Hiking matters #648: Loop hike in Volcan Cilcuayo (3584m) in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY – Three days after hiking up Cerro Ajusco, still eager to train as much as I could for higher altitudes, I joined trail runner Eder Belmont on a loop hike involving Volcan Cilcuayo (3584m), still within Mexico City but already in the outskirts of  Santa Ana Tlacotenco southeast of the city. Tapulao-like, the trail featured wide rough roads in pine forests and open woodland.

The loop hike involved approaching the slopes of nearby Volcan Tlaloc, which is not to be confused with Monte Tlaloc – the 9th highest mountain in Mexico and a famous archeological site. The former has practically no trail going up to its peak and we decided to forego since, anyway, the hike was already 27 kms, taking the whole day! A celebration of tacos and pulque at the Mirador Santa Ana Tlacotenco more than made up for the challenging trek! Grateful that a dog joined us part of the way:

Hiking matters #647: Cerro Ajusco (3930m)
Hiking matters #648: Volcán Cilcuayo (3584m)
Hiking matters #649: Monte Tlaloc (4100m)
Hiking matters #650: Volcán Iztaccihuatl (5220m)
Hiking matters #651: Volcán Sierra Negra (4600m)
Hiking matters #652: Pico de Orizaba (5640m)
Hiking matters #653: Cerro San Miguel (3785m)
Hiking matters #654: Volcán La Malinche (4435m)
Hiking matters #655: Cofre de Perote (4282m)

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