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Welcome to EnCore, the advocacy page of the blog where mountaineers and environmental-minded people can share and call to attention the clear and present threats that our mountains and forests face today. Together, we mountaineers are a stakeholder in the condition of our forests. We are a force that can help save our forests, and bring to public attention what is going on in the mountains.

Through EnCore, we can coordinate and collaborate activities such as protest climbs, tree-planting, river-cleanup and many other activities. If you have an ongoing advocacy in your province or town, you can share it here. We must tap the power of the Internet to bind us together into action. We are now connected through the cyberspace – let us use this connection to shed light upon issues that affect our nature.

Is the situation that bad? Yes, it is. Our forests, among the most biodiverse in the whole world, are fast dwindling in number. We go to faraway mountains and enjoy the beauty of virgin forests, but sadly, these same forests that we see as beauty are seen by greedy men as money. The endangered species that we know we ought to protect are viewed as mere creatures to be sacrificed for personal and financial gain. Misguided practices of the past such the kaingin (slash-and-burn) system of agriculture continue to exist, ruining precious hectares of our watersheds. Alas, these are powerful and stubborn men and we have to take an extra mile if we are to count in this battle to save our forests.

We are not only after the destroyers of our forests. We must also fight against trekkers who ruin the name and reputation of a “mountaineer”. They call themselves mountaineers but litter their garbage in the campsites. These are people who instead of leaving only their footprints, leave bottles of gin, and plastic wrappers without concern. We must also correct these practices and our environment corner is also a venue to report these wrongs. We must promote outdoor ethics, as enshrined in the Leave No Trace principles.

With these, I invite you to read the advocacies and issues raised in this page. Speak out and let us know what you think of these issues. Share your ideas by posting comments on how best to solve these problems, and tell us if there are advocacies you think deserve to be heard. We have many mountains to climb, and many mountains to defend.

Click on the images to learn more about current campaigns to save and protect Philippine mountains and forests.

The issue: Several groups including the UP Mountaineers have been campaigning against the logging problem in the Sierra Madre. Incessant, unbridled logging operations threaten to destroy this final frontier for many wildlife, as well as the largest remaining forest in the country. In particular, the Ipo Watershed in Bulacan has been stripped of its forest cover, although they have hidden this act by sparing the more visible areas of the watershed. There are many other areas in the mountain range that are crying out for help.

The issue: Environmental and mountaineering groups in Negros have protested against the expansion of a geothermal site in Mt. Kanlaon that would entail cutting 4,000 trees in what is supposedly a protected area. A “Save Mt. Kanlaon Coalition” has been formed to lobby against this intrusion to the forest. In fairness to the PNOC-EDC, they have vowed to comply with their agreement with the provincial board to plant trees in project site in exchange for the trees that would have to be sacrificed. Still, the environmental impact of the over 4,000 trees cut may not be that easily compensated, and so the issue carries on.

(This list is still being populated and will be posted soon)

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8 Comments on "EnCore: Environment Corner+Advocacy Page"

14 years 10 months ago

mga kaibigan… one of my major concern in our places. yes is is unexplored but maybe one day it will explore for the mining. in our place at Narra, Palawan Mt. Victoria has many application for mining nakakatakot ang pag-iisip nila. 1 mining is enough na but two was operated na and gusto pa nilang dagdagan.
and one thing they applied for small scale but they operated like large scale. very alarming ang political power dito sa amin because political person are involved in extraction mining. most of the peaks and summit here are unexplored but according to my native friends mining companies conducted oger sample on different places of our mountain ranges…
im not agianst in mining coz most our gadgets in moutain climbing are came from mining. but pumili naman sila ng lugar and one thing for me there is no reposible mining, once you extract the top soil ang feritility ang soil ay mawawala na. and for me reforestation in old mining site islukohan lang. try to look for old mining site na fully recover ang forest.

sana magakaisa tayong mga moutaineers para mabantayan nating ang mahal nating kalikasan

bojie cervancia

14 years 10 months ago

we all care for the environment but hard as we try we cant get away from using plastics, they have lots of practical use. im glad biodegradable plastic plate is now available here, sana marami pa products will be made from this corn starch plastic para me options tayo. and we shud promote alternativ to d old plastics

15 years 1 month ago


I’m in one in this advocacy of yours..i’ve always wished to be part of an environnmental advocacy…guess i could do this by bringin plastic bags whenever i trek alone and get the litters along the way..i once did that when i climbed a mountain in Aklan…and it felt good.

15 years 9 months ago

sabi nga sa kanta “..hindi nga masama ang pag-unlad, pagkat malayu-layo na rin ang ating narating….” sometimes we can balance issues with compromise, in the oil industry they have the technology to drill sideways, they can get the oil deep under sensitive areas without damaging the surface.

have anyone asked if it can be use for geothermal mining?
if it can, it would be a win-win solution.

if we will be the first to do that then the filipino will do the world a great favor?

anyway if we want to prevent projects damaging to the environment from getting permits, we should kick out from the DENR officials pretending to care for the environment, wearing floral shirts while cutting old trees in the polluted city.
yes in our beloved Pilipinas even nature is at the mercy(claws) of politics. -local

15 years 9 months ago

a proposed landfill threatens mts palay palay/ mataas na gulod national park (better known to us mountaineers as Pico De Loro).. please read and please spread the word.. we really really need every help we can get with regards to this issue. — Gerard “dok” Natividad