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Mt. Talinis/Bediao-Apolong Traverse to Casaroro Falls (1,903+)

Dauin and Valencia City, Negros Oriental
Entry point: Brgy. Bediao, Dauin
Exit point: Brgy. Apolong, Valencia City
LLA: 1903 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 2-3 days / 10-11 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 2-4
Features: Lakes, waterfalls, mossy forest

A longtime favorite Visayan destination of mountaineers is Mt. Talinis in Southern Negros, otherwise known as "Cuernos de Negros" for the horn-like peaks that highlight the mountain. It holds its position as the second highest mountain in Negros, next only to the lofty Kanlaon.

It is not surprising that Talinis is the only mountain other than Mt. Apo to have become twice the venue of the annual MFPI Federation climbs, among other activities. Its only impediment is the perennial rumor of NPA presence, but as of 2009, it is perfectly safe to climb Talinis.

There are several trails but the most typical, and comprehensive enough, route is a traverse from the Bediao trail in Dauin, Negros Oriental, to Apolong. The roster of places to see is formidable: first is Lake Yagumyum with the optional ascent to Yagumyum Peak; then, passing by the mystical maribuhok forests, one reaches the higher and grander Lake Nailig. From this lagoon there is again the option to scale Nailig Peak, otherwise known as Talinis Dako i.e. the highest point in the mountain. Finally, on the way down via the Apolong Route, pass by the sulphuric river and the Twin Falls of Talinis before ending in the grand cascade of Casaroro Falls, the highest in Negros at over 90 meters. A destination by itself, Casaroro Falls is a fitting conclusion to the Talinis experience.

Bediao-Apolong route from Dumaguete City

Day 1
0600 From Dumaguete, take Ceres minibus to Dauin
0700 Get off at plaza; arrange habal-habal to Geothermal Site, Bediao
0730 ETA jumpoff. Start trek
1200 ETA Lake Yagumgyum. 30-minute assault to Yagumyum Peak
1330 Back at Lake Yagumyum, proceed to Lake Nailig
1700 ETA Lake Nailig; set up camp
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0500 Talinis summit assault
0700 ETA summit
0730 Head back to Nailig campsite
0900 Start descent
1200 ETA Sulfuric River
1500 ETA Casaroro Falls; sidetrip
1900 Back in Dumaguete

NOTE: the two peaks can be discarded for a lighter itinerary. Also, this same itinerary can be spread over three days.

Mt. Talinis is one of the remaining mountains under the care of a local mountaineering club, in keeping with old mountaineering tradition. The Cuernos de Negros Mountaineers, Inc. (CNMCI) based in Siliman University, Dumaguete, has maintained a close and fruitful relationship with the mountain and they are the best contact when planning a Talinis climb.

Transportation. To go to Talinis, the staging-off point is Dumaguete City. There are at least a few flights daily. Fares range from 3000-6000 roundtrip. Or, take the six-hour trip from Bacolod to Dumaguete (~P180). From Dumaguete take a tricycle to the Ceres bus terminal and take the minibus to Dauin. From Dauin municipality take a habal-habal up the mountain to the jumpoff in Bediao Geothermal Site. At the other end - you can take a habal-habal from the Casaroro Falls junction to Valencia town proper, where jeepneys will take you back to Dumaguete. Here don't fail to appreciate a nice view of Talinis.

Climbing notes. It is safe to swim on both lakes Yagumyum and Nailig although the latter is cleaner albeit colder. You can also swim in the pools of Casaroro Falls. Cellphone signal is sporadic on the trail but it is present in the Maribuhok-Nailig leg of the trail. Water sources are available in the two lakes as well.


The start of the trail is an exposed slope, lending an expansive view of the southern Visayan seas.

Behold the tranquility of Lake Yagumyum, the first ancient crater lake to be encountered in the trek.

Between the two lakes stands a ridge of grand, mossy, ancient maribuhok trees.

Lake Nailig is the setting of one of the most scenic and cold campsites in the Visayas.

The finale of the traverse is swimming and sightseeing in the realm of Casaroro Falls, the tallest waterfalls in the Visayas.

