagumpay na G2 2 DAYS TRAVERSE:

Remy Robiso and family
Reynald toto Rafol-lead guide
Ruin Venancio
Sir Joener

Sa lahat ng nakapag traverse ng G2 CONGTRATS sa'ting lahat...

....more power a lot..

Anonymous said...

may iba pa po ba kayong number ni sir Remy d ko po kase macontact ung number na nkapost dito.. plan sana namin mag G2 Trav.this May..

dew_drops said...

+639217322462 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +639217322462      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Sir Remy. Keep on trying baka nasa akyatan lang cia nung tinawagan mo po..

if it doesnt work try this +639059792912, number po ng eldest daughter nya (Remely).

happy climb.

Anonymous said...

ok nmn traverse para skin ,pero parang mas challenging ung traditional since twice mong dadaanan ung 90 degress(hillary wall) , peak of deceptioon, mabels spring, camel back, knife edge and back to mayos peak.. traditional or traverse bsta my clearing or ma summit ok na un..

have a safe climb everyone, we will be climbing there myb by mid of may this year.. see you there

--dave mustaine--

Anonymous said...

Sir Sesyonista, baka may email kau... dipa po ako nakakapag climb sa G2... bka sa plans nyu sa december peding maka-hitch... salamat po. =)

Blitzkrieg Mountaineers

Anonymous said...

akyat kmi g2 this may 13 alis nmin from manila, ung gusto sumabit text nyo na lang ako sa 09292647668..traditional trail lang po.


Anonymous said...

mga sir tanong ko lang po kung ilang oras byahe from batangas pier to ambulong??

plan kasi namin mag g2 sa may16-17.

alis kami batangas ng 4pm may 15..

ang sabi kasi ni sir remy kung 4pm kami alis ng may15, 11am na kami makakarating sa kanila ng may16.

it kasi yong possible transpo namin.

Princess Anabelle - Batangas port to Ambulong port (Trips: Tue and Sat @4pm; Fare Php 800+

kung Rapal lines daw ay 7am may15 kami makakrating sa kanila, alis ng rapal sa batangas ng 4pm may14..

jaymz said...

bulod of guitin guiting

i just read this from Jong Narciso's multiply site:

Bulod of Guitin-guiting suffered a stroke a few days ago. he now has a hard time moving half of his body. He needs therapy to remedy his situation as his only income comes from farming and guiding

Bulod is the only honorary UP Mountaineers and was a member of the first ascent team of Mount Guitin-guiting.

You can send donation via Palawan Pawnshop and address it to Nono the eldest son of the late Manong Lee. Name and address is Jhon Angelo C Tansiongco Tampayan, Magdiwang Romblon

Thanks to all

Anonymous said...

Have made a successful G2 traverse in two days (may 2-3) Olango River, Espania - Brgy. Tampayan, Magdiwang trail. It was one hell of a climb. You will be humbled by the owe and mystery of the physique of the mountain.

Maraming salamat kay Manong Remy Remboso, ang natatanging authentic guide ng G2 Traverse, sa kanyang anak na si Tuenkle "Toto" ang aming maligalig na guide, at porter na si Pulang na may dala ng aming 20 liter na water supply.

At higit sa lahat, kay Doc. Arthur Rey "Art" Tansiongco (three-term ex-mayor ng Magdiwang, current national winner- Gawad Geny Lopez Jr -Bayaning Pilipno 2010, the "GOD-FATHER" of Environmental Protection of Mt. Guiting-Guiting and Sibuyan Island), to Mam Susan, ang butihing may bahay ni Doc Art, to Adrian his son ( at pinahiram kami ng kanyang camera0, kay aleah, ang munting angel, na nag smile at last, nong sinabi ko na aalis na kami pauwi.

Kay Nonoy Radan at Mommy Noeme, sa pag bukas ng kanilang Mangrove Nipa hut-tree house para sa aming unique na accommodation.

Sa mga naka-inuman at naka daupang palad na mga Sibuyanon...


Para sa TI ng Actual Climb Namin... you may e mail me at : SHIN_FU_YUAN@YAHOO.COM

nag papasalamat din ako sa mga nag bigay comments dito...very informative! I've been following comments here since 2008, my first attempt to scale G2... THANKS TO THE MAKER OF THIS BLOG!!! now it was a dream come true. In two days, we finish the G2 TRAV climb with in 21 hrs. and 6 mins.

