Mt. Hibok-Hibok/Crater Trail via Brgy. Yumbing (1,332+)

Camiguin Island
Entry point: Brgy. Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin
Exit point: Ardent Hot Springs, Mamajao, Camiguin
LLA: 9°12′2″N; 124°40′5″E; 1332 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail class 3
Features: Tropical forest, volcanic crater, scenic views of Camiguin
Last updated: August 22, 2013

PinoyMountaineer thanks Social Climbers ’79 – Former classmates of the Ateneo de Davao University High School class of 1979, whose member King is the source of information and pictures for the original version of this  article. For the regular Mt. Hibok-Hibok itinerary, please visit this page.

An emerging new trail, shared to us by fellow mountaineers, is the longer, more rewarding route up Mt. Hibok-Hibok which passes by its crater. If Hibok-Hibok is to be called H2 following G2 and D2, then this trail deserves to be called H2O – with the O signifiying the shape of the crater and its inclusion in the trail, as well as the presence of water in the trek – a reminder to bring extra clothes if one wishes to take a dip in the cold waters of the crater lake.

This trail arises from Brgy. Yumbing, more famous among Camiguin tourists for its volcanic sand beaches. Unlike the more popular trail from Ardent Hot Springs which is quite hot, humid, rocky, the Crater Trail offers a more forested – and thus more refreshing – trek up the mountain, and at the same time getting the single attraction of the other trail, which is the summit. As mentioned in the original Hibok-Hibok article, the summit views are magnificent, for it encompasses Camiguin with White Island very striking against the waters; Mt. Timpoong looms – and even Bohol and the geographic shape of Northern Mindanao can be visualized.

Furthermore, this trail makes more worthwhile the possibility of camping – that is, making this trek an overnight climb and setting up camp by the crater. This may appeal to backpackers who can tour Camiguin in the morning of day 1, climb in the afternoon; camp at night, and descend on Day 2 with lunchtime and the rest of the day still available for more touring in the beautiful island.

The recent complaints over the costliness and inconvenience of arranging a Hibok-Hibok climb via the conventional trail makes our discovery of this trail very timely. We now have something in Camiguin to look forward to: an even-more beautiful Hibok-Hibok with its reachable crater where one can even take a dip – and an undiscovered, lush forests with trails that truly deserve to be followed. H20: A highly recommended dayhike / overnight trip in Northern Mindanao.


0500 Early departure to Brgy. Yumbing
0600 ETA Brgy. Yumbing, start trek via Mt. Carling
0800 Arrival at DENR outpost; rest
0830 Resume trek
1030 Arrival at crater of Hibok-Hibok; dip/rest
1100 Begin assault to summit
1145 Arrival at Mt. Hibok-Hibok summit
1200 Head back to crater
1230 Back at crater; lunch; dip/rest
1300 Start descent
1600 Arrival at Ardent Hot Springs – end of  trek

Getting there. In Camiguin transportation is by motorcycles which you can rent and jeepneys as well. Arrange to go to Brgy. Yumbing by these, or stay in the beach resorts in Yumbing on the night before so as to be able to leave early for the dayhike.

Guides and registration. There is a P200/person registration fee collected by the DENR, which you can arrange by yourself at the DENR office in Mambajao; the guide can also facilitate this. Our latest information suggests that the guides have set P1,200 as the fixed price for a dayhike. One guide is Jackie (+639158123686 Globe; +639104963820 Smart). She can guide you on a Hibok-Hibok Traverse or a regular Hibok-Hibok hike.

Hiking notes. Cellphone signal is present in some parts of the trail. There is a campsite at the crater and also a nearby water source.


The trail is mostly forested and well-established.
At the banks of the crater lake, which can double as a campsitte
At the highest point of the trail  with some of the peaks at the background
The crater lake as viewed from the summit

The blogger climbed Mt. Hibok-Hibok via Yumbing as one of his birthday climbs in 2012 (see Hiking matters #264).


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25 Comments on "Mt. Hibok-Hibok/Crater Trail via Brgy. Yumbing (1,332+)"

8 years 11 months ago

Hi Sir Gid and fellow mountaineers! May I ask for the contact numbers of Mang Ronald or Mang Gorgonio? We need a male guide for the traverse hike as most of us are girls who are hiking this June. Thanks so much!

11 years 2 months ago

paki tolong naman kung my no# kayo any guide in brgy. yumbing balak namin akyatin si H2O. pag wala kami ma contact na guide pwdi ba sa brgy. yumbing na kami mag hanap, , ,tanong nalang kami sa mga baranggay officials may mga ka kilala ba sila? please need your help.

13 years 5 days ago

From Benoni to Yumbing do not take the special trip — they charge 200! Labas ka lang ng gate you can find jeep that will take you to Mambajao (23 pesos if I remember correctly), then from Mambajao another jeep to Yumbing (11 pesos yata). Far cry from 200!

13 years 10 days ago

From Benoni to Mambajao you could take the following:

1. Jeep
2. Habal-habal
3. Van
4. Motorella

From Mambajao to Yumbing, I think you could take:

1. Motorella
2. Habal-habal

If you will hire a ride like motorella/habal-habal, you could ask your driver if the route to Yumbing is shorter via Sagay.

I would prefer Habal-habal if I am alone, with minimal baggage, and with cash to spare. The wind while on the road overlooking the sea is just amazing.

Jeep rides are less than P30.00, van rides around P50-70, Rellas are around 200 (could seat more than 3), and habal is around 100-150. (/November 2010)


13 years 12 days ago

gusto ko sanang malaman kung ano yung mga choices sa transpo from benoni port to yumbing..