Book Review: “Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits” by Bo Parfett

In the Philippines we have Romi Garduce who is on his way to becoming the first Filipino to complete the Seven Summits of the World. Then of course, still fresh in our minds is the triumph of our countrymen in bringing the Philippine flag at the top of the world – the summit of Mt. Everest.

For many mountain climbers, however, Everest and the other lofty peaks of the Earth are just a dream. Yet dreams do come true; if only we are willing to stake our efforts and lives. One man was willing to ‘die trying’ – and he succeeded. This man is Bo Parfett, and he has recently published a book that is an inspiring, uplifting tale of courage and resolve; at the same time a candid memoir that gives an in-depth, realistic view of what it takes to be in a mountain expedition.

Bo Parfett takes us to the Seven Summits of the world. In his case – just like great tales of inspiration – it begins with a dream and a confidence. You have to believe in yourself. Mind you, before he began he was an overweight investment banker from New York City. Then the adventure begins: Kilimanjaro, Denali Peak, Aconcagua, Everest, Kosciuszko, Vinson Massif, and Mt. Elbrus, and Puncak Jaya. If you’re aiming to follow his and Romi Garduce’s footsteps, you can learn the raw details of what climbing these mountain giants entail from Bo’s account.

I must not fail to mention that honesty of the book is a remarkable achievement. Bo does not romanticize the already romantic. Instead, he tells his story with humility and candor, enabling him to connect to a much wider audience. He connects his experiences in mountains with business and career, generating “life lessons”. And of course, the story itself is that of adventure: facing life-and-death situations, confronting personal struggles, seeing the most beautiful places in the world, and reaching the seven summits of the world.

“Die Trying” is one inspirational success story and a marvelous, intimate tale of a mountaineer’s personal quest. Whether you’re aiming for a higher mountain or your next big hurdle in life, the book is a must read for the adventurer in all of us.

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13 years 5 months ago

Has this Abenojar already vindicated himself?..or he's still in search for more alibis..ooopps..proofs of his "feat"???…

14 years 7 months ago

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14 years 9 months ago

I am reading this book and currently I'm on page 179.. hehehe

Good book to read. personal approached ang dating.

14 years 9 months ago

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ernesto pandagani
14 years 9 months ago

hahaha kuya dew tgal pa yun ipon muna.. kuya sa amazon meron nung book tapos meron din sa ebay i think 1thou plus yung price kasama na shipping. wala nang tinda na trekking pants ang teckoutdoor nu ba yan hahahaha