Hiking matters #178: Outdoor shops and camping gear in Taipei (台北)

Where to find outdoor gear and camping equipment in Taipei? Taipei (台北) being a large city makes it quite a challenge to find outdoor shops, but there are actually several of them scattered throughout. Of course, department stores would always have a section for outdoor gear but camping equipment is trickier.

Since we stayed near the Taipei Main Station, I checked out the outdoor shops near Zhongshan North Road (adjacent to the Zhongxiao West Road). I guess this is the main outdoor hub for the city. There are several of them there, at least four, and they offer the whole range, from Atunas gear (a local, famous outdoor brand) to waterproof pants to a variety of stoves. For those using the Butane-based stoves in the Philippines, finding butane cans is not a problem; many convenience stores have them.
There are also some outdoor shops in nearby train stations, such as those in the Gongguan Station (MRT: Gongguan). I found two outdoor shops in one of the streets there that are lined with a variety of stores – from cosmetics to electronics. There’s also a nearby Mountain Hardwear They however are few and far between, and the safest bet is going to those in Zhongshan North. To get there, just head from the Taipei Main Station to Zhongshan North Road, sec. 1, near the junction with Zhongxiao West Rd. The stores are on the west side.
This post concludes my 10-part series on my Taiwan hiking trip! I am planning to come back on November 2011, I hope I have more to report by then!

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