The waterfalls of Rizal

Featured in this article are three waterfalls in the province of Rizal: Hinulugang Taktak, Daranak Falls, and Batlag Falls. As a mountainous province, straddled by the Sierra Madre, Rizal is home to many scenic spots and hiking trails which are visited by locals and tourists alike. Mountaineers, for their part, can make these destinations adjuncts to hiking trips to Mt. Sembrano, Mt. Romelo, and other mountains that passes by the Manila East Road. Or they can also visit all three waterfalls as a relaxing daytrip.

Part 2: Hinulugang Taktak
Part 3: Daranak Falls
Part 4: Batlag Falls

Ugong Falls in Sitio Butig, Brgy. Bongbongan, Morong is another possibility; locals tell of yet-unexplored, yet-unpublished waterfalls. Interested groups are encouraged to explore these, and tell us about them.

0900 Meet up; ETD for Antipolo, Rizal from Manila
1000 ETA Hinulugang Taktak (P8)
1100 ETD for Tanay, Rizal
1200 Lunch at Tanay, Rizal
1300 Proceed to Daranak Falls (P20)
1330 ETA Daranak Falls; picture-taking, swimming
1500 Proceed to Batlag Falls (P20)
1510 ETA Batlag Falls. Explore area; swimming
1600 Return to jump-off
1620 ETA jump-off; head back to Manila
1800 ETA Manila

Even though this is a Level 0 climb (little or no trekking involved), standard precaution must still be applied. Waterfalls, due to water erosion, make the catchbasin and the vicinity a hazard due to the sharp rocks that may cause cuts and other injuries. Children must be supervised at all times. Otherwise, these are fairly ‘benign’ destinations with beautiful views and minimal effort.

Other natural wonders in Rizal include the picturesque Talim Island, Calinawan Cave, and Daraitan River (said to be the cleanest river in Region IV). Truly, Rizal is a beautiful land, and its waterfalls highlight this fact in the most dramatic (and wettest) of fashions.

This article is the first of a series that will feature the waterfalls of provinces near Manila: Rizal, Laguna, Batangas, and Bulacan.

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Hinulugang Taktak, Daranak and Batlag Falls

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12 years 8 months ago

ung itinerary nyu po sa mga falls, sa agency nyu po ba kinuha? wat agency po? interested po kasi kmi pumunta dun for research purposes. thankyou

14 years 3 months ago

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Slow down, breath, unwind.

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14 years 9 months ago

hello, anu na po ba balita sa daraitan, famy, mt. romelo, mt. sembrano ngayon? safe na ba sya puntahan ngayon? maputik daw dun dahilan ng mga bagyong malulipit ma si 'ondoy' & 'pepeng'? please pa-email po ako dito

maraming salamat!

15 years 4 months ago

Flash! There is a Farm Resort situated in Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal called The AM Biodiversity Farm, they offered FREE Camping, Outdoor activities like hiking, river trekking and swimming for 2-3 Days! However, they offer it for FREE only for those whoa are “environment conscious and nature loving people” visit the the farm

It’s so cool to be there.