Beside Lake Nailig is another lake called Lake Mabilog. It has a pecuiliar rounded shape and is said to be the hideout of snakes.

Mt. Talinis is the third mountain in the Visayan Voyage. A narrative of the blogger's trip to Talinis will be published in Manila Bulletin on July 25, 2009.

PinoyMountaineer thanks the Cuernos de Negros Mountaineering Club, Inc. for hosting the blogger and the Visayan Voyage Team in Mt. Talinis on April 9-10, 2009. Images courtesy of Lalaine Hablado, Julian Canero, and Jacob Sarreal.


alden basco said...

hi im planning to climb by wed just went thru last wk @ mt apo is there any available team whos goin to climb mt talinis?pls contact me 09217619465/09272401253 dnt have member to climb any idea whos gonna get thru the 1st jump of?

Anonymous said...

we just climbed mt talinis last june12-13 2009, passed the two lakes, peaked at ~1917m at day1 and passed the sulfuric river, went to twin falls, and casaroro falls.

sir gid thanks for the IT...

val caro
O.N.E Cebu

Anonymous said...

post man bai..:) you are unbelievable because you conquered mt. talinis within two and your companions reached the summit within one day..

i can guide you on mt. talinis..if you want me to guide you?contact my # 09059186070..

my information:
name: adrian pajunar
address: dumaguete city
organization: Concerned Society Towards Quality Environtment (COSTOQUE MOUNTAINEER)

Anonymous said...

great hike and breath taking view indeed climbing Mt. wont regret it! :) its fun, fun, fun! :)

tonyboystories said...

we are planning to climb Mt.Talinis in one month time.

sino po ang contact nyo for the climb in Dumaguete for guides and registration?

May contact po kayo sa group (Cuernos de Negros Mountaineering Club, Inc)?

Mt. Kanlaon is open diba?


Anonymous said...

ako mag tour guide sayo sir sa mt. mt. canlaon open # 09059186070...

Anonymous said...


CONTACT #: (035)226-1832 OR 09168336351

arnel said...

hehehe, may tour guide na pala ngayon ang mt. talinis. day tour lang po ba?

Anonymous said...

not only tour but to fell the nature and preserve the forrest.. -adrian

Anonymous said...

To all who wants to climb Mt. Talinis:
ingat kayo sa makuha nyo na guide baka ma "fell" kayo sa nature...or mawala kayo sa "forrest" hehehehe...

Just an a guide which is reasonable ung bayad nyo... guides thats have an access to any rescue groups if emergencies occur in your trek..i mean guides that not only brings you up and return you down,but can give you safety at all time in all situations...
i suggest locals nalang dun....marami kasi mag guide2x dyan na sobra kung sumingil...hehehe..

Anonymous said...

S.E.S. jayjay..sinira-an mo ako huh!alam ko ikaw to jayjay!kung gusto kang makuha ang mag pa guide..ako ihatag nimo..wala ko ga apas sa kwarta..ako lang enjoy camping og malimpyo tong lake nailig kay didto ta gakuha og tubig..kamo gani ang dako og singil sa mag pa guide ninyu!!!

Anonymous said...

napansin ko lang sa mt talinis upon inquiring, its an easy trail easy climb but the fee is way too high considering its a minor climb, no matter who you contact either a local or a mountaineer, ... the fee is per head , per day, and ung per head ay ung head ng participants, 400 per head per day, ung iba nmn papackage package pa , mahal pa rin.. ok lang sana kung mahal kung major climb .. mt guiting guiting nga, 350 lang per day... parepareho kayo sobra kung sumingil.... kaya wag kayo mag away away dyan... bawasan nyo ang fee , di nmn xa mahirap akyatin.. gawin nyo 350 lang at hindi per head ng participants.. gago ba kayo?

Anonymous said...

sino gago!?ikaw po bah sir?kung gusto mong umakyat sa mt. talinis..go akyat po kayo..adios nalang baka hindi na kayo makabalik sa city..

Anonymous said...

naakyat ko na few years back at sobrang easy climb ang mahal ng hindi man lang ako nahirapan... ang piont dun , mahal mahal mahal ang guide fee nyo para sa minor climb.

