Visit the mountains of Lobo, Batangas!

Whatever your stand is about mining in Lobo (I have already stated my position clearly in a previous post), if the open-pit mining in Lobo, pushes through then the mountains will be changed forever, and the coming weeks and months may be our last chance to appreciate their pristine beauty. If you are undecided about the matter, visit the mountains of Lobo now to learn more about what is at stake for the community and the environment! Of course if you are against the mining, visiting the place is your chance to show your solidarity with the locals, and helping raise national awareness about it!
In the chronological order of my hikes, here are the beautiful mountains of Lobo that you can climb, together with links to their itineraries. All of the mountains can be done as dayhikes, and you can also combine them for a multi-day trip in Lobo, Batangas:
1. Mt. Banoi. Passing through woodlands, a mountain community, and some peaks with scenic views of the Lobo mountain ranges. Check out the itinerary here.
2. Mt. Lobo (Nagpatong and Bangkalan Peak). Located in Brgy. Nagtaluntong, this mountain offers a more forested immersion in the range. Proof that the mountain is very much alive is that it is teeming with wildlife – kingfishers, brahminy kites, and many others. Check out the itinerary here.
3. Mt. Tibig. Mt. Tibig attracted much attention last year because of its scenic views and the fact that it is actually a very easy dayhike – perfect for beginners! Aside from the steep initial ascent the entire trail is pleasant and the summit is truly a rewarding, refreshing sight. Check out the itinerary here.
4. Mt. Naguiling. Possibly highest point in Lobo and in the entire province of Batangas, Mt. Naguiling boasts of challenging trails reminiscent of the Bataan mountains, and a magnificent view of the Southern coast of Batangas, the northern coast of Mindoro, and Verde Island in the middle – a glimpse of the “centre of the centre” of marine biodiversity in the world. Check out the itinerary here.
5. Mt. Tilos. The most recent hike I did in Lobo, Batangas, this hike is actually a semi-circuit that loops around two peaks of Mt. Tilos, in the processing going through a variation of trails: from woodlands to open slopes to overgrown forests. Towards the end of the hike you will be offered views of Verde Island, the Malabrigo Island, and once again, the beautiful mountains of Lobo. Check out the itinerary by Mon Gayas.

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