Climb of the Month: Mt. Guiting-Guiting Traverse!

PinoyMountaineer congratulates the mountaineers who have taken the G2 experience one notch higher by performing a G2 traverse. For their daring, courage, and team effort, the Guiting-Guiting Traverse is the Climb of the Month for April.

On April 6-9, 2009, eight climbers which formed the ‘Team Magiting’, led by Kat Ocol, started off from San Fernando in Sibuyan Island, reaching Sibuyan Peak, then the summit, then Mayo’s Peak — on heavy packs — taking 33 hours of trekking time. Other members included Jonathan Pambid, Richard Visco, Aaron Tijing – with whom I climbed G2 last year. Kudos to your team!

In another development, the nascent High Conquerors Mountaineering Club performed a similar feat from April 11-13, 2009. Theirs were a group of 10 members, mostly from Luzon. Special mention to my friends Emman Palacio and Mijan Pizarro, among others, who were part of this team. Congrats!

As early as the 1980s, mountaineers have attempted to traverse G2, with attempts from clubs such as UPM. But the successful traverse did not come until 2004 when a group of DENR personnel performed the traverse. A year later, a AMCI-led group became the second group to the traverse. We are awaiting other groups to come forward and lay their claim if they have also done likewise. But based on all available data, the two groups this month are only the third and fourth group, respectively, to have done the traverse.

The climb will be inscribed as follows in the PinoyMountaineer registry and an entry will be posted soon in cooperation with the mountaineers who performed the climb:

Sibuyan Island, Romblon
Entry point: Sitio Olango, San Fernando, Sibuyan Island
Exit point: Brgy. Tampayan, Madgiwang, Sibuyan Island
LLA: 12°24’50″N, 122°34’4″E, 2058 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 18 hours / 3 days
Specs: Major climb, Exploratory, Difficulty 10/9 (until 12/2009), Trail class 6

Photo courtesy of Richard Visco.

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45 Comments on "Climb of the Month: Mt. Guiting-Guiting Traverse!"

12 years 5 days ago

congrats to TAPIK mountaineering group for conquering G2-traverse REVERSE Apr 6-8 2012…
difficulty lvl 10.5/9

heads up to:

Special thanks to kuya Ricky/Trail master, Sir Bermar, Kap Nono and to all Tansiongco family for the great mountaineering and island experience!

12 years 28 days ago

Congratulations to NEMS (Nestle Mountaineering Society)-BAKTAS for successfuly conquering G2-Traverse for 2days last March 4-5,2012..We made it guys!!!
Congrats to…

1. Eke Elleccion
2. Elegio Opalla
3. Allan Cabaluna
4. Julio PArcon
5. Bembem Nimez
6. Jeric Diolanto
7. Ritchel Delicana
8. JAson Nueva
9. Rommel Garcia
10. Jesus Mulawan
11. BAgoy Eduave
12. Earl Yana
13. Jun PErez
14. Rommel Nono

Ibang klase ang G2-Traverse!!! Try nyo and experience the 10/9 difficulty..
Special thanks to our MAster guide, the Neverest King Sir Remy Robiso and his family for the warm accomodation. Thanks also for Tuinkle, Dondon, Angel and other porters (forgot their names) for taking care of our safety. We owed our lives to ALL of you guys..
G2, thank you for the once in a lifetime experience, thank you for allowing us to reach your peak and for the lesson hard-earned- that we have to respect God's creation, man, nature, weather and ALL. To God be the glory!!!

12 years 3 months ago

Congratulation to my friend Dennis Hisanan of Castle Mountaineer. He successfully traverse G2 in a Dayhike(1st G2 climb, Dayhike agad).Congrats bro. Keep it up!!!

12 years 3 months ago

Congratulation to my friend Dennis Hisanan of Castle Mountaineer. He successfully traverse G2 in a Dayhike(1st G2 climb, Dayhike agad).Congrats bro. Keep it up!!!

12 years 9 months ago

hello corriczz.
we're from cagayan de oro, planning to try G2 next year. I would like to ask more info regarding going G2 travel via air. I think i agree with your comment on saving more when travel via air than boat. Can save time too. Seair, right?
We're definitely travel cdo-manila via air, then perhaps manila-tablas is better option for us than via boat in batangas, which also need 3-4hrs bus travel. Oh well, hope you can elaborate more. thanks and regards! – Bem