Anonymous said...

sa akin 200 lang ang guide fee bawat isa. pero kayo bili ng food para namin?

Anonymous said...

hndi naman mahal ung singil ng guide namin sa talinis. bediao-apolong traverse kami 2oo/day man lang singil sa amin ni loreto bregondot ang guide namin taga bediao. dhong leovi of nomads-cebu

Anonymous said...

mura mug mga AMAW cgeg away! pag HILOM mo!

Precious said...

wow... so so happy to see this post! :) I really miss this place so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, anyone planning to climb Talinis on March? I'm really intrested but ng hahanap pa ako ng kasama...just send me a message through


Anonymous said...

Hi! Im adrian. We have a climb this coming april 1-3, 2010 at mt. talinis. If you want to join, just txt me 09168336351.

Anonymous said...

blair saceda, can i have your email add, cel no..

Anonymous said...

sir jayjay gusto kita nah guide mag kano rate po?

Anonymous said...

sir/maam: if you want to climb mt.talinis,just contact this num 09067169377 or search my facebook account and plz add me up salamat(jay-jay)godspeed. na day hike na po namin kanina ang lake nailig.:>

Anonymous said...

all adventurers who want to go to mt. talinis, just contact my # 09168336351,so i can guide you at the rate in guide i very affordable..see my facebook profile

Anonymous said...

ja is my co pilot-- we are going to climb mt talinis this may 15,2010

Anonymous said...

im planning to climb dis month with the help of my cousin any inputs? pls msg me and facebook.

Anonymous said...

mga sirs, i think guide services should be reserved for the locals to allow livelihood. we are all visitors to the mountains, though i understand you are from dumaguete, you are still part of the mountaineering society. just my 2 cents.

val said...

any climb to talinis this august?? pa singit...09155022355..ill be in negros this august...thanks...val...

randz said...

cnu po dyan ma climb sa mt. talinis diz coming november sama nyo ako tga bacolod ako negros....last week lng nang november...

taong cuernos said...

phew! that itinerary is for advanced hikers already. for a leisurely walk, suggested route is ascent to badio -> camp at lake nailig (overnight) -> descend at kaipuhan sulphur springs -> brgy apolong,valencia.

sino ang naghahanap kay blair saceda? PM

Anonymous said...

hahaha, Hai!! Typical talaga.. weve change our mind to go up there, away away kayo dyan, mamaya kami pang mga tourista ang pag initan nyo..

Anonymous said...

im planning 2 climb talinis ds April, nghahanap po kami guide? pls txt me nlng kn sino ntersado.

Anonymous said...

we have a climb this coming april 21-23, is a holy week climb. we have a t-shirt P200.00. txt me if u want to join the climb. and i am also 1 of a guide im mt. talinis. this is my # 09058050424. u can visit my face book.

Anonymous said...

a very special thanks to the organizer of the Holy Week Climb last April 21-23 2011, Adrian Pajunar of Costoque Mountaineering, of a wonderful experience and successful event. =) kudos to all pipz participated!

libra said...

Looking for guide at Mt. Talinis?
Call or Text me at 09158275436/09223187628.

I'll give you definitely the most well trained guides and certified with B.M.C.
I have contacts of guide here in NEGROS ORIENTAL not just for Mt. Talinis but for other tourist destination here in Oriental Negros.
The guides I'm referring you are member of

P.S. No name of guides because it depends on their schedule.

Signed: LIBRA ^_^

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks mga tol sa appreciate sa pag guide nako ninyu..

from: adrian

callphilippines said...

200 pesos a head for easy climb sounds reasonable enough. it will go to the people and hopefully too - to the upkeep of the area. :) I love EVERYTHING about negros - and especially the people.

Anonymous said...

ask lang po kong sino may kilala taga bediao guide,locals. para my income naman locals. we are planning to climb this march.3 days, 1 night yagumyum lake and 1 night nailig lake,plz. . .give ur cel. no.

Anonymous said...

Mount Talinis guide contact this number.


Anonymous said...

Mt. Talinis Open Climb 2012

contact number: 09058050424 (Adrian Pajunar)

Anonymous said...