"Yahweh, the Lord, is my strength. He makes my feet like deer's feet, and enables me to go in high places. For the music director, on my stringed instruments." (Habakkuk 3:19)

- ibongmandaragit

Anonymous said...

sir/mam, sino po ang may contacts s inyo ng lhat ng bumibyahe s sibuyan vice versa batangas? need lang for G2 climb this June if possible.

salamat po...

Maldz said...

salamat sa mga umakyat ng G2 trav..hope nag enjoy kayo lahat..umakyat kami last april 29th the plan was to finish it in 24hrs but failed for some time limitation and end up in 2 days hike..congrats sa MSOC and SAMAKA job well done mga ser

Saku said...

from TOUGH to TOP
MOVE-ON Mountaineers conquered G2 Traverse!
CONGRATZ sa Grupo..
tnx to Sir Remy & Family, Sir Junjun, Sir Joener, at lalo na sau Sir Benny
Salamat sa paggabay.. di ka namin malilimutan! naiwan nga lang ng barko! hehehe...

Anonymous said...

mzta ka naman...kinakamzta ka ni sir remy...hope makasabay kta sa next climb mu sa G2 traverse.gstu kta makakwentuhan en makasama...
here's my contact number.ung sakin nalang ang ipopost ko kasi di ko alam kung san kta hahagilapin eh...
text me if ure still interested to come back at Guiriguiting...
more power!!

Anonymous said...

It quite difficult to climb. How I wish to reach the G2 peak. Is the mountain open Sir Gideon?

Anonymous said...

open po yung G2 sir anonymous
pero mahihirapan ka cguro makapag summit kasi tag-ulan na.

summer months is the best months para mag g2.


Anonymous said...

June 28, 2010
Successful G2Trav Day Hike/Climb of the Abnormals

Sibuyan Island, Romblon
Entry point: Sitio Olango, San Fernando, Sibuyan Island
Exit point: Brgy. Tampayan, Madgiwang, Sibuyan Island
LLA: 12°24'50"N, 122°34'4"E, 2058 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 18 hours / 3 days
Specs: Major climb, Exploratory, Difficulty 10/9 (until 12/2009), Trail class 6

0200: start trek/ascend
0225: eta olango river
0420: eta camp 1
0500: resume trek
0720: eta camp 2/breakfast
0800: resume trek
0910: eta camp 3
0920: resume trek
1155: eta remvaldely peak/lunch
1315: resume trek
1355: eta summit/picture 4x
1405: start desend
1435: eta peak of deception/picture 2x
1445: resume trek
1520: eta mabel's spring
(dito nagsimula ang kahiwagaan ni makoi)
1700: eta mayo's peak/emergency snack
1815: resume trek
1835: eta bulod's spring
1845: eta camp 3
(simula dito ay di na namin namalayan ang oras gawa ng paghihiwaga ni makoi)
0115: eta denr/end of trek

Note: sadyang mahiwaga ang bundok na ito..

Nagpapasalamat kami sa ating Panginoon, binigyan nya kami ng magandang panahon para maakyat ang bundok na ito.

salamat kay Mam Charisse Velasco sa tulong/advice na binigay saamin, salamat sa cataflams..

nagpapasalamat kami sa pamilya Robiso, lalong lalo na kay Sir Remy na nag guide sa amin sa aming paglalakbay sa guiting guiting, kay Toto na nagrescue sa amin.

Salamat di kay Sir Andy ng DENR sa pagpapahintulot na sa DENR office na kami magpalipas ng gabi...

Salamat sa mga kaibigan at pamilya na patuloy na sumusuporta sa amin...


Melo Sanchez - MQP/Pangkat-Lumad
Makoi Grey - Pangkat-Lumad

Anonymous said...

mga sir/mam... ask ko lang po kung gaano katagal ang byahe from batangas pier hangang ambulong pier?!? gumagawa na po kc kmi ng IT for our G2 climb sa mid march eh!, sana po matulungan nyo kami... salamat po!

Anonymous said...

Good day Sir/M'am,

Good day Gid,

Tatanong ko lang po sa mga nakapag traverse ng G2 kung pwede po ba mag set ng camp sa summit kung pwede ilang tent po kaya ang kasya?. Tsaka kung sa REMVALDELYY camp site po ba ang last water source bago mag summit?

