Hiking matters #109: The rivers of Samar and the natural beauty of Sohoton Cave and National Park

After our two-day climb of Alto Peak, the highest mountain in Eastern Visayas, the Nalda Family, our gracious hosts, brought us from Tacloban City to Basey, Samar, crossing San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines. Joining me was my good hiking friend, “Iron Lady” Jo Steven, and Justin Blanco from UST. In Basey, we saw its most famous product, the banig, and from the Poblacion we took a pumpboat that will take us to Sohoton National Park, where Sohonton Cave, one of the most famous caves in the Philippines, lies.

Sohoton National Park, with its caves, karsts, and beautiful rock formations, is worth the 2-hour ride we took from Basey, Samar. Fortunately the kind caretaker allowed us to walk on the suspended bridge that offered very nice views of Sohoton National Park. There is also the additional attraction of seeing how life is lived by the river – a common way of life in the island of Samar. Interspersed in this post are some pictures I took during our trip.

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2 Comments on "Hiking matters #109: The rivers of Samar and the natural beauty of Sohoton Cave and National Park"

13 years 7 months ago

HI Gideon!
Been a long time! Yeah…me too…and looking forward to finally climbing with you! At least before I retire.hehe
This page of yours has been a great help to a lot of hikers in and out of the country! Keep it up Gid!

By the way, I might be needing your help re: Mantalingajan. The contact numbers posted here don't seem to be active anymore. The best I could get was a Friendster page of the guy who explored Victoria peak. But it appears, he rarely, if ever, checks on his Friendster.

13 years 7 months ago

This Iron Lady Jo Steven is indeed a tough climber. I climbed with her in Madja-as last April. She was always in the lead pack. She never seemed to get tired. The pacing of the group must have been a little too slow for her!
I happened to strike up some conversations with her at the campsite, on the trail and even during the roaring jeepney ride to San Jose. I just love her New Zealand accent. She's cool and really easy to get along with. She has a lot of stories (about her adventures) to tell. One story of hers that inspired me was that of her adventure in Coron. Along with her hubby and another friend, she kayaked around the whole island. (for ten days if I'm not mistaken). And I was just like "Damn, I m'na do that someday…I just gotta do that!".
There should be a section here in PM profiling adventurers like this Kiwi lady.