Pinoy Mountaineer is one year old!

It was on July 28, 2007 that the idea of PinoyMountaineer was conceived. I had invited travel blogger Ivan Henares to join me in a hike up Mt. Malindig in Marinduque, and we were joined by my friend Sai Sicad, also a hiker. Sharif Gonzales, a UP-PGH Mountaineer and a local of Marinduque, was our guide.

It was the first sunny day after a week of rains. The panorama was expansive, covering everything from Mindoro to Bicol. We sought fulfillment of the promised view of Mt. Mayon, and fortunately though it was just a daytrip, we were able to reach the summit of Mt. Malindig, the highest point in Marinduque.

On the way down Ivan must have seen me taking notes all the time, and he suggested that I should make a blog too. His Ivan About Town was Travel Blog of the Year then. Actually, I had been egging my techie friends to make me a blog but it took Ivan’s “Sige, ako ang bahala” to make it happen. “Just make ten articles to begin with.”

And so it began, the laborious – but enjoyable – task of writing about my mountain experiences, asking others for information, and converting them into organized articles. Side by side was the hunt for pictures, and very soon I was into it. By now, I’ve written over 100 posts in the site, and we have over 70 featured mountains.

These articles are not possible without the support of everyone who shared their own experiences, updated our information, and cheered us on. Increasingly, new mountains are being introduced in the site thanks to local mountaineering clubs. Together, we can put all the mountains of the Philippines in one site. Together, let us continue to explore the beautiful places of country!

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10 Comments on "Pinoy Mountaineer is one year old!"

15 years 8 months ago

great site!

more power and keep on posting.

hope to see you on trail soon 🙂

15 years 8 months ago

More power! Kudos! Goodluck! at iba pang mga magagandang dapat sabihin.

Palagi ako dito.

15 years 8 months ago

belated hapi 1st bday s pinoy mountaineer site..

this site has been very helpful with us..
everytime n my prospect climb..
d2 s site n2 kme
ngbbase ng IT and ng-ggather ng mga necessary informations as well..

panalo po tlga 2ng project m sir gid..
super dami m pong n22lungan n mga enthusiasts..!!

more power!!!


15 years 8 months ago

Congratualations Pinoy Mountaineer…
Good job Sir Gid…
Keep it up and more power!
Hope to contribute to this site soon. =)

15 years 8 months ago

Congratulations and more power Gideon!