Target date ng aming group ay March 24 - 28, 2011.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng sasagot,

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Anonymous from davao,

dahil sa tight na booking sched sa G2 na -move ang target namin.

ang pinaka simula ng trek ay 27-29, dahil sa dami ng aakyat. kung gusto mo magkita nalang tayo sa ambulong port sa march 26 ng umaga around 4-5 am kung gusto mo sumabay.


Anonymous said...

Sino po me plan umakyat ng G2 2nd/3rd week march? please let me know po..

Anonymous said...

sirs, gusto po sna nmin umakayat ng g2 mga 3rd week ng march. meron po b kming pwede masabayan! 3 lang po ksi kmi.. tnx

christian said...

good day sir maam.. astig tlga 2ng blogspot n 2.. very useful para sa mga backpacker.... at moutaineer.... balak nmin mag climb d2 s G2 sa march o april... meron po b kayo itinerary from Manila or Cubao?? thnaks.... ---Keep on climbing

bong_clarin said...

we are planning to climb G2 this coming april 2011, we are backpackers from bohol and willing to climb with a group who's also planning on the same dates. please inform us 09281979165

Anonymous said...

Sir bong of Bohol. We are also planning to climb G2 by this holy week. (April 20-25). Mas maganda siguro kung magsabay sabay na lang tayo.
Gary, Batangas Mountaineers

bong_clarin said...

hi gary, nice to hear from you. yes will do our climb on april 20-23, thats from jump off to summit and down. if youd like to, you can email me at, or look for my account sa facebook... have a good day and looking forward on meeting you guys...

Anonymous said...

Yo peeps....Sinu-sino poh yung may climb ng end of March diyan? sabay na lang poh kame... We're from Manila. I'll leave my # 09052617037. Tnx

Anonymous said...

thanks po d2 sa site nyo.. galing kmi ng sibuyan last jan 17th-21st 2011.. and in G2 from jan18-20.. maganda tlga G2.. knowing pa na 2 lng kmi guest climber at isang guide (thanks to kuya rey dela cruz) at 1st kmi na ng-G2 sa year 2011.. thanks to pinoy mountaineer.. nkatulong po ng malaki ang IT nyo po.. salamat..


Anonymous said...

g2 traverse sa holy week... we need another participant pls txt me 09228271126..or add sa fb

bro bbc outdoors of q.c.

jay said...

sir, carlo..mgkano budget sa g2?

Anonymous said...

magandang araw mga sir/m'am

Sa mga aakyat ng G2 sa March 27-30 magkita kita nalang tayo dun!

Naka handa na ang lahat!

Im coming for you G2..

Anonymous said...

sino yung mag 27-30 d2? sama kame. may passes na ba kayo dun and guide contacts? 09052617037

Anonymous said...

Mga sir na aakyat ng g2 sa march 27-30, 2011, Ok lang ba sir kung sasabit kami sa inyo? Tatlo lang kami sir and taga Manila kami. San po ba kayo manggagaling sir? Sabay na sana kami kung Ok lang.. Salamat Mga sir, sana makasabay kami sa inyo.. Sana Makareply kayo. Salamat ulit.

Anonymous said...

mga masters, leave niyo naman poh yung # niyo yung mag-27 to 30. para poh makapag prepare na kame.

Anonymous said...

mga mam/sir,,, may land transpo po ba from magdiwang to san fernando? anong oras po ang byahe kung mweron? thanks po s info...

Anonymous said...

meron pong transpo from magdiwang to san fernando every day..depende po kung san galing kayo..jay

simians mountaineers said...

my fellow mountaineers kita kits sa bundok ngayong april 20, 2011 galing cebu pa po kami....

Anonymous said...

planning to climb this coming May 24-28,2011.
still looking for guides and porters contact numbers. Any suggestion? thanks

Anonymous said...

sir pasabay naman kung sino aakyat ngayong buwan ng mayo 09159877828

simians mountaineers said...

maraming salamat sa mga tao na nakilala naman during sa climb namin sa g2 april 21 to 23 lalo na kay sir TOTO at sa boung pamilya maraming salamat po aming guide si sir jerry matsalams hanggang sa sunod naming pag ayat sa g2........ wla akong masabi sa bundok super talaga..... MY fellow mountaineers akyatin nyo ang g2....

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