FYI everyone, mt. talinis is not an climb..wag nga kayong magyabang..baka puros lang kayo salita and then pag nandon na kayo baka mpa iyak kayo..if you're looking for a tour guide go for COSTOQUE, proven and tested. they have a lot of experiences na sa talinis..kung baga kabisado na nila lahat ng trail hinding hindi kayo mawawala and that is an assurance..:D

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are the trails good for trail running. Planning to go this August after an event in Dumaguete. Are there local guides in Bediao? Thank you for answering my inquiries.

-Pablo Saolo

Adrian Cabrera Pajunar said...

We have an Holly week climb this coming November 1-3 at Mt. Talinis. The Registration Fee is only 500 pesos. Free t-shirt, id, certificate, transportation, and socials. This the link of my poster

I am Adrian Cabrera Pajunar from Dumaguete City. My contact number 09058050424 and my email add:

Cik Piah said...

Anyone going for climb this 2013.march? e 2man climb ang mt talinis... Di naman mahirap akyatin to..kaso lang mas mabuti if may group gaya nang dati.

Mag kano naba ang guide?
Plz email me

Sana may intresado mag join this March 12,2013

Richard Thornhill said...

I stayed in Valencia. The guest house owner said he did not know where I could find a guide, but there was no need, as the trail was easy to find. The next morning, he had a motorbike take me to the start of the trail, below the Japanese shrine (war memorial), and I walked for several hours. I reached a peak, but realised it was not the highest peak, so I turned round. Walking on the road back to Valencia, a car-driver stopped and offered me a lift, I explained what I was doing, and he told me was a pastor, and one of his congregation was a registered guide, so he took me to meet him, and we agreed to climb.

The next day, we set off, from near the same place as the day before, in Bgy. Apolong, and climbed up by the Twin Falls, to a mountain hut (an abandoned farm), where we spent the night. The next day was great - we climbed to the highest peak, and also saw the area denuded of vegetation by hydrogen sulphide (kaipuhan), and several beautiful lakes. The top hundred metres or so was almost vertical, and very difficult - a mixture of rock-scrambling and tree-climbing. That afternoon we returned by more or less the same route.

onggoy said...

Many thanks to adrian Pajunar for guiding us last year's october climb at mt. Talinis. u r a great guide bai, u alwys prioritize safety. N for helping our women climbers who can barely walk anymore. Salamat keu.

our group is loking forward for d 2nd mt. Talinis climb.

raymund seradilla said...

wer planning to climb mt .talinis dis holywik,,cnu po ba ang pede makasabay sa climb?were from cebu...if any one na pede makasabay,,makikisabit napo kmi para maka lessen narin sa expenses..hirs my digits,,09495983914....mon from mandaue city.maraming salamat po.

raymund seradilla said...

cnu po ang aakyat ng talinis dis coming holywik bka pede po kmi makisabay para maka lessen nrin sa expenses..3 person lng po kmi from mandaue city,cebu...hirs my Mon nga pla...maraming salamat po..

Rey Anthony Narciso said...

cnu po ang aakyat ng talinis dis coming holywik bka pede po kmi makisabay para maka lessen nrin sa expenses..3 person lng po kmi from mandaue city,cebu...hirs my Mon nga pla...maraming salamat po..
March 28-30,2013

This will be a first come first serve bases
Open to all Enthusiast
20 slots are available

requerements to avail slots
1. completed Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) seminar
2. physically and mentally fit
3. lastly a strong will power to continue "quiting is not an option"

for more info pls contact:
1.Eis Amiel Doroon Servano 09173034294
2."Digz" Axel Novel 09173246329
3. Cris Comendador 09425513330

Anonymous said...

This is Trippers Environmental Mountaineers Society.

Pwd po kayo mag pa book para sa Mt. Talinis. Just visit the site. Thanks!

Adrian C. Pajunar

Anonymous said...

success climb,,npaka ganda ng mt,talinis...salamAT sa grupo ng cuernos de negros para sa ibinigay na guide samin..tnx sir jimbo..more power to your group.

Anonymous said...

meron po bang balak umakyat ng mt. talinis between june 3-9, 2013? makikisabay lang po. maraming salamat.

Anonymous said...

kami by July aakyat. pero inquire muna ako. baka kasi mapa mahal, will opt for Kanlaon as sencond option.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to sir adrian pajunar for a wonderful and one of the most enjoyable climb i've ever experienced! thanks sir.. babalik po kami. more power! =)

jude said...

we have just climb this route during the MFPI BMF with the guides of Cuenos de Negros members last June 21 to 23. my first major climb. a very good experience.

Anonymous said...

Pahingi naman po ng contacts ng Cuenos de Negros members, will climb this mountain next momth
thank you po in advance
- bianca

Anonymous said...

Could you please provide me the contact details of Cuernos de Negros members. We will climb this on Sept.
Thanks in advance!

- Reema

Anonymous said...

makikisabay lang po sana kami..any group planning to climb mt talinis this coming dec 29-30..makikisabit lang po..3 kami.

Anonymous said...

Planning to climb mt. talinis on 2nd week of march with my grown up children..looking for cheaper but reliable guide...pls email me at

Carlo Boltron said...

I want to join a group. Planning to climb ths oct mga last wk of oct. Carlo

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Sir/Maa'm.
Merun po kaming Open Climb this Coming October 11-13 2014.. Climb for a Cause.. To Save Mt. Talinis.. Kasi Ilang Buwan lang nakakalipas mayroon pong almost 600 Trees na pinutol sa bundok at ginawang daanan nang sasakyan nang Private Company..
Limited Slots lang po.. 30pax. Bedjao Traverse Apolong Trail.. Thank You..

Anonymous said...

Sorry for My Post.. D ko nilagyan nang contact #..It's ME.. Ralph contact me 0356211782.. Ako po ang Nag post about sa Open Climb sa SES-MC October 11-13.. Thanks :)

layagnijuana said...

Will definitely go back to this place and try to reach some of those cuernos. Did a dayhike up to Kaipuhan Volcano last October, I enjoyed the climb, busog ang mata ko sa dami ng magagandang spots. Luckily I have a guide that knows the place well. He happens to be a forest guard in Talinis Area ☺ - Mina

layagnijuana said...

Will definitely go back to this place and try to reach some of those cuernos. Did a dayhike up to Kaipuhan Volcano last October, I enjoyed the climb, busog ang mata ko sa dami ng magagandang spots. Luckily I have a guide that knows place well. He happens to be a forest ranger in Talinis Area ☺ - Mina

layagnijuana said...

Did a two-day traverse climb starting from Brgy. Apolong to Bediao as exit point last May 25-26. Camped at Racho "Camote" for the night as suggested by our british instant expedition companion Alex - we've met him at Casaroro Falls entrance. Me and my climb buddy Bok had conceded since we are tired already (or maybe just me ^__^) due to lack of sleep, we took a very early flight and came straight from the airport that day, made a stopover at the Tourism office of Valencia to make a personal appareance to Sir Joven and also to buy some food stuff.
Anyway, I think our foreign guest had enjoyed our dinner of grilled chicken, rice and steamed camote tops (w/c you can find abundant at the rancho, hence we called it Racho Camote) with onions and tomatoes hehehe. Aside from Bok, Alex and our guide Kuya Adong, we were also joined by Kuya Leleng during the dinner ala boodle feast. He's the one who cooked the chicken, met him during my talinis dayhike last year. He is one of the forest guards stationed at Talinis.

Talinis is one of the best climbs I've ever had - worthy enough para balikan ko sya :). It features falls, rivers(incl the sulfuric one at Kaipuhan), dense forest(I really enjoyed walking through the mossy forest), lakes/old volcanic craters - Nailig, Yagumyum, Mabilog and Halawig, and some very challenging 4x4 trails :)
We even witnessed some smoke steam at the far side of Yagumyum lake.
It's mission accomplished for me but I'm planning to go back to do the traditional traverse climb, Bediao to Apolong, and to experience camping at Nailig Lake. When? I don't know yet....

- Mina

James said...

Hello guys, is there a place here in Dumaguete where I can rent hiking/camping equipment? Thanks! 09177737148

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